Copper Ring Oscillator Dream

    November 27 To November 30

    I have been treating four pets every night before my treatment. I am not sure if it is helping them but I keep doing it. I have not been taking notes but this evening I remember well. While doing Reiki in the last sessions it felt as if I had stalled. I have pain and soreness in my right body, which makes it difficult to treat, as my arms tire and my right hand is weak. I was doing Reiki, pondering this dilemma and drifted off to sleep during my 8:30 to 10:30 pm session.

    Dream of wire oscillator I was dreaming I was in my room and walking around in it with many things lying on the floor. There was wire on the floor that kept catching my foot, which I then had to disentangle so I would not trip. Then I was looking at all the things in my room and felt someone had placed things there and moved things around. On my desk, I saw a plastic male doll lying with a block of wood under his head. It seemed he was lying giving himself Reiki. I stared at that a long time. Then I reversed to go the other way back in my room and again the wire was wrapped around my foot. This happened about three times, then I was annoyed and decided to deal with it. I reached to get all the pieces of wire to pick it up. When I had it in both hands, it was a coil of medium gauge wire like those in every tool shed. When I stood with it in my hands, immediately I felt a strong energy going through my hands and body. Then I raised my arms toward the ceiling with the coil of wire in my hands, feeling the strong power in it. Then I woke.

    Immediately I remembered the dream and felt it was significant. I went directly to the tool shed, got a similar coil of wire, came back, and did a standing meditation with it intoning the Reiki symbols. It was unbelievable! I felt the energy going around in circles on the coil and reversing directions going back and forth, and it was energizing both sides of my body. I pondered it some time during the night and concluded that it empowered me. I used the wire coil many times in the night and each time the energy rose quickly in my body.

    December 1

    I discussed my dream about the coil with a friend and she said something about people working with copper. Then I thought that copper is what they have in electric wires and perhaps it would be a better conductor of energy than the steel wire. I found a heavy-duty copper wire cable the electric company uses with eighteen wires in it and took it apart. I made six coil rings with the pieces of wire I had of several sizes. I made a small ring, four of eighteen inches in diameter and one huge ring, three feet in diameter that can be used by multiple people. I made each coil with at least seven wires from the center of the utility cable, and used extra copper wires to bind the coil together. Of the two coils I made, the one with looser wires works better. I have used them in various ways, on my body to fall asleep and keep my vibration high and to energize before a session. The latter seems the best use of it. It amplifies my vibration to a higher level than I could achieve without it. It is a self-empowerment tool.

    December 2 To December 3

    I went to the dome after my walk and did yoga. I have to do something to move this body; the Reiki alone is not enough. I need to attend to my diet. The food they are cooking here is too rich and I am not getting enough liquids. I am constipated and do not feel well. The physical work is demanding for me and I am thinking about a new line of work.

    December 4

    Dream of old men in wheelbarrows: I had a dream where I was walking toward a park and ahead there was a bridge over water and beyond it I could see some tables and chairs. I started walking toward the bridge. While on the bridge entering the park, I saw an old man who looked like Santa Claus lying naked in a wheelbarrow and basking in the sun. This was amazing to see and when I looked at what else was in the park, I saw the same man in identical wheelbarrows all over the park and all of them were sunbathing. While I stared at this in amazement, I felt someone come behind me and put their hands on my shoulders from the back. I immediately felt strong energy enter my body. Feeling this, I responded energetically and melted with the other person. Then they said, "I like your energy". The person felt alien, I could not see them and they felt thin, wiry and strong muscled. Then I woke. The energy coming from this person was so nice, I tried to go back to sleep to pick up the dream again. I think about making a metal bed and sunbathing in it because I feel this information is a way to boost my energy. I am becoming a channel for energy, including the sunlight and the heat from my stove.

    December 5 To December 16

    I cannot find any notes for this time.

    December 17: Reiki Level I Empowerment

    My Reiki Master sent me a long-distance empowerment at 8:30 pm. It boosted my energy markedly. My energy has been low. My entire body heated and this has not happened for some time. I could achieve the quiet mind state much easier.

    December 18: Increased Energy Sensitivity

    I feel the energy of the big tree by putting my hands on it. It is strong and healing. I pause to get a dose and thank the tree for its gift. I feel energy coming from the heat from my stove as I sit next to it and from the sun. I think my body is changing, I become much more sensitive to energies of all kinds including people’s negativity, emotions or whatever energy they are emitting. I will strive to tune into the energy field of things around me.

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