Past Life Dreams, Brain Halves Connect With Two Funnels

    September 1

    It is 6:30 am, and energy zoomed all night. I woke with the strong marching rhythm. My eyes or the eye socket was worked often last night. When I woke, I had to keep them closed because there was much energetic rotation going on behind them and they were dry. In the night, I had strange dreams, feeling they had to do with past lives.

    Dream of past life with alligators: I saw myself as a beautiful young woman swimming with an inner tube in the water. There were several other young friends with me in the water. Then I turned my attention to a photo album, which felt to be from a family vacation. In the album, I looked from one photo to the next. The first showed alligators on land, then the next photo showed them creeping toward the water. Next was a photo of the swimmers, who were not aware of the approaching alligators. Then the dream ended. This is interesting because as a child I was fearful there were alligators under my bed in the morning. This fear started unexpectedly for no reason. I was so afraid that I did not want to put my feet on the ground to get out of bed. Perhaps in one life an alligator got me. (I believe this was a dream of my most recent past life, and the one that was healing.)

    Dream of drawing with many faces: I dreamt about a drawing I made and I was showing it to someone. I was pointing out to them how the portrait in the drawing had many other faces in it if you looked from different perspectives. Then the drawing disappeared and I was frantically looking through paper files for it but could not find it. I got angry and wanted to blame this man for taking it.

    Dream of being caught in a time loop: I dreamt I was in a store caught in a time loop where people did not know what was occurring. Suddenly, many buyers would appear in the store and a huge line formed at the checkout. I saw this happening and was thinking about how to get through the line. The store workers had to be ready to go in hyper-speed to process them all. The male clerk said, “It starts soon”. I asked him if I waited here in line, would I be the first to checkout next time. He said yes. Then he said, “Soon now”. The sound stopped, all was quiet for a moment and then boom, here came all the people to get in line. I wondered why they could not get out of this repeating loop. I felt what I purchased cost far too much. I do not remember what it was but was glad to pay to get out of that store.

    From 7:30 to 10 am, it was a long session with a strong growing reaction. I was fidgety longing for peace. My body felt heavy, it flopped around as if it weighed one-thousand pounds.

    It is 3:10 pm and I have been lying all day in discomfort. Now it is 6:30 pm and I need a break, this is continuous. From 7:30 to 9:40 pm, there was an opening of tailbone and straightening of the spine. Now I need to sit with my head cocked back, sitting with legs to front, while the spine stretches. It is difficult to do and stay surrendered because there is much pressure on the neck. When I stopped to change locations, I could barely move. I feel I am through that part. At 11 pm, there was work on shoulder, skull, hip, back and pelvis.

    At 1:15 am, something happened. Two parallel lines went up the back, came together, and closed in the skull and then I blanked out. I remember having a dream about my head being filled with energy that was zooming around inside. I remember an infinity sign forming horizontally, like two funnels connecting at the apex and cracks going up the back. Probably it was not a dream and really happened. I am sore in the head and shoulders. It has been a difficult day. I hope the worst is behind me. The energy took me over there at the end.

    Energy Bands Form Down Spine From Crown To Root Chakra

    September 2: Floating Cranium Bones, Large Release In TMJ

    It is 5:50 am. There was a strong growing reaction last night and I felt I was filled with light energy. At 11:15 am, I did several stretching sessions working on shoulders and hips.

    At 2:15 pm, I did a long sitting session. Next, I did a stretch down through cord line with full-length body stretches and then I lay down. Frequently I feel the reaction of strong vortices of energy on spine working down to the tailbone. Then I sit in center as my head is quickly turned from side-to-side while lying on my back. The pelvic girdle, shoulder girdle and skull, all of which connect to the spine are opening more. Cosmic experiences are frequent with awareness increases. Finally I lay down on the stomach to do sacrum and spine work. There were many TMJ pops alternating with a stretch from right TMJ through left hip and vice a-versa. After this, I raised sexual energy and there was a strong reaction of vortices going down the spine with the cosmic energy feeling. I dreamt I needed to raise sexual energy. It does help. From 3 to 4:30 pm, the energy got so strong I had to lie down. There was work in head, shoulder and arms. I am sweating.

    From 6:30 to 7:30 pm, there was skull work while sitting outside. I felt the skull plates loosening more and the mandible felt like it was moving everywhere. A deep blue enters my 3rd eye. Since this morning, it is easy and feels good to sit floating in the cosmos, while the skull work goes on in the background. Once, I felt elements of my face moving up to the top of the sutures and out of my body. Tension energy was releasing upward and out of the face. From 7:30 to 8 pm, there was work on back of neck work while looking upward. It is difficult.

    From 9 to 10:30 pm, it was mostly skull work. It felt like a bone broke near the right TMJ area and my cheekbone moved around. There was a release in the cord down my back. The spine was worked down to mid back and while lying on my stomach I could raise myself that high in cobra position. My head felt free. My head, jaws and shoulders are sore now. I think this work is about widely opening all cranial bones. I guess that is necessary to rebuild the body.

    From 11 pm to 1:30 am, there was freefall with several long holds with work in the head. Once I blanked out and woke with two powerful bands of energy forming from crown chakra to tailbone. After this, energy went down to the root chakra. I am tired.

    September 3: Freefall & Stretch Merge Into One, Facial Bones Open

    I vaguely recall energy working all night with a few spontaneous stretches. The tailbone feels strong. I do not feel sore. There is a big energy ball behind neck on right.

    Dream of a coming storm: I had a dream of a coming storm. I saw a big vertical white light that was like an explosion barreling down on us. People were running for their cars and trying to avoid it. I was fleeing with my Dad and my sister. I saw my black purse tied to a door. I saw it and took it wondering why it was there.

    Dream of teeth breaking off at base: I had a dream about two molars in the back breaking off at the base. I could see the root was still there in the gum. Is it an omen? I think it was Freud who said when you have dreams of teeth falling out it means masturbation. This may be a message to increase the sexual energy. With low spinal energy, the teeth have problems. Sexual orgasm brings energy to the teeth.

    From 7:30 to 11:30 am, I did two sessions with work on skull, spine and tailbone. My face was smashed into the pad while lying on my stomach with notable pressure on the bones at midline of face. Much work was done on the coronal suture in an awkward position. I had an orgasm and after this, the maxillae or some bone behind it released. The pelvis opened another notch. While lying on stomach my left kneecap is rolled around and my chin has abrasion, both of these areas are tender. The work in the skull does not hurt.

    From 11:50 am to 2 pm, there was a freefall. The cycles of stretching and freefall merge into one. My head is like a loose ball on a stick, I only hear the rattling of teeth. I am exhausted. From 2 to 8 pm, the energy does not let up. I did much skull and shoulder work that bothers me because nothing releases. I did some Reiki on the meridians. I am not comfortable sitting or lying; perhaps I can do it upside down?

    September 4

    I slept almost nine hours! There was a growing reaction all night, working in shoulder, rib cage, under the arm and both sides of body and skull. I cannot believe this is still going on with this intensity. My skull hurts and I had cleansing dreams. I am not hungry and when I eat, I do not feel good. I am belching, maybe the gallbladder is cleansing due to the shoulder releases.

    From 6:30 to 8:30 am, I sat with legs to front in a hold for thirty minutes, followed by a few twists in the skull. Energy worked in the shoulder and neck area and then went down the spine, working each vertebra separately. After this, energy went back up and I stretched the spine. Then energy worked in head. Slowly energy moved back down the spine to other body parts and strong energy built in root chakra. At 9 am, the skull released. At 10 am, there were large body spirals and high-pitched tones with growing reaction.

    From 11:45 am to 1 pm, there was a long growing phase, hanging out in the cosmos with strong energy, which I could only take surrendered. My head hurt so I lay down and then the TMJ snapping started. I could not endure it, so I sat up. At least it stopped. I blanked out several times and then came back quick. There were releases in the shoulder, skull and TMJ. I feel like I am coming alive.

    From 3 to 5:30 pm, I did a stretch, which opened the vertebrae including the joints, and then I stretched down to lower back, sacrum and hips. It was difficult. From 5:30 to 6:15 pm, there was a growing phase and from 7:45 to 9:30 pm, I did another stretch. I felt I did a good job with surrender while on stomach, working sacrum, pelvis, spine and neck. There was a loud crack in the neck near C7. From 9:45 to 11 pm, there was more work on shoulder while lying on my back with many crunchy openings.

    Past Life Healing, Physically Lifted, Whiteouts

    September 5: Bag Of Bones, Marionette On A String, Alligator Biting Leg

    From 12 to 2 am, I did a sitting session with legs to front and spine was gradually lowered, ending with head on knees. Then I sat upright and blanked out. There is a strong energy ball in the root chakra that is pulsing. After this, a strong energy rose and worked in the pelvis, shoulders and neck. The intensity surprised me. I sat in a hold for about an hour while energy worked. It was difficult. Many clear tones sounded.

    At 3 am, I woke with sexual dreams and had the idea to raise sexual energy. I did this and soon fell asleep to a nice wavy growing reaction. 7:30 am, during the night I felt a growing reaction. When I woke, I felt energy descending the spine to the tailbone. The body feels tight all over, ready to burst open.

    From 7:55 am to 1 pm, I feel a slow wavy energy, increasing body heat, swirling energy in the root chakra, and I hear the marcher music strong. I stretched, with my head going around in a circle and felt crackles going down the spine. I went through many cycles, with repeating steps that get stronger each time. I give up trying to guess when this finishes.

    From 1:45 to 4 pm, the growing reaction starts and I am tired. The bones in the neck and shoulder feel next to each other. I feel like a bag of bones. There is much skeletal separation and it is difficult to stop this momentum. There was a big release in right bottom corner of skull with mandible and occipital bone. There was a big crack somewhere near the TMJ and another big crack on spine.

    From 6 to 7 pm, I was lying with body crunching. The nervous system is so strong that spontaneous movements can lift my body up and turn my head and neck. It is like a string of energy attached to top of head that goes down the body at different angles, I move as a marionette on a string. From 8 to 9 pm, I did a freestyle session, mostly lying. There was release of left hip and sacrum, and then the right TMJ released by upper bone. I heard a squishy sound then felt an energetic rotation in the joint. It was difficult. There has been much work on the cranial sutures. I felt pain in the right parietal at the back of the head, and the coronal suture fully opened. Then energy was moving around the edges of the temporal suture.

    From 9 to 10:30 pm, I did a lying session with a strong growing reaction, and felt small adjustments periodically made in the skull. At the end, there was a long pause where I was in outer space and then a loud crack in the right TMJ area. Sitting, I am sore. I did a long stretch with tension release and more crunching before I retired. The shoulder was worked strongly. I finally fell asleep exhausted.

    During the night, strange things are occurring. Many times, I felt the energy going up and down the spine and moving me around. I experienced a state of total nothingness, but this time visually it was like being in a field of closely packed stars. One time I felt intense prickling start in the toes, but soon it felt like an animal was biting my right calf and taking chunks of flesh from it. At the time, I thought perhaps it is due to the intensity that it feels like this. I have never felt this sensation before. It felt like an animal was eating my legs. It did not last long. I was greatly relieved when that feeling stopped and went back to normal. It was almost unbearable. Later, I thought it might be a past life healing of being eaten by an alligator. Perhaps the body memory released last night.

    September 6

    From 8 to 10 am, I did a nice and easy sun session. There were many head circles while energy worked down the spine without much jaw movement, a nice break. From 10:30 am to 1 pm, there was freefall and then energy worked in the skull. The energy goes up and down the spine, through hips and head. Now, there is intense skull work with loosening of all sutures. My head turns spontaneously. This effort seems to be about making an energy circuit with the spine and neck. At times, the TMJ’s are worked together with the hip joints. The temporal bone and other skull bones are getting quite mobile. There is still work along the coronal suture above TMJ on right side. It is tiring work with some pain in skull at times.

    From 1:30 to 4 pm, there was much head crunching, pelvic rocking and a spontaneous orgasm. From 6 to 8:30 pm, it was the same stuff, with difficult work in right hip. The energy rising from tailbone is strong and the body quickly opens. There was much skull suture work. The spot at right bottom back of skull, seemingly glued to the shoulder, released some. Now the shoulder opens, great! There was a reaction with strong waves of energy felt in the tissue behind each opened area. Energy continues to gain momentum each day. From 8:30 to 9:30 pm, I am exhausted.

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