Rewiring Of Nervous System –Start Of 21 Day Fast

    January 16

    I slept long. The pump in my legs is still activated. I am coughing stuff from my lungs and blowing my nose much. My lungs hurt but with each cough, I breathe better. My right ear popped once and the inner sound is like a chamber orchestra. I am excited; I know I will have acute senses after this finishes. People and animals look different today. I “see” them. It is difficult to contain my happiness, but I must or people will think I am crazy. I will do the gallbladder meridian next because my head is still stuffed up. That was my last entry in my journal on this day.

    January 16 To January 24

    During this period, I had a strong reaction and stopped taking notes. Most of the following notes are recalled from memory. I was not hungry, laid up a stash of boxed pineapple juice and water to fast on, and went into isolation in my room.

    Working Gallbladder Meridian

    I worked a long time on the gallbladder meridian and did the Reiki acupressure sequence. (Once I had knowledge of the body activation sequence, then I was ready to take the next step. This sequence evolved over time and the final version is on my website as Quicken Touch.) I recall there was another event where one meridian after another connected to the next and set off a cascade of events. I recall that an energy vortex formed at the base of the spine and went roaring up the spine into the brain. After that, the number of energy circuits made all over the body exploded into the stratosphere. I fell into this reaction and was deeply relaxed in body and mind. I think I successfully quieted my mind long enough for energy to enter my brain. When this event happened, it was as if my normal consciousness was overridden and ‘I’ was out of mind and was led the entire time.

    Light Showering Down From Heaven

    circlesAfter the energy work was done in the body, I recall there was much work going on in my head for about thirty minutes. I remember seeing a view of the galaxy in my 3rd eye clearly at one time. I felt it was important to hold still while energy worked in my head. When the work stopped, I felt a rush of energy, heard internal music, and felt sprinkles of light showering down on me from heaven. Then waves of energy were showering down on me from a bright light like the sun, in descending circles (see figure).

    eyesThen I felt a vortex form in the body and heard the sound of a windstorm. A little later, this stopped and everything was quiet and my eyes automatically opened and were pointed to the outside (see figure). Then they slowly settled to straight ahead. I did not open my eyes or do any of this. At that moment, I felt I was awake.

    Body Full Of Springy Light Energy – Following The Leader

    I remember after the first series of energy circuits formed when I stood my body was full of springy light energy. I felt alive as higher-self. To facilitate moving as higher-self I would raise my energetic vibration by giving myself the Reiki acupressure sequence, then would stand and allow my body to be moved. In this way, I continued the entire time, moving how I felt I was led to move, whether it was stretching, lying, or doing a long hold. At the time, I called this, “following the leader”.

    Tons Of Energy Pouring Out Of Hip Joints

    It is difficult to move as higher-self. I do well while I am standing but when I bend and go toward the floor, I lose that feeling and it gets painful fast. In most freestyle sessions, I quickly go down to the floor and I am folded into awkward positions to open the hip joints. Many times my leg folds and I feel pressure on the hip while lying, which can go on for hours. The hips were torturous. Each time I dreaded having to stretch the hips and it would happen again. It could not be avoided.

    Eventually it got easier and once, there was an amazing event. It was as if a spring was tightly coiled deep in the hip joint and a ton of energy poured out of it. Energy poured out of the hip for hours, moved over to spine and down to the tailbone. It was like a huge machine removing energy from the joint and sending it down the spine. I felt a huge vortex forming in the pelvic bowl. While this happened, my awareness rose rapidly and I no longer felt pain in the hip, but still felt extreme pressure on it. Then I clearly saw the symptom of pain is due to the healing process. Shortly after all the energy rolled out of the hips, there was an important change to the spine.

    Crisscross Pattern On Spine

    After the hip work finished, I remember sitting with my legs to the front and was bent over for eight hours while energy crossed back and forth across my spine in an X pattern like a tennis shoe. I thought new energy circuits formed in the spine.

    Nervous System Rewiring

    After the energy circuits on the spine completed, then the nervous system rewiring started. I think after this my mind blanked out and it is why I do not recall these events nor even had the thought to write them down. I guess because the brain is part of this complete overhaul, then my thinking was not so reliable. It was as if higher-self took over and I was purely following my intuition. This period was like being in a dream that went nonstop for days, where I moved my body as directed from one session to the next. Then I was taught to move my body through various positions, which helped to complete the work under way. I recall I stopped doing the Reiki acupressure sequence, because my energy was so strong I felt I did not need it.

    The Sequence I Was Taught

    Disoriented and not knowing what to do, I kept asking, “What should I do next?” Then I would wait to hear the answer and do that, trusting it was right. I would always stand and allow my body to move. I would often be held in a cramped position with strong energy working on various body parts. It would eventually get uncomfortable and then I would ask what to do next. In this way, I was taught a sequence of body positions to move through. I knew I had been taught a sequence after I had moved through it a few times and saw the pattern. After that, I repeated it and went through the remaining time like this.

    1. Stand and allow your body to move as it will, down to squat or any poses between. Standing is the position of maximum starting energy moving along the spine. Your body will naturally fold through stretches of spine and this position activates the legs and tailbone strongly as you move down to squat position.

    2. Once on floor, sit with legs together to front and allow spine and head to lower toward the feet. When I did this, I felt energy moving down the spine and building in the pelvic bowl accompanied by an increase in sexual energy. Sink into the freefall feeling and focus on the building sexual energy to help quiet the mind. A common result of freefall is a rising sexual energy that sometimes results in orgasm.

    3. After the freefall, and when I no longer felt energy moving down my spine, I would sit with erect spine for a few minutes to change body position. Sitting straight allows energy to go up the spine.

    4. Next, I slowly lowered my spine backward, to lying on my back with my head and spine straight. If a spontaneous orgasm did not result, I masturbated which brought energy from root chakra to the crown chakra. After orgasm, I would feel the sensation of fireworks in the skull as energy worked in my brain. After this, I felt energy go down my spine and felt shivers and intense cold. Then the growing phase would take over and I would relax in the lying position. In the growing phase, the long periods of numbness and stinging prickles on various body parts would happen.

    Pattern Of Remaking Nervous System In Body

    After the growing phase started, I would notice energy concentrated in a certain body part. Then I would feel stinging prickles, which would turn to total numbness. I experienced the stinging as very painful and tried hard to sit in center to distance from the painful sensation. This would often go on for many hours at a time before the reaction subsided. As I was in the follow the leader mode, I saw no reason to try to stop this reaction or to do anything else. I felt everything was happening as it was supposed to, so I laid there until it finished.

    Body Activation Pattern

    I watched the pattern of body activation before the numbness would start. First, the left leg would active, then the left arm, then the left body, and then it was as if energy of left body was used to activate the right body. Energy would then activate right leg, then right upper body would activate. When both sides of lower body were activated, I would feel a rotation in the pelvic bowl and energy would move up to chest and go back and forth between the arms. Then the energy would go down spine and into pelvic bowl and a larger vortex would build and go up spine to skull.

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