Sphenoid Crack; Shoulder, Neck, Ear & Torso Vortices Form

    March 1: Energy Balls Down Neck Sides, Floating Head Sensation

    I woke after a long sleep with work occurring in the jaws. Then I felt skull bone movements of hard palate, frontal bone, and a bone moved deep in my head. Then there was a loud crack in the skull, which I intuited would allow the bones of the skull to move. It was a long session with energy work in the jaws and then energy circuits formed between the jaws and the shoulders while these tissues pulled up together with many cracking sounds. Next, energy moved to the spine and made more energy circuits. Then it was like a big circuit opened in the spine on right side and tension started rolling out from all areas at once. It was intense and I had to lie down. When I lay down spontaneous body stretches started and it released the tension from my body. Yawning has the function to open the jaw muscles to align the spine and cranium bones. (You can notice by now, that every time there is an opening in the hips (yesterday), then it ripples up and there is a corresponding opening in the skull thereafter (today). This repeats, where the time between hip and skull movements gets shorter and eventually the body becomes elastic as one stretching unit.)

    Noon: energy has been working in the TMJ joint non-stop; it is difficult to stop the reaction. Just now, the entire neck opened and an energy vortex formed in the neck and is winding downward which releases tension as it goes.

    3 pm: I continue to do sessions with work in jaw, hips and shoulders. I am tired but it is difficult to stop. I did a spontaneous stretch outside. My skull is like a jigsaw puzzle with pain everywhere. From 3:30 to 5:30 pm, I did a sleepy sitting session with strong energetic work occurring and came to with strong energy building in root chakra.

    From 6:30 to 7 pm: The first thing that happened was my jaw spontaneously opened widely and both sides of it were worked. Then energy moved up to center of skull and down on right side and I felt intense pain like striking a nerve. Then energy worked down while my head was in a held position. Then two energy balls moved down the sides of my neck and went into my shoulders on both sides going along the sternocleidomastoid muscles. Then the balls came together going across the collarbones to the U area of the breastbone. It felt like my shoulders were energetically rotating around this area of the neck. Then the energy went back up and my jaws energetically rotated. Then my left ear was worked, and I felt a spiral going from the inside to the outside of my ear. Then the right side of my face was worked. When all this finished it felt like my head was floating. Then the energy started moving slowly down and I sensed it was intelligently directed. Next, there was freefall with energy zooming around all over inside, which felt great like getting an energy massage

    From 7 to 8:15 pm, the left shoulder, left jaw and left side of face were all worked together. The energy worked in a patterned path moving through shoulder joints and muscles, across clavicle, inside of neck and on backs of shoulders. It felt like being stretched while in a hold and sometimes was painful. Then there was a long hold with the neck bent to the right side. After this, the energy moved to work on the right shoulder. The jaws were held open loosely the entire time.

    From 8:20 to 9:20 pm, the right shoulder work was nothing like the left. It was mostly jaw work and lining up energy through the joints. There was a long and painful hold while much tension released. After this, the left side of the spine opened with the inner sound of wind and I felt a big rush of energy going up that side. My body felt frozen and my left ear felt like it was in a cold wind.

    From 9:20 to 10:30 pm, there was much work in the right shoulder and neck and then I felt the right arm open. Right after that, the shoulders energetically rotated with the chest to create an energy vortex. This immediately rose and then an energy circuit was made from the spine to some place in the shoulder. I think these energy vortices that form are due to new neural connections and will result in powerful transformative capability.

    From 10:30 to 11:30 pm, work just finished in my spine after profound alignment with the spine and the skull. I felt pain for a few minutes when there was pressure in the jaw. After this energy worked in my lips and they quivered and moved which felt strange. Body heat increases and I feel like I am melting.

    Falling Asleep With Brain Work

    March 2: Opening Of TMJ Joints With Extreme Leverage

    Last night much energy swirled in the genital area. I arose and stretched to escape the sensation. When I lay down again, the growing reaction increased strongly and I fell asleep.

    8 am: I am tight all over with stiff muscles. When I arose and walked, I felt a sharp pain in my right rib cage, in middle on back near outer edge. This is still there. I felt another pain in my right inside upper thigh. My right shoulder joint is popping mildly at the top. There is still strong growing reaction with a slow and wavy rocking feeling. The activity in the root chakra is strong. There is no indication to stretch or move. (The symptoms of groin tingling and pain in lower body, indicate a hip movement is imminent.) At 9:30 am, there is strong pain in the groin and my left leg is numb.

    At 1 pm, I did a freestyle session with stretches on left and right sides of body, which felt great. The right side was stretched twice and feels near to lining up the spine. I feel alone with no support for what I am going through. I tell a few people a little about it but they do not understand. The only thing I trust is to follow the leader and see where it takes me.

    Form 8 to 10 pm, it started with stretches in right body and then I went quickly to the ground and released hip tension where it felt the joints lined up. Energy worked in jaws most of the time with some work on facial bones. My jaws were opened wide and I was drooling and felt energetic rotation above the hard palate. There were long holds while the right jaw muscles were worked. It is clear that I could never figure out how to release this tension from the personality to transform it. The only way it can be done is for me to surrender my mind and allow the body to move spontaneously. It is complex. I do not think the best scientists could figure out how to do it.

    Once, I was amazed when my left jaw at the TMJ joint was pressed hard to the mat and I tried to lift my head but could not. Then my head was turning from the left TMJ toward the right. The pressing force was using leverage to open the TMJ joints. I watched close to see how it was done. I clearly saw I was not choosing to do this, intelligence was moving my head this way. That was a difficult session with much drooling and my mouth is dry. My left hip aches and my head and jaws feel like they are broken.

    From 10 to 11 pm, the session started with a big yawn to open my jaws wide and then there was work on the left side and some work in the head. The head feels free of tension and energy is moving down gently. I feel energetic rotation in the jaws, adding to the energy flow going down neck and spine. After this, I blanked out. This happens often lately. I get sleepy but am still aware and can observe myself sitting. I think this happens when changes are done in the brain.

    March 3: Heat Rises Into Skull, Cold Wind On Both Sides Of Spine

    3 am: I had a dream of somebody lying on the floor sleeping and I was telling her she needed to rise. In the dream, I realized the message was for me. The body heat is high and I am sweating. (I surmise at times when there is critical work to be done in the nervous system such as in the neck, then there is no let up in the energetic reaction and you have to continue until it is done.) From 3 to 5 am, I did jaw, neck and shoulder crunching. I am exhausted.

    From 9 am to 12:15 pm: It has been continuous non-stop twisting through neck and shoulders. I have obligation to work, yet feel I cannot stop this.

    From 3:30 to 5:45 pm, I returned from work, sat, and had much head and neck pain. I worked with deep surrender to release the pain. There was difficult crunching work in the neck and something opens in the shoulder crook. I hope the transformation completes soon as it is getting difficult to function like this.

    From 7:45 to 10:30 pm, I did a long surrender session while sitting with barely any body movement or crunching. It was as if everything was in the background. I worked to quiet my mind and feel sleepy. I think I did well. Once, the body heat rose and it felt different because it rose into my skull. I allowed this sensation knowing it would heal me although it felt uncomfortable. There were many stinging prickles in shoulders and jaws. I think there were five cycles of energy going through head and body. I stopped when I heard strong marcher music.

    I was using the copper ring with Reiki and acupressure, which helps me to quiet my mind and accelerate my vibration. Several times while treating the same toe acupoint on both feet with each hand it felt like that meridian was starting to make a complete circle in the body. Once I felt a cold, windy, rushing feeling on both sides of my body.

    It is 10:45 pm and I am resting. There is a strong reaction occurring with energy pummeling my body all over, without pain. My head feels better and shivers occur often. I hear pings and little cracks as the energy courses around. I feel like a big circle of energy and my thoughts stop when I tune into this feeling.

    11:45 pm: I was sitting by the fire and energy rose from root chakra in a circle and I felt my chest expand as it slowly moved up with pressure. Energy worked in the shoulders and head. I feel sleepy. Energy circuits are forming all over the body. It is difficult to lie down because my nose is plugged and I cannot breathe easily.

    March 4: Horizontal Stretch Across Shoulders, Intense Skull Work

    2 am: The high energy continues. I do not know what happens. My mind is still noisy even after long and deep surrenders. I keep pushing it down. I guess there is nothing more to do about it. Its 9 am, I slept well. Tension is rolling out of my body and I feel warm and tingly with stinging prickles in the groin.

    1:30 pm: About noon, I took a walk and did a stretch. Now, I am doing a sitting session with neck crunching. Energy is working on a cord, in the back of my skull on right side about halfway up. This area is sensitive and painful. After a while, the neck stretched and then the area of spine between the shoulders filled with energy. Then I felt stretching in a new direction, horizontally across my shoulders. In general, each time a stretch happens tension is released and new neural connections are made, resulting in higher overall body vibration and more power to transform the next thing.

    5:30 to 7:30 pm: I am sensitive and when I am around people, I have strong reactions. If I had the choice, I would be in total isolation. I feel like a caged animal, full of pain, loneliness and uncertainty. I am sure it will pass, but now my heart hurts. It has been endless neck and shoulder crunching. If I completely surrender bodily to the stretch reaction, it is much more efficient. I was repeating another spontaneous mantra this week: “Petrilatus Erle”. I have no idea what this means, I could not find it on the Internet. The spontaneous mantras help quiet my mind when the healing is intense.

    From 7:30 to 9:30 pm, I did a killer neck and shoulder crunching session. Once, I felt a cool rush of energy in right side of body. I felt work deep in the right TMJ. Once, energy worked on two nerves on the back of head and another in side above ear, which was painful. My head feels broken. Once, there was pain everywhere in my body and it felt like the entire body went into one big spiral. I am sad because I no longer believe this will finish soon, my body is a twisted mess. I need something to lift my spirit; I want to cry because it is so difficult. About 10 pm, while lying I felt energy align on the spine and fell asleep while holding the copper ring.

    Counterclockwise Energy Spiral In Body With Joints

    March 5: Liking Surrender State, View Of Healing Myself

    5 am, after rising, I feel a strong wavy growing reaction, with no urge to stretch. Later I did a long stretch and nothing more until the afternoon.

    6:30 pm: A strong growing reaction happens that feels great with warmth and tingling and deep relaxation. I did an hour meditation and lay down for an hour. There is no urge to stretch. From 7 to 8:30 pm, I did a long sitting session with legs to front and head bent to chest. I like the surrender state now. When I have fear, I know I am resisting transformation. To clear an energy block, the brain must change and that is why the quiet mind is necessary to progress and heal. You cannot heal the brain if you are using it. While centered, I see that I am transforming my brain. There is a noticeable increase in energetic work in the skull when I am deeply quiet. I understand that each second of quiet mind counts and has a cumulative transformative effect.

    In most sessions lately, body heat rises quickly and then energy moves up spine from tailbone to the skull. I observe a big loop in the right body going through the hip, flank, shoulder, neck and jaw, along the line of the cord of personality. All is energetically worked without stretching. I feel less energy pummeling on right side and a spiral of energy is forming through my body.

    As this transformation goes on, my personality is weakening and my higher-self is getting stronger. I think I will eventually reach the point to take full charge and my full potential. At this moment, I see the beauty and wisdom of this transformation. The most painful thing I experience lately comes from identification with the personality. I want to heal this split.

    From 8:45 to 10 pm: Sitting, energy is forming into a counterclockwise strong energy spiral from head to tail. As it forms, I feel neuron growth made in the same pattern in the body behind the energy flow. After this, I stretched my neck with some new cracks and energetic feelings. I observed when I was in quiet mind state that tension held in body was releasing along path from back of head, through TMJ, then down to hips, then back up to shoulder joint. I have the insight I am holding this tension in body as the personality and only with quiet mind can I release it.

    From 10:15 to 11:20 pm, I sat for more than one hour in a hold with extreme tension on both shoulders, up sides of neck and into skull. I went as long as possible until I could take no more. After this, all the joints started energetically rotating as a spiral formed with them and I felt pain everywhere. When I am caught in the pain sensation then it is difficult to distance from it. The sacrum by the tailbone hurts now.

    March 6

    Last night I had to rise to stretch, which I did sleepily. When I arose, I had to stretch again, which I did for two hours. I felt a long stretchy pull through the muscles and ligaments in the sides of my head and neck, which connect to the shoulders. Energy works deeply in the TMJ, shoulder and hip joints on right side.

    From 11:30 am to 1:45 pm, I have been sitting bent over for hours in a stretching loop that went up and down the body. It starts with energy building in root chakra, then the spine straightens and energy goes up spine and I feel tension releasing from back, shoulders and neck. The energy moves laterally from the spine toward the flanks. Then the cycle repeats. Near the end, something popped and moved by my lower back and right hip, which I think was a separation of the suture of sacrum and hip. I felt it release to the outside and afterward felt tingling energy whorls all over my back, shoulders and head. I rested some and did another session. There were strong pops in the shoulder, neck and head. All seems quiet for now.

    10 pm: All day I have been stretching the neck and shoulders. I have decided to move away from here. I cried as it is sad to leave and not a good time for me to do it. I allowed more pain in my body and a deep surrender because it drowns the emotional pain. A strong growing reaction happens on the right side after an opening in neck and shoulders.

    March 7: Neck Lifts, Rapid Spontaneous Body Movements

    9:00 am: A slow wavy growing reaction occurred all night; there is not an urge to stretch. From 2:30 to 4:30 pm, I have been doing other things, not much need to stretch even while walking. Driving in the car, I felt my buttocks humming and I heard the marcher music. I took a long nap while strong energy work continued and my entire body went numb.

    From 5:30 to 7:30 pm, I did a long stretching session with quick movements, ending on the ground and lying on my back. Then my neck would lift up and the head would bend back and move around. The last three twists were strong, with two in the shoulder and the last in the skull, which felt like it broke the skull somewhere. Are these strong twists of the head done to align the spine? After this, I lied down and there was the strong pinging sound of neuron growth in the brain.

    From 7:30 to 8:30 pm, I did another hour of fast body movements, and unbelievable neck and spine maneuvers. After this, my head and jaws hurt and my teeth feel out of alignment.

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