Chapter 20: Burning Lines, Skull Sides Open

    October 20: Crack In Sphenoid Wing, Pulling Apart Right Shoulder

    I awoke with much tension and did a freestyle session from 1 to 2 am. The stretches were strong and elastic covering the entire spine and going up and over my skull and were moving my skull over a notch. After this, I went to sleep and woke at 7:30 am. I feel stiff in the spine and bent to one side. From 8:30 am to 2 pm, I did various sessions and there was much work in lower right skull, mandible and back of skull. There was one big crack, opening right side of skull by sphenoid wing, work in upper rib cage, clavicles and much work down spine by right scapula. I feel almost dead.

    From 7 to 8 pm, it was an intense session pulling apart right shoulder with lower skull and mandible. Loud tones sounded twice, I think good progress was made to open that area. At the end, I was lying on stomach. From 10 to 11 pm, I did another strong session. It is amazing I did not feel sore from the last one. I fell asleep in a hold until 12:30 am. The energy was strong during the hold going all over the body at fast speed.

    October 21

    I did a session from 8 to 9 am. The energy is strong. I feel strong elastic stretches down the spine on right side connecting head to hip and stretching the area on right of torso between TMJ, shoulder and hip. Starting was easy and pleasurable, like being supported by a huge wave of energy and effortlessly moving with no crunching. Strong energy filled my body and I felt buoyant with waves of pleasurable feelings. The freefall energy goes through same path as what was stretched prior. From 9:30 to 11:30 am, I did a sun session, mostly with spine work.

    From 12 to 1 pm, I did a freestyle session down to lying with long stretches through spine and I felt large movement of bones. It seems energy works deeper, directly on structural problems in the bones. From 6 to 8 pm, I did a session with strong energy working in shoulder, and up and down the spine. From 8 to 12 pm, I did continuous sessions until I was exhausted.

    Ten-Thousand Skull Turns, Elastic Sheet Over Skull

    October 22

    From 8 to 9 am, I did a freestyle session, down to squat and from 9 to 10 am I did a sitting session outside. The cycle between work on skull and tailbone is about five minutes. From 12:30 am to 3 pm, I did a sitting session. From 5:30 to 7:30 pm, I did a sitting session with many crunches in the shoulder and up right side of skull. The work went deep into the shoulder and was somewhat painful when muscles released. I am sore. At 9:30 pm, the growing phase starts. When I rose from lying, I was bent and it was difficult to rise. The last workout was difficult. From 10 to 11 pm, I did a difficult lying on the stomach session. There were about ten-thousand continuous skull turns, which seemed to move the cranium bones over. Tension increases on sacrum, I do not want more.

    October 23

    From 5:30 am to 11 pm, I did six different sessions. The long muscles are connecting and the energy keeps rising. There was difficult work in skull and spine with fast movements of body. I went to bed at 11 pm.

    October 24: Twisting Spine Stretches, Elastic Skull, Many Skull Turns

    I woke twice in the night. Rising at 8:30 am, there is strong tension. From 9 to 10 am, I did a sun session. It was difficult. Energy worked in the shoulder girdle and right rib cage area from sacrum to right shoulder. There were long stretches along the cord of personality. There are twisting stretches pulling up spine, neck and head. From 10 am to 2 pm, I did continuous sessions, which were easier than this morning. I worked harder to focus on the body vibration, which makes it easier. I was surprised with strong crunches in vertebrae starting at the shoulder crook and going up the neck. I had no idea there was that much adhesion left in there. Much energy released and afterward, strong energy worked across the shoulders.

    I took too long a break and now body tension is unbearable. From 7 to 8:30 pm, I did a lying on the stomach session. There were many skull turns to the left like an elastic sheet stretching across my skull repeatedly, moving the bones very slowly. Eventually something lined up behind neck and then energy strongly opened tissues on the right. Then my body flooded with warm and fuzzy energy. Once, the cranium bones in right skull were moving with a big energy ball while I turned my head. It felt weird. I had to go to deep surrender to endure it. At the end, I relaxed in a growing phase for about ten minutes.

    October 25: Squishy Cracks Behind Skull By Atlas & Jaw

    I slept long and had many dreams and kriyas. I awoke at 9 am, and did five minutes of stretches to relieve neck tension. From 10 to 11:30 am, I did an easy sun session with strong stretches opening the skull, shoulders and back. There were several squishy cracks behind skull by spine on right and in mandible area. Afterward, it felt like the back released and energy works there. So far, there is no pain. I did another sitting session outside from 12 am to 3 pm, with more work in skull and shoulders.

    I did a lying session from 6 to 8 pm, on side and on stomach. There was skull turning like last night but today it is a continuous elastic sheet around the skull. When I was on the stomach, there was a long hold and I kept at it and then high heat developed and I felt I would pass out. I think energy worked in the skull because after the hold there were cracks in the mandible. From 8 to 10 pm, I did another lying on the stomach session then went into a hold and fell asleep. Two tones sounded during this session.

    I feel sad because I know everyone in my family thinks I am crazy and I am without support. I have no idea what is occurring or how long this will continue. I am getting tired of this routine. I want to do something else but the strong tension leads me to keep doing these sessions to get relief and feel better. It has been nearly a year since this started. I wonder if I can take another year of this.

    Ligament Popping In Spine, Rib Cage, Shoulders And Jaws

    October 26: Getting Up In Night, Many Skull Turns, Strong Leg Activation

    It is difficult to tell when morning starts as I rise every few hours to stretch. There is much energy moving in the body and I am thirsty I guess from sweating. From 3 to 4:30 am, I did various sessions, there was pulling on both sides of the spine up through the skull, many crunches in shoulder, skull work and work by T1 vertebrae. A muscle across the top back of the shoulder girdle moved around painfully. There is much burning and sweat in the skin in the side of the shoulder crook. My hair is totaled on all sides. I slept and then awoke and had to stretch immediately. I did a session from 9 to 10:30 am. I felt some pain in the upper right front skull when I started.

    The freestyle session felt different in that stretches went up the spine on both sides extending up through the skull, I felt it in the long muscles running vertically on the back. Then I did a lying session with snapping of ligaments in vertebra, ribs, shoulder and TMJ’s, stronger than I have felt this before. It felt good but was tiring. Short holds occurred between the fast movements. From 10:30 to 11:30 am, I did more of the same sitting outside in the sun.

    From 12 to 1 pm, I did a freestyle session. There were powerful stretches up back and into shoulder, which felt good to do them. From 6:30 to 9:30 pm, I did various sessions. My entire body is stretched with energy going through all the flesh and bones. The majority of the movements are long vertical elastic stretches through the body often with a spinal twist that creates a force on areas of the back or ribs to open them. I understand this is another phase, there are probably many more to pass through. Lying on the stomach, there were five-thousand more skull turns where the elastic sheet feels more continuous. It stretches the skin and moves the cranium bones slowly. I have a rash on the right side of my neck again. I felt pain in the upper right front of the skull. During holds, my legs activate strongly especially the right one.

    Insight about fading mind-chatter I often stop the mind-chatter. I will see I am chattering and recognize the activity as desperate, futile and senseless. Then I quickly stop it and go back to quiet mind. Mind-chatter is no longer the main show.

    Both Sides Of Neck Release

    October 27: Energy Ball Moves Down Neck With Burning Trail

    It was a restless sleep. I awoke at 6 am, with some tension along the spine mostly in the shoulder crook. Growing phase still occurs. From 7 to 9 am, I did a short sitting session then lying on my left side. Notable was a twisting and pulling stretch encircling the cervical spine down to tops of shoulders with work in muscles across shoulder tops over to the spine. There was slow movement of all cranium bones to the left, with gliding elastic stretches. I felt the cervical spine moving closer to line up vertically with the rest of the spine. There was a simultaneous stretch horizontally across lower back and head, both to the left. As the neck moved closer to vertical alignment, there was pain in the sacrum. There were a few crunchy sounds behind neck and a hold of about ten minutes.

    After this, there were a few head stretches and TMJ adjustments then another hold of ten minutes. During the holds, energy zoomed around the body forming neural connections. I can detect this with my inner eye as flashes of energy similar to a supernova. Usually when energy moves in the body it is a predictable pattern. When neurons fire rapidly, I detect energetic flashes in bursts occurring all over my body. I have been observing this a long time but forgot to write it down. (This may have started on September 1st, from the notes I cannot tell for sure.) Different was a burning sensation in skull areas and left maxillae. Cranium bones repositioned without skull movement, only the TMJ moved.

    From 9 to 10 am, I did another session and the right neck released. Then I felt an energy ball moving through the flesh with a burning trail behind it. Energy worked deeply in right shoulder crook more toward the back. The right sacrum is painful and I have uterine cramps. From 10 to 11 am, I did a sun session. From 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, I did a lying session, with mostly holds.

    From 2 to 3 pm, I did a strong sun session. The neck released on the left with a brain flash and a loud long tone. From 4:45 to 6 pm, tension energy releases from my entire body with gentle stretches. The TMJ’s adjust with big lifts of the jaws. There are strong crunches in right skull and shoulder crook and the T1 vertebrae opened. From 6:45 to 8 pm, I did a lying on the stomach session with much skull turning and after that, I rested. When I tried to rise at 9:30 pm, it was difficult because I was stiff with the growing reaction. I have sacrum pain and uterine cramps and the head, neck and shoulders hurt. I went to bed early.

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