Dream Of Vertebrae Bones & Sound Symbols

    November 10: Kriyas, Bliss, Stinging Prickles

    boneDream of vertebrae bones & sound symbols during the evening I had a repeating dream about bones with sound symbols. The bones were identical cross-section pieces like the ones with the marrow inside and looked like the figure. There were four syllables etched on the side of each bone comprised of two letters each. When you sang the sound syllables while holding your lips above the center of the bone and blew on it like a flute, then the sound resonated in the bone. In the dream, there was a campfire and many bones like this were spread on a plate. Two friends were there. One friend picked up a bone and showed how to play it, and then we were all playing with them. When I sang the first syllable and blew on the bone, the resonation was unbelievable. Then I woke. I did research and discovered that the bone in the dream looked nearly the same as a cross-section of the spinal column. With hindsight, I understood that the dream gives information about how resonance can be established in the spinal column through sound as the voice box is on top of the spine.

    I have been doing Reiki for eight days; it seems as if I have been doing it for months. The progress has been so fast. During the dome session this morning, energy worked strongly in my right shoulder joint while I was treating my throat chakra. I felt much pain in the shoulder and continued. I felt pain in my hip joints and jaw for the first time, as if the healing is now reaching there. The shoulder and arm felt strange at times, like it was morphing and the arm would jerk spontaneously. I felt this was a healing reaction. After this, I treated the rest of the chakras using the heaven symbol. I ended by connecting the crown and root chakras. When I did that, I felt I was held by my Creator, like a baby in hir arms, it was comforting. I want to return to that feeling repeatedly.

    Group session 4: I went to the big dome at 7:30 pm, and sat with the soles of my feet and my palms together. Then I sang the long-distance symbol about five times. Next, I gave Reiki to my palms and soles of feet for about twenty minutes. Then I lie down and intuitively put my hands on my sacral chakra and entered a meditative state. I could tell when the long-distance sending started, as the inner sound got loud and I felt waves of energy moving up and down my body. Later, my body and palms felt warm. There were two notable things. I sensed that someone else joined in the healing circle later and the intensity went way up. I felt a sensation like stinging prickles between my eyebrows, which rippled back and forth. It was like the tingling I felt a few days ago in my toes. Near the end, I decided to send distance Reiki to a friend. I imagined I was my friend and followed my intuition to tell me where to place my hands. Doing this was interesting because my vibration was stronger.

    November 11: Joints Opening, Uterus Pain, Weight Loss, Twitches

    I dreamed much. When I woke I was vibrating strongly with energy, I curled in a fetal position and felt the energy massaging my body. I feel zapped. I put on black clothes and want to lie in the sun and soak up the heat and be in nature.

    I find what is happening fascinating, I am full of gratitude, and each day I feel better, lighter, healthier and happier. Lately, my mind-chatter is strong with delusions of grandeur. I have to be more vigilant to dismiss the chatter and not let it go on so long. Fooling myself is a concern, but when I feel the increasing vibration, I trust it is real. I trust what I am feeling much more than the mind-chatter. The increasing vibration gives me a new confirmation. I am strongly drawn to dive deeper into this mysterious, loving, all knowing and generous energy.

    My big toe bunion, neck and shoulder have loosened considerably and the joint mobility increases. I have to stretch parts I could not before. I sat with my legs folded under me in the yoga child pose. I could not do that for a long time. I washed some dishes outside while in a deep squat position, another position that is nearly impossible for me because of my ankle, hip and toe problems. My menstruation continues strong and I have pain in the uterus. During the group session last night, energy worked in the uterus and I felt pain in my ovaries. My bowels have changed to be more solid and I have lost weight. I am fifty-four kilograms now. This weight loss began spontaneously about a month ago. I wonder if everything in my body will be healed.

    Group session 5: I did Reiki with the long-distance symbol and was in a deep meditative state when the session began. I set a timer to know exactly when it started. After 8 pm, my hands warmed, the inner sound increased and my body grew hot. I could tell the difference in my energy before and after they began sending. I let myself fall into the vibration and moved my hands to places I felt I needed healing. While doing my heart chakra I was relaxed with no resistance and it felt wonderful to bathe in that energy. At times, I felt twitches and pulses in areas, as if my body was reforming or moving toward proper alignment. The elevated body vibration lasted some time, which I took advantage of later, by doing more sessions. I was getting tired while giving myself Reiki so I switched to distance sending to a friend. When I did that, I was amazed at the increase in vibration and went into a deep state of no-mind. Then I allowed the Reiki to flow and felt as if I were observing myself from a distance, which lasted about thirty minutes.

    November 12: Strong Abdominal Pain, Uterus Pulsing, New Tones

    I gave myself a full-body Reiki treatment in the dome using the power symbol. I began with palms and feet together and meditated for ten minutes. It is difficult to put the soles of my feet together due to stiffness in my hips. During the session, I had much pain in my abdomen with thumping in my uterus that I nearly passed out. I continued with it for an hour. When I had my first spiritual awakening, I also felt the strange thumping in the uterus. At 6 pm, I felt strong energy activation in the body so I gave myself a Reiki session lying. Two tones sounded, one was a high-pitched ‘eeee’ sound and the other was a low sound like a train. The two sounds were different. I have heard this three times this week and wonder about it.

    Group session 6: I did Reiki with the long-distance symbol standing with my palms together singing into the dome. It took a few minutes before my hands were warm and I felt the energy like waves going up and down my body. Then I lay down and used Reiki palms to various positions on my head. When the group sending began, I moved my palms to the heart chakra. Again, someone enter the session later, which I hear as a distinctive high-pitched sound. I do not recall much different. It was a strong session and a few times, I surrendered but not as much as the night before. Afterward, I treated the rest of my chakras, and sent a distance healing to my friend. Again, I surrendered deeper while doing the second session. I fell asleep while sending the Reiki and slept long and deep.

    November 13: Strong Vibration, Neck Snap, Increasing Quiet

    Energy visualization technique: My current practice is I sit upright with palms together with some pressure and with my soles of feet together with my eyes closed. Then I visualize the Reiki symbol over my crown chakra and sing it three times. With the in breath I visualize energy is coming from above down through the crown chakra and into belly button area. With the out breath I visualize energy is radiating from there into all parts of the body and exiting at the palms and soles of feet. I continue this until my hands and feet are warm. Then I lie down and drop the visualization, trusting the vibration is established. This raises my vibration strong and energizes all parts of my body making me feel hollow. After doing this for three days, I can relax my legs enough to sit comfortably with soles of my feet together.

    I did Reiki with hand positions on the head. Energy went to various parts of my body, my hands got warm and the sensation of warmth and bliss was relaxing. It felt especially good on my heart chakra. I tried to send the Reiki with my mind to where I felt pain or stiffness in my body and it seems to work. It seems when I am in the surrender state I can send the energy with only my intention. However, if I do healing this way, then I am treating the symptoms, I am doing pain relief. This might not be the most effective way to heal, as it requires my limited wisdom about what might be best for me.

    Insight about ‘I don’t have to do anything’ then the thought came that my higher-self is vastly more intelligent. I only have to trust that my higher-self knows how to heal me. I do not have to do anything except to get quiet and allow the energy to flow. I tried it and the moment I was quiet energy zoomed around all over and worked efficiently. I am convinced that I do not have to direct my healing and clearly see the limit of my knowledge.

    While surrendered a bone in my upper spine audibly snapped. This event confirmed the surrender state was the best way to heal. It seems I can put my hands anywhere on my body to get the same effect. Tonight I think to do the heart chakra and sit with the bliss. Now I see what the sages mean when they refer to the gap between the breaths, the energy sits there in the openness. I am learning to be one with this gap. I read something from Osho that said if you can sit for forty-eight minutes in total quiet, then you are ‘done‘. The quiet intervals get longer. The purple light I see in my 3rd eye is pulsing strong. All of this looks real, I am happy about the healing.

    November 14: Sustained Quiet Mind, Energy Waves, Orgasmic Intensity

    The inner sound is changing. There is a high-pitched sound and a low-pitched sound like a train and I hear various sounds between. When I listen to the inner sound, I sink into waves of vibrating energy. When I woke, energy was slowly working up and down my body, as if a healer had been released and was looking for problems and working on them. I think the energy boost I received from the healing circle is enough for me to go on with self-healing. I think it will be like most transformation and will take twenty-one days to complete. Wow, thinking the full healing will only take 21 days! I started Reiki on November 1, in one more week the healing should be mostly completed. There are still problems in my body, but every day it is better. Each day I stretch and it feels good to do it. I did Reiki all morning. I stood in my room under the dome’s sweet spot and held my hands together in prayer position, and felt strong energy in my feet chakra that seemed it was coming up through the earth. I did some hand positions on my back and felt energy work in my spine. I laid down and felt pain in the uterus, and treated the sacral and root chakras for a long time. It was similar to orgasm and was so intense I wanted to stop, but did not because I felt I needed to open this chakra. Reiki on the root chakra reduced my fear of letting go which helped me stay in quiet mind for a long time. During this time, I felt my body as an awesome single vibration. I still feel intensity in the root chakra much later; it is as if the entire area is alive. After this, I did the other chakras ending with the crown. Once I tried to warm my eyes as I did with my hands and when I started, purple light appeared strongly in my 3rd eye and I went into a deep meditation. A big thunderstorm with hail occurred outside the entire time and I felt as one with the energy releasing outside. I felt I was entraining to it.

    I did an awesome Reiki session where I went into outer space for a long time. My energy is getting stronger. Tonight I sent distance energy one-by-one to all my loved ones; some had stronger energy than others did. What worked well was to focus on my breathing pattern and let everything else go. When I did that I went beyond which I find interesting. The inner sound is strong and constant and sounds like a train most often. I feel waves of energy in my body continuously working on healing me. This is unbelievable! When I lay down my neck and shoulder hurt badly. Eventually I found a comfortable position, put Reiki hands on my body, and fell asleep quickly.

    Insight about ‘When 2 or more gather in my name’ the primary power of energetic healing is on another level, as was done in this healing circle. The energy of many people combine and is directed at someone to heal them. This is now my focus and how I will continue. Each human that reaches enlightenment can then pass it on through entrainment. What is wonderful about long-distance healing is there are not physical or geographic limits.

    November 15: Teeth Pain, Weight Loss

    When I woke in the morning, I was in the identical position I fell asleep in last night, with my hands in the same place. I must have received healing all night! I am buzzing. I did several stretches and will do more as it helps to open my stiff joints. I often feel pain in my teeth during the sessions. I am not sure what is occurring with them. My pants are falling off and my stomach flattens. Tonight I gave my first physical Reiki session to a friend and learned I need to read the part about giving Reiki to someone else. I felt tired afterward, mostly because of uncomfortable positions I was in. At times, when I looked with my eyes where I had my hands; it was as if someone else was looking. It seemed the Reiki worked better if I was looking. It was harder for me to keep my mind quiet while I worked on someone else.

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