Energy Tracing Around Edges Of Skull Plates

    April 16

    For most of the day I was stretching. I have integrated a new technique on the skull combined with the stretch. While I am stretching, I use Reiki on the acupoints in the skull, neck and shoulders where I feel tension or pain. This is effective. The pulling sensation in the skull is owing to energy tracing around the suture lines of skull plates. I think the intention of this activity may be to loosen this bone so it can move. The neck and shoulders open much.

    April 17

    I used the new technique on the skull and it is working well. My neck and head are sore. At 2:30 pm, I catch a flight to Reno, Nevada. I hope I can settle into a routine quickly and start writing. I feel I need to commit full time to this transformation, otherwise I have too much tension. I do not want to do anything else. The day on the planes and in the airports was horrible. On the planes, I needed to stretch and sleep but they were such small seats and there was no way to get comfortable. I had to stretch in public while sitting and for sure people thought I was weird. There was no possibility to stretch in the Atlanta airport because all the bathrooms had people standing in lines. When I arrived in Reno, I had heavy bags and could barely move them. I called my Dad and waited outside in the freezing air for him to arrive. When I got to his place, I went to sleep immediately.

    April 22: Shoulder Examination & Aura Healing

    It took time to settle and start again. I started a few days ago. I have been working with manipulation of the cranial sutures and doing my Reiki acupressure sequence. I did stretches and there was energy work in the shoulder. After this, I felt my shoulder to find the sore spots. I found big muscle knots in trapezious and under scapula on right side, so my shoulder girdle does not have much range of motion. I started applying acupressure to the sore spots. A strong sore spot was just under the end of the collarbone at the breastbone. This tightness went across and ended under my shoulder on one of the ribs right under my armpit. The knot in the trapezious affected three areas. It was tight from in the skull area near the TMJ joint and down the neck under the collarbone and to an area in the rib cage by the breast. It was tight from back of head down back of neck near C7 on right side and then when down to middle back and right hip. The movement of my shoulder is restricted both vertically and horizontally in the front and back. I worked all these points and afterward I felt the shoulder loosening. Then I went back to working on skull, back and shoulders.

    My current routine is to do the Reiki acupressure sequence and to do the joints in the same way and then I do a freestyle session applying acupressure on spots where tension is felt. Then I sit and meditate. After that, I lie down and allowed spontaneous stretches. Since I have been working like this, my energy increases. I try not to be carried away with too much stretching; instead, I focus on being still and surrendering. I feel I am doing endless stretches in the body, but it seems to move something. I had an aura healing done. The person said that my aura was too much to the front and he balanced it and moved it back into center.

    Later that day I had a strong session with big movements in chest and shoulders. There were flexible stretches with my back arching and once my chest pushed out. When that happened, I felt a big pop in the rib cage in front and felt the shoulder release. There was much crunching transversely under the collarbone and the shoulder.

    April 23: Constant Neck Tension, Fetal Healing

    I slept a little but feel rested. The growing reaction continues strong. I would love to get relief from this constant need to stretch my neck. It is difficult to do daily things with awareness because I have the constant urge to stretch. There were many shoulder stretches and releases and energy worked in skull in the morning session. At the end, I decided to do regular yoga stretches because my muscles feel powerful to open the chest, ribs, shoulders and neck joints. This felt good even though it hurt. I feel as if I have much power to stretch the tight shoulder. Lately while doing freestyle sessions, my body is in a fetal position when I feel areas of strong tension. I guess the healing goes in reverse order, of how the personality was laid down, the oldest layers are healed last and now I am healing the fetal layer.

    Ear And TMJ Vortices

    May 7: Mandible & Sphenoid Release, Ear Vortices, TMJ Rotation

    Since I last wrote, the stretching continues non-stop and gets stronger each day. About a week ago, I started sitting in the sun with a large flat quartz crystal under my feet and holding a large crystal in my hands (sun session). This raises the energy effectively in the body. I have been sitting about thirty minutes to one hour, meditating without movement allowing the energy to course around my body. I have been giving my father energy treatments. In the last two weeks, there has been much movement of the sphenoid bone and much work in the right shoulder.

    My first rib on the chest, which goes into the shoulder, holds much tension; I am trying to release it by using acupressure on acupoints by it. The mandible released with a loud snap and after that, many cranium bones shifted with notable movement of the sphenoid. Then I felt large vortices form in the skull. For the first time I felt energetic rotation like I feel in the hips and shoulders occurring in the TMJ’s, which hurt when it first started. After this energy moved down to neck and esophagus, then back up under roof of mouth, into nose, behind eyes, in temples and worked in most of the cranium bones. Then it went back down to shoulders, back and hip.

    The time it takes for energy to move in spine from root chakra to crown chakra is getting shorter and I experience shivers often. I have little motivation to do anything except meditation and stretching. I cannot sleep long and awaken with strong tension or compression that needs to be released. Tension builds during the day too. I feel my energetic vibration is finally at the level of a few months ago. The growing phase happens each time all over my body starting with the toes and moving up. There is a pain in my bladder. The inner dialogue increases when I have too much tension. I am happy because I can easily turn off the mind-chatter and go deep in meditation.

    Description Of Vortices

    I want to map all the internal energy vortices that are formed as I can easily see them. I think this information might help open adhesions of the skeleton. I observe vortices form when the tissue of the body in that area are loose enough. When they spin, they are super effective to accelerate healing. I notice one from the eardrum into the depths of the brain, going half way on each side to the midpoint of the skull. A vortex moves from the shoulder crook and circles the side of the ear. There is a horizontal one across the shoulders like an infinity sign, which create energetic rotation in the shoulder girdle. I guess this infinity sign pattern will form in the skull to connect the mandible joints. There are more. Lately, I recall memories of being born. I had the sensation I was pulled from the womb by a doctor pulling my right arm. (I discovered forceps were commonly used for women giving birth while in twilight sleep. My mother had that and she cannot recall my birth. In twilight sleep (1945-1960), the mother was injected with morphine and scopolamine to induce a state of semi-consciousness, without feeling pain and with scant memory of what happened. Women were restrained and strapped to gurneys for their protection as they thrashed around in bed, freed from their inhibitions by the drugs. I feel it is likely I was pulled out with forceps or possibly by my arm.)

    May 9: Hand And Feet Numbness, Ligament Snaps By C7

    I did a Reiki session on the gallbladder and liver meridians combined. Quickly my hands and feet went numb and I could not feel them. I sat like that for more than an hour. There was intense pain from the left TMJ down the side of the neck, across the back of the shoulder and ending at the top of the left shoulder joint. Later on there were little snaps in the spine near the C7 joint at the base of the neck. I was dripping with sweat most of the time.

    I have been doing Reiki on the toes, combining certain meridians, and treating them as a pair. The other night I did the urinary bladder and kidney meridians together which make a strong combination. I cannot tell if it is significant or is due to my stronger energy. There was a strong growing reaction in all parts of my body.

    Occipital, Sphenoid, Parietal & Temporals Release, Facial Bones Open

    May 10

    I have to rise several times at night to stretch and release tension. After rising, it takes an hour to release the tension. Apparently, tension cannot be fully released in a prone position. In the last days, I need to do a session every three hours. There are big releases in the jaws, neck, shoulders and down the back into the hip. I find that doing the Reiki acupressure sequence and freestyle stretching is effective. Energy has been working in the TMJ joint. There is sensitive work by the sphenoid wing. I feel a ligament moves deep in the head. There was a big crack above the right TMJ by the sphenoid wing and afterward many cranial bones shifted. The elastic sheet feeling was along the occipital bone edge and then it moved with a squishy sound. Then there was much movement of facial bones, I could not believe how much they moved.

    In the freestyle sessions there were many twisting body stretches and I felt cords moving across the spine. One cord released and the right shoulder suddenly dropped with huge tension release. There is work on the left shoulder with a similar problem as the right from the tip of the shoulder joint on top, across the trapezious muscle and into the neck and on up to the left TMJ. Many times both shoulders are worked together that does not hurt as much as it did before.

    This is a slow process. It takes a long time to reposition everything; the parts of the body do not magically go to a new position. Even after something releases, it tends to return near to the previous position. Continuous effort is needed to transform the body. The most effective work happens while I am in the meditative state. Often, my hands or feet quickly go numb and I feel as ONE unit of energy. When I feel like this, the transformation is more profound.

    Lately I have conflict between doing this full time versus establishing a new career. I am far from being able to ‘go with the flow’. I have everything I need but it is hard to enjoy it and not feel like I should be doing something else. I wish I knew what would happen with all this. It is much work so I cannot help but think something great will come from doing it. I suspect after all the skeletal alignment work is done it will still take quite some time before the new body is fully grown, if it even works that way. I have many unanswered questions and still do not know what to do next. I will work another meridian before going to bed.

    May 11: Throat Unzipping, Parietal Moves

    While doing a session, I had the sensation of zippers opening all over the throat area. There was strong movement of the parietal bone moving laterally with the left shoulder. It felt like stretching in two directions at once. After this energy moved down to the sternum and rib cage and I felt releases there. I am happy.

    May 12: Stretching Cranium Bones, Snapping Around Temporal Bone

    I did a sun session, which is strong and effective. There was much stretching of cranium bones. Fine bones snap around my ear and jaw joints (This is likely snapping around edges of temporal bone.) and I feel open spaces here afterward. My right ear pops much. I experience frequent sweats. Strong energy currents come up muscles of body into neck and ear, like a huge spiral pushing upward. Energy worked in back and chest, which open more. I did freestyle stretches of shoulders to back, alternating stretches of shoulders and doing both shoulders together. I feel I cannot stop. I frequently need to lie down and when growing reaction starts, I fall asleep. I frequently experience sustained quiet mind during the growing phase. The inner sound is like the night air full of crickets. I rarely hear the marcher music. It was not an easy day and my head still hurts. I am tired of this constant neck tension. I will do more hoping it will help me sleep.

    May 14: Parietals Open, Energy Balls Bombard Neck, Palate, Nose & Eyes

    There was much crunching deep in the skull at the back of the neck, with cracks and ligament snapping. Afterward there were vortices at top of the skull working to loosen the parietals. Huge tension released from back of skull, throat and my neck. Another time I felt strong energy balls push up center of the neck and move to the hard palate. Then it felt like the entire hard palate was massaged with an upward force from these energy balls. After this, the energy balls rose through my lips and nose. My lips quivered and went numb. Then the energy balls moved to the eye sockets and last to the top of the head. Later energy moved down and worked in ribs, hips and pelvis. My toes, hands and all body parts vibrate strongly, and the bed shakes when I lie down.

    May 15

    I did a strong freestyle stretch into trunk and hips. The neck and the cranium bones continue to move around and crack. Daily I feel more like a single vibration in the body. I can easily watch the patterns of energy flows inside my body.

    Spinal Circuits Form (CV & GV)

    May 16

    cvgvThere has been continued work all over the body, each day the vibration gets stronger. Tonight I felt an energy circuit form up and down the spine from root chakra to crown chakra. It seemed to be the same paths as the conception vessel and the governing vessel meridians. The circuit went up the back and down the front of the body (see figure).

    I worked specific acupoints using acupressure with Reiki to try to loosen the trapezious muscles. The following worked well to release tension there: small Intestine meridian SI19 acupoints near ears on both sides of the head works the upper shoulders (trapezious muscles) in back and the jaws. Liver LI20 acupoints on sides of nose and triple heater TH23 acupoints both work the trapezious muscles. All these pairs were effective and quickly I fell into quiet mind state.

    Insight about healing is done first in brain: It came that healing in the body is done first in the brain and this change echoes down afterward into the body.

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