Neck Stretches, Spine To TMJ Energy Circuit, Sternum Release

    August 18: Head Pops Through Shoulders, Entire Body Numbness

    I slept well; rising there is strong wavy growing reaction. Later I did a freestyle session with crackly popping and stretching in the shoulder crook. Then energy was moving around and working on each vertebra in spine. It seems the spinal cord is enlivening from head to tail. The stretch feels powerful with increased ability to open the adhesions in the body.

    From 7 to 9 am, I did a freestyle session, powerfully stretching down though hips and lower back, and then slowly stretching with pelvic pushes and some stretches rippling up spine. After the hips were energized, energy started working up the spine and twisting it powerfully, it was difficult. Then there was difficult work in the shoulders and neck. These stretches on the spine that are pulling my body apart, have the same intensity as being in labor. Next, I felt energy center on spine from hard palate to tailbone. Then suddenly I felt this energy circuit connect sideways, over to the TMJ and I immediately felt a fast physical rotation in the joint. Then I observed energy releasing from the TMJ and going down to the tailbone.

    From 9:05 to 10:10 am, it was a strenuous session working the upper spine. There was an opening around C7 and after I felt a flood of tingles around it spreading in all directions with neuron growth, what a good feeling! After this, there was so much neck stretching that I thought I would die; it felt like my head was exploding. The neck stretches are difficult; it requires much force to do it. There were many big cracks in the thoracic spine. It seemed energy worked on a cord on the neck from the back of head down to C7. Energy released from the cord of personality and went down to the tailbone, where sexual energy was building.

    Insight about the cord of personality is all over the body: I think my cord of personality is not due to a single injury; rather it’s a physical collection of energy collected over my entire lifetime. This stored energy is scattered all over my body and when it releases it goes to the spine and back to the central nervous system.

    From 11:50 am to 2:15 pm, I did a strong freestyle session where I was successful with letting go of body control. Most of it was difficult with neck pulls. The spine feels notably stronger. A cascade of energy balls went down the body. A bit later, I did another session and skull bones were moving. Then there was a neck stretch through shoulders where it felt like my head popped through the shoulders. The image of a skull getting through a barrier and being happy to be through came and I laughed hysterically. Then I was back to crunching and again multiple energy balls cascaded down. When energy reached the buttocks, I felt them flood with energy and expand, for a moment they felt huge. I am tired.

    From 2:40 to 4:10 pm, I feel strong muscular pulls down all sides of my body, rhythmically alternating, like a strong freefall. Then the body energized while head and shoulder work occurred and body heat rose. Then my entire body turned to the left, pulling my bones in the stretch. It felt like energy worked to open the sternum with strong body stretches though the shoulder and hip girdles. My body is being remade into a single unit. That was difficult! It looks like there is much more work left; I do not want to know that.

    From 5 to 8 pm, I lay down with a strong growing reaction. There were several jerks in my right foot and leg. A bit later, I did a meditation outside with the crystals. I barely felt any pain. I wonder what goes on in these phases where my body barely moves. Does my body only move when necessary? Is this the easier softer way? It would be great if I could fully transform by sitting in a chair, the body stretching is much more difficult. At the end, the energy in root chakra was high and felt it was near to making an energy circuit in the top of the head. There was rising heat and burning over much of my body.

    From 8:40 to 10:30 pm, a growing phase happens. Once I felt a strong heat arise and energy filled my body and went up to the head and it started cracking. There were a few strong movements in cranium bones, and then I felt an energy circuit forming at tailbone and going up spine. Next, I felt energy descend with the expansion feeling in the buttocks. Then energy worked slowly up the spine with skull work going on simultaneously. It seems I have changed as it easy to sit in center. For an hour, I watched the energy course around in the body. My entire body went numb and there were stinging prickles all over with intense heat and sweating. Small adjustments were occurring in the skull. Finally, I rolled over onto my side and fell asleep.

    Vortex Between Mandibles & Maxillae, Double Spine Circuit

    August 19: Crisscross Pattern Between Shoulders And TMJ's

    I slept well, waking there is tension at the back right of neck under skull. I feel stiffness in upper shoulders and right part of the skull. I guess as the muscles heal springiness and flexibility in the body increases. I am shifting my identification away from personality and toward higher-self. “I” do not want to stretch out, yet it is me either way.

    From 6:30 to 7 am, I did a sitting session, allowing the energy to flow which felt great. My tailbone and hips opened right away and there were several gentle stretches with pops in cervical spine that felt good. Energy is building in the root chakra. Hearing and sense of smell are enhanced.

    From 7 to 9 am, I did a freestyle session. There are strong rocking motions in upper body, which seem to shake the bones loose from the muscles. There’s no way I can use a technique for the transformation, the most I can do is quiet my mind and allow my body to move. The bones in right body are moving closer to alignment. The body vibration gets stronger with increased spontaneous movements. I am slowly changing and more aware each day. I accept there will be no instantaneous transformation; it is a long slow growing process.

    horizontal planeFrom 9 to 10 am, I did a sun session with many rapid movements, where I had to work hard to relax and allow them. The energy worked to establish a horizontal energy circuit through my skull, primarily through mandible and maxillae. This was done with muscular bone movements. This area is the top of the spine. As this occurred, it felt like infinity signs coming through the mouth and nose area and pulling on opposite sides, bringing all to the center at top of spine (see figure). With each movement, the mandibles loosened and energy darted around to loosen plates. It was more like a spiral forming, pulling the tissue in the area to the center. It took full surrender to allow this because my face was squished, but it did not hurt. After this, neck vertebrae released starting at C7 and went up a few more vertebrae. My head and neck were stretching in a full circle around the vertebras. Far out, I have a free neck! With the neck loosening, the spine feels more powerful. (The energy pattern that forms seems to prepare for the stretch of the head around the top of the spine on atlas. Perhaps this charges certain muscles to move the bones. This is the first time I noticed this pattern. The neck cannot change this fast!)

    From 10:10 pm to 12 am, spiraling energy moves in spine. It is working in the shoulders and mandibles and is creating a working pattern between them. A crisscross energy circuit is forming from left shoulder to right TMJ and from right shoulder to left TMJ. After this, root chakra energy rose up spine and there were spontaneous jerks of the body that shook the bones in right shoulder, mandible and neck on right. The jerks were combined with gliding and ratcheting movements of skull bones. After this, some work was done in spinal column. Then heat and energy rose to the head with tremendous energy zooming fast all over the body. I laid there about forty-five minutes, while the skull and body were shifted in various ways. It is difficult to stay in an immoveable position for so long. Later, there were many skull crunches, which seem to have larger range of movement. Then the energy went over to mandible, then above the zygmatic and under the eye orbit, and from there across sutures to sphenoid wing. The painful spot is on the hollow of the frontal bone, above the sphenoid and zygmatic bone (the temple). I did not want the energy to go to that spot. I braced myself, got quiet and allowed the energy to work there, and shed more tears. I observed energy moving through circuits between all the main joints.

    From noon to 2:30 pm, the sitting session started with the growing reaction and freefall. The energy is strong. It pulls my entire body strongly to center and a spiral vortex of energy forms in the head and goes down the spine into the tailbone. I did two hours of head crunching. It seems the right side of my lower skull is glued to the top of the shoulder, when I compare it to the other side. There was difficult stretching in this area. Another energy circuit was made from tailbone to skull. I blanked out for about twenty minutes. My right leg jumped several times, my left hand and my heart jumped. I know I have a heart murmur, so I guess that heals.

    From 6:20 to 8:20 pm, I took a break, it was nice to get out but constantly my neck was twisting and there were snaps and head cracklings. The energy is building and I am sweating. I did a freestyle session. I am better at staying focused and can glide through many difficult body stretches without identifying with the transformational pain symptom. It was mostly skull work which got harder with back and neck crunches. I think I did about four rounds of head crunching and body stretches. There were releases in zygmatic bone and mandible and much work on hard palate. I felt a small puff out under the crooked teeth on the right, and heard teeth roots crunching. The energy spirals get stronger in the skull. It feels like energy goes through all the solid material. The right collarbone hurts.

    From 8:30 to 10:30 pm, I did head and neck crunches. A strong energy circuit formed between the tailbone and head, then immediately energy went up, then down and then up the spine again and came together at the top of the head. Then energy came down both sides of the body in halves and made changes to the body as it descended. I did more crunching and fell over in exhaustion.

    Lying was difficult due to the force of energy going up and down my spine. A strong gravitational force is holding me down. I feel the same when I do freestyle sessions it is difficult to stay standing and go against that force, yet it is a good force for counter stretch. Maybe the force of gravity has something to do with the creative force. I think this sensation is what happened to me in January 2006, when I felt pinned to my bed and could not rise. Energy worked while I slept making passes up and down the spine.

    Body Pulls, Pulsing Abdomen, Top Of Skull Opens, Spine Circuit

    August 20: Springy Alive Sensation In Body, Intense Work In Groin

    I awoke at 3 am with a springy feeling in the body. Feeling stiff and tired I went back to sleep. At 6 am, strong energy worked in sacrum and hips and it was uncomfortable lying, so I rose. From 6:35 to 8 am, I did a freestyle session with powerful stretches in the spine. I felt pressure in the skull bones and they moved when the spine stretched. There was work by C7 and scapula by spine and at same time intense work in lower back and hips. It hurt like being in labor. I felt exhausted and noticed my resistance, so I did a big let go. Then there were stretchy body pulls I never could have done by myself nor would have chosen to do!

    It felt like I was dying as the tailbone rotated and a vortex of twisting energy was rippling up the spine, stretching the entire body. My head felt like it was exploding, there were no thoughts and many skull plate movements. My tongue was hanging out and my eyes were bulging. I made gagging sounds as energy moved through the neck because it squeezed my esophagus. I was gasping for breath between the body pulls, not thinking about it, merely letting it happen. I felt no fear, knowing this death was necessary and part of being reborn. The pulsation in the abdominal muscles under the diaphragm grows like there is a new life there. While lying on my stomach, I rest on this area as a pivot point with my hip girdle resting on the floor, and body pulls ripple up the spine. With each push-pull, I felt rising sexual energy and the strengthening pulse in the abdomen was attractive, like a growing heartbeat, as if I was coming alive. There are no adequate words to describe what it is like to go through this. You have not felt fully alive until you feel this.

    From 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, I have been stretching continuously since 6:30 am. It has been difficult and has brought me to tears. There were many twisting stretches in the cervical spine. In the last stretch, I was folded into a fetal position, then there was one strong body pull going through right shoulder, and it felt like my neck released all the way to top of the skull. Right after this, the head felt weak as if I could not hold it up, it was a strange feeling like being a baby. I ate and now I feel sick.

    From 1 to 2 pm, sitting, the head is crackling and energy swirls in the root chakra and body heat builds. I hope this is near the end. I am VERY TIRED. It would be nice to have a contact with someone who understands this so I can talk to them and share my excitement and the difficulty.

    From 2 to 4 pm, there was a big crack in the frontal bone fontanel area at top of head and then, I felt like I was a marionette suspended between strings of energy from the skull to the tailbone, being turned between those points. Then there were strong crunches in C7, shoulders and head. The work went laterally across tops of shoulder, with anchor points at tops of shoulder joints and at C7. This area is opened by tipping my head to the right and back and hunching the shoulders. Apparently this movement brings the mandible, C7 and shoulders closer together, which I feel is done to loosen tight ligaments. There is another area like this in the front of the body, under the right molar and down the side of the neck to the clavicle.

    Insight of mandible & sphenoid for skull movements: I think the reason the mandible repositioning happens while lying on my back and rocking on the wormian bones is that the mandible is used as a lever to turn the sphenoid bone and to determine the head position. Now I see why there is much head crunching. The crunching is opening and moving the sphenoid, above the hard palate. The basic ratcheting action for a skull movement emanates from the mandible with repeated skull turns in the desired direction. This accumulates energetic charge in the muscles needed to move the sphenoid that way. When all is ready, the sphenoid moves and all the rest of the cranium bones articulate with it in that movement. The sphenoid articulates with all skull bones.

    From 4:10 to 10 pm, I did several sessions. In the last one, I was sitting with legs to front. It was nice to sit still and allow the energy to move me. I guess it is the central nervous system and higher consciousness together which moves me. I was in hold for a long time as energy worked through the legs, hips, lower back, and last the energy went slowly up the spine. I was lowered a notch at a time as vertebrae were worked. There was strong swirling in the root chakra. As the hold progressed, I was sweating profusely and the lower body parts were going numb. I am sitting, head crackles begin and I am tired. From 10:10 to 12, intense energy works in the groin that is a killer. I worry I will have to experience this intensity all over my body. My spine is stiff.

    Body Pulls, Blacking Out, Energy Circuits Front & Back Of Spine

    August 21: Wide Vortex Coil In Pelvis, Higher-Self Taking Over

    I woke at 1 am, and did a long sitting session until 4 am. I was bent over most of the time, while energy built in the root chakra and energy slowly moved up the spine. At the end, energy rose up right side of spine to head, like a fist of spiraling energy and I went back to bed.

    From 7:30 to 7:55 am, I woke with a nice feeling of finger-like stretches going down my spine. I did a sun session. The hips and tailbone feel powerful and integrated as part of myself. Energy worked in upper spine and then the upper neck and shoulder muscles melted.

    From 8 to 10:30 am, I did a freestyle session. Energy worked in higher vertebrae, and it became a body snapping, stretching and jerking affair. Notable, was my head turned while work occurred in the TMJ. Then it felt like the head moved from its current position, it was difficult. The pelvic bowl kept opening wider to where I felt it would break. The pelvis was a large circle that expanded and contracted while energy formed a coil along the entire spine.

    There were intense neck stretches with total cutoff of air supply, I blacked out a few times yet was watching. I made spontaneous groaning sounds at maximum stretch, which sounded like a cow. I think the sounds are due to movement of energy from one form to another. I laughed at the weird sound. It is quite the experience to witness this body death and be around to talk about it later. I clearly see it is a transition. Knowing I am always here, I have no fear to transform into something else. Overall, it is not pleasurable, but the feelings of bliss and being intensely alive are enough reward to keep me going.

    I am amazed that not one drop of blood has been spilled with all these violent moves. I think the dura mater is like a cushion and protects from injury. Because I feel it is safe, I can allow the bones to pull apart. I still hope this finishes soon as it is difficult.

    Insight about taking over: There is typically a transition near the end of a session. I start by sitting in center and allowing body movements to happen. Near the end, there are strong spontaneous movements and I am drawn to merge with that rising energy. At this point, being on the sidelines as the observer no longer works. I then accept the strong stretching force and unite with it, using all my strength to stretch toward new life. At these moments, I feel as one with my body and realize I am doing the transformation and have been since the beginning. Many people say they have been reborn but they have no idea what that is truly like.

    From 11:10 am to 1:10 pm, I did a freestyle session, down to tiptoe squat with body moving slowly into each position of the pelvic bowl in a full circle, stretching it slowly open in each direction. After this, I lowered from toes to sitting and there was a ratcheting rolling action, from thigh to buttocks to thigh, having the same purpose. Then I saw a connection. The pelvic bowl and tailbone area with its strong muscles are like an engine to provide the power to straighten the spine. In addition, the sphenoid is directing the movements of the body.

    As the pelvic bowl stretched in a direction, a corresponding movement in associated body parts occurred. Seeing this renewed my determination. I found I could allow what was occurring by keeping my focus on the big energy ball spinning in the root chakra.

    The head straightened more and there was deep crunching of the shoulder and right side of the neck. Afterward the neck felt straight, and energy moved into the skull and the mandible opened widely on both sides. There was an hour-long strong body pull session at the end, going up through neck and skull. I was exhausted. Then higher-self took over and I went beyond myself for several super human body pulls, stretching up into the shoulder, neck and head. Then strong energy flooded my body and I thought it was over. My head crackles and I am tired.

    From 1:30 to 2:30 pm, I did another round of labor-like intense body pulls. From 2:30 to 4 pm, there was strong energetic rotation in my hard palate and jaws. Then my mouth stayed opened wide and I felt an energy circuit form between tailbone and center of the hard palate up back of spine while the sphenoid turned. After this circuit formed, there were many strong body pulls through the skull. Now energy moves down in freefall and builds in root chakra. As the freefall sensation gets stronger, I feel like pure energy.

    From 4:05 to 7:30 pm, I did a sitting session with legs to front. An energy circuit formed vertically between the pubic symphysis and the top of the head up front of body. A strong growing reaction starts. It has been thirteen-and-a-half hours without rest. I have not eaten yet. I had to do another skull crunching session, it was not what I wanted and I cried. I cannot give up the notion this will finish soon. The last round of skull work opened the jaws. The right mandible can activate the left shoulder girdle and vice versa. With this connection, there is a muscular cross pull, creating a stronger ability to do work in the body.

    From 9 to 9:45 pm, I did a freestyle session and folded quick to a position on my back with a strong growing reaction. Eating was not a good idea. The muscle in lower abdomen becomes like a flattened taut balloon, I feel it is used to propel the twisting stretches upward in the body. It feels foreign to me. It is not the uterus; it is the entire abdomen from the inguinal canals over to pubic symphysis and up to under the diaphragm. (This may be due to enervation of the fascia sheet that covers the abdomen.) It gets stronger with each body pull. At 11 pm, the growing phase started.

    Handy items: This is partly a joke and partly serious. 1. Vaseline for chapped lips and from stretching the mouth wide. 2. A big yoga pad or futon for rolling around on preferably covered in silk. 3. A squatting stool with a pot underneath and bars on the wall to hold onto.

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