Chapter 18: Skull, Pelvic Bowl, & Body Vortices

    Sacrum Sutures Open, Vertical Energy Circuits On Sides Of Spine

    August 29: Energy Circuit Up Front Of Body With Whoosh Up Windpipe

    I woke with a stiff spine that cracked when I stretched. From 9 to 10:30 am, I did a freestyle session down to squat, with stretches opening hips from all sides. I worked most parts of the body and there was a long period of opening the right hip on all sides. At the end, I was lying on stomach with work on facial bones and sacrum. When energy moved to skull, I felt sleepy, and felt energy whorls on the skull plate sutures and at the top of the head that hurt. Then I experienced the galaxy view with cool wavy blue clouds and blanked out while work was done in the skull. Then energy went down the spine and worked tailbone and sacrum. There was a long clear tone during the spine and skull work. I laid there a long time in a hold with pain in the sacrum with uterus contractions. After that, there were strong stretches into the sacrum and hips.

    From 10:45 to 12 am, I did a freestyle session down to squat where the stretching feels different. There was work in the TMJ and I felt energy building in the spinal column. Then I felt two swirling energy balls like a vortex; one was in the pelvic bowl and the other in the head. It was a difficult session, my chin is raw and I do not want to see my hair. I feel the right sacrum needs to open more.

    From 1 to 4 pm, I did a freestyle session with work concentrated on the joints along the cord of personality. There was a large release of tension from the right hip and energy built in the root chakra. Then I laid down. A strange thing happened. I started crying because I felt my body was centered. There were many hard crunches in the joints, with strong activation of the root chakra and energy repeatedly went up spine to skull. I coughed often in regular intervals, and felt the voice box was worked. I repeatedly blanked out, and would awaken when something startled me. There was neck work with strange crunchy sounds and then energy whooshed up my windpipe and made an energy circuit from the stomach area up to the brain. Does all this have to do with healing or is something very different constructing in my body?

    From 6 to 7 pm, I meditated in freefall while sitting. From 7 to 8 pm, there was opening of left hip, plus work on both hips and opening of sacrum. I felt energy turn fully around my left hip, as it did with the right one a week ago. Mostly, my body was in a torque position with work in the chest and jaws. It was difficult. Then I lay on my stomach with the hips relaxed, and then the buttocks spontaneously rose upward. I felt this was due to the hips straightening suddenly on both sides. Next energy went down the lines of the sacrum sutures on both sides. I presume there was a release. All the while, the hip joints were rotating energetically, and I felt this rotation was generating a strong force to do work in the joints. I felt adjustments in the shoulder girdle and skull.

    sit bone bandsFrom 9 to 10:30 pm, I was sitting meditatively allowing energy to work. I like these sessions when everything settles and I can relax and watch the energy zooming around and making changes. Next, I did a freestyle session. There was work on left hip, both hips together, neck crunches, shoulder and spinal twists, and the sacrum pushed out strong just before I arose. During this session, the two bones you sit on were vibrating very fast as the left hip straightened and was worked. Next, I felt two parallel bands of energy forming and going up the back vertically, a little out from spine on either side (see figure). Perhaps these lines are the same as the urinary bladder meridian. Several times energy flooded into my right leg and buttocks. I felt much pain in the pubic bone with the sensation the public symphysis might be separating. There were a few cracks in the skull near the top of the head. Frequently I have amplified hearing during these sessions; it is as if I am outside when I am inside my house. I can hear everything around, loud and clear. I fell asleep quickly.

    Balls Of Energy In Pelvic Bowl & Skull With Cord Between

    August 30: Bands Contract To Stretch Spine, Chest Compression

    hips openingFrom 4:30 to 8:15 am, waking I have the feeling that those parallel bands that formed last night in the spine have just connected to the head. Then I felt those bands contract and my body pulled into a fetal position with my arms crossed under my neck. Then the spine started stretching and I felt higher-self take over, there was nothing to do but allow it. It was not comfortable but not painful either. My body rocked often while lying on my stomach with my arms crossed under me as my legs extended out. This movement seemed to have the purpose to extend the tailbone. Eventually I felt a release in my skull and neck. Next, I was on my back with relaxed arms and doing spontaneous stretches with the sensation of body elongation each time. Next, my legs were slightly raised and then slowly lowered at the hips, until my legs were fully open and flat on the surface (see figure). This was the hardest part. I stayed in this hold for about an hour, and then I felt stretching in the sacrum and tailbone areas.

    In the third round, energy worked in my chest with compression and stretches into the hips and neck. Then I was lying in the cord of personality position in freefall, while energy worked in the body. It felt good to relax. After this, spontaneous body stretches happened with much force and even this felt good. The energy in the root chakra and all over the body continues to increase.

    balls of energy at both ends of spineFrom 8:45 to 11 am, there was skull crunching. A big energy ball sits in the neck area with my legs in the position like previous figure. Then my legs were drawn to the chest while on my back in a reflexive contraction, and I felt a burning sensation in the entire genital area. Next, my legs slowly lowered while apart, burning the entire time. When they were flat on ground, there were a few pelvic pushes, which I did not like. Then two big energy balls formed, one in pelvic bowl and one in the neck, with a cord between them. Then the neck straightened and I felt this energy ball move from the neck and form a vortex in the skull (see figure). Energy from the tailbone was sent up to top of the spine and an energy circuit was made. From 11:15 am to 12:30 pm, freefall, I feel swirling on my skin and the genitals.

    From 12:45 to 2:30 pm: I continued with sessions and now feel dead. From 3:45 to 7:30 pm, finally the hips released, probably much crying helped. It was painful in the shoulder, pelvis, back, head and groin. Energy works in the chest, back and shoulders and there is much skull crunching. I cried because I do not want this anymore, I am exhausted and disappointed this goes on so long. On the positive side, there was another release in the rib cage and right shoulder.

    From 8 to 9:45 pm, there was a freefall with shoulder relaxing; the energy is strong now. There was a long session of stretching and skull crunching. Lying on my back after the stretches, I feel more centered and balanced. From 10 to 11 pm, jaw tension releases and I am getting sleepy. My saying for today, “You don’t get something for nothing”. I did a few more skull stretches before bed. Now, continuous coils of tension energy pour out of my shoulder through the jaw.

    Insight about brain controlling body: I observed there are energy circuits going from hard palate to various body parts. When the head and jaws are pointed a certain way and move, then there is also a movement in the hip girdle, sacrum, spine, rib cage or shoulder girdle. I guess this has to do with the energy circuit between the sphenoid bone and motor part of the brain. It is like the analogy that you can control a horse or large animal by controlling the head. The body follows the head.

    Insight about freefall and tension cycle: The stretch reflex has capability to do work by moving a muscle to open blocks in the body, which releases the stored body tension. In the freefall phase, the stretched area is relaxed and it is like growing or healing occurs in the area, where the tension was released. After the freefall phase, energy charge gradually builds in body muscles, preparing to do the next opening or stretch to release the stored tension.

    Insight about character of faces: The personality shows on the face, with our features getting more chiseled as we get older. Could it be that facial expressions reflect in the rest of the body and by repeating these expressions, we store tension in the face and body over time? I think this can be an important contributing factor to stored tension in the body.

    Body Lifted While OBE, Energy Circuit From Throat To Tailbone

    August 31: Energy Waves Go Up & Down Body With Quiet Mind

    It is 7 am. There is a deep muscle in right shoulder crook that holds much tension. Last night I worked on this area. I now understand my skull will be free when my body is free, as the body is worked as a single unit. From 7:45 to 8:30 am, I did stretching and opening of the tailbone and sacrum, hips, and jaws. I feel like an eel, undulating to enliven myself while lying on my back. Energy in the root chakra is strong.

    From 8:45am to 1 pm, this session was mostly sitting in center and allowing the growing phase. This is getting easier to do each day. Each time I feel more centered in all regards: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. There were strong pelvis pushes, opening the pelvis bones wider still. The sacrum and hip on right is stuck and needs to open more.

    I had an orgasm and spontaneously the tailbone tucked and the pelvis and legs tightened. Afterward the energy rocketed straight up the spine. Then I felt sprinkles of rain and increased awareness and less body identification. Then cosmic energy waves strongly went up and down my body. Many body parts melted as they filled with energy. This was concentrated in the lower parts of legs and pelvis. Then energy came in waves, as each passed over I would lose identity with the personality. I was thinking and when the wave passed over there was nothingness. This happened repeatedly. I felt no fear seeing what it was. I said aloud, “Hello Creator, nice to meet you” and laughed.

    Then the quiet state remained and it felt like my body was down below, I knew it was there and I could observe it while tremendous healing occurred, it was so fast. I felt like I was only a head of yellow light sitting there. Then I felt undulating and swirling energy waves full of tiny colored dots, pick up my body and an adjustment was made to the skull, neck and shoulder area. I was awed at the power to do that. I was not picked up much, only what was needed to adjust the skeleton. I felt no pain. I laughed thinking how hard I have worked, to see something like this done spontaneously. After this, energy worked in the neck while my head was turned repeatedly to the left and right.

    It is 1:15 pm; I need a break for my sanity. The marching music is going strong. At 1:30 pm, there was freefall with a shoulder release. My shoulders feel broad. There is much ligament snapping occurring, feels great! From 5:30 to 8 pm, I did a stretch down spine in spiral fashion. The muscles under the tongue activate in chain reaction with other muscles going down the front of my body with stretchy pulls.

    An energy circuit forms between the lower mouth and throat area to the tailbone. I hold my mouth open and then my head turns around with it. Above I feel the sphenoid and below the tailbone. It is a sensual feeling with strong root chakra activity. In this session, I easily sat at center and did not feel pain while a strong growing reaction occurred.

    Mostly I was lying on my stomach with sacrum work. It is more comfortable to lie on my stomach, since the skull released from the atlas. I do not feel the ratcheting pulls upward of the skull anymore and my chin heals. I guess there were significant energy circuits made along the spine to make a difference in healing power and increased awareness. There was a period of thirty minutes of work along the cord of personality. I blanked out several times. The lying on the stomach position seems the most effective position for working on the spine. The rocking action in the pelvis is what opens the hips and sacrum. It is fascinating to go through this. Each day I feel more aware, bodily and mentally. While laying on my stomach sexual energy was rising, yet I could not feel it at all, I felt nothing in the body. It was as if I was pure awareness, allowing the body to transform itself. Waves of increasing awareness settled on me as this occurred. I am drawn to feeling myself as pure bliss, it is refreshing and pain free. It is like everything.

    From 8:25 to 9:30 pm, my body is cracking all over. It is getting intense. Higher-self is taking over strongly. I stretched and ended curled in position of the cord of personality and felt energy work along that path. I did not feel pain this time as the hip, sacrum, back and groin were worked, and usually that kills me. From 10:15 pm to 1:15 am, a growing phase sets in. Perhaps I luck out and can eat and sleep.

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