Reiki Self-Healing

    November 1, 2005: A Little About Reiki

    For the last five years, I had explored alternative healing methods to help people and what I had not done in all those years was focus much on my healing. At the time, I was feeling the effects of aging and my body would ache when I woke in the morning. I was successful to increase my awareness but my body was breaking down, it did not make evolutionary sense that awakening comes so late in life. I wondered if it was possible to have high awareness, agility and good health simultaneously. With this thought, I decided to try Reiki and to do the important step of giving LOVE TO MYSELF through self-healing.

    There are three main symbols used in Reiki, which establish a pattern of resonance in the body by either saying the name of the symbol or visualizing it. These symbols are ChoKuRei (power symbol), SeHeiKi (emotion symbol) and HonshaZeShonen (long-distance symbol). By visualizing or saying the name of the symbol, your body will resonate with the same frequency represented by that symbol. This is due to the principle of entrainment. After your body is resonating with the symbol’s frequency, you put your hands on your body. Then you focus on the vibration you feel moving between your hand and the body part. The focus on feeling quiets your mind and further accelerates the vibration in your body. The vibration acceleration is partially due to the principle of oscillation and how nerves respond to stimulus. As the vibration in your body rises, it creates the ability for your muscles to do work and has a healing effect. To explain more about this topic is beyond the scope of this book.

    November 2

    I experimented with Reiki. The first thing I did was to see if I could notice a difference of resonance in my body between the power and emotion symbols. I did this by intoning and visualizing the symbol and did a meditation to watch how my body responded. Because I was already sensitive to energy, I felt a distinct difference in my body between the two symbols. This experiment convinced me there was power in the symbols.

    November 3

    I did two hours of experimentation with the Reiki symbols. After my vibration was strong, I put my palms on the bottoms of my feet. As I gave a treatment there, it was affecting other parts of my body. My hands got hot at times and it felt good to receive this energy. I almost fell asleep with the feeling I was receiving strong energy all over my upper chest and rib cage areas. My right body has much less energy than the left.

    November 4

    While doing a Reiki session I tired and the energy was not flowing. I think this happened because I used too much effort to visualize energy moving a certain way through my body. When I understood that, I trusted the resonance pattern was established and I could drop the visualization. Then I put my focus on the feeling in my hands at the point of contact with my body. Immediately I went into a state of pure awareness with total silence, the tone in my ears rose and my hands grew hot and warm. The energy I felt in those warm hands felt wonderful.

    Insight about drop the technique once the resonance pattern is established in your body through entrainment, you do not need to focus on ‘the technique’ anymore to keep it going. The body is resonating with that frequency, so merely switch your focus to feeling the vibration and this alone will raise it higher.

    November 5: Deepening Meditation & Signs Of Healing

    About noon, I did a Reiki session with the power symbol in the woods under a large tree, placing palms on all the chakras, which felt good. In the evening, I used the emotional symbol to treat the chakras and spent a long time on the heart and solar plexus chakras. I drifted into a deep meditative state while treating those chakras. I still need to work with meditation, spring boarding off the Reiki sessions. Next, I did the power symbol and intuitively placed my hands on several chakras while doing meditation.

    After the chakra session I felt energy going up and down the spine differently, it felt wide open and my tongue moved strangely. I felt a hollow open space in my throat. My right hand gets warmer and I feel tingles in my toes and ankles on my right side. Something is happening with my teeth. After having done Reiki for a week I notice healing in my body. I had a cold sore erupt under my nose, it quickly burst, there was a scab on it and the next day and then it was gone. I could not believe this happened. I have an eczema patch in my ear that has been there for a year. A pimple developed on it, which hurt for three days. Then it burst and it seems healed. The bunion on my big toe is loosening and I can flex the toe more. My meditation is deep and often I am in the state of feeling myself as a breathing vibration for a few rounds of breaths. It is still puzzling why I cannot fully let go and allow higher-self to take over. I know it is a non-doing. Reiki healing is helping me because it releases blocked energy in my body and my overall body vibration is rising, which seems the same as rising awareness. I wonder if Reiki symbols represent a different energy. I think Reiki self-healing works to amplify our own energy. I suppose it works in any physical object or body. The Reiki technique excites energy in the area where the hands are placed.

    Insight about formation of ego I think the ego forms because people are mostly growing in a world of unconscious human beings. This means there is an extreme lack of unconditional love, the love we need to thrive. The ego develops as a means to protect the individual in a hostile world. If parents were beyond the ego, they could give the child all the unconditional love it needs and there would be no need for the child to develop the ego to protect itself. Maybe the next step of humanity is to awaken and children will not have to go through this if the adults can do this step. I think most human beings are sick in some way because we did not receive enough unconditional love. Because we did not receive it, we are holding defenses in our body to prevent getting hurt again. Keeping this defense in place is what causes the energy to stop flowing to certain areas and prevents access by our healer to get to those areas to heal them. If we can relax our defense then our healer can heal it for us.

    I do not know if energy blockages can be removed if the psychological reason we are holding a blockage is not cleared up. To let go of a blockage we must first be aware we have a blockage and to understand what value it gives us to keep it in place. To remove it we must be convinced we no longer need this protection, and then we can let it go. When I try to ‘be as energy’ in meditation, then the thoughts start up. There cannot be any resistance or any holding on to past forms. When meditating I scan all over for any resistance. It is difficult to see how a ‘thought’ is resistance but it must be so.

    November 6: Referred Pain, Work In Spine

    Tonight I used the long-distance symbol to treat the chakras. I was not sure if I could use that symbol for healing and often felt I should have used the power symbol, but it seemed to work. Energy worked strongly in the throat chakra and simultaneously, my right toe hurt badly. I worked that chakra until the toe no longer hurt, it was painful at times. It is strange the toe hurts when I treat the throat chakra. Energy works in the spine.

    Healing Circle Treatments

    November 7: Energy Rush, Tingling, Numbness, Shoulder Pops

    I looked closely at the Reiki long-distance symbol and see it means, "One Love". I used it tonight and thought to use it on people distantly, but what came is that it is more important that I heal myself first. I have decided to use this symbol with my meditation. While using it I felt waves of energy moving up and down in my body, and a few times, I fully forgot myself. I try to keep my focus on feeling the vibration inside my body while putting my hands on the chakras. I am amazed by my increase in energy and quick progress. I want to heal and be a healer!

    I found a Reiki healing circle that gives free treatments. At this point, I want to heal so badly I will take everything. I signed up and found out I will be sent long-distance Reiki healing tonight from thirteen people at once and they will do it for six days in a row. They give a great gift. I will use the long-distance Reiki symbol and be in meditation just before they start sending the energy healing so I can observe what occurs and elevate my energy so I can better receive it.

    Group session 1: I used the long-distance Reiki symbol then put my hands on the sacral chakra. I meditated like that for about twenty minutes before the appointed time. While receiving the Reiki my entire body heated up. Before I only felt heat in my hands. Distinctly, I heard my inner sound change pitch, as if I heard other voices join it. Soon after this, my right big toe was throbbing with pain and I had to work hard not to identify with the pain. Soon I felt a rush of energy move through the chakras on the right side, and then I felt strong tingling in my toes on both feet. My left side went numb, which has not happened before. I felt it went numb to force energy through the right side of my body. After the session, I used Reiki to treat my shoulders and neck. Then I felt popping in both shoulders and felt extreme pain in my right big toe with pops in the toes and ankle. I had to breathe through that a few times. With each pop, my shoulders relaxed more. Afterward, it seemed all chakras were open another notch. After that, I was tired.

    November 8: Menstrual Cramps, Hands And Palms Activated

    I slept long and feel tired yet energized. I have bad menstrual cramps and back pain. After rising, I gave myself an hour-long Reiki treatment. Now, the soles of my feet and my palms activate and my right hand is stronger.

    Group session 2: I gave Reiki to my crown chakra for fifteen minutes with the long-distance symbol before the session began. When they started, the inner sound increased and sounded like a train coming toward me. I did not hear distinct voices this time but it grew loud. The energy seemed much more powerful than the night before. When I felt that rise in energy and knew I was connected with people I laughed. It is amazing to connect with people in a way I did not know was possible. I felt strong energy was sent for the entire session. At moments, I felt I could surrender and forget myself for eternity. I must have been successful with this at times, as I do not recall much of the session. My hands were activating strongly. I felt a few pains as things released and felt warmth building all over my body. After a break, I did another session and fell asleep while doing it. I slept long and soundly. In the last weeks, I sleep a few hours each night, and it feels more like resting than sleeping.

    November 9: Pain In Right Body Joints

    I did a Reiki session in the large acoustic dome lying on my back under the middle in the sweet spot. This was my first session in the dome and the dome amplified my vibration much. I went through the chakras and noticed each felt stronger today. Then energy worked strongly in the throat chakra, and I felt pain in joints on the right side of my body, which went deeper than last time. I wanted to stop but felt the pain was necessary to heal. I did not identify with the pain and continued the treatment until it no longer hurt. Each day it is easier to surrender and let my vibration pulsate and become one with it. It is all about having no resistance to whatever is occurring, which includes my thinking and feelings. After the feet chakras opened, every part of me is receptive to energy. Indeed, there is little difference; the boundary of the body is mostly mind-made through identification with it and is limiting.

    Group Session 3: I began a Reiki session thirty minutes before the group session, giving treatment with my palms to various areas on my head. Then I moved my palms to the crown chakra and went into a meditative state. When the Reiki group session began, the inner sound rapidly grew stronger and I felt waves of energy moving in my body. I then used this time to treat all the chakras. After three sessions, I cannot tell when they stop sending the long-distance Reiki. It seems it boosts my energetic vibration. The vibration and louder inner sound stay elevated for hours after. After the session, I gave myself a full Reiki treatment.

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