Cranial Sutures Open, Horizontal Healing Plane Goes Down Body

    July 10: Spine Circuits Join In Skull, Energy Circuits Front & Back Of Body

    From 2 to 3 am, I rose, did a sitting stretch, and then fell asleep. From 6 to 9 am, I did some stretches in bed before I rose. Upon rising, I felt a strong pulling sensation between the hip and right shoulder. I did a long sun session where I worked the urinary bladder meridian. There was strong work in spine, upper shoulders and C7 vertebra. Near the end there was a strong marching feeling alternating between sides of the body. It took a long time for the energy to rise to the head. Once it did, I sensed the energy of both sides of spine joined there. Then it felt like the cranium bones along the urinary bladder meridian path were working to align. After this, energy came down both sides of skull together. Then I felt it descend down through neck a little way then do some work in both shoulders together. Then it arose and made more skull adjustments. This cycle repeated many times. Then the energy went down to the toes. A few times, I felt work done in the upper spine. Then I felt the stomach muscles get strong and then a contracted muscular force was used to hold the spine at the bottom and then energy ripped up the back and front in a straight pattern. Then the back of my neck popped a few times and after this, a strong sweat arose. I felt droplets on the head seemingly on the suture lines. Then I felt all skull sutures open and sweat poured off my head.

    healing planeSoon after this, a vortex of energy formed in my head and started moving down slowly. It reminded me of a science-fiction medical treatment, like from star trek, where your body is in this intense energy field and it goes from head to toe and heals everything. As this vortex of energy moved down it felt like the bones were falling into alignment. It moved down through tops of shoulders and back up a few times. I sensed the energy was beyond the edges of my body, like in the aura. The energy pattern was a narrow horizontal plane that moved down. It felt like my body was sitting within this energy field and the entire body was healing (see figure). I would like to stop but cranial sutures are cracking and opening, so I will continue.

    From 9:40 to 11 am, I did a freestyle session. I stretched down through the toes into a squat and did a dance on the toes, which opened the hips, rib cage and spine. Then I stretched down through knees, ankles and toes again. I did some sitting stretches and lying positions with neck crunching with head tipped to right side. There was a long period of holding this position while the trapezious and TMJ’s and shoulders were worked. I held this until the work was finished. Then there was strong body activation with fast movements of my head whipping around and crunching bones in the skull. From 11 to 12 am, I did a sitting session.

    From 12:30 to 2:30 pm, I took a walk and did a sitting meditation in nature by a river. At one moment, I felt one with everything, the insects, the wind, the river, the trees and the Earth. I felt the rhythm of nature was flowing through me and I felt no separation from anything. I was beating to this rhythm and it was so beautiful that I cried. It is 9 pm and there is not much urge to do anything since my walk. I worked the right urinary bladder meridian until it felt clear, and then I worked the gallbladder meridian for a while which felt clear. I felt a strong relaxing rhythm in my body and heard a high-pitched inner sound. Then I fell asleep.

    July 11: Meridian Experimentation, Shoulder Crook Release

    shoulder crook vortexFrom 6:30 to 7:30 am, I worked the urinary bladder meridian with the stomach meridian. Next, I worked the gallbladder meridian with the liver meridian and last I worked the urinary bladder and gallbladder meridians. From 7:30 to 9 am, I did more meridian work on the endpoints of the triple heater meridian with the urinary bladder meridian. Then I did the triple heater meridian endpoints with the governing vessel acupoints at crown and back of head. Then I did the cranial sacral technique. The triple heater meridian is not open. It is stuck in the muscle at the side of neck and scapula. This area when open has an eggbeater type of circular pattern. This meridian may be the one responsible for the vortex funnel at shoulder crook (see figure). I think the muscle is the sternocleidomastoid, which goes behind ear and attaches to occipital and then down to clavicle. It connects to the temporal bone. Contraction of both muscles flexes the cervical column and draws the head forward. Contraction of one muscle rotates face in opposite side of contracting muscle.

    From 9 am to 12:30 pm, I blanked out doing the small intestine meridian. I am not sure what work this does. I recall watching energy go down to the stomach after left side activated which took a long time to happen. There was a strong pain along the inside of my left leg. After it opened, I recall a chain reaction of other meridians opening. Lastly, I felt strong healing work on the path of the muscle from clavicle to knob on occipital bone (triple heater meridian path); my neck and shoulder were all scrunched together while it worked. There was a loosening under my right shoulder pit. I feel it working there again.

    shoulder rotational patternThe pattern of the small intestine meridian was mainly across the tops of the shoulders. It creates a marching pattern between the shoulders. I guess this corresponds to urinary bladder meridian and its marching pattern. In addition, it works the mandible in some way. The point it hooks to on back of spine is C7. This is like a pivot point for the shoulder girdle. This causes the shoulder blades to move up and down creating a horizontal working pattern like an infinity sign across the tops of the shoulders. In the TMJ’s it is the opposite direction and goes up and down vertically as a figure eight (see figure).

    ub2From 1 to 2 pm, I worked the small intestine meridian and then the triple heater meridian acupoint TH23 at end of eyebrow. I then did acupoint TH23 combined with urinary bladder meridian acupoint UB2, Wow, what a combination! I can reach the small intestine acupoint SI19 with three fingers and can do all these meridians at once (see figure).

    From 6:30 to 7:30 pm, I did a freestyle session. It was strong and difficult to do because I was standing without moving for a long time. Later I bent at the waist and went down to squat through toes.

    At 10 pm, the tension has returned. While doing the previous work I experienced a long period of burning pain in my skull. It was in the upper right quadrant, under the parietal near the top and above the temporal. This is where I have felt there was an injury in the skull. I did a long session. There was physical rotation of my shoulders and then a hold with much tension on muscles at shoulder crook, which I held until it released. After release, the shoulders really opened and strong energy went through them in amazing ways. I felt the trapezious muscle knots melt. I cannot express how great that felt. I cried and laughed when that happened. I think right before this, there was a flash of lightening inside then deafeningly quiet for a second, which startled me. I fell asleep while working acupoints of the urinary bladder meridian on my face. When I lied down, strong energy was zooming around all over inside.

    Energetic Rotation In Left Wrist

    July 12: Shivers, Birth Memories, Energy Whorls On Fontanel

    From 4 to 4:30 am, I woke with strong tension in the shoulder but I feel good. Something moves and things are opening. I can put both shoulders back now with my hands clasped behind my back. The trapezious knots seem smaller. There is a pain in my right elbow that tells me the arm and shoulders are in new positions. My right ankle is loosening; I can rotate it freely and there are cracking sounds when I do that. The big toe is tender. Last night, I stretched the foot and hip strongly. I wish I could remember more about the sessions last night as much was occurring, but I cannot.

    At 4:30 am, I worked the stomach meridian for a few minutes and immediately the energy went to the area of the C7 joint. There were several cracks then work on muscles in the shoulder crook. From 8 to 9 am, I worked the urinary bladder meridian while sitting. I felt nice crackly openings in neck and trapezious area. I blanked out for about fifteen minutes. The blanking out seems like higher-self takes over and then I feel intense work occurring at a fine muscular level in the body and or brain. When it is done, I return to consciousness. Soon after this, there were strong spontaneous stretches through the long muscles of the spine, which occurs often. I had a shiver episode afterward. I think these shivers are due to a rush of energy flowing through the body after neural connections are made. In the last weeks, I have the sensation an insect is on my skin, usually on my legs.

    From 10:30 to 12 am, I did a freestyle session ending with lying on back in a hold while something was worked. I felt energetic rotation in the hip, knee and ankle, which felt to be working to straighten my leg, while my leg was lying on the ground. I felt pain by coronal suture near top right quadrant. There was another body roll with shoulder and arm going across my neck again. I picked up sensory images then which were natal or pre-natal. I feel like a squirmy worm coming out of a cocoon with no idea of what is happening and having no control over it. I am flopping around and being squeezed, pulled and stretched apart. I felt strong shivers and got so cold that I went under the covers.

    From 6:30 to 7:45 pm, I did a sitting session with the crystal. Energy worked all over my body in the heart, lungs, rib cage and digestive system. I burped loudly and felt a rush of air with an intense feeling on both sides of the neck at once. Then I felt burning pain in the skull. Next, I felt energy whorls at top of skull by fontanel. Then I felt burning go down left arm near the wrist and felt energetic rotation forming in the wrist. I was not moving at all. There was a big shiver at end. The sounds at times were loud outside with amplified hearing. I have the strong feeling insects are crawling on my legs and arms. That was a difficult session. From 7:45 to 9:30 pm, I did all the foot meridians while strong energy worked in the head. I went to bed at 10:30 pm, and while doing the arm meridians I fell asleep.

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