Chapter 13: Cranium Bones Open

    Cranial Sutures Separate

    May 17: Right Body Energy Spiral, Whiteout

    In the sun session, I saw when I have the galaxy view, I have gone out of mind and this state allows maximum healing to occur in the brain. I seek a way to relax my mind on command so I can enter this state readily. It is related to falling asleep. I tried a conscious focus on area of pituitary gland and on the 3rd eye region. It seemed focus on the 3rd eye area readily induced the sleeping state. (Mirror neurons are located in the frontal lobe of the brain behind the forehead. Relaxing this area of mind settles the self-reflection ability. I think we intuitively do this when we fall asleep; we relax this area with our mind’s eye.) I then thought of an epidural, how certain points when stimulated can numb areas of the body. I will research acupoints that induce anesthesia, numbing or sleep. In auricular acupuncture, the tranquilizer point is near the small Intestine meridian acupoint SI19, which I used a few days ago.

    All morning, energy worked strongly in right side of body, while the left side hummed but did not move. Often I am put in a long hold with my jaws open to the maximum. A large energy vortex is forming in my body where the right side is half of that whole. I felt uterine contractions and it feels like my menstruation starts.

    Tonight I felt the cranial sutures on top of my head separate. There was movement in the hard palate, the right teeth and the nasal bones. The ear continues to pop. I worked in a sweat continuously for more than an hour. Near the end, I felt the energy circuit along the right spine activate strongly all the way through the neck. This is the first time I have felt energy going straight through the neck. When I lay down, energy worked on a circuit going through the neck to the skull and then a total blankness and quiet happened that lasted a few seconds. Later it happened again, that quiet is awesome.

    I went to bed about 1 am and woke at 3 am. I was having many cleansing dreams. I had to stretch my neck, shoulders and jaws to relieve the tension. I do not feel good now; I am tired, have head pain and the dreams were depressing.

    Insight about vortices for healing it is interesting that most meridian paths are vertical running along the skeleton. There are vortices of rotational energy. It seems it should be possible to produce a rotational vortex in the body by pressing the right combination of acupoints. Rotational vortices are much stronger healing forces of energy than linear circuits. Movement of the joints produces energy rotation. The body is one whole and all points connect in some way to each other. I experimented with this idea and had some success to generate vortices in the joints. (The details of this technique are in my Reiki healing journal under notes for May 17, 2006.)

    All Cranium Bones Move

    May 20: Changes To Extremities

    There were strong movements in the skull, jaws and down the body. It gets close to an energy vortex forming in my entire body. I did a long session with skull work. I feel empty spaces where I have had tension for so long in neck, jaw and right side. One time it felt like all the cranium bones moved at once. I never expected that would happen. I see the skull as a joint and all the cranium bones need to loosen. I am feeling the same releases in joints on the left side of the body as I did with the right side earlier. Increasingly the movements down the spine affect the joints on both sides of the body. Often the body vibration rises high and I feel work with pain in the extremities down to fingers and toes.

    I guess millions of pathways need to change. I feel when the neck is clear it will set off a reaction. Often I feel many reactions happen at once. My mind often blanks out and I continue to sweat much. It is easier to stay quiet and allow work to happen in the brain. When I do this, it is similar to leaving the body and explains the galaxy view, the deep meditation and the blue light experiences I have had in meditation in the past. I often practice to achieve this state on command. It helps to speed up the transformation and gives me a pain free place to ride out the storm.

    My Current Meditation is to feel my body as a single unit of energy and watch the movement occurring. I try to feel drowsy or like I am falling asleep which fully relaxes me and facilitates this state. Everyone knows how to fall asleep. I merely do that. I imagine myself as sleeping and then go out of body to observe my body sitting there. When I successfully do this, energy zooms around freely in my mind and body. As ‘I’ am not there, there is no resistance to impede the energy and it speeds up dramatically.

    May 22

    I did a long freestyle session this morning with mostly skull work. I started with standing and stretched down though legs and hips. Then there was energetic rotation in the hip and a power arose to move the spine and after this energy rose to work in the skull. Standing seems the most effective work out. It seems a high energy is needed to make changes in the skull and the lower body workout builds and collects energy into the root chakra. Then this energy moves up the spine to work in the brain and after this change is done, energy ripples on down the body to carry out the new change.

    I did many sessions. I found other good acupoints for working in the skull. One is the horizontal line in the skull where the arm of glasses goes across and above the ear. Another effective acupoint is the indentation behind the ear toward skull at widest point of ear. A third point is the back of the skull where midway there is a triangle.

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