3rd Eye Opens, Cranium Bone Crunches, Rocketing Body Vibration

    May 24

    In the morning while doing a sun session, I had three images come while in the sleep state. These images appear like a picture on the screen of my 3rd eye. The last one was of me holding a glass of water using the cup I normally use. I knew it was a message to drink more water. I am sweating much of late and know it is important to stay hydrated. Today, I see that moving to the impulse I feel in my body is not always the best thing to do, especially with skull work. A strong force is needed to move these bones, so letting the force build without moving the body is also effective. (The best way is to surrender and not think and then you are moved when you need to be moved, you do not need any technique nor have to think about what to do.)

    After the work in the skull, there was much energetic rotation in the jaws and later I felt energy paths opening in my head, which facilitated movement of the cranium bones. I felt I knew how to move and crunch the cranium bones. I guess the crunching is a progression after the prior work of loosening the cranium bones. When I lie down, the energy vibrates my entire body and while it happens, it feels like neuron growth is going on all over my body.

    May 25: Intense Tingling In Toes

    I did a freestyle session with the ring stretching down to toes. There were strong spontaneous movements, with pulling stretches in areas of chest, shoulders, neck and head. After this, I did a sitting session. When I first sat, I felt intense tingling in the toes that moved up the body. There was much skull crunching with work on sides of neck and hard palate. There was more work in the left skull this time. I almost cried a few times, the work is intense and the more the skull moves the more I have to move with it. Around the clock, I have to do a session every three hours to relieve the tension or it hurts. The energy is incredibly strong today and the inner sound is high-pitched.

    Energy Balls In Throat, Hyoid Bone Moves, Cranium Bones Release

    May 29: Spine Alignment, Long Hold In Hip, Skull Pain

    I have been giving my father Reiki treatments on a regular basis. He had a strong healing reaction in the first weeks and feels better. I practiced trying to feel his energy while giving the treatment. I would project my inner sight toward his body and found I could see where the energy worked in his body. The energy traveled on a circular path from my right hand up the left side of his body to the skull, then over and down the other side until I felt it at my left hand. I observed energy worked in my body identical to where it worked in his. I think this has to do with entrainment. As energy worked, I described to him where it was and what he should be feeling. From numerous replies from him, it confirmed what I felt.

    My energy continues strong. At least once per day I do a freestyle session, stretching down through the hips and legs. The last few times there was a strong crack in the big toe, which alarmed me because it was loud but it did not hurt much. The skull work continues with much movement of the cranium bones. Much work happens in left side of skull with intense pain yet I can endure it in surrender. At one moment, energy balls were pummeling the throat area up to the back of the skull and across the spine. In addition, a bone moved in the upper throat and later I found out there is a bone there. (This is the hyoid bone.)

    I did a freestyle session, which lasted a long time that felt like the entire spine aligned. After this energy slowly moved down to the hip and there was a long hold with intense pain lasting about twenty-five minutes. After this, I did a long sitting session using Reiki on the toe meridians, which I continued until my legs were numb.

    I took a three-hour walk; tension mounted the entire time in my upper shoulders and neck. When I returned I was exhausted. My ankle and toe hurt but the tension in my shoulders and neck was worse. I lie down for two hours and did neck and head crunching. My head hurts much. The jaws or some bone in the head needs to move and until it does I will not be comfortable. Before bed, there was much work in the TMJ’s. Once I felt the cranium bones opening like magic, then there was an energetic rotation of the head.

    Dream about raw potatoes: my father told me of a vivid dream with detailed description of a village that was primitive. In the dream, he was shown how to treat infants after birth to clear them from viruses and rashes all their lives. It sounded like it might be a traditional Native American treatment for the immune system. It uses raw potato slices, fried just until the skins start to loosen. It was important to stop cooking the potatoes at that point. When they are warm to the touch then all are placed on the skin covering the entire body and the infant is wrapped in a cloth. After some time the potatoes are removed and the infant is washed in seawater.

    June 1: Skull Popping, Rib Release, Atlas Bone Moves, Leg Tingling

    In the last days, there were loud popping sounds deep in the skull and intense short bursts of pain as small cords moved in my skull. Tonight it felt like a big bone inside my head moved vertically, maybe it is the top of the spine? After this, there were strong stretches along the spine and right side of neck, which felt they were done to align the spine.

    Lately, my legs are tingling intensely starting with the toes. Sometimes I feel it in my hands. It is not like the numbness I feel from lack of circulation that goes away when I move and blood returns. This reaction goes on a long time and moving does not make it go away. The movements in the head and spine are foreign and scary and at times, I worry about something breaking or a nerve getting pinched. However, I let go of my fear and allow whatever movement to happen. Several times a rib bone shifted in the chest. I do not feel well. I have constant head pressure and there are pimples along the sides of my nose. I have pain in the uterus and ovaries. I am getting tired of this and wanting it to be over. It is unbelievable how much time this is taking. I do not have time left to do anything else.

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