Parietals Open, Burning Streaks Through Shoulders

    August 6: Huge Force On Spine, Blanking Out & Brain Flashes

    I slept long. The shoulder relaxes and I feel an opening in the TMJ and hip. I did a two-hour sun session, with work in shoulder and skull. The shoulders, TMJ’s, cranium bones, rib cage, clavicle and scapula all loosen more. Near the end, it seemed the work with TMJ’s was to align them through the back of the head through the shoulder joints, mandible and occipital bone.

    mandible looseningNow, the two halves of the parietals rotate up and down with a marching rhythm (see figure). The center point of movement is the wormian bones. The shoulders are moving with this too. The lamboid suture line across the back of the head is loosening, which helps to loosen the occipital bone.

    In the last weeks, it feels like sprinkles fall on my skin from the sky. (I call this external rain.) I always look up to see if there are clouds, but there are none in the desert. It localized on the left side of my face and shoulder.

    I did a two-hour acupressure session, working the urinary bladder & gallbladder meridians. The shoulder opens with burning streaks all over it, especially in front by clavicle and at top of shoulder-arm joint. I have been doing some amazing twists through the spine. When the sessions get too difficult physically, I stop and work meridians. The meridian work builds an energetic charge in muscles along a path in the body, which later will be physically stretched. This makes it easier to open the areas with the boost in energy. The general order of my sessions is meridian work (build energy), stretch (do the work) and then freefall (relaxation/growing phase). When tension builds, I start over.

    In the afternoon, I did a freestyle session with much crunching in spine and skull and at end sexual energy rose to the skull. The stretch was fast; it seems the entire spine is opening. During the session, I heard loud melodic inner sound and something loosened in the right TMJ area. The energy in the spine is powerful like a big snake working its way down, smoothing all the twists. My legs and arms activate and grow tingly.

    Later for two hours, I did acupressure on all toe acupoints at once and the energy was so strong I could not believe it. It felt like I was being ironed out. Next, I was lying on back with head, neck, spine and shoulder crunches. My right shoulder was on fire with streaks of pain going through it many times; I felt this a little on the left shoulder too.

    I did three more sessions before retiring. There was work deep in neck on right side, this was one of the most painful areas so far, but it did not last long. I am sore in many places. I did an acupressure session and fell asleep while doing it. I woke because the energy is too high, making sleep difficult and did another session. I felt pressure building all over the skeleton. I relaxed and felt a huge force and my mind blanked out, like seeing stars while I was pressed on. Something moved, but I am not sure what. A little later, it happened again, with deep pain in my right thighbone, then pain in the hips and the blank out sensation. After this, I had to stretch the upper shoulder, now my head hurts again.

    Insight about external rain symptom: I think this is due to intense heat generating internally. Then pressurized water squirts out of the skin pours, with the sprinkling effect. Right after the external rain, I sweat profusely all over the head combined with active skull bone movements. It is strange how it seems to fall from the sky.

    Elastic Sheets In Skull

    August 7: Sacrum Release, Puff Outs, Tooth Powder, Numb Legs

    I finally fell asleep, slept well and woke with a stupid dream. There was much tension in the neck and skull so I immediately did a freestyle session. Energy focused on opening the hips. I lowered into each hip, feeling the sacrum opening and the hip joint loosening. Then I lay down on my back. Immediately there was a crunch and the sacrum dropped closer to the floor. From 8 to 10 am, I did a sun session with much sweating. At first, there was much work in the spinal column and hips. Next, strong energy radiated upward from the tailbone rippling into the large muscles on back and chest in front. Next there was work in shoulder, neck and head, with a neck release from the right shoulder. There were alarming spontaneous stretches through the head and upper shoulders; it felt like bone sliding against bone, moving rapidly around with not too much resistance.

    There were stretchy pulls across the bottom row of teeth and the entire face, doing both sides at once. I felt this work had to be done from the back through the spine, and it was all centering on the wormian bones. A change would be made in the right TMJ, then energy moved up to the wormian bones, then a shift, then down to the left TMJ and lower bones, then back up to the wormian bones, etc. I felt pulling of muscles along either side of neck. Near the end, the TMJ’s felt more aligned.

    My mind goes quiet quickly into the session. I think the second brain flash last night may have changed the brain. Although the work is difficult, I feel good because I see progress.

    From 1 to 2:30 pm, I did a freestyle session. The hip opened more and there was twisting and stretching spinal work, until the energy moved up to some muscle or ligament in the right side of my neck at the base of the occipital bone. Then tension was applied to this area and when it let loose, it felt to be a significant release, because after this there were releases in the hip, shoulder, neck and skull.

    At 5:30 pm, I went for a walk and before I got back, I had a bad gallbladder attack. I was belching strong and my ribs hurt. I think it is because my rib cage and spine are near to release. When I got back, I did an acupressure session right away working all toe meridians on both feet.

    From 6 to 7 pm, the session was amazing, the energy is fast and strong, it seems like one loop inside and I did not feel pain. The energy worked the skull as a unit. It felt like the skull was in motion owing to muscular action and strong elastic sheets. I had the sensation this was reshaping my head. There were many adjustments in the skull and up and down through my body. Many times, I smelled the scent of tooth powder. There were many adjustments in the maxillae and mandible. Then the shoulders were worked similar to the skull with many movements and more work in left shoulder this time. There was high body heat with sweat and external rain during the skull and neck work and my legs kept going numb. I felt that all muscle tension in the body was released when these actions finished. As I sit here, I feel sporadic energy puffs and I hear the marching music strong.

    From 7:15 to 8 pm, I did a freestyle session. Energy moved down and there was much pain in the front of the rib cage near the liver. It was difficult to stretch into this area. Soon the rib cage released, then tension released from the trapezious muscle in the shoulder, which felt great. Then harder work started with crunching in shoulders, hips, rib cage and TMJ’s simultaneously.

    From 9 to 10:45 pm, I did a strong freestyle stretch, but soon it was back to bone crunching in skull. There was work on ligament behind neck near occipital on right. It seems this ligament works to slip up and over another bone. From 11 pm to 12:30 am, I was in the most excruciating tension hold on that ligament for over an hour. That hurt and it still does not budge. Later, there was work on the hip while lying with it open, which takes me back to the early days. Finally, the hip relaxed but then I could barely rise. I am sore all over. I fell asleep quickly.

    Maxillae Bone Moves In Ratchet Fashion

    August 8: Work In Mandible, Hard Palate & Top Of Neck Near Atlas

    I slept well. I had much tension and did a session immediately. From 6 to 6:30 am, I worked all the toe meridians. I went until the hips activated and my legs started to straighten. Lately, I cannot reach my toes, so I activate my legs physically by grabbing the floor with my toes and lifting the heels off the ground and putting pressure on the balls of the feet. I went until the freefall was over and head crunching started. It feels too early for that and I wonder if it is necessary to keep going like this. When I stopped, I felt the freefall sensation. This feels like I am supported by a huge energy and ‘behind’ the path my body falls through I feel gentle snaps repeatedly. That lasted about two minutes, then back to crunching. It appears there is no way to avoid the harder physical work. I just felt a crunchy snap and release in the left TMJ.

    From 6:30 to 9:30 am, I did a sun session and something opened in the neck. I had to stretch each side of my head, then letting it flop down in all positions. I guess this is about loosening the atlas or occipital bone. It was difficult at first and I heard the one word, “Relax”. Then I went into a breathing pattern for the entire session. Inhale, rise and move with the energy and exhale, fall, relax and sink down. At times, there was intense pain in the skull, and I shifted my focus to feeling energy in the root chakra to help me get through it. I was dizzy when I rose from the strong rotation inside my body.

    From 10 to 11:30, I did a sitting session with “head surgery”, where you stay very, very, still, and have the sensation that you are healing your own mind. With eyes closed and head straight, I look with both eyes turned as far to the right as possible, which helps to stop my thinking quickly. Then I feel and observe where the energy is working in my head. I think the mind must be completely still to allow energy to change certain brain areas. These holds with work in the head, seem to be the first stage of removing a body blockage, and later the area related to it is stretched in the body physically. Usually three passes or more are made through an area like this, and then you move on to the next.

    There was work on the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the mandible. It seems the ends of ligaments are rolling over the joints. Later I was lying and there was work on the mandible with many passes over the maxillae from right to left, moving it every time a micron. This happened with my head tipped back, rocking on the wormian bones while lying on my back. It felt like the roof of the mouth and the wormian bones in the back of skull are directly connected to each other. There were wide-open mouth moves and cracks in the mandible joints and I felt a tendon or ligament move under the jaw.

    At 11:45, I felt cold so I went into the sun for fifteen minutes. It was relaxing, I felt like I was melting. After ten minutes, the right shoulder started popping and like a coiled snake shot out to the right. After this, there were more releases in the body.

    From 12:30 to 3 pm, I did stretching sessions. First, the shoulder and spine stretched and I was sobbing like a baby, then there was back work and head surgery. There was work on ligament under lower right molar that took quite some gymnastics to move it. At the end I could barely get off the floor, I feel stiff and sore all over.

    From 4 to 6:30 pm, I tried to lie down and rest but it was impossible, there was more work on that muscle under the jaw. It felt like the hard palate was remade, there were many stretches through it. This transformation seems endless and it does not get easier. I do not know what to do to accelerate this or to live with it. I took a walk and there is much tension again. I feel like crying and I feel alone with this. I want to know how much longer and no answer comes. I would quit if I could. From 7:30 to 9:30 pm, the session was difficult and now I am exhausted. There was work at base of neck near atlas, with several pops deep in the skull. From 9:30 to 11 pm, I did acupressure on the toe meridians.

    Skull Plates Move Together, Both Sides Of Spine Open, I Will Take Over

    August 9: Energy Balls At Skull Base, New Opening On Both Sides Of Spine

    The energy never settled and I rose three times in the night to stretch. From 7:30 to 9:30 am, I did a sun session with much skull work. I watched closer to try to ascertain what is occurring. I observed small movements along the sutures, gentle stretches in neck and through all the bones of the skull and the hyoid bone. Then the skull plates started to move as a group together, and then there was a searing pain in the right side of the skull, which lasted about a minute. After this, energy increased substantially and all skull plates started moving together again. I imagined the skull plates are like a shell, which floats on the surface of the brain. All this movement was centered on the mandible and working to align the TMJ joints. I do not believe this is the end goal, only the hardest part to do because all plates have to be free to reposition the jaws.

    I was sitting there thinking sometimes I feel good and sometimes not, and it was as if another voice chimed in and said, “I will take over soon.” That startled me, but I knew it was truth speaking. The transformation is easier when higher-self takes over, so I hope it is true.

    From 9:30 to 12 am, I gave acupressure to toe meridians for about thirty minutes, then sitting. There was much difficult skull work. I observed the same movements with the skull plates, first a few loosen, then groups of plates move together and it is as if the entire skull adjusts. Looking near, the large strong movement is hundreds of finer muscle movements combined into one. This grouping of energy gives the strength to manifest the change in the body. If I look at any larger movement this way, I can detect the millions of tiny muscle movements that make it up.

    The session then changed to fast spontaneous head movements. After the head moved around much, then I felt the energy in the head connect to the left spine and move down. Once arriving at the tailbone, my hips released on both sides and melted as they flooded with energy. Then energy moved back up left side and I felt energy balls all over the bottom edge of the skull in back. This served to move the cranium bones even more. Once I felt all the body tension had left, and thought that is it, here I am. Hahaha. There was a strong snap behind lower right molar and several loud pops along side of spine by right scapula, as well one under the scapula in the lower back.

    From 12:30 to 2 pm, when I started, sexual energy was strong and eventually was released and rose up the spine. After this, there were many spontaneous head movements with skull crunching and spontaneous stretches up spine through skull joints. After this, something opened in the right mandible and energy went down the right spine. When it reached the tailbone there was work in right hip, and then energy went up on right side of spine with energy balls at base of skull, like it had before with left spine. Then the energy went down the spine and when at the tailbone, the energy started working in sacrum, right hip and mid back. Then the skull work was calm. After that, there were spontaneous stretches in spine up through skull. My spine grows powerful, it is much like a coiled serpent, and I can see how it gets that name. It is not like the pictures with a snake around the spine, instead the spine and skull as a unit is the snake, it is more like the shape of a tadpole or a sperm cell.

    From 2 to 9:30 pm, there was intense crunching in spine, head, neck, shoulders and body in freestyle and sitting sessions. There were spinal twists and work on C7. The work in the shoulder was difficult. Later, it felt like super strong energy was remaking my skull, while I sat in the center, barely feeling anything. This lasted hours. Later, I was back on floor and physically crunching again, with focus on right shoulder. The big energy was gone and I was on my own. I think this sudden burst of strong energy is owing to new neuron growth in a localized area of the body and after that work is done, it is like new channels open, and energy rushes in and joins other channels creating the big surge in energy. After an event like this, the energy moves down to the tailbone and another round starts. My head hurts now.

    From 10:30 to 11:30 pm, there were rapid spontaneous movements again; I was in outer space, until it got to the shoulder. I felt the right hip fill with energy as the left leg did last week. My right shoulder is a mess, I am very sore.

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