Knife Feeling In Flesh As Bones Move

    November 14: Skull Feels As One With Lower Body In Spinal Stretch

    Waking at 7:30 am, I am sore in the body. The right side of the neck, skull, right hip and ankle feel looser. Yesterday, it struck me I have physically changed much, due to the work I have done. It feels foreign and weird. It is not visible outwardly, but it is there.

    From 10 to 11 am, I did a freestyle session with was physically difficult yet I had no problem to bodily surrender. There were long stretchy pulls through the body and more work on shoulder crook, mandible and side of neck. When the shoulder and TMJ’s released, there was a strange sensation of bones sticking out at weird angles. I guess this is due to shoulder girdle movement as a single unit. From 11:30 am to 1 pm, I did a sitting session. There was much popping of jaws, on side of neck, and in left shoulder. I am sore and feel like sleeping.

    From 4:30 to 5:45 pm, I did a sitting session with more work on shoulder, shoulder crook and TMJ. At 5:40 pm, I felt shivers for about five minutes coming up spine. From 6 to 7 pm, I did a freestyle session with long twisting torso stretches up entire spine. While sitting, there was CCW torso rotation. There were many crunches all over central nervous system area. When I quit, it felt like the skull loosened and united with the lower body in the upward stretching body pulls. These are powerful stretches. From 9 to 11 pm, I did a sitting session with head and shoulder work. Energy worked deeply in front of skull and under mandible, in neck and shoulder tops with many burning lines in all these areas. I felt cranium bones expanding and shifting around. There were strong crunches up the right side of face and work on left shoulder. My skull, shoulders, back and hips hurt.

    Loosening Of Shoulder Girdle Bones

    November 15: Moving Up And Down In Squat, Cranial Suture Crunches

    I slept well and rose once for a few skull stretches. After rising at 8 am, I feel I could stretch a few times and the spine would be nice and straight. While sitting, there is looseness in the upper shoulder, neck and skull on the right, that I have never felt before. The neck tension is much less. It felt natural to sit and do CCW torso rotations so I went with that for thirty minutes. From 8:30 to 9 am, I did a sitting session with work in skull, neck and shoulders along lines of tension without crunches. The stretches glided over these areas repeatedly and later moved down to lower back. I feel much stronger in the spine than ever before.

    From 9:30 to 11 am, I did a freestyle session with long pulls through entire spinal column. Then I was stretching into hips with horizontal pulls across lower back. Then I was lying on stomach and side, moving everywhere even going back to standing. At the end, I did a CCW torso rotation session. At one moment, I felt energy tracing and crunching around in a circle, on all the edges of the right scapula bone. I felt work on clavicle and left shoulder top. Then there were about four intense pulls through the shoulder joint. From 11 to 12 am, I did a sitting session with work in the muscles in right skull, TMJ and shoulder.

    I took too long a break and now I have too much tension. From 5 to 6 pm, I did a powerful freestyle session. I was moving up and down to squat, standing, sitting and lying positions and experiencing strong twisting stretches up the spine in all of them. While in the squat position, the legs came together squeezing above the hips. While in cobra position there were strong stretches alternating between shoulders and hips.

    tmj balanceFrom 7 to 8:30 pm, I did a sitting session with skull and shoulder work. I felt bones jutting at strange angles and felt muscles shifting to new positions in the shoulders. There were many crunches at line of occipital bone to TMJ and to shoulder joint by coracoid process of scapula. The muscles between the TMJ’s, work to connect to the shoulder muscles, in an upside down 'V pattern' through the mouth (see figure). I feel the muscles move between the TMJ’s when the mouth is wide open. It is as if the muscles pass inside and through the joints and then down the neck to the shoulders. There is less tension in left shoulder after the right shoulder and TMJ released.

    From 9 to 12:30 pm, I did several sitting and freestyle sessions. The last one-and-a-half hour was difficult work in the skull. After some painful crunches through the jaw, I was in a phase of short holds with work going on in the skull. I felt tiny crunches around the cranial sutures, which sounded liquid with squishy sounds. It is difficult to describe. It was like little bubbles of movement in the skull accompanied with intense head pressure and a migraine headache. Then a slow turn of the head would happen and it would repeat. After this, energy moved down the body. Several times, there were big energy puffs out in the pelvic area. Near the end of the skull session, there was intense pain in the pubic symphysis. This seemed strange because there were no frontal stretches down the body. During this session, my left arm went numb for about ten minutes and my lips were numb.

    Shoulder Crook Opens, Skull Vortex, Night Vision

    November 16: Skull Pop At Top Of Neck, Skull Shift

    crook of neck circleI slept well and rose at 7am. It felt like my body was straight except for the shoulder and head, which felt cocked to the right. I feel tension in the shoulder crook. From 7:30 to 9 am, I did a CCW torso rotation session, round and round the shoulder and shoulder crook, sometimes working the entire shoulder girdle (see figure). Then I lay on my side and stretches were going through entire cord of personality. Then I was lying on stomach doing skull turns. The energy in the skull steadily built as the bones shifted in the skull and there was increasing pressure on right side of sacrum. From 8:30 to 12 am, I did three sitting sessions. There were strong twisting movements around the skull and several times, I felt releases. It was difficult with intense skull pressure and tension in shoulders.

    From 12 to 1:30 pm I did a freestyle session. The first notable thing is there was a strange pop in the skull near the top and back of neck. It felt like the skull moved over one notch and was now balancing on a point. After this, there was a HUGE release in the right side of the neck in shoulder crook. It felt like the surface area was a circle of five inches in diameter. Suddenly, it went squishy with crunching and my head felt erect and straight.

    After this, I did an intense lying on the stomach session. There was a release in the right TMJ and afterward I felt a large vortex form in the skull. This was one of the best releases ever, releasing much tension that I have felt for about one year in the right TMJ. About ten minutes later, another release felt great. There was much work in facial bones. There is still tension between the skull and sacrum.

    From 5 to 6 pm, I did a strong freestyle session. The shoulder and skull continue to open more. There were many spontaneous spinal stretches. From 6:30 to 8 pm, I did a sitting session with more skull and shoulder crunching which went deep into skull and shoulder. I feel movements of bones deep in center of skull. I am sore now. From 8 to 11 pm, the growing phase started and I rested. From 11 pm to 12:30 am, the energy increases and I did one more session.

    The energy inside my body zooms. The last two nights I saw light in my room and thought I needed to turn the lights off. They were not on. When reading my close vision is less blurry. My face is getting sore and chapped from this skull turning.

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