Atlas Bone Released With A Pop

    June 4: Physical Rotation Of Hip, Entire Body Numbness

    Since my prior journal entry, the healing continues with much movement of the cranial bones and intense tingling and numbness in the entire body. I need to stretch and release tension often. While standing yesterday there was a fast movement with physical rotation of hip and strong energy in the root chakra. I stood with knees slightly bent and went with the movements for about thirty minutes going beyond comfort, which is normal lately. Later, I gave my father a Reiki treatment and I felt explosions all over inside my body like fireworks were going off. I have never felt this sensation before.

    ligskullSomething different happens. The stretching was the most difficult physical work I have done so far. It felt like the spine ended in the skull at the tip of the head where the whorl is. Then there was popping of a vertical structure, which felt to be the spine. It was popping laterally repeatedly from right to left (see figure). It was not comfortable yet it did not hurt. At the end, there was one more movement with a loud audible pop. After this energy zoomed all over my skull, concentrated in the TMJ’s, and then went down the neck and into the shoulders. I sensed energy traveling along pathways never traversed before in the skull causing intense pain. There were many facial bone movements, in the hard palate, nose and behind the eyes. I felt the top of the spine had been reached and a large vortex was moving down the body versus the left body and right body energy circuits of the marcher rhythm.

    June 5: Ligament Moves In Skull With Pressure On Wormian Bones

    I slept four hours. My body hurts in the right hip and the head and I do not want to move. It was a long difficult day with much stretching. My head hurts badly and not much gives relief. I cried a few times. The most effective thing was using acupressure and Reiki on the toe meridians. I feel I need more energy to move something. I suspect the spine is ready to move. I feel the most pressure at the whorl in the back of the head when there are pops deep in the skull. A ligament is repositioning vertically across the spine. There is a popping of a ligament like this by the C7 joint at the back of the neck. I think it might be the same one.

    June 7

    I did a freestyle session and stretched down through toes and the big toe keeps cracking. I feel much resistance in the entire right leg in all the joints. Later I did a sitting session with Reiki. I notice it takes much energy to move the cranium bones. Work is done to loosen ligaments of spine attached to skull. There was work done in the throat, the trapezious muscles, in cranium bones and the TMJ’s.

    June 9

    Lately, I am using a healing technique that I call multiplying forces. (This technique is in my Reiki healing journal, under June 9, 2006.) Later I used acupressure on the urinary bladder meridian up the entire path from the back of leg up and over skull ending near the eye. This opened the back of my neck along the spine. I blanked out while doing it for about one hour and then fell asleep. Later in the day, my shoulder and neck opened the most so far. The energy worked deeply in shoulder crook and trapezious muscles. Later I used acupressure on the stomach meridian with many reactions in my body, and while doing it I fell asleep.

    Occipital Bone Pop, Energy Spiral In Skull

    June 11: Energy Whorls Down Spine, Inner Sound Like Katydids

    Last night and this morning, I felt prickles in the head, upper shoulders and neck. It felt like I was cracking open, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis. The cranium bones have more range of movement and move deep inside my head. In the afternoon I felt energy move down as strong force from the TMJ’s into the shoulder crooks and it felt like the spine straightened as this happened. I then felt energy whorls descending starting at top of head and going down the back to the bottom.

    There was strange snapping of fine cords around the right TMJ. Many times, I lose identification with my mind and feel any moment I will ‘take off’. I chemically burned my fingers using bleach and immediately felt energy whorls on my fingertips starting to heal them. In the last sessions, my body is coming alive as a powerful energetic force and feels like higher-self is strongly taking over. I do not have a word for it. Changes are occurring all over my body all day. I feel over the hump of last week with much head pressure. I guess it had to do with shifting cranium bones that is now done. The spontaneous body movements feel like powerful yoga, and they ‘hurt good’ when I do them. My spirit is up because I progress and I move out tomorrow to get my own place.

    Once in the afternoon session, I instinctively scrunched my nose and eyes together to allow facial bones to shift without hurting. After this, there were strong crunches in the bones around the TMJ’s and loud pops in the back of the skull. (This is likely a pop of the occipital bone.) A few times, it felt like some cranium bones were aligning in parallel with the TMJ. Afterward I felt large spirals forming inside the skull. I have a slight discharge from the eyes. The inner sound was deafening at times and now sounds like katydids in the August night. This transformation has been going on a long time, it is now eight months. In the last eight months, my average work per day is six hours, so that is one thousand four hundred and forty hours of sessions so far.

    June 17: Moving Again

    I have been busy moving. Yesterday, I got back to normal workouts. Most work was physical movement of the jaw joints that work to align. Several times, there was a squishy sound at the right TMJ endpoint. I am back to weird bending of my head and opening my jaws often, which makes it difficult to be around people. I have my menstruation in the last two days. Later in the day, there was a huge energetic rotation in my entire head and I felt much movement of skull bones.

    Energy Traces Around Edges Of Skull Plates

    June 18: Movement Of Hyoid Bone, Sweats With Skull Work

    In the session, there were three sweats all having to do with work in the skull. The final sweat lasted a long time. The energy work on the cranium bones was done in a sequence. First energy went around the TMJ on right around the ear, and then it moved up the side of the head doing the suture across the top to the corona suture. Then the frontal bone was worked, next the cheekbone, then across and down to back of head to parietal. The most intense work was on the parietals. A few times the energy moved across to the left side of the skull and made some adjustments. I felt small movements as energy worked along the edges of one skull plate on the suture line for some time. After this, I would feel small crunching sounds with the feeling the plate had loosened and then energy moved to the next plate.

    After work in the skull, energy worked in the front of the neck more than ever before. I sense the hyoid bone is now worked. My jaws ache after a three-hour session. I still cannot believe how slow this process is. I work long and hard on these sessions and the changes are by microns. I am getting tired of the incessant need to release the tension. It is difficult to drive because I cannot turn my head well over my shoulders with all the tension in my neck.

    I wonder what abilities this transformation will give me. Will I grow new teeth, will I have a youthful appearance, will I be free of disease, will I transmute poisons, will my metabolism be perfect, will I have to sleep, will I reproduce again, will I have completely quiet mind, will I have open access to universal mind and will my physical appearance substantially change? At this point, none of them appears true. I wish I knew the truth.

    June 20: Many Energy Balls Rise Into Shoulders, Neck & Skull

    Last night I felt I needed to do something different so I returned to my idea of modifying my Reiki acupressure sequence to include the joints. (The details of this sequence are in my Reiki healing journal under “Technique through Joints”, June 20, 2006.) It was awesome! This experience reminds me to keep exploring especially when things feel stuck. I did this session before bed, going into an altered state many times. The main effect seemed to activate all meridian circuits. The second was that energy gathered into an energy ball as I worked the technique up the legs toward the spine.

    The big surprise was when I put my finger on the pubic symphysis. Soon after this, all the energy balls rose and were in my shoulders at the base of the neck going up through the spine to the skull. When these balls moved there were strong spontaneous movements in my shoulders, neck and TMJ’s.

    June 21: Skull Plates Traced, Cool Breeze, Body Swelling Starts

    Last night I was too tired to do anything, I slept long and deep. There were many reactions in my body all day yesterday. I still feel it today. A few times, I heard the high-pitched inner sound with total silence. There are energy whorls in my right trapezious muscle and shoulder area. I do not feel much compression in my head. My foot is swollen near the big toe; and there is much pain in it. I was going to take a long walk today…

    It felt wonderful to do the sun session. I was meditating and energy worked in the right skull. Energy traced around the edges of the right temporal bone, and then energy traced around the right parietal bone. I felt all sides of a skull plate were loosened. Then I felt stretching in the skull, could hear small crackle sounds, and had the feeling these plates shifted. After a plate shifted, energy would go down the spine and there would be a combined stretch of the TMJ joint with some other part of the body such as back of neck, the shoulder, side of neck and even the hip joint! After the body stretch, energy would concentrate in the skull moving on to another cranium bone. It was going efficiently. After the right side of head was done, the left side was done in a similar way. Sometimes the right side of skull was worked in tandem with the left side forming rotational paths of energy in the skull. I observed energy spirals in both hemispheres at top of head and a link between the TMJ joints as a single infinity sign shape that moved down the skull in a vortex. I was sweating much and this would alternate with cool breezes in the body.

    When I came in, I did a freestyle session. The power I felt in my body was incredibly strong. It felt like higher-self took over and aligned the spine by stretching spontaneously down through hips and feet. After that, I sat while energy worked in TMJ with body stretches that included the shoulders and hips.

    I then did a deep meditation until 11:30 not wanting to move more. After a short break, there were more strong crunches in the right TMJ and C7. Near the end, I felt a cool rush of energy on both sides of the spine. At the time, it felt like the spine almost lined up with the skull. This is the first time this has happened. I can easily sustain deep meditation. The sessions are spanning hours. There was pain under my right arm in the rib cage area, the first time I ever felt that. I went to bed early and fell asleep while working the liver meridian.

    Insight of cranium bone relationship to body I had the thought, “twenty-two skull bones”, and that maybe each corresponded to movement of an area of the body. While watching the cranium bones shifting and stretching with a certain body part, it was obvious there was a direct relationship and I clearly saw it in the TMJ to Hip connection.

    June 22

    I slept long and woke with strong tension in the spine, shoulders, neck and skull. I started with the Reiki acupressure sequence through the joints and after three hours, I still have not completed it because I blank out when I touch areas where I need the energy. I did another session working both sides of body at once and fell asleep doing my ankle. Then later to bed to continue and I fell asleep again.

    June 23

    I slept long and rose early. The jaws and neck feel near to releasing. I did a long session starting with freestyle and noted I still have many blockages in my right leg and they radiate all the way up to the TMJ joint. I did Reiki work on the liver and gallbladder meridians working them on both toes together. Later I did another freestyle stretch with strong twisting down through my ankle. Afterward there were spontaneous movements with excruciating positions going through the body. I feel I need to do more freestyle sessions now, because much charge is building in the large muscles and stretching is the only way to release it. I need a better balance in my workouts; doing the meridians is not enough.

    I think I did some effective work but feel depressed to see how much work is left to do and how difficult it is. At 12:30 pm, I needed another session because of strong skull pressure. I did acupressure on the finger meridians, which helped to release the skull pressure. There was high body heat with sweating when energy worked in hip and spine. I feel the growing reaction all over my body.

    I felt my left foot rotating energetically and heard popping in the left jaw with each bite of food I ate. Lately, my shoulders are worked in combination with the neck. There is much pressure on the occipital bone behind head, my head hurts and I am tired. While I was walking, my right hip feels more balanced in the joint, it felt good to feel a new swing in the joint. The swelling of my big toe joint is mostly gone. I went down through this joint a little and stretched it during a sun session. I fell asleep while giving acupressure to my finger meridians. I guess it is not sleep; rather my mind is going quiet for healing in the brain. This is occurring often. I just blanked out in a hold while energy worked in the body. Later I blanked out while there was energetic work done on trapezious muscles, neck and TMJ’s.

    June 24: Energy Surge, Rib Cage Rotation, Energy Whorls On Skull

    I slept long and there is not much pressure now in my head, yeah! I did a thirty-minute sun session. Later I did a freestyle session stretching down through the right foot and worked ankles and toes with Reiki on meridians while in stretch. Later I worked the liver meridian and felt strong work in right shoulder, along neck and up to TMJ. While I worked this meridian up into the torso, the energy got stronger. I think to do each meridian again to look for main blocks.

    I did no afternoon session. I got home about 8 pm and it was hot so I sat outside with the crystals. Strong energy was zooming around all over working various parts of my body and I barely had to move. I felt it coming up the liver meridian and working in the rib cage more than ever before. I now feel my rib cage rotate. Many times the cranium bones cracked and moved apart. I felt work directly on the knots in the trapezious muscle. Many times, I thought insects might be biting me but they were pricks of pain. I sat in a meditative state most of the time. I still observe the body worked as one unit, with skull work occurring simultaneously with work in the body or at least up and down together. It is not like in the past where a change would be made to the body and later in the head, it works together now. It was a nice break to sit in meditation. I think much work happened in those two hours. The inner sound is strong with right ear popping and energy whorls on top of my head in many places. The energy still courses strongly through me. (I think a strong growing reaction often follows a high-energy surge, after a major energy circuit is opened. It is time to rest when the growing energy takes over. Eventually I came to recognize this and could just relax with them.)

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