Chapter 12: Energetic Joint Rotation, Joint Vortices

    Energy Circuit Through The Joints

    February 24: Hard Palate, Frontal Bone Work; Skull Vortex Down Spine

    1 am: I did a sitting session with tension releasing as healing waves. From 8:30 to 9:30 am, I did a freestyle session with much stretching. At noon, I took a walk in the forest, did a freestyle stretch through right hip, down, and back up where my body moved freely. There was much work in the jaws.

    At 2 pm, I did a sitting session. The jaws opened and after this energy started working on many cranium bones, especially in the hard palate and the forehead.

    From 4:30 to 5:45 pm, I did a sitting session that released miles of tension and felt great! Once, there were long spirals of energy on each side of the spine going endlessly downward with an awesome feeling of bliss. Near the end, I felt a spiral of energy around the top of the skull like before when it was on my neck. Energy works on joints and spine as it travels downward. This was intense; I stopped when all joints on right side of body were worked at once. First one side of the body is worked and then the other, presumably to line up the joints equally. Energy continues to work as I sit here.

    From 6:30 to 10 pm, I did a long and intense session with work from jaws down to hip. At the beginning, I opened my mouth as wide as possible and heard the message: “Hold this”. Therefore, I did while the head rotated around for some time. Then a strong force started working in the central part of my hard palate near the back. Then the mandible and maxillae bones were lifted together and brought forward with my jaw protruding to the front. I then held this position, as my head, neck and shoulders moved spontaneously. There was a strong force pulsating in area of neck, shoulder and on right side of body.

    After this, I heard loud pings in my head and a vortex formed in my skull and moved down the right side of body, pummeling the head, neck and shoulders and some in the hip. After the energy arrived at the hip, energy started building in the root chakra and soon thereafter shoots of energy were sent upward in body to various directions: straight up spine, to shoulder points and then in a circle around the body. At 9 am, I did a freestyle session. From 11 to 12, I was pummeled with strong energy and it felt like my head was breaking apart. Strong body movements happen now.

    February 25: Neural Connections In Neck, Twitching Muscles

    It was a restless sleep; I arose once to stretch, though I was mostly sleeping while I did it. I did a session at 11 am, and then a session at 6 pm. Sitting, I hear a cracking sound around my left ear; like the ear is opening and I hear pops in the skull. Next, a strong stretch started moving down from head, to neck and shoulders and my body feels springy in the stretched areas. Now, the head and neck are stretching spontaneously with energy whorls in these areas. There is much activity in the skull, much different from anything I have experienced so far. I feel burning lines in the skull.

    At 7 pm, I opened my jaws wide and there was stretching of them back and forth and left, right, left. Then my chin dropped and rotated and it felt like the maxillae came up and over the jaws and settled down. My jaws remained closed, there were a few more twists, and then my head dropped on my chest with the chin tucked in. At this point, neural connections formed and then all joints energetically rotated and I felt the growing reaction all over my body.

    From 8 to 12 pm, while lying there was one strong stretching session with spine and head alignment. Then I did a sitting session and my head slowly lowered. It was difficult because my nose was stuffy and my body was sore. Lastly, I lay down and there was the sensation of popping and twitching of muscles intensely all over the body. I felt the energy ball move further down the right inguinal area, but I did not feel any pain. Lastly, I felt strong activity in the root chakra for about thirty minutes and while observing this, I fell asleep.

    Energy Rays From Spine To Torso

    February 26: Muscle Twitches

    2 am: I woke but there was no urge to stretch. There is a soft melodic melody and everything in my body feels tight. I feel as if I am expanding, gently and slowly. There is a pulling feeling, mostly in the shoulders and back. I went back to sleep. At 5 am, I woke and I am extremely thirsty, the same continues. Spaced widely all over the body are small muscle twitches with the feeling they pull the flesh. The body feels heavy, like I am pulled to the Earth with a strong gravitational force. While sitting, the activity gains momentum. Now, my right foot feels numb, warm, fuzzy, and light.

    At 9:30 am, I did a stretching session with a sleepy feeling while it happened. Lately, my urine smells strong and I urinate frequently. I guess a cleansing occurs in the urinary system. At 10:30 am, I did a spontaneous stretch. I need more space and a large soft mat for the spontaneous movements as I move everywhere. I did well to let go of body control.

    From 1:20 to 2 pm, there was an intense session with work in jaw and stretch through hips and shoulders. My head feels ready to burst. From 3 to 3:30 pm, I did a standing stretch that hurt this time especially in the skull. I feel like a bag of broken bones. A circular ring of energy moves down the body, mainly going to areas of joints. Energy is around the top of my chest and shoulders and is moving down. It moved down very slow over one hour and I mostly felt work on the right side. It felt like changes were made to the tissue in all directions as I stretched down.

    spine connectionAfter this, there was a cascade of energy from the top of the head down the spine, where I felt fingers of energy moving from the spine out to the sides of my body, neck, shoulders, chest and back (see figure). It felt like energy circuits were made. Then energy amassed on the spine and went down to the tailbone. Then energy rose up the spine a few times with changes made to tissues on both sides of spine at once as it went up to my head. As energy entered the skull, I felt it working in the nose and sinuses on each side. Then energy made a long descent down and it felt great like my spine was straightening. I am tired but I want to go on. The truth is that it causes more discomfort not to stretch than to do it because of the building tension.

    From 6:20 to 9 pm, I did a standing stretch down to hips. It felt like higher-self had taken over from the center point at the hips; I felt in the groove and bodily surrendered. I observed then that my higher-self was making these changes to my body. This insight made it easier to be still and not engage my mind. Daily the reaction of thinking seems less.

    bent legMidnight: I did an athletic freestyle session, where my body moves so fast the only thing I can do is surrender. With the fast movements, the bones are shaken loose. After this, I slowly stretched to the ground and then twisted around and ended in the position in the figure. I held my hip in this bent position, which seemed like forever. After this, I felt a strong sensation of growth in the center of the left hip. I hope I do not have to do another long hold in the hip as it hurt much. It has been a long day!

    February 27: Energy Whorls On Skull, Joint Circuits Made In Torso

    I slept a long time; after awakening, my head hurts near the right sphenoid wing on the side of the skull. The growing phase continues. From 9 am to 1 pm, I did a freestyle session with difficult stretching and much neck crunching. Next, I was sitting with my legs to front, bent over and in freefall for a long time, while energy worked in right shoulder and hip. I did another freestyle session, stretching down through both hips, first the left and then the right. Once, all joints were aligned together as one on the right side, and the stretch went through all together. I held this body position of joint alignment, which seemed like forever, and felt energy circuits were made between them. After this, it felt as if I was holding my spine straight while connections were made along the length of the spine. Often I am sitting without moving while these changes happen.

    Then the growing reaction started and my body felt like a circle swirling out from the center with energy in the root chakra increasing. After that, energy moved up the spine and cranium bones moved with crunching sounds. Now, I feel the marching music strong, gravity pulls me to Earth and I am shivering. Staying in the surrendered state is easier and the feeling I am doing the transformation myself is stronger.

    5 pm: Strong growing phase happens with small energy whorls all over the skull. I still feel pain above the TMJ joint near the sphenoid wing. From 5:45 to 7:30 pm: The session started with twisting my jaws around and there were cracks in my skull with strong tingling. Next tension arose strongly on both sides of my neck and my head tipped to the right. Then my left shoulder was worked for a long time with extreme discomfort. After this, energy worked in the right shoulder and then worked in both shoulders. Then the shoulders energetically rotated together and this energy then moved up the neck. This caused great discomfort, as if I was pulled apart with strong pressure on my breastbone and across collarbones.

    After this, with a posture of a straight spine, the energy went down and work was done on the back, hips and legs in sequence. The tops of my shoulders on up to the neck are sore. Once my head, shoulders and parts of my upper chest felt like one unit of energy, strong and united. I did not feel tension anywhere, I felt hollow and it was nice. My skull cracked much and there were many strong shivers.

    tmj shouderFrom 7:30 to 9 pm: this session started with a little work on jaws and then the right shoulder lined up with the right TMJ as a single energy circuit up side of neck and front of shoulder under clavicle in the transverse part (see figure). After this, there was a long hold with excruciating pain as changes were made along this circuit. As the hold progressed, my head was tipping more and more to the left. I had to surrender deeply to get through this. At the end, there was a big pop in the head, shoulder or neck. After this, the energy moved down to the hips, my left arm and buttocks went numb, and the neck hurt like hell. Then I had to stop. My body temperature rises and some work happens in the hips. Later I was disappointed because there were two more passes of work in the jaws and shoulder. It seems there is no end to this.

    From 9 to 11 pm, I did another sitting session, bent over while the right hip in the lower back was worked. It was intense. 11:30 pm: I am sitting feeling as if I am expanding while tissues are changed. My personality is still active; I hope it goes, as it is a tiring and irritating habit. I got out of bed to shut myself up for a while. Later, energy balls moved down both inguinal canals at once. I tried for some time, but had to stop, as the pain was too much.

    February 28: Surrender Is Clearer, Energy Balls In Inguinal Canals

    There are still energy balls in the inguinal canals and the pressure is so strong I can barely rise.12 Noon: I stretched in my room, and went for a walk and stretched in the forest. It is obvious that not all tension has released from my body. Another thing is obvious and that is what is meant by “surrender”. We surrender every night when we stop thinking to fall asleep. While our mind rests, our healer goes to work on our body to make repairs and release tension. The question remains, “How to go to sleep while awake”, to allow more healing to occur. This is my current challenge. Today, I am full of resistance on many levels. I am wallowing in self-pity with the poor me story with broken bones.

    legs apartFrom 3 to 4 pm: I have been sitting and relaxing, there is much activity in the groin. There is the urge to push down through the hips and tailbone. From 5:45 to 9 pm: I sat and did a few stretches then put the soles of my feet together (see figure). Then energy balls moved down the inguinal canals and simultaneously I felt pain everywhere in my body. It felt like all bones were worked at once. Then the hips energetically rotated with excruciating pain in hips and lower back. I went into deep surrender and prayed for help from The Creator. Finally, I found a quiet space amidst all that pain which lasted three hours. It is hard to endure all this pain when nothing seems to change. I have pain in my hips and legs. From 9 to 11 pm, I did another session with intense work in hips and shoulders.

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