Tornado Vortex On Spine, Spontaneous Orgasms, Hollow Tube Circuit

    August 22: Sacrum Opening, Squeezing Of Each Vertebra

    From 1:10 to 3 am, I did a sitting session with energy releasing from the cord of personality and collecting in the root chakra. From 3 to 4:30 am, there was work on jaw and lower back with pelvic pushes. From 4:30 to 9:30 am, it has been continuous non-stop torture. The main work was opening hip and sacrum and stretching through a twist in the spine. The root chakra swirling is getting strong.

    From 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, when I started, I felt a twisting tornado in the hollow of the neck and it was moving slowly down. It is amazing to see tissues change as it moves down. It is spinning fast and pulling on all the tissue with it. I think the vortex started in the sphenoid and is working down to the tailbone in freefall.

    From 12:30 to 2 pm, I have uterine cramps and energy is repeatedly stimulating the genitals, causing spontaneous back arches and intense brief orgasms. I did some pelvic pushes, which feel more natural. A push happens downward through pelvis combined with the spinal stretch upward, and I allow my neck to angle in the direction the energy is moving up the spine. Then the bones in the skull ratchet with mandible action as the energy moves up. It seems the roof of the hard palate and the mandible work similar. Understanding these relationships, while sitting with legs to front, I allowed my body to move around in a circle with the pelvic pushes and relaxed my jaws to allow energy to move easier into skull. There was much energy moving up the spine for a long time with continuous body pulls.

    There was a new energy circuit made in the front from the hard palate down to the pubic symphysis. A different opposing stretch happens in the front as compared to the back of body in the spinal stretch. When the stretch is in front of body, you bend forward bringing ends of spine closer together. It seems the developed abdominal muscle facilitates making this connection up the front of the body. In the frontal stretch, you feel the muscular pull coming up through the throat strong. From 2 to 4:30 pm, the growing phase started and I fell asleep. From 4:30 to 6 pm, I woke with much tension. A vortex of energy goes around spine and works down. The sexual intensity heightens; I had a spontaneous orgasm during the nap, and felt an energy circuit formed. I made a comment during sleep, “you found that connection”. I am sweating.

    From 6:20 to 7:15 pm, the energy keeps rising strongly to my head, which makes it uncomfortable if I do not stretch. There are continued stretches up spine from tailbone. The front energy circuit from hard palate to pubic symphysis just opened the breastbone and ribs. The three circuits on the spine, the double one along the sides and the one in the front, work together. The large bones of the skeleton feel like they move. When I stretch down on the spine in freefall, the jaws rotate energetically three times to accumulate released energy, and then this accumulated energy is sent down the spine. The energy goes down to the next vertebrae, circling it, like a boa constrictor and squeezing it, and then it snaps.

    From 7:15 to 8:30 pm, I am sweating all over. I did a sitting session sitting with legs to front. There were body pulls then freefall sensation and energy building in root chakra. After a while, a new energy circuit was made which felt like a hollow tube coming up the center of my body, from my vagina up to inside my mouth, air rushed into this tube, and I gasped, breathing! Then I felt a huge energy ball form in the root chakra, sexual intensity skyrocketed and this had the side effect to shake the upper body and release much muscle tension. There were many brief spontaneous orgasms.

    From 8:40 pm to 12:45 am, the heat builds and freefall starts, I am sweating and there is work on hip. I am tired and can barely move. There was work on the ligament under right mandible and a release, which caused a shift in all the cranium bones. My neck stretched up and energy filled the skull. My head felt like the Earth’s crust, with fluidly moving plates on the outside and filling with heat energy (light) on the inside. My head felt like it was alive.

    Marionette On A String, Floating Head Sensation

    August 23

    From 12:45 to 2:40 am, there were continued body pulls and work in skull. The growing phase started, and when I laid down strong energy zoomed around and was difficult to follow. I felt my legs elongate with much energy in root chakra and skull. I felt like a marionette on a string. It felt like energy from top of head directed moves in the lower body, and an energy cord ran from there to lower body. There were several body moves like this before I fell asleep.

    I awoke at 8 am; I feel stiff but not sore. I do not see any visible outward changes. I recalled a message from a dream, “It’s started now.” From 8:30 to 10:40 am, it started with neck stretches, and then neck tension released and the area melted. I have strong sexual energy and the abdomen muscle moves much. In this session, there was a workout like yesterday and ending in freefall. From 10:45 am to 1:36 pm, there was a loud snap in C7 and continuous difficult stretching work this entire time. At the end, it seemed I reached a plateau.

    From 1:48 to 3:35 pm, there was continued skull work and a release under right mandible. My head feels lighter and freer. This is taking forever; I am disappointed. 8:35 pm: The head feels strange, like it is supported by energy versus the muscles in my neck. From 8:40 to 11:30 pm, I did more body pulls. Exhausted, I went to sleep when the growing phase started.

    Spontaneous Orgasms In Sleep, Pain In Inguinal Canals

    August 24: Body Pulls, Quick Cycles Of Stretching Followed By Freefall

    12 to 1 am, a few spontaneous orgasms woke me up and I felt an energy circuit form from the head to the tailbone. I did a few more body pulls then finally went to sleep.

    From 7:30 to 8:30 am, I did body pulls. The pelvic push has the purpose to open all the bones that comprise the pelvic bowl, which includes the sacrum sutures and tailbone. The pelvic bowl seems open in most directions. The spine feels more energetic. My head still feels weird. I feel a restriction in the right shoulder.

    From 8:30 to 9 am, I was sitting and stretching the spine; it is difficult but feels good. I feel like I have strong power now. This work is like physical therapy, as I am not used to moving my bones like this. I feel like my body is being revitalized. The muscles around the spine charge and build tension as the spinal stretch moves up the body. Then this accumulated energy in the muscles works to loosen other restrictions in the body. It is like pulling myself apart and removing all the restrictions in my body. As the spine gains strength, it becomes an effective tool to open the body. The spine gains more strength when tissues directly connected to it open. From 11:30 am to 12:50 pm, there was a growing phase.

    At 4:47 pm, the skull, TMJ’s and shoulder feel looser, sexual energy is still strong. From 5:25 to 6:50 pm, I did another round of pelvic pushes. I felt a nice energetic rotation in the hip. I am tired; I can barely raise my arms. My cheek has an abrasive rash on it from rolling around on the floor with the skull work. From 6:55 to 7:40 pm, I did a strong session of bone crunching. I felt a release of the ligament behind neck. I do not want to move another inch. From 8 to 9 pm, there was freefall and some light stretching. Freefall comes again; this time I will lie down, as I need it.

    From 9 to 10:20 pm, there are quick cycles of stretching and freefalls. I am too tired to surrender or even to fall asleep. From 10: 30 pm to 2:30 am, there was a growing phase with much work in pelvis along inguinal lines and along line where inner thigh meets pelvis. This was painful and difficult to endure and lasted hours. Eventually I fell asleep.

    Non-Stop Body Pulls, Energy Puff Outs, Large Tension Release

    August 25: Huge Vibration Increase, Body Elongation, Body Flopping

    When I awoke, all was quiet with strong sexual energy. From 9:50 am to 2:45 pm, I did sessions all day. It went well and my spine straightens. Energy moves fast.

    From 2:55 to 6:40 pm, every round goes faster. I feel my entire body elongating. I have stretched the spine much. I feel work is at the energetic level. Once, I blanked out for a while and woke with a sudden snap in the middle of my neck with no pain. It felt like something came through the neck from the back to the front.

    From 7:10 to 9:50 pm, all goes faster and faster, it was more than an hour with intense uterine pain. It is like the pain of having a baby, but there is no pushing. I wonder why there is no outward physical change in my appearance after all this work. I feel energy puffing out here and there with light energy prickles all over the body. In the last session, there were many releases in the shoulders, hip and neck. After each release, there was a huge firing of energy with a clear tone in my skull. Each of these events seems to double the already high energy. This is awesome. I was happy and laughed when this happened. My head and body felt free. My skull feels like it is suspended above my shoulders.

    From 10 pm to 12:30 am, the work is starting to hurt. It is intense and non-stop, like giving birth to a baby. I will go down to a squat and see if that helps. Tension is building in the neck muscles, so I think it means the pelvis needs to be opened more. Today was one of the hardest so far. It was continuous the entire day and I stayed up most of the night. They were all sessions of deep surrender and letting go of body control. While like that, there were wild energetic jerks of the body and I was flopping everywhere, like having epileptic fits. It was the only thing to do. Many times my head rotated around and energy went down the spine to the root chakra. There were strong body movements that released huge tension from postural problems. There were many skull bone movements and large openings in the sutures. The jaw moved everywhere. There was strong growing reaction in the root chakra that was sensitive and hard to endure. I am at a new stage, with strong body movements and large amounts of energy are releasing from the cord of personality.

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