Sphenoid Moves, Circle Around Atlas, Skull Ligament Snaps

    August 26: Coronal & Temporal Sutures Open, Breastbone Released

    From 1 to 4:30 am, I did a long difficult session. I fell asleep at 5 am, and it seems I slept a long time but it is only 9 am. At 9:30 am, I sat outside and observed energy going down spine from head to tailbone. A large energy ball collects behind my right jaw.

    From 10:30 am to 2:30 pm, I did a freestyle session that was not too difficult. Waves of energy continue to go down the spine and energy builds in root chakra. I did stretches in pelvic bowl, legs, knees and the ankles. There were more jerks of the skull on the neck. I think this has the purpose to loosen the skull from the atlas or axis vertebrae. It is difficult to relax while my skull is stretched and my body is arching and twisted into weird configurations. I do the best I can.

    There is strong sexual energy. There was a long growing phase of about three hours, lying in surrender with activity in the groin and imagining testes were growing there. Whatever happens in the groin, it hurts much. I was blanking out whenever it got painful. After energetic work in root chakra, it seems there is more energy for skull work. The skull bones stretched open the widest so far, apparently to open the coronal suture. After this, my face felt like it was reorganizing. I imagined this might be the making of a new face.

    Insight about levels of consciousness: Lately, I have noticed these different levels of consciousness: 1. I think and experience pain and am identified with it (conscious). 2. I see myself breathing heavy and sleeping (semi-conscious). 3. I sense pain but it is in the background (centered). 4. I have the galaxy view and can barely feel my body; I am distanced from most sensation (outer space). 5. I feel I am out of my body and I do not feel or sense anything (OBE).

    At 5:40 pm, I went outside and took a break. The energy was pushing against the base of the skull the entire time. It was hard to endure. Now something snapped at the base of the skull and my head feels loose and free. Then a suture opened on the right immediately after this. Sexual energy is still high.

    From 5:50 to 7:15 pm, the main work was loosening the mandible from the TMJ. It was difficult done while I was lying on my stomach with my head pressed to the surface with the head turned to one side. My spine was tautly stretched, and energy worked to loosen whatever holds it there so tight. At first, there was much jaw stretching, and then my head was adjusted in small angular turns about three times. Then the suture down the side of the face opened and after this, my jaw released. A bit later, the skull was adjusted to a certain angle and held in that position. During this hold, I felt energy pouring down the spine to the tailbone.

    After the jaw released there were many skull bone movements. The sphenoid jumped with a big ripple around all the edges. Then ligament snaps with releases were occurring in facial bones and all over the skull. This was still going on when I took a break. It was difficult to lay in this awkward position and stay very still, allowing my facial bones to move like that and hear all the crunching and ligament snapping. Something hurt behind my right eye and in my left ear. There is a strange thumping action of the abdominal muscle while I lie on my stomach during this work and an intense feeling in the root chakra.

    Insight of cranium bones hold energy of personality: I think much energy of the personality is locked into the cranium bones because I observe a huge increase in awareness as the energy releases from them. On the top of the spine, I feel like I am dying as the skull crunches and facial bones rearrange. On the bottom of the spine, I feel like I am coming alive, as energy in root chakra increases and the spine enlivens.

    From 7:40 to 7:55 pm, releases continue to happen all over the body and energy builds steadily. The TMJ’s feel looser. Something released off the back part of the shoulder girdle above the right scapula. There were many tinkling noises, like jewels. I think this is from the teeth moving in the sockets. At 8:15 pm, there were two more snaps and releases, one at the back of the neck and I think the other at the occipital bone. Now energy circles around the atlas (C1 vertebrae) and feels weird. I had a spontaneous liver cleanse.

    9:55 pm, the ligament snapping continues in skull, TMJ’s, neck, shoulders and down the back. I felt a big energy ball form behind the right TMJ, and then it went down the cord of personality path and opened it. Then I felt movements in the skull with TMJ’s, sphenoid and hard palate, move the cord of personality toward the center, my body moving as necessary to allow it. All the while, the growing reaction in the groin grew.

    When this cord hit center, I was pulled from a bent over sitting position. An energy circuit formed above, pulling energy up from the tailbone. After this, I heard many inner sounds and saw the galaxy view. Next, there were a few strong head and neck twists. Then my entire body pulled toward center bringing the energy together toward the spine. Simultaneously, there was strong energy in all parts of my body, working to form a new energy circuit on the spine. I feel large energy balls on both sides of the perineum and multiple energy balls collect at the base of the skull.

    From 10:10 to 12 pm, I feel like I am pulled to the ground by strong gravity. A suture in the right skull opened. I did a long freestyle session, which felt different because the energy goes into the hips. I stretched upward looking at the sky by raising my head upward, and then I went down to squat. The squat really opened the hips, where both have strong energetic rotation. Finally, there was a long hold with energy building in root chakra.

    I did another freestyle session from standing, to squat, and then sitting with soles of feet together, then sitting with legs to front and ending with gradual lowering to ground on back. All this time energy zoomed around. In the stretch, I could see energy was slowly collecting to center. Each body part was activated in the sequence below, and after activation, energy zoomed around in it. One time, I rose from the sitting position and suddenly the breastbone pushed out. After the breastbone released, the head and shoulders activated, and the growing phase started.

    Insight about body activation: The energy activation pattern of the body starts from the toes. It moves in this order: Left leg, left arm, left body, right leg, and then energetic rotation in pelvis, which activates pelvic girdle. Then energy moves up spine and activates right arm and then right body activates. Next, the shoulder girdle activates and then the rib cage and sternum activate. Now the entire lower body is activated. Energy then goes down spine again and pelvis rotation is stronger. Then the tailbone (base of spine) activates with common side effect of increased sexual sensation. I think the highest energy that can be generated in the body happens with orgasm. With or without orgasm, the energy built in pelvic bowl will eventually travel up the spine into the brain where actual healing takes place.

    Parietals Open, Stinging Prickles, Energy Tube In Chest

    August 27: Electric Shocks, Leg Jumps, Whiteouts, Mad Jaw Snapping

    From 12:10 am, when I lay down the energetic reaction was strong and I was blanking out. Then, there were stinging prickles like dots that started at top of head, moved down my face and then traveled down my body to the toes. After this, I felt electric shocks in both legs, causing them to jump together at once. Watching the energy, there were waves of total darkness between, which at first was scary, there was absolutely nothing, I could not feel myself at all. I was in this black void feeling dead with nothing to grasp or sense. This alternated every minute or so. I was more comfortable with the reaction the next few times, but did not like that feeling.

    At 5:30 am, I woke with the sutures opening at the back of my head and with movement of the cranium bones. The back of my skull was like two halves, lifting and shifting and coming down together like a joint would. It paralleled the lamboid suture lines with movement of parietals.

    From 6 to 6:30 am, there is strong growing reaction all over with light energy prickles around the legs, a wavy rocking motion, and the root chakra swirls. I feel I am being slowly energized. The heavy gravity feeling increases. An energy ball is forming behind the right side of neck. Now I feel energy fills in my back and chest. From 6:30 to 9 am, I did a freestyle session with spinal stretches, then I did a squat with pelvis and sacrum work, at the end, I was lying stretching.

    From 9:20 to 11:35 am, I did a sitting session, then another session lying on my stomach working on the sacrum and facial bones. My face is quite sore from this. The skull released and then the facial bones shuffled for quite some time. After this, I lay on my back and there were more skull adjustments and popping in jaws.

    Next, I felt energy circuits form as I angled my head to several points in the lower body. Then I felt a funnel sucking in my chest below the rib cage. I felt an energy circuit going through the windpipe to the head and going back down to the root chakra. This area kept sucking in; to the point, I could barely breathe. It felt like my chest touched my spine in the back. Then for ten minutes, the jaws snapped continuously. There were repeating snaps in a circle around the skull. Eventually, my head stopped in the center. Then I felt puff outs and energy prickles here and there in the body with heat building.

    11:45 am: I feel head crackles and strong energy in root chakra. From 11:55 am to 12:30 pm, I have to stretch, the energy does not let up. I go insane. First, a crazy dance, getting that energy out, and then back down on floor with the chest funnel and jaw snapping again, as I described above. Then I made a joke, “I refuse to lie down”. Then I laughed hysterically and could not stop.

    12:45 pm, my throat hurts and I have to stretch it anyway, there is no let up. From 12:45 to 3:45 pm, there was a growing phase. I want to quit. From 3:45 to 8:45 pm, it is non-stop; I take small breaks. Mostly I am sitting or lying watching the energy as it zooms around and makes changes. I am blanking out often. I guess the energy continues to go like this for a while. I heard a whoosh sound like energy coming up a tube from the root chakra. I also felt stinging prickles in a vertical line on the abdomen.

    From 8:45 pm to 4 am, the energy is high and it is working all over the body. It is difficult because it feels painful. I have to sit in the center to get through it. I think this was one of my first long surrenders, which lasted seven hours. I was suspended in the middle, finding a place of comfort to ride out the transformative energies. I was disappointed when I realized this was not enough energy to complete the process. I confront the realty that I have to go through all this. It is an in-situ metamorphosis, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly in the pupae. All the energy of the old has to be released and burned to make the new. I felt stinging prickles moving up from legs into hips, sacrum, rib cage, sternum and spinal column. During the night, I felt strong activity in the groin and perineum.

    Insight of spinal transformation from old to new: I was watching the working path of the energy. It comes down the right side of the spine to the pelvic bowl which collects energy there as a swirling gyroscope. As the rotation gets stronger, the tailbone activates and sexual intensity rises. I see sexual energy as the growth factor or as new life-force energy. With or without orgasm this vortex of energy is sent up the left side of the spine to the brain. Then this energy is used to pattern a new organization in the brain. It is like a big machine once it is going, breaking down the old body for fuel to build the new body. It was strange to see how the two ends of the spine are like old and new in the growth process. So here I am, a new life of swirling energy forming at the tail with an old face at the top.

    OBE, Sphenoid Cracks, Energy Circuits Hard Palate To Body

    August 28: Skull Lift, Hyper-Speed Changes, Maxillae Moves With Mandible

    From 4 to 5 am, when I lay down there was work, which felt like pulling the skull upward and off the neck. I endured much and then fell asleep being massaged with strong waves of vibrating energy.

    At 7:30 am, I awoke feeling energy circling the spine. Now there is a huge vortex building in the neck. A few of my teeth hurt and are sensitive to hot liquids. My neck feels free at the shoulders, but there is much tension in the shoulder girdle, cervical spine and skull. I do not feel like doing anything. Yet, I am still curious, what will the new me look like? What will be the rewards? That drives me on.

    From 8:45 to 10:30 am, I did a freestyle session, down to squat. While doing pelvic bowl stretches, I relaxed my upper body and allowed the spine to move. Then I did lying work. Near the end, my left side of body was deeply relaxed. I felt a different energy sensation flood my body; it was like cosmic energy, cool, dark, refreshing and relaxing. These waves were occurring periodically, with strong energy swirling in the root chakra. The inner sound is the marcher music; the other inner sound is like crickets chirping at night.

    At 10:40 am, a big energy ball forms at the right side of skull in back with intense burning there, in groin and other body parts. From 10:45 to 11:45 am, I did a stand down to squat. There seems a transition to a growing phase that does not hurt. When I fully surrender, I feel united with the universe. I felt that often this last hour, yet knowing I had a body on Earth, the body was filling with light, and it felt good.

    From 11:50 am to 2 pm, I feel the cosmic rain falling on me from within and it is cold. I felt burning in this session in the shoulder, arm, mid back, head and neck. At end, there was work on right jaw with a release.

    From 3 to 5 pm, the root chakra is vibrating strong and energy is going strongly down the spine, my entire body is rocking with the marching rhythm. The spine becomes an energy recycler. I did a freestyle session with unpleasant body pulls. The neck and skull opened more with many twists in facial bones. It was difficult. Again strong energy travels down the spine, with marching music. I know only to sit in surrender and allow it to pass. The energy movement is like a big machine. There were some stretches and arches of neck, then galaxy view. Then I was sitting ‘above my body’ (out of body), while the fastest healing reaction I have every observed occurred. I could not feel anything in the body at all; I watched the energy course around all over the body. Then there was a transition to lying flat on my back. I had one leg frog style to the side and I clearly heard, “Move that leg!” Then I reached down and straightened it. It was not easy to move, as it was so heavy with energy zooming in it.

    Vision: Top part of head with only the eyes: Then an image came into my 3rd eye of the top part of a head with only the eyes. I felt it meant I was to stay still and was showing me what would change.

    I continued watching and internally saw a rapidly moving energy with black background and light sprinkles in it. It went through the entire head; it felt like the skull was changed in the lips, cheeks, the jaw, top of head and the overall shape of the head. Then the hard palate would crack with the skull and the sphenoid bone, and I felt nerve impulses sent into the body from the hard palate area. It felt like the skin was changed somehow, the energy curled around each toe, each finger, through the legs, through the entire body. Then when this was over, I felt energy fills in various places. There was one prolonged stretch of the spine.

    From 8:15 to 10:10 pm, I did a quick stretch down, and then I was on my back with work in right skull. After that, the rest of the skull was worked and then the blue wavy energy started in the skull and filled the entire body fast. I could not tell what was going on, as there was not much feeling. Then nerve impulses were sent down from hard palate to various parts of the body. Next, I felt the body activating energetically and the growing reaction increased intensity. When all the body parts were activated, then the TMJ ratcheting started. I felt energy circuits made from the TMJ’S to the hips, to the shoulder girdles and to the rib cage. The root chakra energy still is strong and I feel painful uterine contractions.

    From 10:30 to 11 pm, it was another session of pelvic pushing and hearing marching music with an energy ball twirling in root chakra. There was skull work, and another release of the skull as a single unit. I fell asleep in the growing phase. During the night, there was work on my face, with a growing reaction feeling all over it. The big event was the teeth, energy worked a long time on them, going over each. Then I felt the mandible widen and the maxillae and mandible moved toward the back of the skull.

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