Vertical Meridian In Legs Opens

    January 8: Kidney Meridian Experimentation, Opening Blocks

    I feel pain in my right knee, liver, gallbladder and shoulder. I wanted to write as I have many ideas but my body is saying do this now! I experimented with acupoints on the kidney meridian, and noted points blocked in my body. When I pressed acupoint KD4, it caused strong pain in my shoulders, lungs and kidneys. When I pressed acupoint KD5, I first felt much pain and then bliss as energy poured in. My upper body and neck spontaneously moved all over, it seemed to move energy through my shoulders. After that, the shoulder pain was relieved! Energy works in my body even when I am busy doing other things.

    While working acupoint KD10, I felt pain and discomfort under lower ribs. I felt tingling in bands running horizontally in area of lower ribs just below sternum and above waistline. After this, I heard a new clear inner sound like Ah or Aw. When I rested, energy moved strongly into my shoulder, which felt great. My right leg hurts on the outside edge of the knee. I am grateful of this healing.

    head1Later, I worked an acupoint for an hour. I felt energy going back and forth across my abdomen and often I wanted to stop because it hurt. Once I felt a meridian in my legs open, then the back and stomach pain stopped. Then the energy switched to a vertical direction and energy worked above the navel. When I stopped my kidneys were tingling, especially the left one. A while later a buildup of gas caused pain. My sinuses opened and my nose dripped. When I worked acupoints KD18 through KD21 and up, I felt intense pain. I was trying to raise my body to an upright sitting position but could not because there was much pressure under my lungs. Once, energy worked across my forehead (see figure).

    bodyDream of doctor in bar I had a dream that awoke me. I went to a place like a bar with low lighting to meet a doctor. The doctor was a beautiful woman who looked like Sharon Stone. I sat at her table and she never spoke. Then she stood, walked over to me and put her hand on my body. When she did that, I stumbled across the room as if I had lost control of my body. Then I fell on my back to the floor with my armpit pointed up and my arm pointed to the north (see figure). I thought this was my diagnosis. Then she walked over and I understood a silent message, “Look at what you are protecting. Go to the center, that’s the problem”. I thought she meant the problem was in my armpit. Then I was standing and she touched me and she was surprised to feel the strength of my energy. When she touched me, I melted. Then with her left hand, she made a motion like flicking water off her fingertips toward that area. I felt or heard the sprinkles with dolphin music and ting, ping, ting sounds. Then I felt blissful energy waves inside, which I felt was her gift to me. She did this three times. I did not want her to stop. When she stopped, I looked at her and she knew I wanted more. I answered her: “Yes, I know it’s enough. Thank you”. Then she was gone.

    Arm To Spine Energy Circuits, Passing The Threshold Of No Return

    January 9: Meridian Experimentation

    I experimented with each acupoint on the pericardium meridian, starting with PC1 and doing all acupoints. Energy first worked in right lung and right head, and then moved to left side of body and I felt tingling in fingers of left hand. Then I felt tingling in both lungs. When I stopped, I felt much tingling in right skull and fingers of right hand.

    I experimented on the heart meridian and worked with the lung, triple heater and small intestine meridians from finger acupoints. While working the triple heater meridian, energy works in a horizontal direction across the shoulders. A rod of energy was ramming through the right shoulder to open it.

    While working on the liver and small intestine meridians something happened. First, I felt a strong pull, clearing something vertically through the head and shoulders. After this stopped, I felt a right to left wavy energy between the arms. Next, the energy started down, like seeking an energy circuit to ground. Then I clearly felt energy coming up through my feet and legs, I think it was by the top of foot by the middle toe. It was interesting that doing the finger acupoints had this effect.

    linesAfter this, energy worked strongly. Again, I felt pulling and tingling in other areas of my arm (index finger) up through the head and into sinuses and my nose started dripping. It seems like the laws of electricity. First the shortest distance energy circuit is made from arm to arm (1), then it goes up to make an energy circuit to crown chakra (2), then it goes down to Earth to complete the vertical circuit (3) activating everything (see figure).

    head2I felt the energy circuit working left to right and soon felt all the arm meridians activate. Then my left hand activated, then the left arm and then left skull with draining sinuses. Next, the left leg activated. Then it was like all activated energies on the left side of the body joined as one force and worked my right shoulder, TMJ and somewhere above that in my skull. Later I felt work in my throat on both sides under the tonsils. My nose runs like crazy. Then I let go of body control and my upper body gradually lowered to left front, a notch at a time toward my chest with my neck stretched (see figure). I was drooling and my nose was still running. I heard a few cracks in my spine by the neck and felt some rotation in my shoulder. I felt some pinpoint pains above my ear in my skull. After a while, I had to sit up. Then my right leg activated. Again, all activated energy forces were pushing at the right shoulder, then it went up into my head on right side and I stopped. I just coughed a large gob of hard phlegm with blood in it; I think this came from my right lung under my shoulder. Wow! I never expected anything like this. It is so amazing! I think I can use the principle of combining forces to discover a way to increase vibration for healing. Next, I will do all meridian endpoints to see what happens. The endpoints are the beginning or end of the meridian, numerically as they appear in the meridian charts. For example, the liver meridian has fourteen acupoints, the first is called LV1 and is on the toe next to the big toe, and the last is LV14 and is on a rib midway on front of body. The endpoints are LV1 and LV14.

    The energy continues to work strongly; it is working to open the right side of the body. I think this reaction means I have reached some threshold and cannot stop it even if I wanted too. I think my energy is high enough, so I only have to relax and get quiet and healing will continue. I have taken a break, as I do not feel too good. My throat is swollen, I am sneezing and my nose is stuffed up. I wonder if I can overdo this.

    I did another intense session. At the beginning, my buttocks got warm and the thighs felt tingly. I guess these areas are activating. Then energy went up the spine and I felt deeply relaxed, as if I could fall asleep. It is difficult to stay awake now. This time my neck went far to the left, then to the right and down between my knees. I was drooling again. There were several snaps and pops in my neck and maybe one in a vertebra on the back. The energy felt like a spiral going up and down the spine. I want to try all meridian endpoints before bed.

    While doing the liver meridian acupoints LV1 on both feet my head lowered to my legs. I am blocked along this meridian and it is hard to work on it. I felt the energy spiral on my spine still working. I will activate all vertical meridians to check if it is more effective. It seems a single acupoint should connect the conception and governing vessel meridians.

    When I did acupressure on the CV1 and CV22 acupoints on the conception vessel meridian, energy activated strongly and did not stop for thirty minutes. Energy worked in upper regions of lungs that now tingle. This is a strange feeling. I recall my breathing opened and my body temperature rose strongly. I am so sleepy.

    I did acupressure to the governing vessel acupoint GV28, and the conception vessel acupoint CV22, simultaneously. These are the two meridian endpoints. Much energy spirals in my feet and energy works along the liver meridian. Energy is zooming all around and working on everything. Much work is happening on my teeth. Energy moves to my head. It is difficult to breathe so I will do the gallbladder meridian.

    Insight on doing identical acupoints on both sides at once: Giving acupressure to identical acupoints on both sides of body at once is powerful. The strong push-pull force may be due to the distance between the acupoints or because both circuits are activating.

    January 10

    For over a week, I have been giving Reiki treatments to a friend. The first time I gave them a treatment, their energy nearly floored me. I had never felt that much energy in any person I had given a Reiki treatment to before. (With hindsight, I know that the sessions I gave my friend were also very beneficial to me. Sharing of our energy likely was a catalyst for the full-blown kundalini activation that followed. It is a form of shaktipat.)

    I have been experimenting with activation of the meridian endpoints from fingers and toes on people and animals. When giving the next treatment to my friend, meridians I worked before are still open at same level as last time. The back-and-forth energy movement between the feet (while working the same acupoint on both feet), creates a strong force to clear blockages and make new energy circuits along that meridian circuit.

    Insight about how energy healing works: Lying on of hands heals by increasing vibration of body part or meridian you are touching. I think it is possible that healing happens electrically in all the body parts, tumors can break apart, veins can clean and everything heals in the same way. To heal you only need to increase your rate of vibration, then your internal healer will use that boost in energy to heal what is most critical for your survival

    When I give acupressure to another by pressing the acupoints on a single meridian on both feet, this meridian activates in them and me because it is at the same frequency. It is as if the meridians in both of us join as a single energy circuit. As our unique vibrations merge, I feel entrainment and healing as a back and forth movement occurring between them and me. Because the same frequency activates in each owing to entrainment, energy works along this channel in both bodies to clear blockages. Where I feel energy work in my body, energy is working in their body in the same place.

    When an energy block is near to clearing, energy speeds up with waves going back and forth very fast. When the blockage clears, the back and forth waves stop and the energy circuit feels calm with the sensation of running, pulling or drawing energy. When an energy block opens a circuit, both people experience an increase in vibration. The new vibration is stronger and immediately energy will work on the next blockage. The healer within always has the purpose to ‘get more energy’ to achieve the goal to become enlightened.

    January 11: Gallbladder Meridian Opens, Right & Left Body Circuits

    Small Intestine (SI) meridian experimentation

    I spent two hours working individual acupoints on the small intestine meridian to clear blockages. Energy worked in several blockages in neck muscles. I have two nodes at the back of my neck at base of occipital on right side of cervical spine. I feel they are a large blockage on right side of body. They have been there for as long as I remember. When I felt the gallbladder meridian open, I switched to working it on skull acupoints. It opened more but did not work to relieve my congestion. Next, I checked the stomach meridian for blockages and found another big block in the neck. I wonder if I have a cervical vertebra out of alignment.

    On break, I doubled over with a sharp pain in my gallbladder and feel gallbladder acupoints in the head clicking. After this, I started working all acupoints on all meridians, which could affect my neck. Many of them helped to open my neck. Then I had the idea to send as much energy in the up direction as possible. I did all the vertical circuits: the kidney, conception vessel and governing vessel meridians. I did the horizontal ones across my face, alternating between vertical and horizontal. I activated every circuit and kept trying to open the gallbladder between these. On the governing vessel meridian a vertebra popped. After this, I did the gallbladder meridian a long time and something finally opened.

    Then the energy rocketed when a circuit formed between right and left sides of body. This is interesting! I went to sleep and awoke two hours later thinking it was morning, and was disappointed I was not healed. I feel rested. My sinuses are still plugged but I have less pain. I think the gallbladder meridian has to open for the congestion to drain. One finger activates strongly and emits tingly energy when I use it with acupressure. It relaxes everything inside. I will experiment to see what I can learn to move this healing along.

    I think I need to heal the organs and give acupressure where I feel pain on the cord of personality. I worked the liver meridian, which is removing the block. I felt openings in both ankles and shoulder joints and my head started to clear as energy moved up the gallbladder meridian. Energy is working in right hip so I will work higher acupoints. I felt the right shoulder open with click sounds, then I felt pops in neck, and the sinuses cleared some. I cleared a block in a joint working LV8 on the liver meridian. After this energy shot up and started working on neck and shoulder. The gallbladder and liver meridians are connected especially at the liver meridian acupoint LV13. Working the liver meridian was opening the gallbladder meridian.

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