Change In Brain Stem, Body Can Move Spontaneously

    August 10: Energy Circuits In Spine, Hard Palate Stretched Apart

    nerve changes in back6am: I slept long. One side of my head hurts a little. I had much body tension so I did a session immediately. From 6:30 to 9:30 am, I did a sun session. The main work was in the shoulder, neck and the TMJ. The upper neck through the skull felt alive and the right hip strongly energetically rotates. The healing is moving down and I have to continue to go through the solid material. I guess what I am observing is increasing levels of energetic vibration, owing to dendrite growth of the neurons. Always the area above where work is currently done in the body has higher energy overall. Each pass through the spine, makes stronger neuron connections all over the body. I felt neuron growth in waves in sections across right side of upper spine and back (see figure).

    Insight about expanding nervous system changes: I think the energy whorls I felt when this started were due to nerve cell changes. I think this neural growth has been going on since this started. Now transformation accelerates because of the neuron connections that have been made, it is like the snowball effect. I think the energy circuits that are forming are stronger neural connections. It is all moving toward the goal to make the body and mind as one ‘light filled’ unit.

    Vision of brain stem: When I was in the sun session, an image came to me, sort of like a mushroom growing out of the ground. Looking up the image on the Internet, I felt this image most closely resembled the picture of the brain stem. I thought this is what was worked on. If so, I know things will pick up, because this structure controls the motor and sensory pathways between the brain and the body. I think about how the vision, color and light of the eyes are related to the cones of the eyes. Greater neuron connections between them and brain would then make vision more intensely colored and one could probably see at night. This explains the momentary reaction of intense colors and vision. I guess it is like the other symptoms, a new neuron connection is made, you feel a momentary effect and it fades. I think many of all these healing reactions are likely owing to changes in the neural structure. I wonder why this image was relayed to me. At the time, I took it as a message to stay still and unidentified to allow some critical change to be made in the mind. Perhaps it might be an answer to explain a difference in how my body will soon react.

    From 10:30 to 12 am, I did a freestyle session, folding quickly down to floor, then on back, mostly with work on the TMJ’s in skull, neck and shoulders, with head tipped back on point of wormian bones. There were many side-to-side movements of the head. I think the brain stem image is telling me I can now let go of body control and it will move spontaneously. Indeed, when I let go of body control, my head started moving spontaneously with jerks in a ratchet fashion, back and forth and left to right many times. My part in this was sitting in center. I cannot believe its noon already. My body is more energetic and stronger each time. The head, neck, and shoulder movements feel like a continuous stretching elastic sheet, it is fluid and smooth. I felt a drop in the left shoulder when something released between it and the left TMJ. I feel cold after these sessions.

    From 12 to 1 pm, I did a sun session to warm up. There were ligament snaps along the entire cord of personality line. The sun was giving me energy. I was sweating heavy the entire time. From 1:10 to 2:30 pm, I did a session that did not meet my expectations and feel disappointed. Right away, I was on my back with work behind neck, shoulders and TMJ’s (arch work) most of the time. There was a period of about thirty minutes of intense head pain. I think this occurs when there is a big shift in all the cranium bones. This has happened a few times. Then there was a hold with head in arched position, with wormian bones on ground, for about thirty minutes, with about three small adjustments in position. Doing this there was no pain and no thoughts, I was blanked out. I could sense energy coursing very fast up and down my body in all parts, seemingly making new energy circuits in the spinal column. After this, I was back doing arch work again. I quit! I am eating. I am finished with this!

    From 2:30 to 4:30 pm, there was so much tension that I could not relax, so I did a freestyle session. It was very physical and I went until I was exhausted. From 4:30 to 5:40 pm, I tried to sleep and blanked out for about thirty minutes. Then my body activated strongly, melting the right side of my face and energy rose with a huge force releasing tension from neck and then moved down. It is work now so I stop!

    From 8 to 10:15 pm, I feel miserable, I will try a session next of not moving. None of that worked, even the meridian work failed, I had to do ‘arch work’. Finally, the muscle stuck in the clavicle, neck and TMJ released, and then the head repositioned with the TMJ joint. There was a big crack near the top of my head and my hard palate was stretched to the max and pulled apart. It took over an hour. The muscles in the right TMJ joint somehow twisted. The left joint seemingly had to be aligned with the right, and the attaching shoulder muscles had to be pulled together. It was a complicated movement. I was grateful I did not have to know how to do it. Much tissue had to be opened in my body, to get to this area. I do pray this is behind me and I can now be rid of that irritating tugging on my jaw, neck and shoulder. It is strange this has been with me so long; I cannot tell if it is healed. The left TMJ still pops out and that irritating tugger is still there, so I presume I will have to endure more.

    Cranial Bones Shift As Group In Different Directions In Skull

    August 11: Head Snaps, Huge Energy Goes Down Spine, Nose Moves

    I slept well and woke with much tension in upper back, trapezious muscles, and with soreness in TMJ area. Last night there was a strong growing reaction all over my body. I saw sparkles of light in the air, which look like dust particles or insects, backlit from the sun. I never noticed that so pronounced before. I pray for relief of this neck and skull tension.

    working sequenceIn figure C, pallette is misspelled, and should be hard palate, or the palatine portion, which forms the anterior half of the hard palate, or the roof of the mouth.

    From 6:30 to 10:30 am, I did meridian work for about an hour and then a sun session. After substantial work in shoulder and neck, I felt energy whorls all over after the meridian work. Then the work started in the head. It is strange how the skull changes. The jaw muscles loosen which is not difficult. A few times, there was intense burning pain between the nose and cheekbone and above my crooked teeth in right maxillae. I observed many amazing things. The coronal suture was fully open, and all the bones were shifting to the left, ratchet style, around a circle in my head, which connected somehow with the mandible (see B in figure).

    There was another circle (see A in figure) which moved all bones down in the same way, going through the palatine bones from back to front. The maxilla was moved under the cheekbones (see figure), below the nose with a ratchet action in the palatine bones. When I felt energy moving in rays on the hard palate, I felt the teeth shifting (see C in figure). The left incisor had a sharp pain in it. Then there was movement with the temporals going in circles, which affected the occipital and mandible, moving that part to the left. There were many ways that the bones moved in groups to shift the cranium bones. I watched as (A) would be done, then (B) and then (C). However, I do not recall the actual order. Occasionally the energy went down the neck, worked there, and came back up.

    There was much work on the cervical spine with snapping of the head to the chest. I presume this was done to loosen the neck vertebrae, especially at the junction of the neck and the occipital bone. After this, strong energy descended, stronger than I have ever felt. It felt like stronger neural connections were made at a higher level in the spine. This work went down to the tailbone, activated the pelvic bowl, and then went up the left side.

    From 11:20 am to 1 pm, I did a powerful freestyle session that moved many vertebrae. Then I did a sitting session where I felt tension release with much work in shoulder and skull. There were many cracks in the scapula, near C7 and T1. There were many loud cracks near the top of the head and much stretching of spine, opening of hip, and stretches and releases in the rib cage. It is fantastic how powerful this is. From 3:30 to 5 pm, I did a powerful freestyle session! I floated through most of it. At the end, there was skull work. This is amazing; I have no words to describe it.

    From 8:20 to 9:40 pm, there was work on skull and tension released from spine. I worked toe meridians first and then there was hard head, neck, and shoulder crunching. The mouth and hard palate were worked much stretching them the most so far. Once, my nose moved to my right and down all in one movement. My right arm released with much tingling after. There was burning in shoulders and back. From 9:55 to 11 pm, I did meridian work and then a long hold established. From 11 pm to 1 am, I did more crunching. I am exhausted, but regenerate quickly. There was an amazing stretch through my spine and full circle around the shoulders. Skull work continues. Before sleep, I felt neuron growth behind skull along both sides of cervical spine, for about thirty minutes.

    Insight about energy fills: I think the bursts of energy that suddenly fill an area with elongation, filling and melting sensations, may be due to an explosion of neural connections. An explosion happens, like a nuclear reaction when an energy block is opened and nerves meet nerves. These happen sporadically and quickly recede.

    Insight about oscillation loop with self-Reiki: Often I get exhausted with the sessions. I start with much power and it fades as I go. When I put my fingers on my toes, the vibration rises. Touching my body with my hands creates a loop in my body and acts like a ring oscillator. Knowing key acupoints is helpful when stretching is difficult because I can boost energy to those areas by using acupoint treatments.

    Skull Lifted Up Off Atlas

    August 12: Hard Palate Energy Circuits To Back Of Skull & Upper Back

    I slept long and got up once to stretch. From 8:30 to 10:30 am, I did a sun session. The skull work seems to have the purpose of fluid articulation of cranium bones. I observed the energetic path of work. It goes over coronal suture in right skull, then down squamosal suture and travels laterally to back of skull, then up lamboid suture to wormian bones, then reversing and going to right down lamboid suture, then tracing lower edge of temporal bone around ear, then traveling back up via the squamosal suture to the coronal suture again. This circular path was moving all those bones in a ratcheting fashion, and I presume the ones that articulate with them. This work occurred most of the time. The mandibles loosened with the other bones as a side-to-side joint movement, like an infinity sign pattern from ear to ear. I felt external rain and then there was a strong stretch of the right mandible and shoulder, which released something. Then energy worked behind skull on both sides of spine all the way down. After this, the skull lifted upward, like it separated from the atlas, and it felt like the skull moved to the left two notches. That was incredible!

    From 11:20 am to 1:45 pm, there was much skull work and tension released from the TMJ’s. There were many passes through maxillae and mandible. My face feels broken. I did a long freestyle session, following the point of light in my 3rd eye, trusting my body would follow my head movement. I did the entire session this way. I feel this is the key and what I need to do. At 5 pm, I went out and much tension rose and I had to return because my head felt ready to explode. From 5:10 to 7 pm, my hearing and sense of smell are amplified. Last night I smelled the backyard; it was rich, fragrant and interesting. A haiku comes

    The sound of leaves
    dancing on dry pavement
    signs of things to come.

    cord down front of faceI worked meridians and sat still while tension released from the neck. When stretches started, I did a freestyle session. It ended with skull work on the TMJ. The work was in the painful cord that runs inside the eye orbital, under the cheekbone, then across to the TMJ, down in neck toward back, ending by scapula near spine on right (see figure). The muscles and ligaments through the TMJ’s and shoulders on both sides, feel like they are on the wrong side of the bones. In the last move, the chest puffed out while lying with back and neck arched and somehow the shoulders were pulled upward. There were many passes through maxillae and mandible. It was difficult and now my head hurts.

    From 8:20 to 9:40 pm, there was a spontaneous stretch of my right arm and scapula, while lying on my left side. It felt like the shoulder was pulled apart. There was much cracking and snapping sounds on the muscles attached to the scapula when they loosened. After this a vertebrae in the spine released with a rubbery feeling and pop. After this, more things released. I felt a big shift in the skull and both jaw joints followed. It seemed something key went into position, like the sphenoid bone was centered. This was a difficult session. I am tired of this skull work, awkward positions and headaches.

    pallette slitFrom 10 to 11:20 pm, it was mostly jaw crunching. The right shoulder top opened and energy worked in the trapezious muscle for a long time. The rib cage released. There was a movement in the hard palate with pain in area of crooked teeth. It felt like a vertical slit opened and that is where it hurt (see figure, looking up at hard palate in mouth). It seemed an energy circuit was made from the hard palate directly to the back of the head. With each shift of the hard palate, this connection grew stronger. Near the end, there were energy movements down the back of the skull into the spine and shoulders that seemed to match each ray of the hard palate (one for each tooth).

    From 11:30 to 12 pm, there was release of tension energy again. I did meridian work until I blanked out. There were several strong snaky spine movements, working on twists in upper spine and neck. A huge energy came down the right side at the end.

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