Floating Skull Plates, Amplified Hearing With OBE

    June 25: Shoulder Girdle Work

    I did continuous sessions from about 7 am to 2 pm, and took a break. I did the next session in the evening. I had my feet on the crystals and held another crystal. I meditated and moved slightly. Near the end, my hearing amplified and I could hear children talking and playing far away. This lasted for a long time. Meanwhile my head was tipped back in discomfort while work was done in the sternum, collarbone and shoulder joints. There was work in trapezious muscle with a strong sweat while that happened. I will try the urinary bladder meridian next as it seemed ready to open. I will continue the meridian work going more into my body parts. The urinary bladder meridian work was good. Once, it felt like I was not in my body and felt the skull plates floating and moving around. It was a strange sensation.

    June 26: Amplified Hearing, Insect Biting, Cool Breeze Rises From Feet

    I had to get up twice in the night and rose at 5 am. Much tension released from the spine during a sun session. I did the complete Reiki acupressure sequence. I blanked out while working on the stomach meridian, while energy worked under the jaw by the molars, on the bottom line of the mandible, in the rib cage and by the clavicle.

    In the evening, I did a sitting session outside with crystals and Reiki. It is amazing how strong the energy gets. There was much work done in the trapezious muscles by shoulder blades and on up to skull. For me it was easy tilting of the head and feeling tension releasing. Again, I experienced amplified hearing. It has an eerie feeling to it, like being in a ghost town or a dream world and hearing sounds and voices ‘of the past’ echoing around all over. It reminds me of a movie I saw or something. The sounds were startling; my body was reacting and shaking from them. (I suspect this symptom of amplified hearing may be due to going out of body while work is done in the brain.) There were many small pricks of pain feeling as if insects were biting me. There are no mosquitoes here in the desert. Once I felt a cool breeze rising around me, coming from my feet on up. For sure it was not from outside, it is almost one hundred degrees.

    The majority of the work is loosening the rib cage, trapezious muscles and scapulas. I want to go to this space of no thought and never return allowing the healing to happen until it stops. I am strongly drawn to go into deeper states of observation, like out of body experience and merely watch the healing happen. This is much nicer than the difficult stretching sessions.

    June 27: Loud Cracks In Skull, Elastic Stretch In Ankles

    I arose a few times, but then went back to bed. I had a dream about red versus brown leather and something about using the correct color or energy for meridians. I think the dream is related to the rocks I used last night. I think each mineral, rock and crystal has a unique frequency that should match what you are working on. It seemed a warning that using the wrong one was not good. I decided to stick with using my hands, as these cannot be the wrong frequency.

    I did acupressure on toes, ankles, knees, hips, rib cage, shoulders, elbows, and last on my hands. Then I did a little on the C7 vertebra. This order makes sense to me. After this, I meditated and allowed skull movements to occur. Then I was lying on my stomach and higher-self took over with spontaneous spine stretches. Later there were strong movements in the skull with loud cracks, it is alarming how hard and loud this is. Later in a freestyle session while in the squat position, I felt my ankle and toes turn like they were suddenly elastic. I could stretch them easily beyond their normal range of movement.

    Later I sat and did the finger meridians on both hands. I kept blanking out and when I felt sleepy would observe fine skull adjustments were made. At one moment, I felt I would take off and never return. When the energy gets strong, my mind goes suddenly quiet. I feel anytime the energy will get high enough and set off a long chain reaction of healing.

    Insight of my new power: I have a new power in my body owing to the new neural connections that have been made. I only have to let go of body control and the work will be done through the spontaneous body movements. It is crystal clear I need to do more freestyle sessions.

    Skull Plates Separating, Spontaneous Movement Sessions

    June 28: Regular Spontaneous Movement Sessions

    I did a long session. I started with feet on crystal and then put my palms on upper thighs with the idea to bring energy down to my feet on right. I did liver and gallbladder meridian acupoints in the knees. This did not seem to work because the meridians were not activated. Therefore, I did liver plus gallbladder meridians on toes. This did not work well; it did not feel like enough energy was building. Therefore, I started with little toe and moved toward big toe. I stopped and worked the middle toe for a long time. This meridian energetically rotates the joints, not only the feet. Once energetic rotation of joints starts, then it is like a domino effect, as each joint rotates it affects the one above it. Therefore, I held this for a long time until the jaw joints were energetically rotating. After this, the energy in my body was strong and I thought to do the liver plus gallbladder meridians together.

    Instead, my body signals told me to stretch now that all the joints were activated. I started a freestyle session with the idea to hold various positions like postures, starting with the head and working down through my body. Soon after I started higher-self took over and I understood it would be better to ‘follow the leader’ meaning to let go of body control, so I did. There were various stretches while standing, then quickly folding down to squat, through hips and toes. Afterward the toes were nice and warmed up, I stretched my legs, and my feet were all tingly. My feet were much more activated with the stretching than I had accomplished with the acupressure. Stretching and moving my body with the force of gravity, activates the vibration stronger than any other technique. Albeit, starting the energy is low so activating the meridians and raising the overall vibration helps to do the next step.

    When I sat with legs to front, work was in the upper body and especially in the spine and skull. This was an effective session this morning yet long and difficult. At the end, the cranium bones felt loose and soon after this, my head moved spontaneously around with terrific crunching sounds in the skull. It felt like my brain was the Earth and the skull plates were the crust of the Earth floating on top. The crust was in upheaval and moving around. It was scary at times that the skull plates can move this way. I could have went longer with it but stopped because I was tired.

    Moving as Higher-self Technique, Freestyle Session

    1. I activate all meridians with my Reiki acupressure sequence. This elevates my vibration allowing higher-self to more easily take over.

    2. I start standing, and relax my body and maintain a meditative state by focusing on feeling a vibration in my body. One of my focal points is to feel my body as a single unit of vibration and tune into the pulsation felt which alternates between left and right sides of body. When I tune into feeling the natural energy flows it quiets my thinking. Another focal point is to imagine I am at center and not moving and that my body is moving around this center point. I visualize a dot of light in my 3rd eye. Then my direction is to follow this dot of light by turning my inner eyes toward it. I then trust that the body will follow behind the movement the head is taking. It is the same principle that you can control a large animal by controlling the head. Both of these focal points require no thinking, thus allowing the body to move spontaneously.

    3. I let my body move spontaneously. During the session, I scan for body tension or pain. If I find tension, I relax that area to allow energy to enter it. With this stage of the kundalini transformation, the nervous system is advanced and spontaneous body movements easily happen. A typical progression of the session is standing, stretching poses on way down to squat, holding and stretching in various squat positions, then sitting and finally lying on either stomach or back. Yoga stretches occur in every position. In some freestyle sessions, I stand or lay down the entire time.

    4. After spontaneous movements stop, I rest and allow the growing phase for a little while. When the tension in body builds then I start over with 1.

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