Programming Of The New Light Body

    The numbing of a body part would go on for many hours, as I felt energy passing over that area repeatedly. I would often hear pings and different tones sounding in the brain during this process and would often go into altered states. While this numbness occurred, I had a clear image of the area morphing into a different shape. When the sensation ended, I would feel a huge rush of energy flood into the body part and felt it expand or elongate. Then I had a visual image of that body part with the new shape. I would rise and look at the part and be disappointed that nothing looked different. My intuition told me the transformation was programming a new DNA pattern into my body. It was as if instructions were laid down to complete later. The visual image of the body part was so clear, that I was certain I was physically changing appearance right then.

    The numbing started in the feet and slowly moved up the body. Each time I would enter a numbness phase it would pick up where it left off last time. If the feet were numb last time, it would start there and then numbness would rise higher in the legs. Eventually the numbness reached the groin and hips. Most growing activity happened in this body area. After that, energy moved up and worked in chest and shoulders and the last time was in the arms. I do not recall this sensation occurring in the skull and face. The groin was the hardest. After a while, each part of the body was worked in one session so I would have to pass through each area repeatedly. Each successive time a body part numbed, energy flooded in stronger and the feeling the part had physically changed was stronger.

    In this time, many of my beliefs were questioned and I was surprised at how many I still had and how they strongly affected my life. Some issues were similar to, ‘What is God?’, ‘Am I God?’ and ‘Am I Protected?’

    Legs And Heel Pain Pricks

    Often pain would increase all over my body to such a crescendo I did not think I could endure it. Then I would feel pain pricks on my heel bones with an irritating frequency. I thought nerves were stimulated by my higher-self teaching me how to sit in center as the observer of pain versus identifying with it. This was a skill I needed to master.

    I can remember a time when my legs were worked and it seemed they were getting consecutively longer. It felt like my heels were moving closer to the edge of the bed with each elongation. I swear I felt my legs go off the end of the bed near the end. I remember looking close to see if I was shifting my body by noting where my head was on the bed. As far as I could tell, my head was stationary and my legs were creeping off the end of the bed. The legs felt much longer. I felt the leg muscles get much larger than they are now; it seemed they were forming the size and shape of male muscles. When it was over, I would measure my height and see no change. It was all very strange.

    Work In The Groin – Image Of Becoming A Man

    Eventually the body numbness reached the groin and after that, each session of body numbness would spend longer working in the groin, the most dreaded part. It was difficult not to identify with the stinging prickles in the genitals. I worked hard to quiet my mind and to distance myself from pain while this area was worked. I think early on, an image popped into my mind of an erect penis, from the viewpoint of it being on my body and I was looking down at it. The image of the penis filled my frame of view. Then there was a flash and change of perspective and I saw a man sitting with the same erect penis. I recall he had shoulder length blonde hair and no facial hair. I was perplexed why this image flashed and what it meant. After this image, changes to the sexual organs started. Later I thought the image told me I was going to turn into a man. This was my belief and effected my interpretation of the transformation for a long time.

    Going OBE Into Ceiling With Images Of Faces & Geometric Patterns

    I think after there was work in the groin area, energy would move up the spine and would work in the brain. Because the groin symptoms were painful, I worked intensely to go to that space outside my body so I would not feel anything. I was often in altered states of consciousness during this stage.

    I can recall how I went out of body. The numbness would start in the feet and as it rose higher, pain increased and skyrocketed when it hit the genitals. I knew this was coming, so I was preparing for it by working hard to focus on a spot of light with my 3rd eye so I could distance myself from the pain and get through it. The pain would be increasing and I would focus harder. I remember the first signs I went into altered states would be amplified hearing like being in an echo chamber. Next, I saw images of faces or a geometric pattern all over my internal field of view, like a ceiling above me. Then I would be traveling up and through that maze of faces, going through the ceiling to another side. After passing through the ceiling, I felt I was in a space that was devoid of all feeling, time and space. I felt so far away, yet could still sense my body was way down there with work occurring in it. Once I was up there, I was safe and did not have to focus anymore. I knew with a simple decision I could return. That spot became my refuge. However, I could not always escape; sometimes I had to be in my body for various stages that took me to my limit.

    Balls Of Energy Move Down Inguinal Canals

    A repeating sequence happened and worked in the groin and genitals. After the stinging prickles, large strong energy balls went down the inguinal canals (The energy balls may have actually been moving down a different area, perhaps to open the hip girdle.) starting at the ovary position and slowly moved down toward the groin. This was one of the hardest things; it was extremely painful as that energy ball moved down. It was most intense at intersection of pelvic floor and inner thigh. Often my hip would be held open at an angle and I would feel intense energy pummeling at that intersection. It was much like giving birth. Often there were strong spontaneous pushes that seemed to have the purpose to move this ball down through the canal. At the time, I thought my ovary was moving down, turning in to a testicle, and making a tract for the testes to descend. I thought a testicle might pop out any minute. I would go through these strong pushes having no idea why I was doing them and feeling I was surely crazy. Then I could see no physical change from doing it. The energy ball moved further down each time. I recall this first happened in the left side and later in the right side.

    Making Of New Genitals

    I think after the inguinal canals completed, the next stage started and was mostly energetic and out of this world. I guess it was a nervous system reaction and what occurred is highly subject to interpretation. I presume new DNA instructions were programmed in my body. I remember feeling drops of liquid running down through my body. They were like thick drops of honey in a narrow tube, coming one after the other in circuits, which were all over my body. All these drops were coming down through the body and landing in the genitals, especially by ovaries and inguinal canals. Later I wondered if it was a large release of hormones. I felt this sensation many times in repeated episodes. It was strange and something I never felt again.

    Light Beams Full Of Souls From Heaven

    Then I remember many sparks all over the body and feeling narrow beams of light shining on me from above. Simultaneously, I felt I was receiving messages and blessings from The Creator. The light was focused on both areas where testicles would be in a man, and it felt like thousands of souls were entering my body the entire time light shined on that area. It seemed the light streamed for hours, and I had the feeling each soul was blessed by The Creator.

    Sensation Of Penis & Testicles Growing & Morphing Into Man

    After this, each time the groin went numb, it felt like a penis was growing and testicles were forming in the groin. Each time this was more distinctive. While energy worked in the genitals, I felt changes happening to the breasts. The breasts felt like they were shrinking and breast tissue was pulled down the body and used to build new genitals. I felt the chest get larger each time, with decreased breast size. I distinctly felt how it was to be in a man’s body with a large chest. In addition, the lengthening and expanding sensation was progressively stronger in all body parts. I had the sensation of huge legs with thick muscular quadriceps and calves, large hands and narrowing hips. With each successive pass as the penis and testicles grew, it felt more like being in the body of a man.

    Numb Arms & Pinned To Bed – Taking Control

    The arms were hard and the last area that was done. I was lying in my bed and as I rested, the arms grew numb with the stinging prickles. It hurt much and I did not want to continue but I did. At the time, I thought the transformation going on all over my body was growing new bones. The arms hurt more than anything that had gone before. It lasted many hours and then I needed to go to the bathroom. However, I could not move my arms or shoulders. I was surprised to discover I could not raise myself if my arms would not move while lying on my back. I was effectively pinned to the bed. I was cold, nighttime had arrived, and I had no fire in the room. I could not get the covers over me. I was thirsty and could not reach my drink. I needed to blow my nose and could not do it. Like all the previous sessions, I thought I was supposed to stay unmoving until it finished. I was waiting for it to stop.

    The hours grew and I struggled with this problem all night and part of the next day. In my mind, I kept hearing the message pounding out to me, “Surrender, surrender, surrender”. I was desperate. Nobody could enter my room. I have a strong door and it was locked. In addition, I did not want anyone to see me like this so calling for help was not an option. Then a notion arose, that I always had had the power to rise. I only had to focus on what I wanted and it would happen. I needed to take control. With all my intensity I focused, it worked, and I rocketed out of the bed dangling my numb arms behind me. It only took a few minutes for the numb arms to return to a normal feeling. This might sound trite reading this or even that I was insane, but I believe it was a lesson taught me to learn how to focus and realize an increasing power. When I arose, I inspected my arms and saw peculiar gray indentations like channels running down my arms. I suspected nerves were stimulated. I felt this episode was about my higher-self teaching me how to surrender and take control. I saw it in an instant right after I leaped out of bed. I laughed to see it with a new perspective.

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