Chapter 17: Spine And Sphenoid Circuits, Body Pulls

    Frontal Bone Opens, Energy Circuit Down Spine, Rib Cage Release

    August 13: Energy Circuit Down Spine

    I slept well. More energy works in my body than usual. From 7:30 to 9:30 am, I did a sun session with some spine stretches and mostly skull work. Energy went around edge of frontal bone, stretching it with many crackly crunchy sounds. Then work shifted to right TMJ area. I think the entire right side of my skull is compressed like the shoulder. All skull work relates to making an adjustment near the wormian bones. I see the same patterns and new circle patterns around the sutures. Ratcheting movement still happens with bob of head, turning it a little each time with wide-open mouth and hard palate stretching. Several times, strong waves of energy went to root chakra after energy circuits formed in skull. It appears neuron growth expansion continues and more connections are made between root and crown chakra. It seems the end of the spine is located at whorl at back skull where the wormian bones are. This main energy center seems to connect directly to the circular round pattern of the hard palate.

    From 9:50 to 11 am, the TMJ released and the skull stretches apart and loosens, but the crunching is difficult. Most skull work has been in right side. Energy worked long in the shoulder crook and there was a large release of trapezious muscle in both directions. I think after the TMJ’s rotate energetically, a connection will form with them and the wormian bones as the anchor point. Then a big circle of energy will form from there going down the body.

    From 11:10 am to 1:15 pm, I did a sun session. I feel like I am melting. An energy circuit formed between the skull and tailbone, like a first meeting. After this, there were many skull movements and bone crunching and I cried like a baby. It felt like the TMJ’s were loosening. Then energy worked strongly down the spine with pulling and twisting in muscles along neck, back, shoulders, and hips. There were several loud cracks, one at top of skull and one in neck, where afterward the neck released much. The arm still feels to be in the wrong position with a tight band under it going across the chest. Probably I will have to do some crazy maneuvers to open that up. The energy is very high, I am not sure I can calm this down.

    From 2 to 3 pm, I did an easy freefall session with much ligament snapping and pops. There was a big skull movement, where it felt it glided over to a new position. A strong growing reaction continued until 8 pm, with activity in TMJ’s, hips and skull. It has been a nice break. When I lay down, a huge energy arose and it felt like my entire body enervated and the energy kept increasing. Near the end, it felt like my skull and lower skeleton were aligned as a single unit.

    From 9 to 11 pm, I did a freestyle session, talk about power yoga! I folded to the floor with crunching in shoulder. The rib cage released by chest, before it felt like it was compressed under the shoulder. Several ribs, the scapula, and the clavicle held it in place. The tight cord that went under clavicle to upper neck released. The neck and trapezious feels free, it was compacted in there and feels great now. The energy keeps building and I feel waves of energy descend in the body every time something releases.

    cord at back of neckI did another session before going to bed. There was a tight cord behind the neck, which caused excruciating pain when it was worked. When it released, it was like a rubber band popping. All the muscles in the dark triangle region in my shoulder were twisted in a big knot (see figure). When the large muscles release, the bones release too.

    Release Of Muscle Under Jaw, Skull Connects To Tailbone

    August 14: Spontaneous Orgasm, Light Explosion, Sphenoid Wing Release

    I woke with tension in shoulder crook, but none in skull, a nice break. From 6:30 to 7 am, I sat and I felt much energy coiling out of the trapezious muscle with many ligament snaps. It felt good.

    mandible cordFrom 8:30 to 10:30 am, I did a sun session. There was work in shoulder crook, around cranium bones and horizontal stretch from spine through scapula. Eventually there was a release. The energy was high and powerful with little pain. I was amazed to see the new fluidity of the skull bone and plate movements. Energy glides through energetic paths around the hard palate, eye orbits, temporal, mandible and all sutures. The ligament below the inside right mandible (dashed line in figure), was the source of the constant tugging under the right molar. Today it slipped from the underside over the top at B in the figure. What a relief! This might be the lateral pterygoid, probably in combination with medial pterygoid, which moves the mandible under molars and attaches to the sphenoid bone. Energy work in skull was down the lamboid suture, going back and forth on each side and repositioning the TMJ’s. There was much work by the wormian bones too. I think this will finish soon because there is increased energy and increasing skull articulation.

    From 11:15 am to 1:30 pm, I did a freestyle session that was like power yoga! It was a long session, which started easy and got harder at the end. I ended sitting with feet together and my spine was turning a small amount and ratcheting in a circular pattern. After that, the spine was straight and all the twisted energy held in the cord of personality went out the top of my head. I am sore now. Near the end I was blanking out, I could have stayed like that a long time but I wanted to stop.

    From 2 to 4:30 pm, the growing reaction started and I rested. From 4:30 to 5:30 pm, I did a stretch with rising sexual energy. I am exhausted now. It does not look like this is going to finish soon. I am starting all over with everything.

    From 6:15 to 8:15 pm, the energy does not let up. While sitting there are strong neck movements, and I feel I cannot stop them. I did a meditation on the crystals outside, where I focused on the energetic vibration in my body. What you pay attention to grows; it was exactly what I needed. Some head and shoulder work occurred, with energy building in root chakra.

    From 8:15 to 8:45 pm, when I came inside there was a strong spontaneous orgasm and after this, waves of energy were sent up the spine to the head. Then there were different reactions. The tailbone activated and energy moved up spine with spontaneous shoulder and head stretches. After this, my head was aligned straight with the tailbone and held in place with it. Then I felt an intense piercing line of energy move down on the right side of tailbone. After this, light exploded all over my body and was darting around. This grew in intensity to where there was excruciating pain everywhere, especially in the head. Then I felt work in spine and right rib cage. Next, there was an energy fill from pelvis down legs. After this, energy moved up and starting working in head and TMJ’s. I need a break.

    From 9 to 11 pm, sitting I hear cracking noises. I feel like I am melting, gravity is pulling me down and I am sleepy. The main work was in the skull and it was amazing. First, a ligament snapped near the temple. Perhaps it separated the zygmatic from the frontal bone. Energy worked a long time in this area near the sphenoid wing. After this, there were stretches through the face. It felt different because a large band under my jaw moved out and over. I cannot remember everything. After this were shoulder moves. Near the end, there was a loud thud as my entire jaw moved back toward my head. I kept blanking out, like sleeping while something was worked. Then I would suddenly awaken, do a stretch and blank out again. This happened about ten times. At 11:20, I went to bed and the gravity feeling returns. I hope I can sleep and awake transformed.

    Skull Flexion & Extension, Many Spine Circuits, Skull & Pelvic Vortices

    August 15: Barrage Of Tones, Neurons Firing, Powerful Freestyle

    compressed bodyI fell asleep quickly and slept well, the growing reaction is strong. From 6 to 6:30 am, I did a freestyle session with many releases. From 7 to 9 am, I did a sun session with mostly spine and skull work. The sexual energy is strong. From 9 to 11 am, I did a lying session with work on neck and head crunches. There were strong spinal stretches with pulling apart of shoulder, hips and neck on right. After this, the spine opened and felt powerful like a strong snake. It seems my body is compressed on one side with a large curve (see figure).

    From 11 am to 1 pm, for a half hour I sat and energy worked in spine from tailbone on up which felt great. Then I did a spinal stretch. At 1:30 pm, while sitting I felt a sharp pain in the right side of my head and it felt strange like higher-self is taking over. I can barely lift the pen to write, my hand feels glued to the table. Energy prickles are starting here and there, my head hurts and I hear crackles in it. In the last week, I can keenly feel the extension and flexion head movements and the pulsing of the dura mater. My face is squished then expands out to the ears.

    From 1:40 to 3:40 pm, spinal energy circuits formed between skull and tailbone that get stronger each time. This time there was much firing of neurons with high-pitched tones sounding one after the other. I felt strong tingling and vortex of energy in the pelvic bowl and at top of head. I felt strong muscular actions going down along the sides of the spine. When the inner sounds were intense, there was the deepest blue and galaxy view in the 3rd eye. I thought, this is it, it has finished. I could barely feel any pain anywhere in my body. I want that. Some pain returned with neck alignment and lower back and hip work. My neck is sore.

    The entire session felt like tension was flowing out of my body through my skull from the articulation path that was worked. Lot’s of tension released from the right TMJ. In the session, my body moved but I kept my head relaxed with mouth open and relaxed jaws and not thinking. It seems I am coming alive. The skull and pelvic bowl vortices get stronger each day. Most work was deep in skull, now energy works by the right temple.

    From 6:25 to 8:15 pm, I did a freestyle session noticing a huge increase in body power. I stayed standing most of the time. I wanted to stand, because I am tired of rolling around on the ground. The force in the spine was so strong that it was difficult to go against it to stay standing. I kept at it, took the copper ring and raised it over my head to the ceiling. I felt the spine responding. I kept stretching and then felt strong power in my body. For about forty minutes I stretched though all the twisted areas and felt tension releasing through cranium bones. Some of this work was done on the floor to release tension from the hip. When on ground there was shoulder and TMJ work and head crunching. Once, it seemed the upper part of the skull moved. After this energy moved down and worked in maxillae and mandible for a long time. Next was a long time of ratcheting the jaws to the left, and moving my head along the line of sutures around the temporal bone on right.

    From 9 to 10 pm, crackles in head start with rising sweat. I worked the toe meridians with acupressure for about twenty minutes, and then stretched in TMJ’s and shoulders with much ligament snapping. Finally, I did a freestyle session and now I am exhausted.

    Pelvic Pushes, New Circuits, Bones Release, Hormone Release

    August 16: Spine, Hard Palate, And Clavicle To Sternum Circuits

    I went to bed early and slept well. From 4:30 to 6:30 am, I did a freestyle session. There was constant ligament snapping concentrated in cervical spine and mandible. An energy spiral formed across the mandible, down the sides of neck and around shoulder girdle. Most physical movements were counterclockwise (looking down), around my body. My mind is quieter than usual and my energy is high. Energy builds in the root chakra and a strong energy cord comes up the spine, like a long snake with a big ball on the end. I feel warm and tingly all over.

    From 6:30 to 8 am, I did a freestyle stretch down to floor, with work in spine and hip. After this there were intense pelvic pushes, it was difficult like when you strain for a bowel movement, the entire body was involved. This repeated about twenty-five times, and seemed to have the effect to open the hips and lower back. Next, I felt ratcheting movements in right pubic area. After this, I was sitting still and felt energy in the root chakra grow. Then I felt strong pressure on the spine and the body was held in various positions with small adjustments between positions. Much energy released from the spine in various places.

    At the end, a strong energy circuit formed from tailbone to skull and I was freezing cold. It is difficult to remember all the details. Thirty minutes later, I am still cold, with goose bumps all over my body. From 8:20 to 9:30 am, I did a sun session to warm up. Starting out, the shivers continued and my head began to hurt with the crackly sounds and the groin was tingling. Mostly I was in a hold with my head cocked slightly to the right, while skull work occurred in right sphenoid wing and on back of the head (in same line as in front), where I felt intense pain. This was not comfortable but the sun helped. After the hold, skull bone movements increased and I felt the cord under my jaw release.

    Then I started crying uncontrollably while there were strong twisting movements of facial bones. I felt the sobs going down to the root chakra, each sob racking my body and fueling the kundalini pump and sending energy up the spine to do this ‘feat of engineering’ in the skull. After this, I felt a huge energy ball form above the hard palate and this strong force started pummeling the left side of the head. It was like rays of energy going out from a center doing the entire half of my left skull. This did not hurt at all.

    Next energy went into right skull and TMJ, and then went down neck to shoulder tops and sternum. Then energy went through the cord of personality path, filled with fine energy threads that felt to be burning the flesh. Each muscle stretch had these threads of energy burning through them. Energy was moving down the sternum toward the root chakra. That was the hardest skull session so far.

    From 10 to 12 am, energy was in the neck and I started sweating. Energy worked there for a long time with many snaps in the cervical spine that felt good, but lasted forever. Then larger body movements happened which included the shoulders, neck and head together. When the first bone released it felt strange. The bone released with a thud sound and when it released I had the sensation I had no flesh. This started in the cranium bones, moved down neck and then into the shoulder girdles. Each bone released with a thud all the way down. I feel strange, like a skeleton coming alive. Then energy went back to work on the twist in the shoulder. My bones hurt and I am tired. Much energy released from the right shoulder crook.

    From 12:10 to 1:30 pm, the energy does not let up. There was difficult work especially in the neck and shoulders. Now strong energy works in the spine. I am sore. 1:40 pm, now there is a freefall and my right arm released! There were many shoulder stretches with the tissue stretching up the back of the head with all the ligaments connected to the TMJ’s. There were several strong pulling stretches in sacrum and between the shoulder blades by spine and right scapula. Several times, my spine elongated, so much that I felt the couch was shrinking. Then there was a big pop at C7, and energy connected across shoulder girdles to TMJ’s and started moving through its patterns. Then energy went up to skull and now comes down with several snaps.

    From 1:45 to 3:30 pm, head crackles start again. I tried to lie down and rest. A strong reaction occurs with much neuron growth, even in my hands. Then there was head surgery for about thirty minutes where I was blanked out. Then head crunching and a big shift to move all the bones of skull to the other side, up or down or something. Once, it felt like my shoulder joints were inside my mouth. It was painful and hard to endure because I am tired. The work was concentrated on TMJ’s, shoulders and shoulder crook.

    From 5:10 to 7:10 pm, there was more shoulder, skull and right TMJ work and back of neck crunching. The left side of my body filled with energy and it felt like I was melting. It seems huge energy is waiting on both sides of a blockage to make a connection. I am tired.

    clavicle sternum connectionsFrom 7:20 to 8:30 pm, I was outside sitting with feet on crystals with skull crunching the entire time. Energy worked on pathways with both sides of head together, leaving no path untouched. Near the end, something popped over the mandible knob of TMJ toward the cheekbone. This was physically tiring work, with many crunchy noises. Then energy moved down to sternum and radiated from the U shape made between the clavicles, in a half circle making new energy circuits (see figure). Then there was crunching in neck, rib cage and shoulder.

    When I was lying, I heard a pop like a bag of liquid under pressure was spilling fluid into the right side of the skull. I thought a hormone was released in a large quantity, maybe it was oxytocin. There were several sounds later in that area, like aspiration of air, with periodic small puff outs. Lately, in the wavy growing phase my legs jump, like the reflex response when the nerve by the kneecap is hit with a hammer.

    Body Pulls, Tailbone To Hard Palate Vortex, Two Alien Beings

    August 17: Many Joint & Vertebrae Circuits Form

    From 1:30 to 3:40 am, I woke with intense pressure in shoulder crook and hip so I had to stretch. Tension released and work shifted to cranium bones and shoulder. Energy circuits formed between shoulder girdles, skull and TMJ’s. When I was sitting, the upper body was making large circular stretches. This action continued until the head felt like it was smooth and elastic with the shoulders. Next, I had the urge to stretch the side. Shortly after this energy rose from the tailbone with pressure that filled the body and rose up into the skull. The pressure felt similar to the sensation you have when you strain to make a bowl movement. I went with the sensation and allowed my body to relax and it felt like my spine was straightening as the energetic stretch rose in one strong movement. I was making loud groaning sounds and my tongue was hanging out, while movement after movement happened in rapid succession. (I call this stretch through upper spine a Neck Stretch.) I felt ligament releases in the neck and the TMJ. After this there were a few lighter stretches working in sides of the body. It felt like being born and dying at the same time.

    From 4:45 to 5:45 am, there were spontaneous head and shoulder throws involving the upper body, with loud sounds in skull bones and I was making gagging sounds in the throat, interspaced with freefall periods between. During the throws, I was blanked out with the galaxy view. Perhaps this happened ten times. Then energy moved to skull and back down to sacrum. I have uterus cramps and my head hurts. I am tired, that was difficult.

    From 6 to 8:25 am, I went to bed when the growing phase started. Neurons are firing all over the body and concentrated energy works in the groin. The energy slowly made a circle in my spine and ended at the crown of the head. There was one short powerful stretch of the hard palate. Then I felt the energy of the spine connect in the middle of the hard palate. I must have blanked out, later I awoke feeling an energy vortex sucking out like a vacuum. I was dreaming much. There was a twist in the cervical spine with crackles. I did not open my mouth and barely moved; only I was tilting to the side. After that, I felt shivers as energy went down the entire spine and it felt as if I was sewn with needle and thread on both sides around each vertebrae in a crisscross pattern.

    Dream of helping hands: In one dream, I was lying meditating and two pairs of hands without bodies came to place them on me. At first, I jumped and was frightened. Then I felt they were trying to help so I lay back down and said, “Okay, thanks”. Getting up, I hope the dream is real, I would love some help at this point.

    From 8:30 to 10:15 am, I did a sun session and worked hard to relax and allow head work. While doing this, I felt an outside pressure was assisting, as if I was receiving help. As the skull moved to the right, there was a crack in the upper back. After this energy was released across shoulder tops, and then there were powerful cervical spine movements and muscular shoulder moves, in an eggbeater fashion. This opened the shoulder crook and TMJ’s, and was followed by a round of head crunches. Then energy went down the spine and into the hips, with energetic rotation in hips and TMJ’s simultaneously. It surprised me to see this energetic rotation connection between the TMJ’s and hips. Then there was more skull work and I got out of the sun!

    From 10:20 am to Noon, there were more openings with neck stretches. Then I did a long session with head, TMJ and shoulder work. I intuited that the work going on now is making a change of structure in how the shoulder girdle, TMJ’s and skull work together, to allow a more freely moving skull. From this insight, my resolve increased and I allowed the weird rearrangement of the facial bones. My mandible was pulled up and over the top of the maxillae on both sides. The hard palate was worked much as well the other cranium bones. There were energetic rotations around the head and energy circuits formed between the TMJ’s through the mouth. Then energy circuits formed from the TMJ’s to the shoulders. I feel free from the waist on up, but my head hurts.

    From 12 to 2 pm, while lying on my stomach, there were many simultaneous strong pelvic pushes and neck stretches, where I though my head would explode. (I call this phenomena body pulls.) It reminded me of labor when giving birth. Slowly the bones opened. I am tired, that was difficult!

    From 2:15 to 4:15 pm, a hundred energy balls came went down from the top of spine to the tailbone, doing work on the way with snapping sounds. This happened about three times and was intense and not comfortable. Then I blanked out while skull work was done. Coming to, there were bone movements in the TMJ’s. Work then was in shoulder, neck & TMJ’s, and I felt a cord slip over the mandible again. After this, there were several spine adjustments with energy zooming up and down. Next, all the energy coalesced as a big vortex in the center of the brain. Looking up in top of head with eyes closed, I saw intense blue with galaxy view and saw tiny pinpoints of lights firing.

    From 5 to 7 pm, there was a long growing phase where my body feels more electrified every time, and then head and TMJ work. There was opening of frontal, sphenoid and zygmatic bones down the line of the face. Then the lamboid suture opened and it felt like the cord moved in that path, under the occipital and up and under the jaw. It wears me out doing these movements on my back. Most work is focused on center of hard palate and sphenoid. From 7 to 8 pm, I did rolling around stretches and some body pulls.

    From 9 to 10:40 pm, I decided to sit still and surrender, and allow tension to release. A change occurred in the growing phase, but I cannot recall what it was. My body got very hot two times. The energy went up and down the spine a few times, and then I felt increased swirling action in hips. Then there were spinal stretches upward with cracking sounds and the sensation I was getting bigger each time. Meanwhile the energy in root chakra was building, and then there were pelvic pushes. My body and arms have the heavy gravity feeling making it difficult to write.

    From 10:50 pm to midnight, I did a freestyle session. Soon after I started, my body lined up on the right side. It felt like there was a straight cord of energy going though all the joints on right side. I never felt this so strong and straight before. Next energy was released all along this line and as it did so, there was pain. I saw that this released energy was moving down to the root chakra and was building there, as if a conversion process occurred. I decided to lie there and allow it to pass. It felt like my body shrunk as the cord of personality grew shorter. For a long time, there was intense pain at the back of the head. Near the end I blanked out, then woke and did a few more head, shoulder and neck movements. I fell asleep to the strong wavy growing reaction in the root chakra. Whew, what a day!

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