Chapter 15: Sphenoid Directing Body Movements

    Horizontal Skull Vortex, New Circuits From All Skull Bones To Body

    July 18: Energy Pummeling Left Skull, Head & Spine Whips

    It is 5:30 am; I had many cleansing dreams. Many nights do not feel like sleep, my lungs, heart or mind is worked which makes resting and breathing difficult. I still feel rested when I rise. I have much tension at base of skull.

    From 6 to 10 am, I did a freestyle session. Energy worked mainly in hips and right sacrum suture, which feels tender. Many times the hip stretched on both sides. Later I did a sun session giving acupressure to the urinary bladder and gallbladder meridians. Most of the time I was in a hold while energy worked in the hips. Later there was a strong sweat on the skull sutures. Then I came inside and did twisting stretches through the spine and hips.

    Later I was lying on my right side with compression in the right pelvis and energy force in right body was used to work on shoulder, hip and TMJ joint and skull in left body. The left side of my body has more energy than the right and wonder if this is why work has mainly been in right skull so far. Is it because I now have enough energy on right side of my body that now there is enough to work in left skull? The energy was pummeling the left side of the skull and it is the first time I recall this occurring. I stayed in a hold for about forty-five minutes until I could not take more. Near the end, I felt energy form into a large horizontal vortex of energy, working both sides of skull together.

    Sitting, my head hurts and there is tension and pain in left top of shoulder and down the big muscles at sides of the neck, on back of skull near occipital bone and suture line of the parietals. There was a large release in the right TMJ, and then energy worked in left side of skull. I think the transformation will not finish soon, which is disheartening. It is nine months and I am tired of it.

    From 10:20 to 3 pm, there was work in the skull, neck and shoulders with many releases in the jaws. Much tension released from the right TMJ and the area heals. After the jaw released, the lower right molars knock together and on the other side, the bite does not meet.

    From 7:30 to 9:30 pm, I did a sitting session outside on the crystal that was different. Starting out, energy worked in right side of skull with tiny muscle movements moving around the cranium bones. Then I felt a slow stretch go down in body connected to a certain cranial bone. Different stretches went to all parts in entire right body, starting with neck and shoulders and moving down until all were done like that. After the legs were done, energy moved up and worked the right and left hip together. Then energy would return to skull and come down again, and work on connections with right skull and other body parts. Sometimes the body parts were in left body, or in right body and sometimes in both sides of body always with the energy returning up into the skull. After all this was done, energy worked both sides of the skull, as if it was hooking together various parts into one unit. There were several strong sweats and at the end, my body felt like one energetic whole. Then the root chakra activated intensely. Energy then moved up the spine and my head stretched with it. It felt like all bones were in alignment, even the TMJ’s. Then there were spontaneous quick whipping movements of the spine and head. At 11:30 pm, I did a sitting session and there were small pops in the neck. I am tired.

    Front To Back Vortex Opens Rib Cage, Coronal Sutures Open

    July 19: Left Body Work, Legs Go Numb With Intense Stinging Prickles

    I decided to work the inner leg and arms meridians that start on long and big toe, index finger and thumbs. When I did the stomach meridian, much work occurred in the right shoulder and neck before it activated. I felt strong pain under left rib cage and then felt an energy vortex moving from front to back and working the left rib cage. Then the energy vortex moved up and worked the left shoulder area going from front to back. Then the vortex rose into the skull and worked the eye socket with all muscles around it. (The back lateral wall of the eye orbit is partly composed of the sphenoid bone.) There was a large energy ball in the eye.

    From 12 to 1:15 pm, there were strong spontaneous stretches in the neck in all directions with crunches. Mostly, I was lying on my stomach moving up and down to cobra position with lower back bends while energy worked in lower spine. Then there was a hold for about thirty minutes with pressure on the lower back. From 8 to 10 pm, I used acupressure on the acupoints on both feet of urinary bladder, gallbladder, middle toe and stomach meridians for about one and a half hours. My left arm, leg and body went numb. When I started, there was strong PHYSICAL rotation in the shoulders, which is new. I have only felt energetic rotation in the shoulders.

    I did several sessions. In the first, there was intense work in left shoulder along the path of the stomach meridian, which I worked earlier. In the next session, there was much energetic work in hips while I was bent over while sitting and giving acupressure to the toe meridians. Energy worked in both hips with premenstrual pain and my legs went numb. When the numbness in legs recedes, it is like millions of bee’s sting me. My left leg slowly came back and energy moved up with intense healing in the body as the stinging prickles rose. This has been occurring often in my legs.

    After the stinging prickles receded, energy zoomed around in the body. Later I felt energy whorls on the fontanel and energy moved down my nose and then to the maxillae. Then the left coronal suture opened followed by the right. Then there were intense movements in the spine, shoulders and head. I took a break. From 11 pm to 1:30 am, I did a freestyle session ending with lying in a long hold with all joints on right lining up somehow.

    Insight about layers of muscle enervation: I think the transformation starts by enervating the smallest layers of muscle tissue. Over time, this gradually expands to affect larger muscles and body parts as the energetic vibration grows. Lately, it feels like body parts come alive, such as my shoulders, abdominal muscles, legs and head. While these movements seem repetitive, I think they are slow growing the body and making changes. Now energy is strong enough to move the larger muscles.

    July 20: Long Hold With Intense Pain On Alar Ligament

    line on back of skullI slept well. I did a long session with acupressure on the large intestine meridian. (The notes from this session are in my Reiki healing journal under this date.) From 9:30 am to 3:30 pm, I did a long session that lasted nine hours! There was intense pain on a ligament along backside of neck going up to skull on right (see figure). This area was stretched and moved to the left or to the center. Often I wanted to cry because the pain was strong. At the end, the spine and neck were opening.

    li vorticesFrom 6:30 to 8:30 pm, I did acupressure on the large intestine meridian acupoint LI1 and on another acupoint on the finger of this meridian. Work on the large intestine meridian eventually sets up an infinity sign pattern that works across the tops of the shoulders. It creates a vertical vortex around lower part of nose and upper teeth (see figure). In the back, the energetic movements of scapulae activate muscles, which go up either side of spine to the occipital bone.

    From 8:30 to 9:30 pm, I did shoulder crunching which hurt! Then I did acupressure to the pericardium and lung meridians and fell asleep while working them.

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