Chapter 16: Skull Lift Off Atlas & Brain Stem Change

    Abdominal Muscle Pulsing & Contracting

    August 1: Rib Cage & Shoulder Release, Energy Moves Up & Down Spine

    I did seven hours of sessions this morning. It is like being in labor. I cannot stop this, it hurts to do it and it hurts not to do it. There were good releases in middle back, much work on right hip and a few interesting twists of torso and stretching over top of head. It was difficult to surrender fully all this time; I did the best I could. I am stiff, sore, and have much tension. Each twist hurts more. My right ear hurts and keeps popping.

    In the afternoon, I did several freestyle sessions and worked with the urinary bladder and hand meridians. The urinary bladder meridian is open compared to the last time I worked it. While working the thumb meridians I felt energetic work in rib cage under the arm. Later there was a release, in the rib cage and C7 on the left side, which felt great. Then I felt the entire shoulder girdle release with many openings all over with energy zooming around. Afterward, the rib cage felt suspended and free of the shoulder girdle. There was a long period of heat. There was much work in a straight circuit up and down the spine. Energy would work in the skull and then move down to body and back up fast. Later both directions occurred at once.

    August 2: Abdominal Muscle Contracting, Reliving Birth Process

    I slept long. For two hours, I worked with the urinary bladder meridian. My body continues to crack open. It is great, not much pain at all. For the first time, I felt tension release from the sternocleidomastoid muscle. I did a two-hour sun session. There was work behind skull and some strong passes through the shoulders and rib cage. Near the end, it seemed at the point to make a strong spinal adjustment.

    My bowel is active; the digestive system does another clean out. For a half hour, I stretched the spine and felt energy going along the path through the digestive organs. There were nice stretches and crunches along the right lumbar spine. In addition, energy worked all the way up the spine, with several good pops near T1 and C7. There was work in shoulder, up neck, with many cranium bone movements and energetic rotation in TMJ joints.

    I did a long freestyle session, mostly lying. Spine work was done while in cobra position on stomach. Lying in this position there was a strong pulsing and muscular action that felt to be just below the xiphoid process and above the navel near the diaphragm. I never felt that before. It felt like a strong muscle was used as the power horse to do the work above in the chest, sternum and spine. There was more work in spine and hips and a long stretch, which seemed to be a reliving of the birth process. There were strange contortions in a spontaneous stretch along the cord of personality line through all the joints. Then I sat for thirty minutes and skull work occurred. All the cranium bones moved with my mouth stretched open very wide, and then there was a physical rotation of head up and over and back, moving the bones in the upper mouth.

    In the afternoon, I did a two-hour freestyle session with another round through the spine in cobra position. Something in the lower back near the hip was loosened with a strong force, perhaps the sacrum. Energy then rippled up and I felt a loose cord running along the spine up into the head. It shifted in position feeling like it went over my shoulder. Then there was neck work with my head stretching to turn further and further to the right, it seemed that cord was caught and moved around the mandible. Then my head was frozen into that position and I felt a strong pressure build in skull on right side. For sure, I did not dare move. I blanked out while some work occurred. I did not detect cranium bone movement in skull. I presume something was worked deep in skull. After this, the normal shifting patterns and crunching in the skull lasted about forty minutes.

    For one hour, I was lying with work on the ligament in the right neck. It popped around more and I felt pain deep in skull. Then I worked the gallbladder meridian for fifteen minutes with work on neck ligament. Something behind the neck, in the shoulder crook snapped loud and the area appears to open. It seems many structures support this ligament. My chest opens more and there is much crunching in the ribs. Next, I did a long freestyle session ending in cobra position. There was crunching of bones and work on same ligament, it keeps springing back. For thirty minutes, I gave acupressure to the urinary bladder, gallbladder and middle toe meridians. My head hurts now.

    August 3: Hips And Shoulders Move As Unit With Cranium Bones

    I slept long. I feel slight swelling on the side of my neck and upper shoulder. I stretched it easy and there were two cracks, which felt good. My head and the areas in backs of shoulders by trapezious still hurt a little. I feel like going back to bed. I am a little depressed, seeing the density of the body and the reality there is much more to do. I want to finish and it is difficult now.

    From 8 to 9:30 am, I did a freestyle session, going quickly down to lying on back and doing skull work. The position was back of head angled with wormian bones on floor and sacrum pressed flat to floor. When the head was turning, it was usually pivoting on the wormian bones. The head and sacrum were glued to the floor and I could not move either part. While lying this way, the chin is pointing toward the sky as far as possible, and then the head turns to the right as far as possible, then tipping head up to center and back toward neck. The muscles of the skull seem to wrap around my head. When the head comes toward the neck, often the mouth opens and the TMJ’s align on both sides of head and the facial bones shift. I see that this movement engages all the bones and muscles with strong force to move them. I felt much loosening of muscles between the shoulder and TMJ’s. This work is difficult to do. With these lying sessions my hair ends looking like a bird’s nest, and I want to cut if off.

    The working pattern along sutures in skull is: 1) opening coronal suture at top of skull. 2) Energy goes across coronal suture, and then loosens frontal bone at top and parietals. 3) Energy goes down sides of skull, opening edges of frontal bone, temporals, zygmatic and mandible. 4) Energy goes across back of skull along occipital bone. 5) Energy goes up through center of skull to maxillae, palatine and nasal bones.

    I felt distinct energy circuits between the cranium bone movements and movements of hips and shoulders, they move together as one unit. I think that eventually the body will move as one fluid unit, which seems the overall goal.

    sit on knees lying downFrom 9:30 to 11:30 am, I tried to sit and relax, but my head was tipping back with work going on in neck and skull and it was painful. I will never allow that position again! Instead, I went to the floor and sat on my knees, body to front with arms on floor, this was much nicer, with legs slightly spread apart (see figure). In this position, there is leverage of hips and sacrum to help do the work. I did this until my legs were too numb. My head was moving around most of the time. After this, I sat in upright position with legs to front. There were a few shifts in the vertebrae with my chest slowing lowering to the knees. Then I was in a hold position, sitting almost upright for about forty-five minutes, where I almost fell asleep. The power is much stronger everywhere. All the cranium bones move with powerful forces moving down the back muscles. A clear tone sounded when something on the right opened.

    Insight about Inner sound: I think these sounds are due to neurons making new connections in the brain. These sounds happen as a brief reaction after an energy circuit in the spine opens and energy rushes to the brain. The more neuron connections that form, the more melodic it sounds.

    From 12:30 to 2:30 pm, I was lying, with cranium bone movements and much TMJ work. There were several large releases in the TMJ. I felt work on muscles deep in the joint, working on the face down the frontal, temporal, zygmatic and maxillae line. There were several big releases of related muscles and the skull movements felt stronger. Much tension released from the hip, shoulder and neck. It has been difficult; I am worn out from this.

    From 7 to 8 pm, I did toe meridian work. Things continue to open well. There was a big pain in the back of skull. At 8:45, I was sitting, reading, and stretching the trapezious muscles, which were pulling hard on both sides. After a few of these I sat up, spontaneously opened my mouth widely and felt a strong crack in the right TMJ that sounded like a bone broke. I do not feel pain anywhere. From 8:45 to 10:45 pm, I did acupressure on the hand and gallbladder meridians. I was falling asleep doing them. My head is sore.

    Ligament Snapping In Skull

    August 4: Painful Skull Work, Mandible Release, Spine Snap, Sutures Open

    I slept long and deep until 6:30! I am a little stiff, but the head pain has lessoned, the shoulder area still feels a little puffy. From 7:30 to 8 am, I worked the urinary bladder and gallbladder meridians and I did shoulder stretches. There were several cracks along the spine, nothing painful. From 8 to 9:30 am, I did a sun session and worked leg meridians from the knee acupoints, this worked well! It easier to reach the knees than to bend at waist to reach the toes and it allows energy to move easier in the hips. The feet activate well from the knees.

    From 9:30 to 11:30, I worked the stomach meridian and did back, neck and head crunches. Something still feels stuck in the right TMJ. There is an area of the skull that is tender and hurts, which seems to be the top of the spine. I am reluctant to allow any energy to enter that area because I fear the pain. I cried, prayed, and allowed energy to work there. It is difficult to do as it does hurt, not only there but in other places in skull too. It felt like something released. I do not want any more head crunches.

    Insight about book title: “How to Get Your New Light Body” (see figure).

    body on a stick

    From 12:30 to 3:30 pm, I tried to lie down to escape, but had to do skull crunches. When I could not take more, I stood and it started again. Now I am sweating and do not want my walk. There was much work in the sore spot in the skull and the scapula. I am tired but the energy does not let up.

    From 4 to 6 pm, I worked the urinary bladder and gallbladder meridians, and laid down for head crunching. At the end, the mandible felt looser from all sides and from front to back through all the bones. I felt a burning pain in the left TMJ and then I felt a release in the right TMJ. Immediately after that, I felt a new power and force in the joint that I never felt before. After this, there was a snap, different from a crack or pop at the base of my skull at top of spine. Now my head feels broken. It is difficult to stop the energy

    From 6 to 7 pm, I did a little stretch through the shoulders. It hurts to stop now, so I will keep going but I do not want to. I hope for some relief soon. From 7 to 8:45 pm, I was focusing on feeling the vibration in the skull to allow energy to move freely there. While doing this several times there were loud snaps, which felt like a ligament pulling and letting go. I think it was loud enough someone could hear it in the room. Then there was an immediate relief of tension in that area.

    I continued with it and watched energy move along the sutures in various pathways. I could distinctly feel a spiral of energy behind my eye. Most work was in the right skull. Then I heard a crackly squishy sound at back top of head. Energy rose from there cracking on the way up, which did not hurt. Next, I noticed a strong path of energy movement down a suture line and soon another snap. This repeated about ten times. Then I felt energy gathering in the right skull and then the left skull started activating. The snaps were at back of head, in right sphenoid wing, around the ear, in jaw and down in tops of shoulders. As energy moved down the skull into body, there was fluid movement between the skull and body. Some process continues while I sit here, because I can hear the sphenoid (?) bone making periodic crackling sounds. Now, the inner sound is like a motor revving, not like the marcher rhythm.

    From 9:20 pm to 12:30 am, the work continued like before, with many more snaps in the skull, then the work moved into trapezious area along side of neck. This was like the previous work with muscle pummeling, yet stronger. I blanked out once and later toppled over for sleep. Awakening, I felt much energy working in the body. There have been several snaps in various areas of head and body. I am tired but I want to release tension in the trapezious muscles so I can sleep better. I did some stretches from 1 to 1:30 am, and a strange sensation happened. Suddenly, my entire left leg including the hip joint filled with energy and felt liquid, like it melted. It startled me when this happened. It is the first time I ever felt it like this. After that, I fell asleep.

    Ligament Snapping Goes Down Body, Energy Circuit In Spine

    August 5

    I slept well and deep, it felt great. There is much tension in the trapezious area so I stretched it. From 8 to 10:30 am, I did a sun session. The ligament snapping continues working slowly down the body going snap, snap, snap. It feels great with little pain. The energy is powerful. I think this process has been going on constantly. The energy now moves down in a path from TMJ into shoulder releasing the tense or short ligaments. I think that is what it is; they are shorter on one side of the body. So the tight ones are released with the SNAP, and eventually all will be the same on both sides.

    Insight about acupressure: When you use your energy to press on an acupoint, it causes the bone near that point to vibrate. When the bone vibrates, it activates nerve impulses in surrounding muscles. As the muscles receive the stimulus, they build energetic charge and expand. After the muscles are charged, they contract which does work to stretch and open the tissue. Then tension energy is released and overall nervous system energy rises. The sensory and motor nervous systems are moving energy back and forth between the brain and body. The energy boost is used to change the programming in the brain, and the new program is sent down to body to carry out the new instructions, which might be done by making new neural connections or strengthening them.

    vortex over earWhen I stopped the last session, I noticed a shift in the energy. I think it was after a big snap on C7 or T1. Energy was rising from the tailbone and joining force with energy coming down from skull. I guess an energy circuit was made. When an energy vortex forms by frontal and temporal bones on side of head, deafness happens in the ear (see figure). I think this is an effect I noticed many times when all would go silent. It is like the ear is momentarily cut off from sensory input.

    From 11:30 am to 3 pm, there was mostly skull work, crunching around the TMJ joint and shoulder crook, and opening the hip joint. For a time, I was on my back with my legs apart and felt strong pressure on right hip and TMJ joints. The hip was held stationary and was quite painful. I held it as long as possible. Now my entire right leg hurts and I can barely walk. After I rose, there were little snaps all over my body. This was the hardest session to date.

    From 5:30 to 7:15 pm, I did another session with work on shoulder and right TMJ. Two times, I experienced high sweats and blanking out while work was done in the skull. From 8 to 9 pm, I did a sitting meditation with meridian work. The front of the face opened and the TMJ’s were worked as a pair. My hearing seemed better than usual. I did a freestyle session and worked the gallbladder meridian before bed. Most was head crunching with work in TMJ’s. It seems the TMJ’s are held in position with the shoulder and hip positions. I guess to realign them; all joints have to be done together somehow.

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