Chapter 19: Ligament Snaps, Elastic Body

    Energy Circuit: Chin-Sternum, Skull Lifts, Neck & Rib Cage Release

    September 15: Loud Breaking Noises With Cranial Bone Separations

    I slept long with kriyas and dreams and rose once to stretch. Energy works deeply in skull and neck on the twisted ligament that affects the shoulders. The head feels free, like one thread holds it on the neck. From 7:30 to 8:45 am, energy worked at neck skull line and right TMJ and then there was a big release. I felt the strongest shiver ever a few minutes ago. From 8:15 to 10:15 am, energy wound down neck and spine and there was sacrum and hip work and finally a long hold through back, hip and neck. It was difficult.

    From 10:15 am to 12:30 pm, I did a sun session. There was much jaw popping. At end, the shoulder and upper rib cage spread apart with much ligament snapping. This was hard. Then energy moved down spine to mid back and worked on vertebrae there. While I sat in center, energy worked on the neck ligament.

    From 2:30 to 4 pm, energy worked in breastbone, TMJ’s and shoulders with much loosening of cranial bones. From 4:10 to 5:40 pm, I did lying on back session with skull work. It never ceases to amaze me what still needs to be done. The cranial bones continue to separate with loud breaking and crunching noises. I think they need to fully open like a newborn baby. Most work has been in right side of face with some work on the left TMJ. There was loud popping and it felt like the TMJ joint was breaking apart. Now I know what a loose maxillae and nose feel like. The maxillae, nose and cheekbones now move with other bones by lifting up, out and down in a big arc. I felt the flattening and widening of the skull more pronounced. An energy circuit formed down the front of the neck with the chin right after the maxillae released. Energy works strong now in shoulders and neck.

    From 6:45 to 9 pm, there was more skull work. It was painful in area of the right sphenoid wing and on the cord line in the neck. I felt much work on the sutures especially down the lamboid. Several times the skull lifted and adjustments were done ‘in the air’ to the neck and shoulders. I marvel at the strength now present. From 9 to 10:45 pm, I did a sitting session with acupressure on meridians, with work in right skull. After the acupressure, stretches are much easier. I did some more and fell asleep.

    Elastic Skull, Sacrum Suture Opening With Clarinet Tones

    September 16: Cracks In Left Skull, Energy Puffs All Over

    There were kriyas and strong growing reaction in the night. I woke with much tension in the right hip; it seems the entire body will open. From 7 to 11:30 am, I did a freestyle session to relieve the tension. The stretches pull up from the hip and twist up through the head. I did more sacrum work and twisting upward through spine. There were many skull movements and release of neck ligament after many turns of head from left to right. The skull is like an elastic machine.

    From 11:30 am to 1:20 pm, I did a sun session with head, spine and sacrum work with much jaw popping. The sacrum released several times and tones like a clarinet sounded. These tones last a few seconds and are clear and beautiful. Energy also worked through the shoulders.

    From 2:30 to 7:30 pm, I did three sessions with sacrum and spine work with pelvis and upper body openings. It was difficult with many bone releases. A huge energy descends now feeling like its making large changes to the body. Then there was much ligament snapping in different patterns in the shoulders. With almost every stretch through the tailbone, my legs feel longer. When I sit, it feels like energy rises from the tailbone although it is moving down.

    From 7:30 to 9:45 pm, after the ligament snapping there was a long hold with much pain all over. This never let up and was intense for a long time in the shoulders. Now there are movements in head and neck, which seem shorter and snakier with stretches spaced farther apart. Many times, I heard multiple cracks in the left side of skull. Maybe a suture opened. Then there were energy puffs outs all over my body. There were several sweats and going through different states of consciousness. There is strong swirling energy in root chakra and premenstrual cramps. From 10 pm to 12:30 am, it started with pain in shoulders and a long hold while energy worked in upper back and neck area.

    September 17: Cranium Bones Move With Body Stretch

    Arising I feel free of tension in hips and spine. I feel a little pain at top of left shoulder and tension in upper right quadrant from scapula and up side of neck to base of skull. From 5:30 to 6:30 am, I did a stretch through that area. I did a spontaneous stretch through skull and it felt like all cranium bones moved with the direction I was stretching. This is amazing!

    From 6:30 to 8 am, I did a sitting session with pelvic opening. During the pelvic work, there was a vertical hold then shiver after shiver. I am still shivering. From 8 to 9:10 am, I was lying on stomach with facial bone work and saw my split clearly. I saw the one with the attitude resisting this work and the one performing the work. It is me doing everything. When I sit in center it is easier, if not it is harder. I can either be myself or resist being myself that is the only choice. I laughed hysterically when I saw that. From 9 am to 5 pm, I did four sessions, with much skull work in facial bones and shoulder work. I heard a tone and blanked out one time.

    At 6 pm, I did an hour-long freestyle session with body stretches. From 7 to 8 pm, I did a sitting session with pelvic rocking. There is a strong tailbone to skull energy circuit now. Energy worked in area of skull and neck down to shoulders. The bone snapping hurt.

    From 8 to 12 pm, there were many big movements at first and a long sitting session with a hold. I am sore now. There was much pain in the left shoulder. I am made of flesh and bone and it takes time to heal. Just before sleep, a huge energy rose from tailbone and traveled up spine to right side of skull and then my head moved spontaneously for about ten minutes. I could not tell what was worked because the energy was so strong.

    Moving Of Frontal Bone, Ligament Snapping In All Joints At Once

    September 18

    I fell asleep to strong energy working in my body, each time it is stronger. I think the spine was worked all night. Several times, I knew I was turning to different positions to release tension. I had many dreams. I am stiff but not sore anywhere. Growing phase still occurs. It is 5 am and crackle sounds are starting all over the skull.

    From 6 to 7 am, I started sitting with work in spine with head in held position looking up for a long time. I felt the cranial bones moving and energy moving along the cord of personality. It is difficult to sit with the head like that. At 7 am, the energy moved down with the head relaxed. Just before 8 am, I was on the stomach with around five stretchy pulls through the maxillae. From 8 to 10 am, I did a sun session where energy worked the spine from head to tail.

    From 10:45 am to 12 pm, I am so tired that surrender seems my only option. All this time I was on the stomach with movement of facial bones, mandible, maxillae and the frontal bone! This is the first time the frontal bone moved. This was hard, my face is all sore again.

    From 12 to 2:30 pm, energy worked while lying, I fell asleep and had dreams. From 2:30 to 3 pm, I feel strong energy moving down and gently snapping ligaments and stretching muscles. From 5 to 6:30 pm, I did a freestyle session the entire time with many movements. Wow, my body feels so strong! The right shoulder, chest and back opened considerably. From 6:30 to 8:30 pm, I did a freestyle session with ligament snapping in the joints all over the body in full surrender. I feel dead. It stopped and a high-pitched tone sounded in my left ear, which lasted a few minutes. From 11:30 pm to 2:15 am, I did a sitting freefall session where I blanked out at end.

    September 19: Spontaneous Stretchy Pull Down Both Sides Of Spine

    Awakening at 7 am, I feel good with little body tension. It was a restless sleep with many crazy dreams and kriyas while the energy worked in the spine. I feel healing in my right ankle. I did a small stretch and the spine feels strong like it can remove any adhesion. The root chakra energy is strong. I did a lying on the stomach session with skull work, a sun session with tension releases and a freestyle session with many movements in joints and adjustments in skull.

    From 12:20 to 2 pm, I did more of the same work on back. The sessions are strong and need much muscle power to do them and I get exhausted. Yet the desire from within to transform is strong so I surrender to the forces. It is hard to do normal activities in comfort. From 4 to 6 pm, I did a difficult sitting session, with long holds with head looking up and work in shoulders.

    From 6:30 to 8:30 pm, there was a long growing phase. Near the end energy pulled on both sides of spine from tailbone to skull, it was intense. It was not comfortable to sit while this occurred so I lay down. This lasted about thirty minutes. Then skull work started which seems stronger with larger movements.

    From 8:30 to 8:50 pm, the cranium bones separate more and I feel the tugging muscle under the jaw is ready to release. I went a little crazy trying to release the right shoulder because I am desperate to get relief. The ligaments keep loosening and the right chest, right shoulder, hip and sacrum feel like they are opening much. There are many puff outs in the right body now. It seems the sutures are opening wider on both sides of head. From 8:50 to 9:45 pm, the skull continues to open and spine work happens after. At times, I feel pain at once all over and have to change positions. I am sweating most of the night. From 9:45 to 12 pm, there was more skull work while sitting and something released horizontally across the right clavicle toward the shoulder joint. I did more work before I went to sleep.

    Elastic Body Pulls, Horizontal Vortex Squeezes Skull

    September 20: Energy Vortices In Both Ends Of Spine

    It is 5:30 am. I had many dreams and kriyas. From 6 to 8:30 am, I stretched down and it was easy. I feel healing in shoulders on both sides along side of spine. The tailbone movement gets strong. At one moment, there was energy vortices on both ends of spine and it felt like my neck was centered. A new stretchy pull action starts in the body. I feel spinal compression down to tailbone and then a spinal stretch up into head (body pulls). All the joints engage with this action; I especially feel the TMJ’s engaging with the hip joints.

    From 8:30 to 10:30 am, I did a sun session with mostly skull work. Near the end, I felt a physical vortex encircled my skull horizontally. In front, it went under the cheekbones and above maxillae at intersection of TMJ’s. In back, it was between the occipital and parietal bones. It felt like a physical indentation had formed all the way around. Then the ring squeezed in and the right TMJ released. There were more releases in right chest, shoulder, hip and sacrum. There are many energy puff outs now in right side of body. From 11 am to 1 pm, I was lying on back with spine work. It now feels good to surrender body control.

    From 1 to 10:30 pm, I did four sessions. Energy worked facial bones, and intensely worked cranial sutures, back of skull and shoulders. Energy worked on the stuck ligament behind neck under the parietals and occipital bone. It hurt while that was done. There were several releases in skull and shoulders and crying.

    Sacrum Suture Opening Followed By Cracking Of Vertebrae

    September 21

    It was the typical sleep with kriyas and dreams. From 9 to 12 am, I did a sun session, which I enjoyed, as it was easy to surrender. All the time energy rose from the tailbone. The spine feels strong. Energy moved groups of muscles on side of neck up to jaw area, and my head turned with strong force. The shoulder released. Energy worked in muscles behind throat and there were strong movements of cranial bones. After tension releases in skull, my head feels hollow.

    From 5 to 6 pm, I did a freestyle session. The hips and pelvis are like a powerful machine in the squat. From 6 to 7 pm, I did a meditation outside in chair. From 7 to 9 pm, the sacrum released after constant pressure up spine and on right sacrum. Then energy ripped up the spine with body pressure that opened tissue up to the skull. Then energy went down the spine going around each vertebra and cracking them, which felt good. From 10 pm to 12:30 am, there was skull work and now I am tired.

    September 22 - Autumnal Equinox

    From 7:30 am to 2 pm, I did continuous sessions with similar work as before while energy worked up and down the spine. It was easy to surrender with little pain and feeling I was strong. From 5 to 5:30 pm, I did a sitting session with pelvic pushing. From 6 to 11:30 pm, I did two sitting sessions with skull work.

    September 23: Sitting In Center, Riding On Edge Of Tension, Skull Lifts

    From 9 to 11 am, I did a sun session. At first, a strong spiral stretch went ripping up the body moving much tissue for about thirty minutes. It felt like I was being pulled apart. Next, there was skull work. Then energy moved down with simultaneous work in shoulders, right hip and skull, with pressure on twisted cord in right shoulder. The shoulder snapped and released a few times.

    From 11 am to 12:30 pm, I did a sitting session. There was strong pelvic rocking with torso rotation and root chakra activation. When I fully let go of body control, it moved madly everywhere. That is how much energy there is now. There is no controlling my body or trying to follow what is going on. It is so fast it drives me to sit in center to ride out the storm.

    From 12:30 to 3 pm, I did a torturous laying session. Now I am beat. From 6:30 to 9 pm, I did a sitting session. I quickly went to center and it was easy while stretches happened in the skull and shoulders and skull lifts were going on. There were body pulls too.

    From 9 to 10:30 pm, I sit in center while large body movements occur. While surrendered its like I am following a path through the maze of my body’s twists and turns. I think what is going on is a transformation of the energy of personality into a body that can be fully aware. A deep spot in skull was worked and the shoulder opens more. My right shoulder is a convoluted mess. There is no way I could figure out how to unravel it, surrender is the only way. Several times tones sounded at once in both ears and after I felt a profound quiet. It is easy to sit in center and endure these changes. I scan for the strongest tension in the body, and relax that area to allow energy to move through it and release tension. I willing do this, because I am greedy for the pleasure I gain as my awareness rises.

    From 10:45 pm to 1:30 am, there was a growing phase. Energy works on the stuck ligament behind neck and shoulder. The work is different in that it is very slow.

    Insight about riding on edge of tension: when I sit in center, it is like riding along following the edge of tension. The edge of tension is where there is the sensation of pain or pressure in the body. At this edge, I feel the sensation of tension energy releasing and converting to pleasure as rising awareness. I can easily follow it.

    Insight about ‘I am healing myself’: most of the time I’ve been in the transformation I’ve felt like a victim, like I’m forced to do this and hoping for a magical instant healing. I have the persistent idea I only need to open one more thing and then the energy of The Creator will heal the rest for me. My split identity dissolves and I feel more unified. I see I am the one doing this healing since the beginning. I did not know who I was, as I was mostly identified with my formed self. The more I transform energy from the personality, the stronger I get. It is beautiful how it works and it makes much sense.

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