Electrified With Pinpoints Of Light, Spontaneous Pelvic Pushes

    September 7: Blanking Out, Laughing And Crying

    I went to sleep early and slept until 4 am. All night I had the repeating sensation of being electrified. It was like many pinpoints of lights going into various parts of my body. This was not a pleasant sensation and thankfully, it did not last long. There is much pressure behind neck. I am in a growing phase still. At 8 am, I went back to bed. A strong growing reaction continues with slow wavy energy. I feel so heavy it is difficult to stay upright. There is no indication to stretch; I cannot tell what is worked as energy is all over. I blank out often and see a geometric pattern in the 3rd eye. Energy frequently increases and gets strong and spontaneously moves and stretches my body. From 8:15 to 9 am, while lying on my back, my body moved spontaneously while head crunching went on. There is high sexual energy.

    From 9 to 10 am, I did a freestyle session with body pulls and skull work. During the pelvic pushes, it felt like higher-self took over and they automatically happened. It is amusing to watch the body move spontaneously. There was burning in the genital area. I felt tension energy releasing from cord of personality and accumulating as swirling energy in the root chakra. From 10:20 am to 1 pm, there were more body pulls with many skull bone movements. At times, it was very difficult; I wanted to die and sobbed. The next minute I would be laughing hysterically.

    From 1:40 to 4:30 pm, my head and shoulders have much pressure and tension. I want to stop but did a freestyle session, down to squat and then lying on stomach position. This position relieved the neck tension and felt good. It was difficult work! I cried more and I think my skull rotated fully around three times. Several times tension released from twist in spine, as well in the shoulder and neck. Break!

    From 7 to 9:30 pm, head destruction. I allowed more than in the past; the face is messed up. I gave acupressure to the toe meridians after and went into freefall, but it was not an easy hold. There was a good release in jaw and shoulder blade. Now strong energy has entered into the skull and the plates seem to move and glide spontaneously. (From the notes, I notice intense work in all major parts of body in one day: first in hips & pelvis, then in neck and shoulders and finally in skull, ending with energy release in skull. The time between working on major joints is decreasing.)

    September 8

    From 4 to 6 am, I did a freestyle session with body pulls working from head down through tailbone. I felt more openings in sacrum and mandibles. I feel like I am sleeping when this work goes on. From 6 to 8 am, there was more skull work. I have a pain in upper right skull near sphenoid wing where I resist allowing energy to enter. I saw my resistance then thought I heard, “A bone needs to be broken.”, so now I worry about that.

    From 8 to 9:30 am, I did a sun session, but it was not tranquil! There was strong pelvis work and much jaw snapping. The root chakra energy is strong. From 9:45 to 10:45 am, I did a sitting session with opening of pelvis bones. I am getting tired and the shoulders feel stuck.

    From 10:50 am to 2 pm, it has been difficult. I did ten hours of session’s non-stop. I need a break. At end, I was on my back and different moves happened. There was a big release in head and hip. At 9 pm, I have been going continuously all day, difficult stuff. I was lying in the cord or personality position and tension energy was releasing from it and gathering into the root chakra. From 10:30 to 11:30 pm, I folded into yogic child pose, and sat like that in a long hold. There were strong movements of the entire body, especially in the spine. In the night, there was pleasant and intense tingling all over the vulva with waves of pleasure.

    Snap-Crunch In All Cranial Sutures

    September 9: Cranium Bones Move With Facial Bones

    I woke at 6 am. I rose several times and did stretches to relieve the neck tension. The growing reaction is strong. From 8 to 10 am, I did a sun session and most was skull work. The cranium bones are loose enough to move with the facial bones. I hope for an easier day, yesterday was one of the hardest.

    I often see a deep violet color in my 3rd eye. I sweat more, especially when energy works in the skull. I wonder about the strong vibration energy that goes all over the body, what is it and what is it doing? I do not move physically with it. Is it only nerve expansion? Sections of my body activate with increased vibration then energy moves in this area as if it is mapping a path of stretch. Next, I physically stretch through that area after. By watching where energy works, I know what part will stretch next.

    From 10 to 11:30 am, there was skull work. I believe a bone was broke or snapped in the upper right, perhaps by the zygmatic arch. After this, there was more skull work and I sat in center easily distanced from feeling pain. I am very still not moving at all. Once in center, my head moved everywhere, ratcheting around and doing stretches in a full circle in combination with the shoulders and TMJ’s. After this, the skull stretched with the spine in back and chest in front along vertical circuits. Next, the right hip released and I was in the growing phase. Lastly, I did a sitting session with spontaneous pelvic pushes.

    From 11:35 am to 1 pm, my neck is cracking open. Wow! Hard to believe one-and-a-half hours elapsed! I did a sitting session with legs to front in freefall, but it was not easy. I had pain in the left shoulder, cranial sutures, back, neck, and I had uterine cramps. Next, there was a stretch into the head, which sounded like seashells clanking together. This sound appeared to be in every suture. I have never felt this snap-crunch along all the sutures before. Lastly, I was on the floor doing body pulls, which feel more powerful.

    From 3 to 5 pm, most of the time was skull work with precise movements and some work on right hip and sacrum. Then there was a long hold in prone position while energy coursed around. From 6 to 9:30 pm, I did a freestyle session and skull crunching. The skull bones move more fluidly with the spinal column. It seems the body is progressing toward one unit. I was better at surrender, when I get tired then this ability falls apart.

    From 9:30 pm to 12:30 am, I was sitting with legs to front in a strong hold. I felt like I was falling asleep. I sensed the work as painful and intense, but sitting in center, I did not experience pain. I sat like that for a long time, and stopped when the pressure on the right hip and neck was too much. I fell over to lie down and noticed a strong growing reaction in the skull, which hurt. I heard a strong musical sound like the cosmos the entire time. It took awhile to fall asleep, as the energy was strong.

    Body Pulls With Gagging, Vortex Balls In Pelvic Bowl & Skull

    September 10: Electric Pinpoints Of Light Filling Body

    In the night, electric pinpoints of light energy were filling my body. I had many cleansing dreams and rose a few times to allow spine and hip movements. I feel full of energy ready to burst open. There is an energy ball high in the neck close to the skull. The C7 joint and shoulders feel fluid, a new sensation.

    From 7:30 to 10 am, I did a sun session, with work on cord in right skull and right sacrum. There was a long hold at end. I was trying to ‘fall sleep’ to allow the skull work. I was sweating much, yet feeling a cool breeze. From 10 to 12 am, I did a freestyle session; it was difficult work from head to tail. Many times, I was gasping for breath with the twisting body pulls and choking and gagging sounds coming from my throat. This sensation feels like my head will explode and much like dying. I am sure nobody wants to know about this!

    From 12 to 1 pm, there was more skull work and the right hip and sacrum feel like they have more range of movement. I felt pain in the left TMJ like a sharp bone, and later the same on the right while the jaws opened wide. There was a little blood from the nose; otherwise, I am still intact.

    From 3 to 6:30 pm, I did a freestyle session with body pulls. It was difficult and I cried. The right and left shoulders released. There is still something stuck going down line from back of head, to neck, to shoulder crook and on down to sacrum. I have stretched until I am almost dead. I think in the last session I got too desperate and went too far. This happens when I get too tired or feel I want to get it behind me. I pray to The Creator this is over soon and ask The Creator for help! From 6:30 to 8:45 pm, I did a sun session with energetic rotation of pelvis and head crunching. The pelvic bowl feels open, the right hip and lower back released. After these releases, vortex balls formed, one in the pelvic bowl and the other in the skull.

    From 8:45 to 10 pm, I sat and the growing reaction started. When movement started, I rose to take a break. Energy worked along the spine and seemed to be aligning the skull with the tailbone. I think there will be a big push at both ends of the spine and then I will feel like I have died. Okay, I have some fear. From 10:15 to 11:30 pm, I was sitting with legs to front, with strong energetic work on both shoulders. It is the first time I felt much work in left shoulder.

    September 11: Mandible & Maxillae Pulling Apart

    I slept long. I felt energy work going on in the body all night. I had many dreams and I have much tension. From 6:30 to 8 am, I did a freestyle session, with mostly sacrum work. I have to go out for an appointment.

    From 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, it was too long to be out; there is much tension in my body. I wanted to sleep but did a freestyle session ending with lying on back and skull work. First, the right mandible and cheekbone released and then energy was systematically going around the facial bones and around the sutures in various patterns. This energetic work was often combined with a body pull.

    Interspersed with this were spine movements caused by jiggling of the body from side-to-side and up and down, like a physical vortex was moving up and down the spine. I felt tension energy releasing from the cord of personality and collecting in center of spine. Now energy is working strong in a diagonal line on the face between the bridge of nose and the eye that goes down to the outside corner of the mouth. I think I surrendered well this session.

    From 1:30 to 3 pm, I was sitting outside, with more skull work and crying, wondering if this will ever end. I thought I heard a message, “You are almost there”. From 3 to 6 pm, I did a lying on stomach session with work on facial bones. Work was on temporal bone and maxillae with more lateral side-to-side movements. There were about fifty turns of the head fast on one side, and then a hold and a stretch. There was much crunching in area of the teeth. My mandible and maxillae was pressed into the surface and leverage was used to pull the jaws apart. The hips and pelvis were rocking side-to-side, with twisting body pulls upward while the mandibles were pulled apart. I felt a huge wave of energy arise on the right up through the buttocks but not higher. From 6:45 to 10:30 pm, I did a lying on back session with skull work concentrated on frontal bones that move strongly.

    Teeth Snaps

    September 12: Large Energy Puff Outs

    I went out for another appointment. It was too long. From 12 to 1 pm, I did a freestyle stretch with skull work and my mind went a mile a minute yet it still worked, almost spontaneously. From 3 to 6 pm, I did a freestyle session, which started easy, with adjustments made to the skull and body. Now it is difficult with strong body movements but not with pain. The facial bones continue to separate. The same work happens but the time between working separate parts in the body is decreasing. From 6:15 to 7:20 pm, I did a lying on stomach session. It was difficult with much crunching and breaking sounds. All bones feel like they shift and move. From 7:30 to 8 pm, there was sacrum and pelvis work.

    From 8 to 9 pm, I did a lying on stomach session with head, spine work and sweating. There is a strange effect in the mouth, which I have been noticing for a few weeks. When the maxillae and mandible are stretched widely apart, it seems like the teeth are attached to elastic cords and they snap out and back with a popping sound. Several times, I thought a tooth flew out of my mouth and I looked for it on the ground. I never found anything and no teeth felt loose. I call this symptom ‘teeth snaps’. As the energy gets stronger, larger areas of my body puff out, such as the buttocks, the back and the chest. From 9:15 to 11:30 pm, I did a freestyle session ending in a hold.

    Pelvic Bowl Vortex, All Cranium Bones Move At Once

    September 13: Uterine Cramps, Leg Elongation

    I slept long, with much energetic work going on and some spontaneous stretches in sleep. I rose often. There is tension in upper back and shoulders. The root chakra activity is strong and I hear the sound of marcher music. From 8 to 8:30 am, I did a sitting session and until 10 am, I did a sun session. There was much pelvic rocking and I felt I surrendered well. After this, the hips and skull feel more open.

    From 10 to 12 am, I did lying on the stomach and freestyle sessions. The lying on stomach sessions, take a toll on my face from the skull turnings. The nose itches from the drooling, the left chin is chapped and the right side of my neck has many pimples on it from the twisting. The left eye has a scratch on it and the left kneecap is sore from the side-to-side body movements. I do not want to talk about my hair. (When I had extreme pressure on sacrum and base of skull, the lying on stomach position was the only one that would relieve this tension.)

    From 12 to 1 pm, I did another lying session, my nose is red and my face is sore. From 2 to 3:15 pm, I did an on the back session, something finally releases in back and shoulders! An energy vortex forms as a big circle in the pelvis. Now the head opens, the sutures separate and I am flooding with energy. From 3:20 to 5:30 pm, I did a freestyle session stretching down to squat, which opened the pelvis. Then I lay down on my back and there were skull crunches with different moves. After this, I blanked out in a hold for about an hour. I woke to energy moving down from my head. There is a strong growing reaction now. From 5:40 to 6:30 pm, there was skull work and another cycle in the sacrum starts, with lying on stomach. I need a break.

    At 6:50 pm, I took a walk but had too much tension so I returned home. I cannot eat and am tired. From 7 to 8:30 pm, I was sitting outside in the chair. When I sat, strong energy rose and opened the tight jaw, neck, shoulder and ribs. The there was freefall for the last thirty minutes. I need to lie down again. From 8:30 to 10:15 pm, I was lying on the stomach with skull turns, which were difficult because my face is sore. My nose is swollen. Near the end, there were long holds of about fifteen minutes where it felt like all the bones were moving at once in the skull. It is somewhat painful when this occurs. Simultaneously, I felt three or four strong uterine cramps. Then I felt my legs elongating.

    Physical Spinal Vortex

    September 14: Acute Senses, Swarm Of Bees Sound, White Energy Prickles

    I slept long with strong growing reaction and dreams. I am stiff on right side of skull and shoulder quadrant. From 7:30 to 8:30 am, I did a sun session. My legs fill with warm tingly energy that feels different, which happened last night too. Right after this, I felt energy puff outs in the groin. Then strong energy moved up the spine. The torso and head rotated as it rose. It was easy to sit in center and allow this. There does not seem to be any division between the old and the new, the ONE is growing, gradually making the new from the old.

    From 8:30 to 9 am, I did a sitting session. Strong energy goes up the spine from the tailbone, and I hear cracking noise as it rises. This does not hurt. From 9 to 10 am, there was work in spine and on back of head. Each time, energy works on same areas, but it is stronger and I have more range of movement in each area.

    From 10 to 11:15 am, I did a lying on stomach session with skull work. It was not difficult. There were about three passes through maxillae and mandible with much popping of TMJ’s. Between each pass, a vortex physically shook the spine from head to toe. Then energy would rise up spine as strong waves enveloping my body. In each round, the energy increased. Once, there was an upward stretch, which loosened cranium bones vertically. From 11:30 am to 1 pm, I did a sitting session with skull crunching and a lying on stomach session with work on facial bones.

    I took a walk, my right ankle is looser, and I feel different like I am more alive. The wind on the walk felt invigorating and the trees and the world leaped out at me.

    From 2:45 to 4:45 pm, it was a nice and easy sitting session. I barely felt anything even with my head tipped back and sitting for more than thirty minutes. The work was along cord of personality line. I felt like I was suspended by a huge force of energy that was gently removing the body tension. From 4:45 to 5:45 pm, I did a difficult pelvic rocking session. From 5:50 to 8 pm, I did another long sitting session, which was nice. The amount of tension releasing keeps increasing, its unbelievable how much there is. Energy worked on the twist at the back of the neck. I am belching often and food does not digest well. From 8:20 to 10:30 pm, I blanked out during a growing phase while energy worked the spine from head to tail. The work in the shoulders was difficult.

    At 10:40 pm, huge energy builds and I hear a different sound in my head, like a swarm of bees. I feel energy prickles all over and something like ‘white energy’. I am going to bed. When I put the sheet over me in bed, I was acutely aware of the feeling as it gradually settled on me. I felt every contact of my skin with the sheet; it seemed to settle on me in slow motion. The feeling sensations were vivid and alive in the body.

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