Abdominal Muscle Activation

    July 13: Skull Pain, Movement Of Rib Cage & Shoulders, Many Shivers

    Dream of lining up joints: Last night I had dream that I needed to line up all the main joints of the hips, shoulders and TMJ’s. Another part of it was that I should turn my head all the way around.

    I slept through until 7 am. When I arose, I did a two-hour freestyle session. From 9 to 11:30 am, I have been trying to free the shoulder joint. I am looking closer in the sessions to determine where the big restrictions are. I see them in big toe, outside right ankle, inside right knee, right hip outside, lower back, connecting to hip and up to trapezious. The rib cage is stuck, so I started working the conception vessel meridian to move the energy up. I felt around the rib cage, using my finger on acupoints until I found a spot that felt it was holding much tension. This spot was my finger on the coracoid process, the projection of the scapula in front to which the muscles attach. Perhaps this is the LU1 (Mu) acupoint on the lung meridian. I cannot tell the exact acupoint this is from the acupuncture chart I have.

    It is 1 pm and I am dead. I tried to roll my head all the way around a few times and it was difficult. The thought comes, “The body will follow the head”. I am tired but will try this later. All the hours before I worked on releasing the shoulder and hip joints and now my head feels like it will explode. It has been six hours straight and it is enough! (Often when stuck in the kundalini transformation, your higher-self will relay a message telling you what you need to do. I received messages like this often, and always trusted in them and acted on them.) This session was one of the hardest I have had so far. The pain was so bad in my head at times that I cried and prayed for The Creator to help me. I guess she heard me. Now it is not easy but the head tension has released.

    In the afternoon, I sat outside in meditation with the crystal. At first, I felt strong peristaltic action with release of gas from the intestines. The entire abdomen from pubic symphysis up to diaphragm and between the hipbones contracts in a rhythmic action. While it does this, it generates a strong force that ripples up the body. It feels like the entire abdomen activates. First, this force worked to open the spine and then it worked to move ribs, shoulders and then moved up to neck and skull. It has been working amazingly strong since, like it is rolling out all the twists in the body. There is increased skull crunching and work in the TMJ’s with thud-like sounds as bones release. There were many shivers. I guess all this work with the ribs in the last weeks has been about freeing the spine. This surprised me to see this. I can turn my head with more freedom and the neck rolls all the way around. It is strange how I could do that at the beginning and then could not do it later. It puzzles me how earlier changes do not stick. I did another short session before going to bed hoping it would help me sleep.

    Energy Circuits Made In Skull In All Directions

    July 14: Chest Contractions, Stinging Prickles In Chest & Skull, Birth Memory

    I had five hours of sleep but it was deep, rising with much tension in the body. I feel strong bowel activation and the abdominal muscles are strong. I did a freestyle session from 6 to 8 am. I am certain that higher-self can control my body using the central nervous system and knows how to use leverage. A full leverage position of the body is going down on tiptoes in the squat position. I go down to this position often and it quickly activates all the meridians. While I was down in the squat on my toes, the energy worked to open the pelvis and the hip joints. I took it until my feet started to hurt, then slowly the feet and ankles energetically rotated and I was lowered to the floor sitting on the buttocks. Then I felt an energetic rotation through the hip with the tailbone as a pivot point. Next, the energy moved up the back working one vertebra at a time until I was gradually lowered to the floor on my back. Lastly, neck adjustments were done. I let this go for a while then moved outside. I was getting shivers and wanted some sun to warm up.

    From 8 to 9:30 am, I did a sun session. The sweating started right away and energy worked in the skull most of the time. My feet, hands and arms were numb. I worked to quiet my mind to allow energy work in the brain. At times, it was difficult because I felt I could not breathe and noticed the chest and rib muscles were contracting. I overcame this hurdle before when it felt like I was dying. Breaths happened in a gasping way between the rhythmic pulses so I could relax.

    From 9:30 to 10:30 am, I did a session. There was work, which seemed to be lining up muscles in the skull with corresponding ones in the body. I felt the creation of energy circuits in the skull with rippling muscle activity. It is clear the charge in the muscles is moving my bones but what orchestrates that is still a question. I felt energy traverse almost every muscular path of movement there could be in the head in all directions. There were quite a few paths moving down the body combined with the skull. Energy worked much on the TMJ’s. Then my head tilted forward hanging from the neck in a hold, which I held about fifteen minutes. Energy worked to make a path through the C7 joint. There are many stinging prickles all over my head and chest.

    From 10:30 to 12 am, I did a freestyle session. Much happened but I remember little of it. I spent much time on the floor, with strong energy and pain that pushed me to my limit. I went through amazing body twists and there was a strong scrunching of facial bones. During this, my arm went over my neck at least three more times and then I was curling into the fetal position with arms and legs tucked. I felt like my body was traveling through a repeating loop of my birth trauma and the fetal position. Then several images flashed in my 3rd eye. One was an image of an obstetrics table and the next was a photo of my mom showing how she looked when she was young. I think I sustained an injury to my shoulder during my delivery because my mother was in twilight sleep and they either used forceps or pulled on my arm to make the delivery. (See comment on May 8th.)

    Later, there was strong pain in a right rib in front that poked into my body for about ten minutes. Then I focused hard to quiet my mind and relax with the energy because I was concerned this might hurt me if I did not pay close attention. In some longer sessions, I get the feeling I should stay with the reaction and not stop in the middle. I remember I had a problem before with a nerve when I stopped too early. Sometimes there is delicate work and I feel it is important to be quiet and relaxed. My head feels broken.

    From 1 to 11 pm, I did several more sessions with skull crunching and shoulder stretches. I did a lying session and gave acupressure to various acupoints. My energy is low and the work is ineffective. (Maybe I did a stretching session when it was not ready because I was in a growing state.) There is much tension in the body focused on the C7 joint and both of my ankles hurt on the inside. I am convinced my central nervous system can move my body spontaneously and it happens often. I only have to relax and allow it. I guess it took all these months to be convinced of that!

    Vertebrae Snapping In Cobra Pose

    July 15: Energy Circuit Through C7

    From 6:30 to 11:30 am, I did a sitting session and sat for an hour with my head tipped back while strong energy worked by C7. I held it until it released. Then I did a freestyle session with work on spine. There was a long intense stretch down through the ankles and toes with loud snaps in the big toe, which hurt like hell. Everything still hurts. Then I did sitting and lying sessions. The right side of spine was worked while I was lying on the left side. There was a long intense hold while lying on the stomach while energy worked all the vertebrae from bottom of spine on up to C7.

    cobraThen I moved spontaneously ending in the yogic cobra position (see figure). The sternum, rib cage and abdominal muscles and hips were contracting and somehow pushing on the vertebrae to snap them. These snaps continued up and down the spine, sometimes with head turned left or right or toward the floor. Some challenging holds without movement occurred. The energy slowly moved up the spine to the C7 vertebra and when it reached C7, I felt a strong stretching force. I turned to my left side feeling a stretch go through the C7 area and heard crunchy squishy sounds. Then I felt the vertical trapezious knot release and then energy started working on the horizontal knot. Then energy went to the head, and worked to align the TMJ’s with the spinal column. I felt cranium bones moving and then the energy went down and out of the skull. I stopped here.

    From 6:30 to 10:30 pm, I did a session sitting outside starting with acupressure on the urinary bladder meridian toe acupoints and later did acupoints near the eyebrows. This was effective to work on C7 and relax areas in the skull. Then I did all arm meridians. I could easily observe the energetic path of each meridian. I finally felt what it was like for the urinary bladder meridian to be open on both sides as a complete circle through the body. Tonight, I felt much pain near the C7 joint, the right shoulder and TMJ’s.

    Strong Abdominal Contractions Push On Sternum

    July 16: Floating Head, Amplified Hearing, Ear Popping, Sweating

    I will go through all the meridians and take notes about which muscle groups activate and what is the pattern through the body, because I can easily see it. I think this is a special skill I have now and may not have later, so feel it is important to document.

    I slept long and I think about going back to bed. There is much tension in the usual areas. Energy is working in the rib cage on front right and under my arm. The root chakra activated quickly. In the morning session I used acupressure on the small intestine meridian, the notes are in my Reiki healing journal for this date.

    From 11 to 1 pm, I did a freestyle session with work in spine similar to when I am lying. There were releases in the left shoulder and right shoulder crook, which were painful. There was much crunching in the skull, TMJ and C7 joint. It is 1:30 pm and I am exhausted. Now, a big vortex forms in my entire body and my head is dripping with sweat.

    From 1:30 to 2 pm, I stretched through the neck, head and shoulders and I feel better. I have to stop for an appointment but I do not want to go. From 6:30 to 8 pm, I did acupressure on meridians. I spent a long time on the urinary bladder meridian, while energy worked on both of the knots in my trapezious muscle and then they released. The energy gets strong in this meridian. Then my head started to feel weird, like it was floating or full of air, maybe because of the trapezious release.

    I worked the gallbladder meridian and noticed the energetic pattern is like an eggbeater going back and forth between the joints. Something loosened in the hip area in front by the ribs. My abdominal muscles contracted strongly many times while working this meridian and a force pushed up my sternum several times. There are amazingly strong forces now. Then I did acupressure on the middle toe and stomach meridian acupoint on long toe, which is a vertical path up front of body. I felt strong dimples on the acupoints, which tells me energy works strong in the meridian and I need to work it more. My stomach rumbles. I guess the gallbladder and liver meridians open and this stimulates digestion. My right ear pops and moments of total quiet are occurring frequently with amplified hearing. Working the large intestine meridian acupoint LI1 was strong. I fell asleep while doing the hand meridians.

    Sphenoid Release, Vertebrae Releases, Energy Coil On Left Body

    July 17: Releases On Lower & Upper Spine, Stinging Prickles On Body

    I slept a long time. I have many cleansing dreams lately. From 6:30 to 9 am, I did the full Reiki acupressure sequence in a sun session. From 9:30 to 11 am, I experimented more with the meridians. There is a spot on underside of knee on outside edge near the tendon that strongly actives the entire knee.

    After this, I did a freestyle session. My abdominal muscles activated. It started under the diaphragm and then moved down through the pelvis and the legs. Then I bent at waist while energy worked in spine and was in a prolonged hold in full squat on my toes, I stayed like that until it felt my feet would break. I felt the hips and rib cage open on right side. Then I went down to floor and stretched right side of body while lying on left side. Then I was lying on my back with neck crunches. While on my back, the neck area suddenly felt like a snake. Next, I felt the area stretch up, twist and turn and then felt vertebrae settle to the left. It was a strange feeling!

    Next, I was spontaneously turned from lying on my back to lying on my stomach! After that, there was intense work in the shoulders, spine and skull. I felt something release in the spine near the tailbone. There was much crunching deep in the skull and work by lower edge of occipital bone. The skull work was intense so I was pressing on acupoints in the skull trying to assist the process. The spot in the temples, outside eye orbit at zygmatic and frontal bone, urinary bladder acupoint UB2 and the gallbladder acupoint GB1 were helpful.

    At 1 pm, I lay down and my spine was worked the entire time. From 6:30 to 8 pm, I gave long-distance Reiki to two friends in sequence. When done I felt as if I was one rotating ball of vibrating energy.

    Form 8 to 9:30 pm, I did a freestyle session. While standing, there was a backward bend in the spine, while my head went around in a circle. This was difficult to do and I think it moved a lower vertebra. Then I stretched down through toes and ankles and energy worked to open hips and lower rib cage. Then I was lowered to floor and sitting with legs out to front for ten minutes, then slowly lowering the back and eventually with head on floor on my back. Then energy worked in the neck and it felt like my head came alive and was moving powerfully with my neck. Then I felt cranium bones loosening with a strong muscular action that also worked in the neck. Eventually something opened and my energy soared. I felt energy waves go down my body with many stinging prickles all over the left side of my body.

    Then energy went to the toes and my left body went numb. Then I felt a thin line of energy like a wire, coil in a spiral on the outer surface of my leg going from my toes to the hip. Then the same happened in my left arm. Then I felt the same a little later in my head. I slapped at it thinking it was an insect. Then the right side of my body was worked mostly in the head and neck. The energy work was strong and moved fast and kept building momentum. The focus of this work seemed to be working to align and fix the problem in the right TMJ. The energy work was so intense that I could not divert any of my attention to observe it. I focused on being quiet and relaxing and lay like that on my back for about an hour.

    I felt something painful in the occipital bone area while in a ten-minute hold, with neck arched and back of head on floor. There were horrific sounds in the head with movements. I think the sphenoid bone released from the occipital bone. There are prickles in the skin all over and rising body heat. I lightly scratched my arm and it hurt after. From 10 to 11:30 pm, I sat outside and did a sitting session with more crunching of cranium bones.

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