Discovery Of Drain For Lymph

    January 12

    I am looking for a ‘liquid drain’ to clear the fluids that backup as is obvious due to my blocked sinuses and gallbladder pain. (My experimenting all over was clearing blocked paths and caused drainage of lymph. It could not drain because the lower circuits in my body were blocked. I was desperate from the growing discomfort and good for me my intuition gave me the answer.) I decided to work the urinary bladder meridian because its vertical, relates to urine and may help drain the lymph.

    On the urinary bladder meridian, acupoint UB67 activates the meridian channel and acupoint UB60 feels great, maybe this is the pump to drain the fluids. Acupoint UB59 opens the sinuses. It seems acupoints UB60 through UB58, could drain the fluid if these acupoints were open. The left side of my body on the urinary bladder meridian is open but the right side is blocked.

    Insight about hand meridians: Pressing the acupoint on the base of the nail in the center of the middle finger activates energy in the upper back and lung area. This is not an acupoint of the fourteen main meridians. If I use acupressure on both acupoints on either side of the nail bed of the finger, it is stronger than doing one acupoint. All the meridians make a circle in the body; probably there are other energy circuits as well. Thumb on palm chakra after doing finger meridians keeps all the meridians in the hand activated and pulls the energy together causing energetic work to happen in upper quadrant and arm of body. Probably you could start with pinky fingers, move to lung meridian, and note the connections occurring between these to determine the connections between meridians. The same experiment could be done on the feet. There is obviously an order to energy movements, body activation and flows.

    Internal Rain, Big Body Spiral From Head Down To Toes

    January 14: Full Moon & Reiki Empowerment

    The gallbladder meridian goes up left side along flank of body and outside the legs and down the right side. It does not seem to matter which side of toenail you press. The middle of the toe below nail also works. The stomach meridian moves up front of leg, then up under ribs close to midline of body. The liver meridian moves up inside leg to groin, it goes up long bones of leg. The Spleen meridian goes up inside leg under rib cage in front more to outside torso than the stomach meridian under rib cage. The kidney meridian moves up inside leg and circles ankle, and I feel it on the inside knee near the back, and I feel it near the spine. The urinary bladder meridian travels up to outside foot edge, and goes through heel and up back of leg. (The torso meridian paths are shown on standard meridian charts. Here I was experimenting without the charts to feel where the energy went through my body, trying to discover the connections and relationships between the different meridians.)

    The urinary bladder meridian feels blocked, so I stayed working it until it felt clear. While giving acupressure to outside little toe on urinary bladder acupoint UB67, I felt the big toe ache and later I heard crackles in my skull above my right ear. Body activation is happening from the toes. The urinary bladder meridian is opening vertically on my head on front and back of body, and up and over top of head. When I felt that open, I switched to working on the gallbladder meridian. Around 9 pm, when I was getting a distance Reiki empowerment, I felt the gallbladder meridian open as a path that goes around in a circle on outside edge of body.

    It feels like it is raining inside my body as the fluids drain. I feel the energy flowing down the left kneecap. I feel drainage behind the right armpit. Energy spontaneously activates along similar meridian paths in my arms as the urinary bladder and gallbladder meridians. A circle forms around my chest through my armpits. Energy is spiraling down my legs and energy circles the knees and cleans them. Energy increased momentum. It feels like it is raining everywhere in the body and I am very cold. I think I have reached a threshold! The fusing begins and with it an unbelievable healing. It seems my entire body is gently healing! (This was my desire speaking here; based on a belief I was holding of the possibility of being spontaneously healed in an instant. Fused refers to full enlightenment.) After the cold internal rain, my entire body was tingly, like the nervous system was changing. Then it seemed the circulatory system was worked and last it felt like energy worked on the bones and I fell asleep.

    I awoke at 12:30 am, because energy worked strongly in my intestines. I noticed several things about the energy flow. First, always the left side activated first: fingertips, hands, wrist to shoulder, and energy worked one body side at a time. When energy finished working on one side, then that side would be calm and the other side of body would be worked. It was as if it was done in halves. At some point, energy would reach a certain level and my entire body was worked.

    I am not sure if my personality is gone after that. Energy is still working strongly in my body. I was not sure if I should continue with acupressure on the toe meridians. Several times my heart jumped and stopped beating, which frightened me much. Energy works in the lungs now. I think energy is moving up to work on the brain. D-Day is near!

    Energy is working in my head with fine adjustments made to the bones. The internal music is strong, as if it holds all the notes of the scale. I feel tingles here and there in my body as if something happens to the nerves. The bones are moving gently.

    Energy went up and down the spine and works in left and right shoulder with much internal rain occurring. My right shoulder is rotating and popping which feels great! The neck was worked, a vortex forms inside and there is an increase in intensity. For more than an hour, my neck rotated and was stretched to the limit on one side and then on the opposite side. There is much pulling and stretching of tissues. This is intense I have to take a break.

    I have been through hours of excruciating shoulder and neck work. The left shoulder was stretched in many ways and then the left side of spine was stretched. This felt nice. Then there were neck rotations with right shoulder for about one and a half hours. My shoulder is sore. Now energy is working strongly by C7. Near the end of the shoulder work, I sighed with relief to be rid of this pain, which I feel has been with me since birth. Stopping, I see sparkling lights in the air occasionally. Now fluid is draining out of my head on right side. I cannot straighten my neck now. It is 3 a.m. and I do not want more, but I am not tired.

    Acupressure Sequence To Rise Energetic Vibration

    January 15: Clockwise Spin In Body, Meridian Experimentation

    I continued to work on the urinary bladder and kidney meridians. Again, I felt drainage of liquids and felt the kidneys tingling. I feel a clockwise spin in my body. I have been sitting for many hours with work in the shoulder and the pain is nearly unbearable. I took a break and then worked the conception vessel and governing vessel meridians. The energy along the conception vessel meridian seems much softer than energy on the governing vessel meridian. One feels yin the other yang, it feels right to do them together. Energy worked all over the body and my sinuses drained. After this, I felt swirling along the spine and it was like all the open meridians joined force with the energy on the spine.

    I think I will try these meridians because the shoulder and neck work is difficult. After doing it, it is effective but I have no relief from the pain. Maybe I can make it easier. Yeah! Now, there is an open circuit through my shoulder. Mostly I felt joint pain with much pressure. Maybe my right shoulder is dislocated or has a congenital defect? Maybe my lungs were what hurt, because I cough and the lungs feel inflamed. I have a bad headache, so will continue.

    Stimulating the middle toe creates a peristaltic action in the intestines. An afterthought, perhaps the undocumented middle toe acupoint, works on pancreas and digestive regulation. I tried pressing and holding the acupoints on each toe, first the right foot, then the left foot. On the middle toe, I can detect one acupoint in the middle at base of the nail bed. All toe meridians activate the entire meridian circuit. I do not know much about the arm meridians yet. Maybe I need to do them first, because activating them might boost the energy in the body to help boost the feet. No! Doing the feet first is the DRAIN I was looking for! Toxins drain from body from top to bottom, so lower part of body that contains the elimination organs must be opened first!

    If I do one toe on a foot, it activates the circuit on the other toe in the foot. I think this is ideal because it is more effective; it works a smaller quadrant of the body and is gentler. The best so far is to go from little toe to big toe, then to do the kidney acupoint on the bottom of the foot. This brings all the energy together as one force. I work the kidney acupoint as long as I want to clear blockages.

    I feel the wavy right side to left side sensation in every meridian I work. I hold the same acupoints until the waving and tugging between them stops and I feel the energy has calmed down. This can take a long time. Then I move to the next acupoint. If the energy starts moving up then it is time for me to move my hands higher, otherwise it is too forceful and hurts and is not as effective. After the feet, I activate the root chakra, and then move up doing acupoints on the conception vessel meridian. After each acupoint is done, I feel an increase in my vibration. This is stronger energy and always at the correct frequency to heal the corresponding organs at that conception vessel meridian acupoint level. This is the most effective way to do it. This is fantastic! Organ healing occurs along the conception vessel meridian and the spine. I think the energy travels from front of body to back of spine, which makes this easy to do by myself from the front. The spine acupoints are difficult to reach. Maybe I can heal myself this way without getting energy from another person. As I clear blockages, my energy keeps rising and each time I am stronger. It is a snowball effect.

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