Squeezing Full Body Elastic Stretches (Body Squeezes)

    November 7: Coiling Release Of Neck Muscle, Burning Lines

    I slept long. Rising, there is tension in left shoulder and activity in skull. I do not want to do anything. From 10 am to 1 pm, I did a freestyle session with full torso twists and with an awesome force stretching and moving the bones, with crackling, crunching, and popping sounds. I guess this is similar to what a ‘folded’ animal has to go through to be born. This is difficult work!

    I took a long break! From 6 to 7 pm, I did a freestyle session. The first half was easy, moving slowly in short holds while strong energy from the spinal column worked in stuck areas. In the second half, a tight elastic band came up my entire body squeezing everything from root to crown, with pops and crunches. When it reached the head, it felt like it was crushed. There were many of these at the end. It was like straining hard to make a bowel movement, pressure reddened my face, and I did not breathe a few times.

    The energy did not let up so I did another freestyle session from 7 to 8:30 pm. It was difficult! I had to surrender deeply to allow this session. It was mostly lying on stomach and side with much skull work, jaw popping and shoulder work. Near the end, energy changed to the padded bone feeling. This feeling goes further down and encompasses most of the shoulder. A long clear tone sounded for about ten minutes. From 8:30 to 11 am, the growing phase started and I rested.

    From 11 pm to 12:30 am, I did a lying on stomach and side sessions. It was intense with more popping and burning lines. A muscle at side of neck and behind shoulder released as it twisted around my neck like a snake and unrolled in a spiral fashion. I felt many releases and sweated most of the time. There was work on facial bones with skull turns while lying on the stomach. I have no words to describe this experience and I cannot ‘be there’ to observe how it is done. Several more tones sounded.

    Strong Spontaneous Movement Sessions, Fetal Release

    November 8: Popping Of Torso Bones, Head Fills With Warm Fuzzy Ball

    From 1 to 2 am, I did a lying on the stomach session. At the end, there was a hold and I fell asleep in this position. I awoke at 5:30 am with the sensation of a spiraling energy working on the middle of my back. I arose and went back to bed. I woke at 8 am, with strong tension in the spine. From 8:45 to 10:30 am, I did a freestyle session down to sitting and lying on my stomach sessions.

    From 11:30 am to 7:30 pm, I did three sitting sessions with head and shoulder work deep in shoulder muscles. There were many loud skull plate pops. The energy is still strong. From 8 to 11 pm, I did freestyle, sitting and lying sessions. In the lying session, popping of the torso bones started with strong force. After having worked so hard in the head and shoulders, I thought, “Oh no, now I have to go through the same in the entire body!”

    Eventually this stopped and energy switched to work intensely in the head. The head was stretched and popped all over with crunching noises. Then it switched to elastic sheets all over the surface of the skull with much skull bone movement. I cried uncontrollably, my head hurt more than it ever has. The crying was a spontaneous reaction. The crying was not like sobbing. I was shaking all over, my head hurt, tears were rolling down, and I was making strange noises. The crying seemed to last a long time and gave me the feeling it was a fetal emotional release. I surrendered to it.

    Then the feeling in the skull changed when my entire skull filled with energy that felt like a warm fuzzy ball. Large movements of the cranium bones were occurring but I could barely feel them, I only felt the thud-like movement. Then there were strong stretches going down the cord line. Later there was a hold and I was grateful for the rest. I stayed without moving for about thirty minutes. It is quiet. I am sore and energy works all over the body.

    November 9

    I slept well, on rising at 6 am, there is much tension in the spine. From 6:30 to 7 am, I did a freestyle session with strong stretchy spiral-like pulls from hips up spine that opened the hip and sacrum. From 7 to 8:30 am, I did the hardest freestyle session so far yet it felt great because I felt like I accomplished something. The power in the body is so strong that I can now stretch all along the spine and move the big bones. It makes sense that the spontaneous body movements would get stronger over time and have greater ability to open the bones. Before I thought, the bones might pop into place spontaneously. Hahaha, I have to move them, what a revelation! I always have to do the work! For the entire time, I have to go against my tendency to want to remain the same, down to the last fiber of my being.

    I stretched into both hips much deeper than ever before and finished this session with horizontal stretches across the lower back which exhaust me. There was one long session stretching through cord of personality where I could sense the pattern clearly on the backside. The hip was stretching and releasing tension.

    pain cord backThe figure illustrates the problematic areas in my body with the dots. The right TMJ joint, shoulder joint and hip have been dislocated since birth. My entire life these joints pop and make a noise. The node at base of skull on right side of spine seems connected to knot inside scapula near spine, which I thought was a cyst when I was ten years. I think it is related to a twisted muscle or ligament between skull and spine in a vertical line, perhaps it is the alar ligament. The spot near the right sacrum suture and hipbone is tight like it is fused. Because of this deformity I could never do a yogic bridge posture even when young doing gymnastics. I have never had flexibility in the sacrum. This deformity caused extreme lower back pain during childbirth. I have never slept on my stomach, because my back would hurt.

    From 10:30 am to 2 pm, I did another killer head and body session. I was crying spontaneously like last night while the right skull was stretched with much jaw popping. After this, I did a sitting session with a growing reaction while energy worked in the spine. Lastly, I did another session with more crying and skull work.

    From 4:45 to 6 pm, I did two freestyle sessions with strong energy. The spontaneous movements are powerful. From 6:45 to 8:15 pm, I did a sitting session with skull work and popping in jaws. The skull work is different. There were many snapping sounds in the right skull plates and crunching noises with loud cracks from deep in the skull. The path of work was cheekbones, TMJ and down back of skull and over to shoulder. I feel a strong connection between muscles from TMJ to shoulder and a muscle releases under the cheekbone. From 8:15 to 11 pm, there was a growing phase. I rested and went to bed.

    Right-Left Pumping Between Shoulders & Hips, Strong Spine Vortex

    November 10

    I slept soundly, yeah! I woke at 5 am and from 6 to 9:30 am I did a freestyle session, down to squat and lying on stomach session. Later I was sitting in a long hold for an hour while energy worked in the spine. From 9:30 to 12 am, I did more sessions.

    From 5 to 6 pm, I did a difficult freestyle session. There were interesting moves at the end while on stomach in cobra position. There was left and right swaying of shoulders, and simultaneous right and left pumping of hips. After this, a large vortex formed and was spiraling fast going up the spine.

    From 6:30 to 8 pm, I did a session with much work on area around right TMJ, cheekbone and under jaw and into side of neck behind shoulder. Skull adjustments were made on both sides of neck with much skull pressure. It was an uncomfortable session. From 8 to 11 pm, I did a sitting session with head and shoulder crunching. This seems endless but I detect the stretches go through different paths of muscle and tissues. From 11 to 12 pm, I did a freestyle session and now my skull hurts. I did thirteen hours of sessions today.

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