Chapter 14: Spine Vortex & Sphenoid Release

    June 29: Urinary Bladder Experimentation

    In the morning, I worked the urinary bladder meridian. The urinary bladder meridian is interesting because of the two vertical circuits. Energy activates with the sides of the body marching in step; it is a right-left-right pumping action like when you walk. After the vertical circuits are activated then energy connects laterally across the sides of body to create an energy spiral. The spiral then moves to the top of the head, then goes down the body to the toes, and repeats a few times. I feel tingling in the lower abdomen once it is strongly activated near the bladder area. It is effective to work on the muscle adhesions in my upper neck and shoulders by the spine. Because it runs vertically through the entire body, it has much power. During this session, energy mostly worked the trapezious muscle. I watched many cycles where energy would go up and work through the TMJ vertically on both sides of the skull and then movement in the right TMJ movement would cause a movement in the left TMJ. Then I would feel the cranium bones adjusting and then energy would move down and open something. I blanked out while energy worked in the brain for more than thirty minutes.

    I think to go through all the meridians again to see what they do. Last night before bed, I did the heart meridian for one hour. There was work done in my heart and now I remember I have a heart murmur. My chest still feels tight so I work to open the rib cage and heart area.

    Everything is connected and all paths have to be cleared. I went through all the meridians and I have problems in each. After I worked the urinary bladder a long time it activated the kidney acupoint KD1 and around the right ankle. The urinary bladder meridian helps move fluid in the body and connects to all main joints except the TMJ’s. I think there must be a connection to the TMJ’s, because energy travels sideways in the skull to activate them. The entire time I worked both the left and right urinary bladder meridians from the toes energy never worked in my left body. After this, I worked all toe meridians for about forty-five minutes. Then I sat upright and put my hands together with my feet on the crystal. Energy continued to work in the meridians for more than an hour after I stopped.

    I did the urinary bladder meridian last night for more than two hours because I wanted to do it until I felt energy come down the left side of the body. Near the end, there was intense work in the shoulders, then it went through on the left and then I blanked out. I think I was like that for more than two hours and do not remember what passed. Then I went to sleep. There was a deep pain in the crease of the leg where it meets the body. I will do this tomorrow and see if I can get a complete circuit to form in the body.

    Insight about meridian paths follow the bones: in the anatomy book, I do not see an obvious reason for the urinary bladder or kidney meridian paths. I asked the question, “What path of energy are the meridians?” and the answer came, “The energetic path of bones”. This makes sense because bones are the densest tissue in the body, resonate with vibration, and carry high energy. Bone marrow is a source of growth in the body and makes red blood cells. The meridian acupoints are points of high energy in the body and are palpable with your fingers. All are near a bone. By stimulating an acupoint, it causes a resonance in the bone. Because all the bones are connected, resonance in one bone affects the next. A meridian path represents a main flow of energy along the bones and muscles that attach to the bones, which corresponds to a way that group of muscles and bones can move.

    Rib Cage Vortex Forms

    June 30: Cleansing Dreams

    I had many cleansing dreams. There is much body tension with a torque on the spine. Often my rib cage expands and opens. In freestyle sessions, there are stretches in the left side of the neck, at lower edge of occipital bone, in trapezious muscle, down front of my throat, in the hyoid bone and muscles going down to the sternum. I still have knots in the right trapezious muscle and look for a way to get energy to move horizontally through it to open the shoulder. I will put acupressure on the knots and see which meridians activate. Using acupressure on the upper knot, I felt the ring finger (triple heater) and the front of the leg (stomach) meridians activate. I will try these together and see what happens. A quote comes to mind, “It’s natural for people to put their hands on the places they are sore.”

    I used acupressure on the stomach meridian acupoints on both toes for a long time. Eventually I felt a big circle going around the lower rib cage. At first, it hurt much and I felt like throwing up. I sensed it went around the edges of the diaphragm. Energy worked there a long time and then slowly moved up front of the body to the skull. When energy passed through the clavicles I felt the back, scapulas and TMJ’s activate. After energy worked in the skull, then it came down the backside and I sat upright. This was a huge relief. Once, I felt the spleen meridian on my big toe tingle. After this, I did acupressure on the triple heater meridian acupoints on the fingers. During this, I felt a release in the scapula. I kept feeling tingling in my pinkie finger on the inside meridian so I started applying acupressure to that acupoint.

    sternum circuitThat was effective and soon I felt many whorls of energy moving in a ray pattern from point of sternum to points on shoulder tips, to edges of rib cage and projecting to the TMJ’s (see figure). After this, the entire rib cage rotated with a strong vortex. Next, I felt this vortex connect with lower part of body below the diaphragm. I was sweating profusely, especially on the face. I am soaked. It was a strong session. Later I did a stretching session. The right lower part of my rib cage feels stuck.

    July 1

    Early today I gave acupressure to all the acupoints around the mandible and between all the sutures in this area. When I did that, I felt the cranium bones move. Later I did the entire Reiki acupressure sequence, trying to stay quiet and to finish. It takes too long and needs to be simplified. Last night I spent hours stretching and got no relief. I have to raise my vibration before I stretch or it is not effective. There was a big release in my shoulder and TMJ. I had strong pain in my head many times as the bones moved. I cried when it was difficult.

    I hope the transformation will finish soon. I am tired of having so much tension that I can barely move my neck. It is difficult to be around people or go anywhere for long and I rarely enjoy walking. Now, the energy is strong and higher-self keeps taking over. I do not want more, yet I know I will not be comfortable sleeping. This is the difficult part, when the big energy does not let up.

    Dream of making a book: Last night I dreamt I picked up a book. When I opened it, there was an envelope inside with money in it. It was as if a surprise was hidden in the book. This dream came again tonight. Perhaps it means the book I will write will bring money so I do not have to worry about how to survive. My savings draw down fast.

    Energetic Rotation Of Shoulders With TMJ’s, Strong Feet Tingling

    July 2: Shoulders Open, Wavy Undulating Energy Movements

    I did a sun session and then a freestyle session with much stretching and many openings. I found an acupoint on the large intestine meridian at point on the shoulder (LI15), which activates the shoulder joints. It is right at top of arm bone, front and back under scapula bone between arm bone and scapula.

    In the afternoon, I did several sessions with painful face crunching. There was much work on TMJ, shoulders, spine and the rib cage on right feels near to release. The entire shoulder opens with cracks in many difference directions at once. This feels good. The energy is still high.

    In the evening, I did a long session. I started with acupressure on the articulation points of the clavicle, in sternum under clavicle and just before shoulder tip on clavicle where it meets the scapula. This seemed effective to loosen the shoulder girdle. Later I activated the lung, triple heater and large intestine arm meridians from the fingers. During this time, I blanked out many times for long periods while my shoulders and TMJ’s were alive with energetic rotation. After this, I stretched through a multitude of pathways connecting the upper body through the neck to the head. This was challenging with much crunching, cracking and popping. The TMJ’s were shifting as energy worked deep in the joints. Sporadically higher-self took over with a high energy charge building in the muscles, then a strong spontaneous stretch and then back to a working pattern. In the last week, the growing reaction feels wavier and glides across the body transversely through swatches of the body. I often feel myself elongating. I lack vocabulary to describe these symptoms.

    July 3: Opening Of Knees

    I slept long and woke at 6 am with much tension in the shoulders. All morning I did continuous sessions. In the sun session, I put my feet on the crystal with hands together to raise the energy as quickly as possible. By pressing my feet into the crystal and with my fingertips together, I could activate the hand and leg meridians. I sat like that and did stretches until the sun was too hot. Then I went inside and did a freestyle session. I applied acupressure to my toes while at the lowest point in the squat. This worked well to activate the legs but was awkward. Then I sat upright with feet to front and my feet were tingling strong. I had the idea to bring this energy up the body, by giving acupressure to various points in the joints not necessarily on acupoints. I started with the kidney meridian acupoint KD1 and then did the sides of the ankles. The rest of the time, I worked the knees, which block energy from going up. The inside and front of my knees are the worst. I stayed on the point in the knee right below the kneecap. It is good to open the upper body and I think it is connected to the diaphragm. There were strong chills many times near the end as something in the spine opened.

    In the late morning I did another freestyle session, “Let’s get physical” was the message. I need the force of my body to open larger blockages. There was a painful crack in the big toe joint. The energy does not settle down. In the afternoon, I took a walk and now I am zooming inside. There was strong tension in spine, on C7 and skull so I did a freestyle stretch. After this, I took a nap while energy worked in the body.

    Next, I did a two-hour acupressure session outside with my feet on the crystal. I did each toe meridian for two minutes each. Then I held the stomach meridian acupoint on the feet while in a long hold while energy strongly worked around rib cage and under shoulder girdle. After this, I sat and gave acupressure to the finger meridians. While doing the heart meridian acupoint, energy worked strongly in the trapezious and around C7 so I held it longer. During this time, energy went into head and worked the TMJ from front to back of head. It was as if C7 was the center point and energy was moving between the TMJ, scapula and trapezious muscle. An energetic rotation pattern formed between the shoulders tops.

    From 10:30 to 11:45 pm, I worked the urinary bladder meridian until both sides of my body felt open along it. I then worked the gallbladder meridian. This meridian activates energy to work in the joints. In the skull, I felt the gallbladder meridian acupoints open and my sinuses cleared. After this, I felt many cranium bone movements and then energy went down the body to align something with the cranium bone movements.

    Spontaneous Meridian Activation

    July 4: Trapezious Work, Back Ligament Snaps, Cervical Spine Work

    I arose at 2 am, did a session, and fell asleep while doing it. I woke at 4:30 am and decided to stay up. Its 9:30 am and most of the morning I did a sun session. There were strong openings along the spine and I felt five strong shivers. Then there was a forty-minute hold with excruciating pain. I had my head tipped back and chin toward ceiling, while energy worked in both trapezious muscles and all cranium bones. I was sweating profusely on my head and upper body. I breathed deeply and used every skill I had to endure it. It felt like energy worked to line up the sides of the shoulders and TMJ’s with the neck. While this work occurred, the meridians were activating spontaneously from one to the other. I would notice the marching rhythm of energy moving up the back along the urinary bladder meridian. Then this would stop and another meridian would activate. This was occurring last night too. I am happy something moves but I still have much tension.

    From 6 to 9 pm, I took a three-hour nap. I woke and did a freestyle session with deep stretches into the TMJ joint, which ‘hurt good’. The TMJ’s and cheekbone were moving around and sometimes my eyes shifted with a popping feeling.

    Later I stood outside and easily activated my feet meridians by standing on tiptoes. Then I quickly folded into squat, with stretches in big toe joint, ankles and right hip. In freestyle stretch, I feel the charge in the muscles combines with the weight of my body and these together creates a force to activate my ankles and feet. After this, the energy ripples up and activates the joint above the activated joint with an energetic rotation, on up to the top. Then I am led through a body stretch, which seems to have the goal to straighten the spine. I am tired and my head aches.

    Later in the day, I had just touched an acupoint on the right urinary bladder meridian and instantly there were hundreds of small snaps, prickles and energy whorls all over my upper back. At 11:30 pm, I continued working the urinary bladder meridian and I felt the KD1 acupoint of the kidney meridian activate on the sole of my foot. After that happened, I decided to combine them and gave acupressure to both these meridians for more than an hour. While doing it, my lower legs went numb. I think this is an effective combination because it is activating two vertical body circuits with the urinary bladder meridian going down and the kidney meridian going up. Near the end, there were brief sharp nerve pains along the sides of the cervical spine. I felt this about six times on the left and a few times on the right. After this, I continued giving acupressure to the toe and finger meridians and fell asleep about 2 am.

    July 5: Multiple Cracks Across Right Parietal Bone

    When I rose, work was going on in the TMJ with intense pressure so I did a freestyle session right away. Later I did a sitting session with heavy pressure in the sternum, as if energy is rotating around a compressed or dead space. It feels like a stuck rib. I went down through the rib joints next to the sternum working them with acupressure and found a sore spot, which I think was the fourth rib down and under the right armpit. Next, I worked the urinary bladder meridian a long time and then did the spleen meridian. After this, I did the kidney acupoints along the rib cage while lying and fell asleep. After waking, I did another session.

    In the afternoon, I used acupressure on the feet meridians. I did the inside acupoint of the big toe which seems different from the spleen meridian acupoint on outside of toe. It seemed to do an energetic rotation vertically from back to front, going up through all the main joints of ankles, knees, hips and TMJ’s. The liver and spleen meridians are blocked. I will continue to work all meridians until they are clear. I do not know what else to do.

    From 8 to 10 pm, I worked the small intestine meridian a long time. This goes through all the blocks in the trapezious, neck and TMJ’s. It never cleared after working it for more than an hour. It always reaches the point where it is difficult, like I am forcing the work because I use the energy of only one meridian. I laid down and fell asleep doing the hand meridians.

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