Start Of Organ Cleansing

    November 17: Body Healing, Tingling Rushes

    Yesterday, I was sore in the shoulder joint and tired and did one session. My shoulder is healing! There is inflammation under the clavicle, near the shoulder joint, the muscle knot in the trapezoid is shrinking and I have pain in the right breast. The inner sound is melodic with rich sounds. The middle finger on my right hand is straightening, which hurt much yesterday. This is amazing! I want to do more Reiki to heal everything. Last night I heard a message to be patient, “Every healing session raises the energy vibration as blockages are released. This will wake you up. You don’t need to do more than this.”

    I did Reiki for four hours this morning. I gave myself empowerment using the Reiki master symbol. I wanted to treat all my chakras but did not move beyond my crown chakra, which I treated for a long time. Afterward, much healing happened in the sacral chakra and I had intense pain in the kidney region for about an hour. Now there is less kidney pain and more pain in the bladder and uterus. The uterus feels as if it has a heartbeat inside. From the uterus area, I feel a connection to the pain in my right breast.

    At the end, I worked the lower chakras and that is when I felt energy going to my head with tingling rushes. I think this symptom occurs when blocks open and the nervous system somehow makes a stronger pathway through the body. The Reiki was strong, maybe the self-empowerment worked. When I treated my face and lungs, drainage started and I was coughing hard. I had to sit and stop. After this, I did the sacral chakra and fell asleep. Later I woke, did a position on my shoulder, and fell asleep again.

    Insight about Reiki symbols while watching my breathing I felt a difference between the energy vibrations of the in and out breath. The in breath was like the heaven symbol, expanding and filled with light energy. The out breath was like the power symbol, heavy, relaxing and dark. Then I thought the long-distance symbol is like the vibration of the universe, the cosmic pulse and that is why it connects you to others. I think there is something to the symbols, that they represent physical cosmic energies.

    November 18: Lung Cleansing, Chakras Open And Spinning

    On awakening, I have strong energy but am tired. Yet, my desire is strong to reach my full potential. In the evening, I did two Reiki sessions in the dome and worked the chakras. The chakras feel open, with a circling vibration pattern on most.

    While standing, energy quickly activated my body. I felt it shooting around doing work and going up and down through the chakras. It felt like my body was circling. I did my crown chakra and meditated trying to go quiet and sink into the vibration. This worked well and I could have stayed like this forever. I felt healing going on in several parts of the body. Then I worked down through the chakras, which feel open!

    At the heart chakra, I switched to long-distance sending and the energy increased when I did that. Distance healing is interesting. It feels as if I am the other person, out of my body, not thinking and the Reiki happens spontaneously. My hands get warm and the energy is drawing strong. I then did the other chakras all of which were drawing much energy. In the sacral chakra, the draw was strong, it was as if my hands were on fire and I could have stayed there forever. Then I switched to the heart chakra, imagined I was anther person, and asked what they needed. I put my hands on the jaws to do the teeth and continued like this for about ten minutes. After I finished, there was much drainage and pain in my throat and lungs with much coughing, A few times something cleared in my throat and air rushed in.

    Insight about distance sending there is no distance separating me from the being of another person. It is not ‘sending’ it and there is no time factor. The limit of body, space and time is illusion. Energetically there is no distance between physical objects. You can reach to the ends of the universe directly and all times exist simultaneously!

    Pulsing In Root And Crown Chakras

    November 22

    In the evening Reiki session, I gave myself self-empowerment using the four symbols all to crown chakra. The session was deep. After this, my crown opened and I felt a heartbeat in the fontanel and in the root chakra. Near the end, I felt air suck in behind my right cheekbone. After this, I sent long-distance Reiki to friends and fell asleep while doing it.

    Dream of having another person’s dream I woke at 2 am, with strange dreams as if I were having experiences from my friend’s viewpoint. I remember while dreaming wondering what that had to do with me. It is their story. This is not mine! I did not try to recall the dreams; I only wanted to get out of it. This is why I woke. Having another person’s dreams and experiences did not feel good! Later, I realized I was still connected with them and I need to break the connection after I do something like this. Strange stuff, there is another dimension that has different rules.

    Lymph Cleansing

    November 23: Shooting Pain In Arms

    I am tired and sore in various spots, a vein hurts in the left knee and I have a bad headache. I am doing chakra balancing and it is strong. I intone the power and heaven symbols then tone the sound for the chakra. The lower three chakras open much.

    When I did the sacrum chakra, I felt intense pain everywhere and it was hard to take. Then my body got hot and I felt strong pains shooting up and down the outside of my arms. Once a neck vertebra adjusted and I kept hearing a popping sound in my left cheekbone. My eyes, ears and teeth hurt badly and the area by the belly button down to vaginal area was burning. I used the pain to go beyond otherwise I could not have done this. I thought the lymph was cleansing or I had bone cancer. I have no idea. I tried to watch but could not tell what this was. I was in that session for two hours. I am tired and there are four chakras left to do. I am sad when I see how much healing has to be done and how much pain it causes to go through it. I suppose many people would want to stop here, but of course, I will not do that. I took a break, did Reiki on the heart chakra for a long time, and fell asleep.

    November 24: Shoulder Pain, Dolphins Singing, Waves Of Bliss

    When I woke, I felt I was submerged in the music of dolphins singing. It was a pleasurable experience, as if each breath was a symphony of music filling my entire being. I guess this is what enlightenment will feel like. Now I know what the mystics are talking about, when they say waves of bliss fill their being. I did Reiki in the dome on the root chakra for about an hour. It was intense. I still have much pain in my shoulders and they crack and pop when I move them. I need to stretch these joints.

    November 26: Neck Crack, Right Body Tingling, Lung Healing

    It has been two longs days with pain in my lungs and shoulder. I still have not made it through all the chakras in one session. I stay on one chakra when it draws much energy, then I fall asleep. Two days ago, menstruation started with strong cramping and flow as when I was young. I wonder if I am healing. Perhaps I am attaching to ‘waves of bliss’ and tuning everything else out or going into a fantasy world. I need to look at the possibility. I am not working to quell the mind-voice as before. Today and yesterday, I have strong power in my hands and energy flows out of them by touching something.

    In the evening Reiki, I intoned all three symbols plus the master symbol. I followed my intuition and did the crown chakra for two hours. Later I felt a crack in my neck and tingling on the right side of body with strong menstrual cramps at the end. I still have a heavy menstrual flow and especially after Reiki. I think there was a lung healing. When I coughed, gunk came up and my breathing was clear afterward. I recall feeling something in my ear and the brain and left eye was painful and tearing. I felt my entire body was worked.

    Insight about energy follows focus I realize something simple and profound: energy follows my focus. If I concentrate on feeling the vibration in my body and hearing the inner sound, my vibration rises automatically and I feel like waves of energy. This is all I have to do.

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