Elastic Sheets, Throat Muscles Balloon Like A Puffer Fish

    March 23

    The energy works deep in the bony part of the shoulder joint. I have soreness, swelling and tenderness in the neck. When I arose, I yawned and did a spontaneous stretch with bones cracking in the hips and shoulders. It felt good. My toe joint hurt so I bent it and it cracked.

    For two hours in the evening, I did freestyle and sitting sessions. There was a long period of lying on my back while energy worked strongly up the side of my neck and face. My toe joint hurts and the right side of the body opens more. Circles of energy work around the C7 joint, in skull, TMJ and shoulder. The area under my chin in the throat balloons like a puffer fish and work is concentrated near tonsils. When my neck and head turn, it feels stretchy. Energy work stretches through new pathways in shoulders, neck and skull. I looked up the anatomy of the cervical spine and shoulder. This is very complex and it does not surprise me it takes many passes through these areas. The root chakra is active lately and this is the second day of a light menstruation. I would like energy to work more in lower body, because my lower parts are stiff. I did one more sitting session before retiring.

    March 24

    I did not do any sessions all day not even a walk; I was busy with painting and cleaning!

    March 25: Reiki II Okuden Distance Session, Chest Crack, Skull Pain

    I did not stretch or walk in the forest, instead I painted my room. From 8 to 9:30 pm, I did thirty minutes of stretching with Reiki symbols and the ring. At 8:30 pm, I received Reiki Level II Okuden from my Reiki Master long-distance. When he started sending the energy the stretching stopped and I stood still. Each time he gave one of the three empowerments, the stretch was more effective.

    Later I did a strong session lasting until midnight with no break. Notable was a loud audible crack in my chest with the feeling a bone shifted afterward. I think it was deep in the front. Perhaps it was a rib by the breastbone or perhaps the collarbone. Later there were two more cracks, which felt to be deep in the shoulder crook. After these cracks the C7 area opened much and energy went deep into the area of the trapezious muscle and up through the TMJ’s. Then a new path was worked much from shoulder crook and under right jaw, two molars forward, then on up and behind the eyeball.

    I decided to call this new phenomenon occurring ‘elastic sheets’. Many stretches had the elastic sheet feeling that encompasses larger areas of the body. There were some painful holds and numerous burning lines along various pathways. My toe hurt and the right hip was worked at times together with the other joints. There was work on left shoulder and both shoulders together. The majority of the work concentrated in the cord on the side of the neck. My head hurts much now.

    March 26: Energizing Connective Fascia

    3 pm: I am still stretching. I feel I cannot stop. It occurs to me, what this elastic sheet feeling is. Before the stretches in the body went along a narrow path with energy pushing along it, now the paths are wider bands. So I become like elastic woman. On the backside, it is the back of head, neck and up to the shoulder joints. There are fingers of this feeling starting to reach down on the back and some in the front. Lately, I feel an energy vortex forming inside my head.

    From 3:30 to 4 pm, on front of body, the elastic sheet is below the mandible and throat and goes down to the top of the lung area below the collarbones. The skin in the throat visibly puffs out especially where the tonsils are. I do not feel this in my face or on sides of neck. I think the formation of elastic sheets means I am getting stronger. The elastic sheet sensation feels like a massage and being ironed out. My head hurts.

    March 27 To March 28: Corkscrew Spine Movements, Wild Head Swings

    It is the afternoon, and I cannot stop stretching; I have had little rest since Saturday night Okuden. I have much to do to move, but this is strong so I decided to devote the day to it. There is much work going on in neck vertebrae, by C7, and with energetic rotation in the shoulders. There were energetic rotating movements around C7 that felt weird, with cracking all the way around it. There is much crunching, popping and cracking all over. I feel much energetic rotation behind neck and shoulders when I lie down.

    Often there are spontaneous body movements, which happen strong and are hard to endure. There are wild swings of the head and corkscrew like movement down the spine. I think these happen to align the spine. I hear amplified sounds outside, the ear keeps popping and my head hurts badly. When I rest there is a loud melodic inner sound with much body tension, so I need to stretch even when lying. There is no rest now.

    From 8 to 11 pm, I have been stretching and gave a Reiki treatment to my cat. I gave myself a full Reiki acupressure treatment on the meridians and treated the chakras. The Reiki really helps. I refused to stretch and it felt good to do that. At times, I heard a high-pitched sound and felt moments of total silence, which has been occurring over the last few days.

    March 29

    It was another day of stretching and of having a big headache. I saw full surrender is needed to release something in the skull to relieve the head pain. I worked with that. Later in the day, I gave a friend a two-hour Reiki session using my Reiki acupressure sequence.

    March 30

    It is 7:30 am and I slept long. I feel slow wavy energetic movement with inner sound. There is less tension in the neck area; it is nice to have a break. My personality seems calmer too, I am more aware of the thinking and it is easier to stop it. The rest did not last long; I spent most of the day stretching. I am not getting anything else done. I work with the transformation, as it is what I want the most.

    March 31

    It was a day of many stretching sessions with many spontaneous body movements. Energy moves deep into the shoulder joint with crunching. Energy works in right hip, pectoral muscles and armpit. Often my shoulders hunch and the neck drops and I feel intense pain while an alignment happens through the shoulders. This is followed with a strong force on both sides of the neck and skull at once, which I cannot take long.

    Energy Vortex Forms In Shoulder Crook

    April 1: Loosening Of Scapulas, Cracks In Shoulder & Base Of Skull

    From 8 to 11 pm, I started with a Reiki session and went until exhaustion. My ear opened many times and the cord that goes through lower molar down to neck loosened. Vortices form in the shoulder crook, which shows the purpose of the shoulder hunching. Frequently I heard high-pitched sounds and had amplified hearing and smells. There was much work in the TMJ and skull. Near the end, there was a big pop in the cord deep in the neck with a huge release of tension from the neck. Energy spirals are forming in the head and when they first form there is intense pain. I feel a lateral alignment of the jaws and energy moves down to neck and shoulders. There is crunching in both scapulae and the right scapula feels loose. 11:20 pm, the energy does not settle down. Just now, there were cracks in the shoulder, neck and at base of skull. The body heat rose many times up into my head. The inner sound is noisy, I felt shivers and fell fast asleep.

    April 3: TMJ Popping, Energy Balls In Skull, Neck & Shoulders

    I leave here in two days; the time goes by too fast. I did many stretches in neck, shoulders, hips and TMJ’s. There is much energetic rotation with crunches in the shoulders and loud pops in the TMJ’s. I hope I can release the neck tension before travel. Yesterday while talking with someone I had to open my jaw to release the tension. I do not like the thought of being on planes and in airports for almost an entire day without stretching.

    From 7 to 10 pm, I did a long session stretching in the neck with unbelievable movements. I felt energy balls in many places pushing ligaments around in the skull, neck and shoulders. There was much crunching all over the body and the neck tension released. The yogic fish pose head moment was prevalent which happens while lying on my back and twisting my body. It seems lying allows the neck to be more relaxed because there is no weight on it. I rarely hang my head anymore; it is all this horizontal work.

    There was high body heat during this with sweating and intense pain in various places in the skull. Energy worked deeply in the skull on the ligaments and I heard skull cracks in numerous places. I found it easy to surrender for this. Many of the movements were rapid and included the entire body. There was much work on the energy vortex in the shoulder crooks with shoulders hunched. Each day my body feels more like a physical spiral. I remember some infinity sign patterns but cannot recall where they were. When I am completely surrendered, I do not remember much.

    April 4 To April 5: Moving

    I spent all day yesterday preparing to leave. I left early in the day at 6 am. I did not hear my alarm clock. I am very grateful my friend woke me. There was no time for anything except running to the airport. During the day on planes and in airports, I found places to do short stretches. Twice in bathrooms, I did thirty-minute sessions and I worked some stretches in while sitting on the plane with a blanket over my head. Probably people were looking at me as if I was weird but I did not care, I needed it much. I arrived at 6:20 pm in the states.

    April 6

    I spent most of the day getting my computer configured. Later in the day, I gave a Reiki session to a relative. His energy was strong and he seemed receptive to the treatment. I was surprised how strong the whorls of energy felt in him. Afterward, he said it felt like being engulfed in a cloud of energy. I took one walk and spent time under a big Banyan tree. I want to return to outside sessions, the energy under large trees is awesome. However, there is not much space around here to walk and be in private, there are people everywhere.

    April 8

    I did many short sessions, I am feeling more relaxed and the energy returns.

    April 9

    Lately, I am working harder on my sessions trying to regain my energy. The work in the body is much the same: TMJ’s, head, neck and shoulders. Later, my right shoulder felt looser with rotation in the joint. In most sessions, there is substantial cracking and popping of bones and ligaments.

    April 10

    I did many sessions. I am more relaxed and the stress of moving lessons. There is a remarkable reduction in my anger, so it was good for me to change my surroundings. I feel an openness that I am free to do whatever I want. I had an insight about the strong energy I feel when giving energy treatment to some people. I think it is because the person is desperately in need of healing, so their ‘inner healer’ strongly draws energy when I give a treatment. I feel like I am not progressing with the shoulders, neck and jaw work, nothing is moving. I did the full Reiki acupressure sequence yesterday and that worked to move something. Last night I could barely sleep, I was alternating stretching sessions between short naps. Though my neck was bent, it felt good.

    April 11: Long Cord Moved Vertically Across Spine

    From 6 to 7:30 am, I did a session early because my neck was stiff and the force of corkscrew like tension was strong on the right side of my body. I sat in a chair with the copper ring over my head and resting on the C7 joint, then moving it to different places on the shoulder crook. This was strong but still nothing was moving. It occurred that heat helps to move things. Later in the session, heat naturally built and it was more effective to make movements in the head, neck and shoulders. For the stretching sessions to be effective, I need to build the energy beforehand and to stay in the surrendered state.

    I am still surrendering my body for the movements, not doing it with my mind, yet over all these weeks it barely moves anything. From now on, I will do the Reiki acupressure sequence before stretching to raise the energy and build heat. The acupressure raised energy in the lower body, which I need because I am so stiff there. Energy worked in my toe and hip. Near the end, a long ligament was moving vertically across my spine, almost like a flexible stick, I felt this twice. So something different happens.

    I am trying to find out how to move energy up through neck and shoulders to head. It helps to do acupressure on the joints on the back of the neck, the area between the nose and eyebrows and at the back of head at centerline and top of head.

    April 12: Opening In Neck, Elastic Sheet In Shoulders

    I did three or four sessions. I did the full Quicken Touch sequence starting with the toes on up to the skull. (Quicken Touch is the name I give my Reiki acupressure sequence. Full details are on my website.) I am experimenting with acupressure on the joints. So far, the Reiki with acupressure on the meridians is the strongest routine. Something opens in the neck, there was one shiver and the growing reaction is strong all day. I had the elastic sheet feeling deep in the right shoulder.

    It is still difficult going through this twisted mess in my joints. I guess its part of my process to discover how to continue to progress. I am no longer satisfied with stretching, as this obviously is not enough. It works well to use acupressure on the neck vertebrae and on acupoints in areas of shoulder and TMJ. (I am getting off-track here, going into intellectual solutions versus surrendering and following. I even say it: I am no longer satisfied with just stretching.)

    There are slow, wavy energy whorls in the root chakra now. Lately, I rarely hear the inner sound. I sense the marcher music, but far away in the distance. In addition, when I do the bodily surrender, it feels like my mind moves me rather than my higher-self. I guess this is starting to feel normal, that it is growing on me. Yet, I miss the springy feeling and the music and arising of higher-self. Maybe my awareness is reduced because of the change of environment and because I have not established a regular routine. (The latter was true; it was due to reduced awareness and energy levels. I had several episodes like this, which happen when the mind chatter becomes dominant.) I am determined to make the transformation my primary focus. I think about doing an extended retreat.

    April 13: Experimentation And Getting Side-Tracked

    I read about cranial sacral therapy and have enough information to know how to palpate along the cranial sutures. Combined with detailed anatomy of the skull, I am using the sensation of energy movement along the sutures and when I feel irregularities then I apply Reiki there. This is effective. There is much to explore and it is interesting to know the structure of the skull and see how it affects other parts of the body when energy is applied to it. Energy works in neck vertebrae above the C7 joint and at the base of the skull on the right.

    I did something where I had three fingers on all the sore spots: at base of skull, back of skull on right and along side of right temple. This revolves around the sphenoid bone that is mostly deep in the skull and is the only bone that articulates with all the skull bones. The squishy sound I hear in my head I think is due to the movement of the sphenoid bone. There were many cracks in the head and neck from doing this treatment. I am excited because something moves.

    April 14: Cranial Sacral Treatment

    I had a cranial sacral treatment, which was fantastic and moved something. The entire day I was reacting from it, stretching stronger and something in the skull opened.

    April 15: Circle Around C7, Ears Popping, Sinuses Opening

    There were many kriyas in the night. Energy works in skull and deep in the shoulders. I am using cranial sacral techniques on my skull and using Reiki on the sutures in the skull and at the base of neck. I am tired and the skull hurts much. I felt a release in neck by C7, which then filled with energy and felt great. My ear is popping and the sinuses drain. It feels good to have some progress and a new tool to work with.

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