Multiple Cracks In Right Parietal, Rib Cage Release, Vertebrae Work

    July 6: How To Move Spontaneously: Don’t Think, Just Be

    I slept long until 6 am. I rose once but went back to bed. After rising, there was much tension so I did a freestyle session. Then I did the full Reiki acupressure sequence in a sun session. (The full sequence is recorded in my Reiki healing journal under this date.) I was sweating profusely on the head. From 9:40 to 11 am, I did a Reiki acupressure session.

    cracksbackofskullSometimes I move rather than hold a position when there is much pressure. I cannot tell when to hold still and when to move. I decided to hold still if I felt twisting tension. I did this in four or five positions and it was difficult and painful to do. After strong pressure, the area eventually releases and I can relax into a new position. After doing this there was a series of cracks following a ridge above the occipital bone and below the parietal in the back of the skull on the right. This happened about twenty-five times. The cracks moved from midline at back of skull to the right. I guess it is a bone deep in the skull or ligaments (see figure). After this, energy worked strongly in skull with cranial bone movements.

    In the afternoon, I did a freestyle session trying to determine when I should move and when I should not move and received the answer, “Don’t think, just be”. When I am as one with higher-self, my body is tingly and electrified. This was probably the most effective thing I have done for months. The energy rose high like when this started. Then I wondered if all this meridian work was a waste of time. It seems allowing higher-self to take over is the strongest and best thing to do, as it requires no thinking, no manipulations and no technique.

    I did a freestyle session with twisting and turning of the ankles and toes while in a squat position. While doing that my left lower rib cage twisted and enveloped. This was painful. After that, I was sitting with legs to the front and very slowly, my spine lowered forward. Energy worked each vertebra slowly up to the head. I did this until I could not take more. Then I lay down and there was strong activation of my legs and root chakra. Once again, energy came up the spine. Then there were intense holds of my head while my jaws and cranium bones moved around feeling like my head would break. When I could not take more, I sat up. Then I blanked out and was in a freefall sensation for about fifteen minutes. I am tired; I fell asleep while doing the arm meridians.

    Feels Like Head Is Reshaping

    July 7: Both Trapezious Muscles Release, Work In Pectorals

    I slept through the night. First thing, I did a freestyle session to release the extreme tension. This was not working so I did meridian work from 7 to 9 am, in a sun session. I started with the arms and then did the urinary bladder and gallbladder meridians together. After this, the energy was ramped up.

    From 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, I did a laying session and worked foot and hand meridians. I was drawn to work on the gallbladder meridian pressing all acupoints upward. When I was pressing acupoint GB29 (in lower hip girdle) and acupoint GB25 (Mu, on last rib) then it felt like the twist in my spine started to come out. Pressing the spot under my arm worked to release shoulder tension. Acupoints GB22-23 and GB20-21 are effective to release neck and TMJ tension. At the end, I did the beginning points of the gallbladder meridian at acupoint GB1 at the temples on each side in the skull. There was excruciating pain when bones moved behind my eyes. While this occurred, I cried and felt I was releasing emotional pain from past relationships. I stopped when I could not take any more. Afterward the line from my shoulder up through the neck had a clear path; it was a strange feeling of not having that big knotty muscle on the side of my neck.

    In the afternoon, I worked the gallbladder meridian for an hour with painful head and shoulder crunching. From 5 to 6 pm, I did a freestyle session with intense body crunching. From 8 to 9 pm, I did a sitting meditation outside. A big shiver happened. Most of the time energy was loosening cranium bones and working to release a muscle connected to the skull in the neck and shoulders. The work was intense but I easily distanced from the pain. There were many head rotations and energy zoomed all over my body. There was much work on the ribs and pectoral muscles under the breasts. I do not recall that sensation before; it felt like having a breast massage.

    From 9:20 to 10:20 pm, I continued and the same type of work happened. Near the end, I was blanking out and sweating profusely for a long time while energy worked the trapezious muscles near top by neck on both sides together. This hurt much. Then this area opened and it was as if two energies merged. There is a big energy vortex moving down in the head now. It feels like my head reshapes with the pressure of the bones shifting but it does not hurt. Later I did a short freestyle session to relieve the tension before going to bed.

    Spiral Circuit Made Around Vertebrae

    July 8: Cranium Bones Move With Neck & Shoulder Stretch

    From 7:30 to 9 am, I did a sun session working the meridians. From 9 to 11 am, I did a freestyle session with stretches while sitting. Notable was spine, rib cage and right hip work. There are strong rotations and bends of my rib cage that shift it. There is continual twisting and release of tension from the scapula and trapezious muscles on right side like last night but stronger today. I felt all cranium bones move together from left ear to right ear. It felt like my head was forming a new shape, a strange feeling.

    spinal vortexTiny vortices moved down starting at top of skull and twisting around each spine vertebrae. I think a spiral energy circuit was made all around the spine (see figure). When energy went through the TMJ’s and shoulders, I had to twist my body around with it. It is not done, it continues while I sit here. Now there is work deep in the skull with crunching.

    From 3 to 6 pm, I lied down and stretches moved the skull bones for an hour. Then I blanked out. After a while, I came to and was in an intense hold, but do not recall the position. I felt I needed to assist and that is why I woke. I held the position until I could not bear more. I decided to move and sit in the chair and continued to hold tension for another hour. I kept blanking out. It was difficult to stop.

    At 8:40 pm, I think to do the gallbladder meridian after observing what is going on inside my body. My head compresses and cranium bones move with a muscle in my shoulder and a sweat rises. The cranium bones shift constantly now in tandem with stretches in muscles of upper neck and shoulders. The cranial bone movement with stretch of body part keeps going lower; sometimes I feel it all the way down to the toes. There were big cracks in the skull earlier, like some bone in the center of the skull moves. There were thud-like bone sounds around the TMJ as it popped. My sinuses drain and my ears are popping. I feel healing pain in my right armpit, big toe and ankle.

    From 9 to 12 pm, I did acupoints GB1 to GB6 on the gallbladder meridian. While I treated the GB6 acupoint, I felt intense pain above right TMJ deep in skull and sweated heavily. I continued working the meridian and eventually it opened on both sides. Mostly the work was holding positions for a long time. There was one hold with my head tipped back with much pressure in the shoulders and head at once. I went to outer space to endure it. After a long time, my head dropped forward with chin to neck and then I felt my mouth scrunch up. Then my head came up quickly stretching backward and then went back down again. When it did this, there was a huge crunching sound just above my right TMJ joint. This surprised me when it happened. After this there were several more held positions, I was falling asleep during them and do not remember what was worked.

    Rib Cage Vortex, Body Vortex Forming

    July 9: Rib Cage Vortex, Birth Memory, Dance On Toes In Squat

    Awaking at 5 am, I have much tension in the right body. From 6 to 9 am, I did a sun session to release the tension. I used acupressure on the urinary bladder and gallbladder meridians on toes, and then did the other meridians from my knees. It is nice to work the meridians from the knees because I can sit comfortably. While working the urinary bladder meridian, energy strongly worked in the upper spine. There were more rib cage maneuvers and various openings in the arms and legs. From 9 to 10 am, I did a freestyle session, stretching down through feet and then lying. While lying there were many head crunches, spine stretches and rib maneuvers. The rib in front by the sternum near a gallbladder acupoint is a sticking point as well a rib under the arm.

    From 11 am to 2 pm, I did a session lying. There was a long interval where it felt like the bottom part of the spine was strong and was held rigid while the upper body and head were worked. There was strong work in sternum, collarbone, scapula, ribs and shoulders. After this work, I felt a strong vortex form in the rib cage. While walking my right hip feels ‘seated’, like it has energy inside and rotates like the left one. It was a strange and good feeling.

    knees separatingFrom 7:45 to 9:45 pm, I did a long freestyle session. Energy worked a long time in cranium bones, TMJ, neck and upper shoulders. Later, energy built in the root chakra, legs and feet and then I felt it rise as a strong vortex to the skull and then slowly move down. Then I very slowly stretched down and felt the vortex distinctly travel down through head and upper shoulders. I guess there it is stuck. When I finally stretched down through the ankles, there was so much tingly energy that I could not feel my feet. Then I could easily stretch into sore parts of hip, knee, ankle and toe on right. I sort of danced on the toes in a squat position, which opened my hips and caused movement in the lower rib cage. Then I moved down to floor on left side with body crunching on right side. Next, I was on my back but this time with hips apart and slowly the knees lowered flat onto the floor. There was much work then in the lower parts: hip, knee, ankle and feet (see figure).

    This session takes be back to the ones in February, which were difficult. I had to deeply distance to endure it. I observed a big vortex forming in my entire body at times moving in a clockwise fashion. When I stopped, I had difficulty to rise as everything was stiff, but in ten minutes, I felt normal again.

    arm over neckI almost forgot about the session on the floor! It seemed like I was reliving my birth and it came to me that my shoulder was damaged due to a delivery complication. At times, I felt my arm moving around my body. The hurt position was my arm across my neck with my shoulder pressed flat to the floor (see figure). My arm pulled around my neck as I rolled on the floor. When my arm was in the position of resting across my neck, it stood out because I do not recall ever doing that in my normal life. Now, I cannot lay either arm across my neck as it was in that session. Maybe it gets to the end. I hope.

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