Stinging Prickles And Neuron Growth In Stretched Tissue

    March 8: Strong Work Between Shoulders By Spine And Neck

    11:30 am: The energy is strong; it is difficult to stop because of the neck tension. The pattern: Neck crunching, brainwork, then energy goes down, and it starts all over.

    9 pm: I spent the entire day cleaning and going through my things and checking ticket prices to move. The strong growing phase continues. From 9-11:15 pm, I was lying on my stomach with energy work in back, neck and area between the shoulders and neck. Near the end, there was a stretchy crunch through skull to top with face pressed into mat most of the time, which frightened me, and I did not know what to do. I felt many energetic changes occurring in the backs of shoulders toward neck and the broad area of upper shoulders and down to lower back.

    From 11:20 pm to 1 am, I did a sitting stretch through neck, TMJ and shoulders with different angles and paths while in deep surrender. A new phenomenon is energy prickles and a burning sensation with neuron growth occurring immediately in stretched tissue. This feels good as tension is released. Energy went deep into the center of my ear, which felt good. The inner sound is richer and not so wavy and melodic. While sitting, ripples of energy rise up the neck and make changes. There was a significant right TMJ adjustment and some big pops and cracks in the skull. New areas are cracking, one in shoulder and one in the neck by the clavicle.

    March 9

    I did a short stretch in the forest and a longer one for about one hour into TMJ, shoulder joint and neck. Energy is opening things.

    From 4 to 8:15 pm, I did two stretching sessions working in neck, shoulders and TMJ’s that opened the areas. In the second stretch, I ended on my back with much work on the spine. I felt energy building in the root chakra, then rising and going up the spine and working with great force on the lower back, shoulders, neck and jaws. Some work done on head and shoulders was difficult for a short period. It was a long period of surrender, allowing the body to be worked in this way. I waited until the energy shifted to the freefall feeling before I stopped. The neck and jaw areas feel different, like they are aligned. I went to bed early.

    March 10: Intense Skull Pressure

    I slept deep and arose about two for a sleepy stretch. I did not do much today, feeling I need to prepare to move.

    From 5 to 6 pm, first, I stretched and then there was a hold lasting forty-five minutes while a different area below the ear was worked. This felt like a tendon was stretched, from the position under the ear, down to the trapezious muscle in the back of the shoulder. After a release here, energy filled the newly opened area, which felt great.

    From 7:30 to 9:45 pm, I am exhausted. I have been endlessly stretching through the same body parts, seemingly getting nowhere. Tonight energy worked in the right hip and worked high in the TMJ. This was painful. This time I felt a physical rotation of my shoulder together with my hip, while lying on my right side, so that is new.

    From 9:50 to 11:45 pm, it appears that I am changing my brain and transforming my body. This thought occurs often. I see when I do not think energy works in the skull. At this moment, my skull feels ready to burst; there is too much pressure to sleep.

    Energy Spiral Forms Between Jaws And Shoulders On Both Sides

    March 11: Weird Dreams And Mind-Chatter

    From 3 to 6 am, I did what I could in bed. I could not keep my jaw open wide when I needed to. I sat and tried a few things but then I lay down exhausted. Sleep was restless with weird dreams and constant mind-chatter. I woke up with much body tension and went back to bed with more weird dreams and mind-chatter.

    From 8 am to noon, it has been four hours of continuous stretching of TMJ’s, neck and shoulders. The energy does not calm and I am exhausted. This is the worst my head has ever felt. I went outside and did some chores with head pain the entire time.

    From 2:30 to 5 pm, finally, I lay down and it was exactly what I needed. When I arose, I felt good. From 8 to 9:45 pm, I did a freestyle session with ring and long-distance Reiki symbol working on jaw more. I felt some stretches going through all joints on one side of body and then a hold while energy worked in these joints. Then there was work in hard palate which seemed to bring the energy to center there. There was work on left TMJ and shoulder and then all seemed calm. When I heard the marcher music, I arose.

    From 9:50 to 11:30 pm, I was sitting with stretching in jaws and neck with much work on right TMJ. Once there was a strong crack in the TMJ, followed by a rush of energy and a downward spiral of energy moving through jaws and shoulders on both sides. Lastly, I did another stretch down following a different path of stretch through the shoulders.

    Maxillae Rays With Electric Teeth, Chest & Neck Lifted

    March 12: Pain In Skull By Squamosal And Lamboid Sutures

    From 12 to 2 am, I did a long stretching session mostly through the shoulders and the back, and a little in the TMJ. There was painful tension in the shoulders and I went to bed.

    From 7 am to 1 pm, I woke feeling rested with growing reaction and no urge to stretch. I took a long walk in the forest and did a freestyle session outside on an energy vortex. I enjoyed it very much. The energy goes deep into both shoulders, which rotate energetically. The purpose seems to align the joints of the shoulders with the spine. There is strong pain at times but it feels good to allow energy into all these sore spots. There was a strong pop in my right shoulder somewhere. The energy is strong now. I love sitting in surrender. It is peaceful and blissful. Energy work occurs across my upper back and shoulders, and periodically works in the TMJ. My right leg feels more energized and energy builds in the root chakra.

    From 1 to 6 pm, I spent the entire afternoon outside stretching with strong body movements with work concentrated in the shoulders. A loosening occurs at the back of the neck and shoulders. The energy works laterally across the back and up the sides of the neck. There was a little work in hip and near the end, the TMJ joint lined up with the shoulder. Then I felt a rush of energy with sudden absence of tension in those joints that has been there for so long. That felt great! I sunbathed in the forest for about forty minutes. It was nice. I am exhausted. The root chakra energy is building.

    From 6 to 8:30 pm, I have just experienced the strongest growing reaction so far. It felt like everything in my body was worked at once, where heat and the growing reaction encompassed me. Near the end, I felt energy work in each tooth of maxillae moving from one to the next in a ray-like pattern. The ends of the rays were centered at top of head near the fontanel and radiated down through the head and into the teeth. Then energy went around each tooth one at a time with an electric buzzing feeling. Then higher-self took over and my chest and neck lifted. (I think this ray pattern is new energy circuits made from hard palate to maxillae to top of skull and results in a new capability to lift the chest and neck by the central nervous system. The teeth are not changing here; the tingling is felt in them because they are part of the energy circuit pathway.)

    From 8:30 to 9 pm, I did a sitting stretch through neck and shoulder muscles. I become aware that the stretching of neck, shoulders and TMJ’s are stretching muscles, tendons and ligaments between these joints. I noticed three main areas: the side of neck, front right of neck and back right of neck, which seems to connect and end at a point high up in the back of the skull. There is a dent in the skull about halfway between vertical midline of back of skull at same level as top of ear where I feel intense pain. I feel a dent like this on both sides of skull, which is the junction of squamosal and lamboid sutures. There is a pain near my appendix. The skull work was painful.

    Lately, I no longer have a cross-bite in my teeth and when I open my jaws there is no loud popping like I had before in either TMJ joint. This is a defect I have always had. In addition, it seems that the top teeth in front come out more with a larger gap between bottom and top teeth. One of the tight muscle areas in skull goes through the lower right molar, up behind the ear and to the TMJ. My right ear opened more with loud pops and feeling of drainage.

    Moving Facial Bones, Vortex Forming In Skull

    March 13: Learning How To Release Tight Ends Of Skull Muscles

    I arose a few times in the night to stretch. I did four hours of continuous sessions with work in skull, shoulders and hip joint. I feel pain in the skull at the ends of the muscles and cords from the neck and shoulders. One end was inside the right sphenoid wing near the bone. The path of stretch goes from there down through TMJ to jaw and lower right molar, then down side of neck and into shoulder crook and then across to shoulder joint. This has been a main area of work lately.

    From 5 to 6 pm, my jaw, maxillae and nose bones feel like they are moving around on my face when I lay down. Much work occurs in the skull with many tender points so it is difficult to get comfortable without lying. When I took a rest earlier, I could have stayed there forever; it was warm, tingly and relaxing as tension rolled out. My mood gets better and sitting in surrender is welcome. Lately in the lying sessions, energy in my head forms into a vortex and my mind goes blank with total silence for a few seconds.

    From 6:30 to 9 pm, I did a long sustained surrender of about an hour holding head to left side, while work was done on tense cord on side of neck. I adjusted my position and there was another hour of work going on in the skull with tension on this cord. It was painful most of the time. It is clear these neck cords connect somewhere in the skull. I think tension accumulates on these muscles over our lifetime owing to habitual patterns of thinking and facial and body expressions. I notice different thoughts pop up while energy works on various cords. It seems true these cords can only be relaxed at the end in the skull by having quiet mind. The quieter I am, the more the cord relaxes and tension releases. I have increased ability to sustain surrender as the skull work progresses.

    March 14: Painful Vortex Forms In Top Part Of Skull

    I slept long. From 9:30 am to noon, I did powerful stretches down back and up through neck and shoulders, then there was much skull work with pain and intense burning at times. Then there were strong stretches in skull, neck and shoulders with work in TMJ that went in circles around the head and laterally worked the jaws. The shoulders have a tingly stretchy feeling across them and the left shoulder popped. The growing reaction is stronger today.

    At 8:30 pm, I have been stretching most of the day but not too effectively. The pressure of moving does not help. I know I am identifying with ‘my sad story’. While packing, I feel sad about leaving my friends and have some fear because I do not know where I am going.

    From 9:30 pm to midnight, I worked to quiet my mind and eventually it settled. There was work on neck, shoulders and back ending with a long hold with head bent to left side. When I was in deep surrender, energy worked in the skull. I feel intense pain in small areas of the skull, which correspond to the cords stretched in the neck, back and shoulders. Later body heat rose with burning pain as a section of my upper skull was worked on the surface. After this a circle formed in top section of skull, I think the direction was counterclockwise. This is the most painful thing I have felt so far.

    I go into deep surrender state and cannot remember well what happened. I am not interested in knowing, I only want to get through it. I hear sounds outside far away when I am quiet. There was a big snap related to a long cord on side of neck somewhere in line of shoulder. There is a similar work in left shoulder that is easy compared to the right shoulder. There was another alignment of TMJ joints with squishy sounds in the skull and my head hurts.

    March 15: Fast Head Movements, Neck Crunching, Intense Skull Pain

    10 am: I slept long and have little desire to stretch. When I went to walk, my toes and fingers were numb. I spent thirty minutes meditating under the tree near the energy vortex. Then my left shoulder crunched loudly and something gave. After this, there was a period with quick bobbing and moving of the head. These happen fast and I do not like them but they usually open something. (These are spontaneous movements (kriyas) with quick movement of the head; it is comparable to an epileptic fit, and later it will affect the whole body.) There was stretching on right side of body through hip and back up through neck. When I returned to my room, my head hurt with growing reaction, so I went to sleep. From 5:30 to 6 pm, when I arose there was a strong force in shoulder crook and I could not move from this position easily. Then there were strong neck crunches and work in left shoulder. From 11 pm to 1:30 am, I did a long session of stretching on all sides of neck and with sides of neck to both shoulders. It was painful. There were stretches into skull and TMJ’s, with pain in all these parts at once. It was the most skull pain I have experienced so far.

    March 16: Big Crack Behind TMJ Joint

    1:30 am, the neck and shoulders open much. I would like to do more but I am exhausted. From 2:30 to 3:30 am, I did one more session and slept. 6 am to noon: I had to rise and stretch. I have been stretching all morning. From 3 to 9 pm, I have been stretching in neck and shoulders. There was one strong stretch in both TMJ’s and a big crack in the head behind that joint. Now, it is pleasant to sit in surrender with quiet mind.

    March 17: Vortex Forms From Base Of Skull Down Neck To Shoulders

    I awoke once to stretch and needed to stretch immediately after rising. Later in the day, I took a walk and did a freestyle session in the woods on the energy vortex. From 4 to 9 pm, it has been almost non-stop stretching. It occurs to me it is important that I work harder to stop the thinking so I do not energize the personality strongly. The work is more effective when I am quiet. My head hurts badly and I feel I need to get it together better. There are about two weeks left before I leave. My personality is strongly activated which makes it harder. I like the surrendered feeling much better. I see this clear and know I have a choice of either holding onto my pain or letting it go. Letting go gives pleasure.

    There is physical lateral stretching of muscles and tissues in the back of the neck and both shoulders. It is like the infinity sign across my upper back and twisting around the C7 joint. There are many popping sounds in the neck and shoulders while this happens and the stretched area feels tingly. Once there was a lateral move in two directions (one to right and one to left) at once, through the neck and the top edges of shoulders across upper back circling around C7. There was a big release after it happened. I felt both shoulders had to change enough before this could happen.

    After the path across my shoulders, energy moved rapidly down the spine about halfway down. The pattern forming in the back was like a circle. Then my head moved around in a circle and I felt a circle of energy moving from base of skull, encircling the neck that went down to shoulder crooks and then just below the tips of the shoulder joints.

    I did one more session sitting and then lying with the ring. Next, I used Reiki on my legs and worked with surrender. Just before I fell asleep, strong energy went up spine and into base of skull and something cracked with excruciating pain. Thankfully, it was brief. Then I thought, "That did it” and fell asleep.

    March 18: Cleansing Dreams

    I awoke recalling dreams of old traumas and wondered if this was a cleansing reaction. I thought about the purpose of dreams and it came that our internal healer cleans our memories and emotions when triggered elements are brought to the surface. There is much tension in the neck.

    From 8 to 10:30 am, I took a long walk and did a stretch in the forest. I have been rolling my head around most of the day, opening something in the right side of the neck through the TMJ joint and across the shoulders. This is starting to feel endless.

    From 8:30 to 10:30 pm, I received a long-distance Reiki healing. I felt my vibration rise and used it for a surrender session. It took some time to quiet my mind. I am stressed and agitated because of moving. To accept my move I need to see it as a new beginning. The door is wide open to do anything I choose to do and I like this idea much.

    March 19: Loud Cracks In Skull

    I did one short stretch and nap because I need to leave soon, and want to calm this reaction. I was on the computer and packing my belongings for most of the day. I have strong energy, feel good with a sense of adventure and newly found freedom.

    From 11:30 pm to 12:30 am, I just did a neck stretch with intense pain in the skull and shoulder crooks with lighter pain all over the body. I stretched for fifteen more minutes and strong cracks started happening in the skull. After this, the tension released and I slept soundly. (I think the head pain is due to pressure building in the skull to open the cranial sutures. When the crack happens, the suture opens and the pressure is released.)

    March 20 (Vernal Equinox) To March 22

    On the 20th, my neck was stiff which I felt to be a sign of healing and did not do any sessions that day. The next day I did stretching in neck, shoulders and TMJ’s. A few shivers happened and the TMJ on right opened more. It feels like my teeth are moving around. In the evening, I stretched with crunches until my head hurt bad and went to bed. On the 22nd, I slept long and deep. The root chakra is energized and I have premenstrual cramps. My neck is stiff and I am not getting much time to work out; preparing to move takes all my energy.

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