Burning Line Goes Up Spine, Blizzard White Out, OBE

    November 1: Shivers, Heat, Spontaneous Orgasm, Tailbone Tucks

    I awoke at 4 am, with tension in spine and some in neck. It is a big relief and I feel straighter. From 5 to 6 am I did a freestyle session, down to squat and sitting. The entire time sitting, I was meditative and barely moved while strong energy rose from the tailbone and worked wonders on the spine. A few times, I felt pain in the skull, by the cheekbone and TMJ region on the right. I periodically felt brief intense burning lines in shoulders.

    From 6 to 8:30 am, I did a sitting session. The huge energy continued with burning lines in neck and shoulders. A strong burning line ripped up the right spine, feeling it unzipped it. The feeling was like getting your flesh caught in a metal pants zipper, but went so fast that there was no lasting pain. I heard loud thud sounds in shoulder bones as they released.

    After this, energy activated in root chakra with shivers, intense heat and a spontaneous orgasm with many tight squeezes of sacrum bone tucking in the tailbone with releases in hips. Next, there was strong skull crunching. Work was in coracoid process of scapula, muscles attached to ribs near collarbone, and back near C7 and scapula (bones of shoulder girdle). I feel all these muscles are holding my right shoulder in a twist. In the front, the line worked runs up the neck under the right mandible, under the cheekbone toward nose and up by eye orbit. In the back, it runs up the spine on right to occipital, through TMJ, to outside edge of eye orbit and into sphenoid wing.

    Near the end, I heard a strong tone and felt like I was in a blizzard; it was a total whiteout, while my body stretched with crunches all over. This lasted a few minutes, much longer than I have observed so far. This was an intense session with much burning in various muscles and strong vertical stretches up through the spine to the head. I am sore now. From 9 am to 12:30 pm, I fell asleep to a strong growing reaction.

    From 1 to 2 pm and from 6 to 8 pm, I did sitting sessions with work in skull and shoulders, with many burning lines in neck and shoulders. There were many crunches in cheekbone, TMJ, mandibles and passes up both sides of neck into skull.

    November 2: Neck Burning, Heat, Shivers, Numb Arms

    I slept long and deep and have tension on rising. From 6 to 7:30 am, I did a lying on stomach session with skull turning and strong tension on the sacrum. The TMJ’s and shoulders have much tension. From 11 am to 12:30 pm, I did freestyle session with much bone popping all through the torso. It is amazing that the strong skull and shoulder stretches with bone popping does not hurt. It is another level, it appears there is much more transformation to do.

    From 1 to 2:30 pm, I did a difficult sitting session with skull bone crunching and burning lines in neck. From 5 to 7 pm I did a freestyle session down to squat and then on my back. When I started, energy was so strong that I felt no pain and moved as higher-self while energy worked up the spine to the head. The floor work was harder. I think in the previous session something must have opened in the neck.

    I had a relaxing walk, where I could turn my head and observe the nature and not be consumed with the body tension. The energy is so strong there is no rest. From 8 to 9:30 pm, I did a sitting session with difficult work in the head and shoulders. I went deep into surrender to endure it. As I sat erect, I felt energy going up and down the spine with strong pressure on the shoulders. After this the entire body activated, the root chakra started swirling and I felt alternating heat and shivers. The right side of body was noticeably more energized and my arms went numb. The growing reaction was intense and I went to deep center to where I felt I was out of and above my body. It is still going on in the body. At 11 pm, I went to sleep.

    November 3: Energy Wave Rises, White Flash In Brain

    I rose once to do skull stretches. After arising at 8 am, I feel good. There is some tension but also I feel a rising energy that lifts my spirit. From 8 to 8:30 am, I did a few lazy stretches and then felt a big wave of energy rise, which produced a white flash in the brain followed by a warm and tingly feeling. From 9:30 to 11:30 am, I did a freestyle session down to squat and lying. I am so strong that I feel no pain while energy is working. It feels good to do the freestyle session. It is like power yoga. I allow my body to move into various postures and hold still when the movement stops. The end of these sessions get harder as work moves into new territory when the popping and crunching starts. I stayed quiet about half the time. Now I know to rest in the growing phase, until ready to go again. The turn around time is amazingly fast. After I stopped, I had many shivers.

    From 5 to 6 pm, I did a freestyle session with the same thing as before. The torso easily opens with the powerful stretches. I need a different word for stretch; it is more like being pulling apart. So far, it feels good. The vibration in my body rises. I did normal things today, which feel great! From 6:45 to 8 pm, I did a sitting session with difficult head and shoulder work. From 9:45 pm to 12:15 am, I did a freestyle session and a sitting session with difficult work in skull and shoulders. I am sore now.

    Sides Of Skull Open, Skull Plate Popping, Padded Bone Feeling

    November 4: Snapping In Shoulders With TMJ’s

    From 8 to 9:30 am, I did a freestyle session with spinal work and from 9:30 to 11:30 am, I did a sitting session with difficult head and shoulder work and a growing phase after.

    From 12 to 1 pm, I did a sitting session with head and shoulder work. There was a big opening in skull where it cracked on both sides several times. From 1 to 2 pm, I did a lying on back session. There were brief intense burning lines at side of right skull. The entire right side of the head is stretched from back to front.

    From 6 to 9 pm, I did a freestyle session and sitting session with head and shoulder work. While doing this, the bone movements near the neck and skull changed from the snappy and crunching sensation to one with padded bones. When a bone released, it felt more like a thud than a crunch. Shortly after this, the skull plates started popping with a loud sound, similar to the wooden sound you hear if you knock on top of your head with your mouth open. It was snappy and strong and lasted about twenty minutes. It happened all over the head and both the left and right TMJ’s were snapping too. It did not hurt but I did not like the sound of it so I went to sit in center.

    After this, energy moved down to the shoulder tops and then ligament snapping started there together with the TMJ’s. Later the energy worked deeply in the right side of the skull combined with shoulder movements. It was difficult. This lasted more than an hour. At 11:30 pm, I wanted to go all night to finish but I cannot. I am still sore and feel bad about it. The days feel long as the months go by, it is the hardest thing I have every done. Tomorrow I hope that I feel better. This work never gets easier; there is always a new challenge.

    Somebody asked me why I pop my jaw, which I did not realize I did in public. I tried to explain but their blank gaze told me everything. I do not doubt it looks crazy. I pray this can be over soon. I get no confirmation from the outside and have nobody to talk to about this.

    November 5: Strong Skull, Shoulders & Neck Work, Skull Shift

    I woke in the night and from 12 to 1 am, I did a surrender session with intense skull work. The energy was so strong my body did its thing. A long loud tone sounded and the right TMJ felt clear of tension. Afterward the body vibration was strong and I fell fast asleep. I awoke at 8:30 am and feel rested. I have tension in front of neck and skull at jaw line. The shoulders and rib cage feel closer to center with less twist in spine to the right. From 8:30 to 10 am, I did a sitting session with work in right shoulder and skull. There were many burning lines across shoulders from front to back. From 10:30 to 12 am, I did a sitting session. Work was deep in shoulder crook, with many burning lines especially along the line up the neck.

    From 12:30 to 2:30 pm, I did a freestyle session with strong stretches and large bone adjustments. From 6 to 7:30 pm I did a freestyle session and sitting session with intense work in skull and the normal work in shoulders. It feels near to a release in the shoulder crook. I hear light thuds as the skull is shifted slightly to the left. From 7:30 to 10 pm, I did a sitting session with much neck work with burnings lines and then a loud tone sounded. The neck muscle feels close to releasing. This is difficult.

    Rising Into Cobra As Crisscross Pattern Works Down Spine

    November 6: Skull Plate Pops, Padded Bones Move Down, Sacrum Release

    From 5 to 8 am, I did a freestyle session, down to squat and sitting with shoulder, neck and skull work. The work is going deeper in the path: across the shoulders, up side of neck to TMJ, then down to C7, then across to shoulder in back, then down to T1 vertebrae with a little bit of work in left shoulder. There are many burning lines across shoulder backs and vertically up back of neck. In front, the work goes vertically down to muscles of pectorals, under rib cage and shoulder. I think everything needs to be opened. There are many muscles, bones, ligaments and tissues. The wooden popping sound in the skull plates continues.

    Before this session, I was at the computer and experienced an intense burning in the right trapezious muscle that caused me to double over at the neck. I could not endure it long and did a freestyle session from 11 to 12 am. It was a killer session working on torso twist. The padded bone feeling now moves down to the TMJ’s, neck and tops of shoulders. I think this padded bone feeling is owing to huge energy balls encompassing the bones. Perhaps this is the first time the bones move because there is enough energy now. There is no feeling of crunch or friction, only soft gliding and sometimes a thud when they reposition. (I think the padded bone feeling is due to enervation of cartilage that surrounds the bone.)

    cobra poseFrom 5:30 to 7 pm, I did the strongest freestyle session to date, and remained deeply surrendered for most of it. There were strong twisting body pulls with popping and crunching of bones with tremendous force. Later when I was on my stomach, there was a horizontal torque across the lower back and sacrum area, which loosened the lower spine. There was much crunching as it passed through this region repeatedly. Then energy worked between the shoulders in a crisscross pattern of the infinity sign while my head lowered to the ground. Then this pattern started working down the spine and as it did, I slowly and painfully rose into the cobra position. At the end, my torso was nearly vertical with legs and hips flat on floor (see figure). I could never do this position before. While in the cobra position, there were strong twisting pulls down the spinal column from the skull down to tailbone. During the strong vertical pulls, I felt the cranium bones and plates crackling and moving. Then there were crisscross pulls of shoulders with corresponding movement in the hips with vertical body pulls and tailbone tucks. Eventually I sat and there was twisting of the torso and crunching through the cord of personality all along the spinal column. Then I was lying on my back for a few more crunches and was in a long hold where I blanked out for about ten minutes. It is quiet for the moment and I am sore in many places.

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