Pelvic Pushing, Energy Balls In Inguinal Canals

    February 20: Energetic Rotation Of Hips

    skulllines4:45 am: It was a long night. It felt like my head was opening along lines in my skull. It started on right side of head near top but not in the middle (see figure). This occurred until I fell asleep much later, if I slept at all. I remember after an hour it felt wavier and not so painful. I do not recall if the left side was done like this. Next, it felt like my facial bones were changed. I look the same. I guess it is near given how changes happen in the head. I do not feel any strong pain only discomfort. I felt a stretching sensation from skull down to body near morning, I was not awake only aware of it. There are numerous energy balls in my neck from base of skull to shoulders mostly on the right side.

    7 am: I am up and I feel better, the growing reaction is strong but not painful. My lower back is warm and tingly. All body parts are in a strong growing phase, except the arms and hands, which have a light tingling. The most intense work is in the back, shoulders, neck, head and groin.

    8 am: I did around three rounds of pelvic pushes and the sutures are opening. 10 am: I have been working all this time to open the pelvic bowl, but I am not sure what I am pushing, I feel an energy ball moving down the inguinal canal. I used Reiki on acupoints in this area to make it easier. Without Reiki, I could not have done it. 10:45 am: I cannot take more. I need to take my aching head, sore hip and neck full of energy balls outside and do my daily work.

    2:30 pm: I am back after working. I still have difficulty accepting this is happening. 3:30 pm: I had to do more work outside and I am getting tired. I slept for an hour and feel better. I need more sleep. I sent a letter off to my friends and family telling them what is going on with me. I called it the new body and I took the risk of being labeled crazy. (The reason I sent the letter was to forewarn people they might not recognize me. At the time, I believed I was going to suddenly look very different. When the skull sutures opened, I thought this miracle was very near.) Well it is possible, but at this point, it does not matter to me. I feel the transformation is near, so it is better people have some clue about it before it happens. At 8 pm, the stretch felt different and softer. Energy is building strong in the root chakra with a swirling feeling.

    10:30 pm: I ended in a position with the legs open and it took a long time to move energy through the right leg and hip. I felt a big ball of energy moving along the line of the inguinal canal toward the perineum area. Strong energy was pushing this energy ball down. Eventually I felt it move down, then I turned over to the other side and the left hip started rotating energetically. I was in a painful hold for about thirty minutes. Then the entire genital area was full of energy and it felt like something was growing there. Then a big energy ball started moving down on the left side. I had pain on both sides combined with energetic rotation of the left hip. Then a growing reaction with intense burning pain started in my left leg. At that point, I knew I could only continue with a full surrender. I moved the growing left leg and all the energy suddenly stopped. I need a break and then I will give it my best try to surrender.

    From 10:40 pm to 12:45 am, it was difficult but I did not identify so the pain was not so bad. I could not breathe through my nose, which made it difficult to relax. I fell asleep and awoke with sweating and a strong growing reaction. I was having irritating cleansing dreams so it was nice to awaken.

    February 21: Energy Balls In Inguinal Canals, Spontaneous Mantra

    5:30 am: There was a sleepy, wavy growing reaction, in the night. Something came in a dream like the message, “You are doing a good job”. It gives me some reassurance that I am doing what I need to do and it progresses. I feel rested. I dread the reaction of people to that letter. Yet, I feel confident this is occurring or I would not have sent it. I see why it was necessary to tell people what is possible before it happens so they are prepared if suddenly I appear dramatically different. I hope this happens soon as I grow anxious to see the ‘new me’.

    10:30 am: I did a long grueling session with the energy ball going down the inguinal canal. At first, it went down the right side then after this down the left side. On the left, I felt the energy ball move down and then I knew that the work on the right had not been completed. I guess multiple passes are needed. It is intense when this energy ball moves down through tissues of hips and pelvis. Once, there was intense pleasure and I almost passed out from it. I have never felt anything that strong before. I worked outside and now I rest, I am tired.

    From 3:30 to 6 pm: I slept deeply. Some work occurred and when I woke, there was a strong spontaneous stretch with yawning. I had to cut it short and feed the animals. Its 6:45 pm, and I want to get on with this. I think to do a freestyle session and work with the right hip to help the energy balls work easier on the right side. Having my leg open is painful which makes it more difficult. My ovaries are pulsating.

    From 7 to 10 pm, much tension was released out of the hip; it was intense but felt good. I stayed centered well. Once, I was spontaneously repeating a mantra, musically with my breathing. The words were, “Personalado ende”. Then I thought ‘The end of the personality’. This is possible as much tension energy released.

    This time the work went deep into the center of the hip and there was much work in lower back and hip girdle. I felt the energy ball going into groin through there. Near the end, there was a spontaneous stretch along the spine and that is when I lost focus. I still think the shoulders and upper body have to be released with the right hip, which is still out of alignment. Arghhh, this is so difficult. At midnight, I finished stretching the upper body from the hip. The energy never let up, but I had to quit. I will try to go down through leg before bed.

    Strong Spine Vortices, Energetic Rotation In Shoulders & Jaws

    February 22: Chest Expansions, TMJ Opening Starts

    From 2 to 2:30 am, I feel I finished with the hip but there is always more to do. Everything hurts. I finished with a downward stretch with a killer neck-crunching episode. No more!

    8:30 am: I am awake after a restful sleep. From 9 to 12 am, I have been stretching along the cord of personality, which feels great. I am shaking with a strong vibration and it feels impossible to go outside now. My bowel movements finally are regular.

    At 1 pm, I shook for about thirty minutes with shivers and a spiral of energy going up spine from tailbone. This upward moving energy worked my arms, back and shoulders.

    It is 6:30 pm, and I have been stretching easily almost the entire day. Much tension releases from my body. When I stopped, an energy spiral was moving up my body. When I first noticed it, it went around my shoulders and neck. As it moved upward, I felt both shoulders energetically rotate. With this energetic rotation starting, I observed that I could sit doing almost nothing while the energetic rotations above and below were doing work in the body. Many new pathways in the neck and shoulders formed and there were many cracks in these areas. It felt great to have tension release from the shoulders, head and jaws. At one time, I had to open the jaws as far as possible for energy to work in the TMJ joints and there was one loud snap. This is difficult to do. I think my skull will break when the tension goes against the jaw deep inside my skull. My personality is going strong, I think because there is much tension in my body. I want it to go at this point, surrender is a beautiful space compared to this ‘mind-voice’.

    From 7 to 7:50 pm, I did a fantastic stretching session! Tension all over my body is removed by energy spirals that move up and down the body simultaneously changing it. This happens with my head bent to one side without me moving. My vibration is quickly rising with strong tingles in the groin. Fifty minutes flew by.

    9:30 pm: Wow! The tension releases and simultaneous changes are occurring with increasing speed. While my neck and head is worked, other areas in the body are worked. There is the sound of a big windy storm inside. Each time something opens, I feel increasingly like one energy unit going in a vortex from toe to head.

    jaws movingWork was just done on the left TMJ and the right TMJ joint. My jaws traveled across my face in a horizontal circle and then each was held open and worked (see figure). Once open then energy went down the spine to release all the tension on the left side of the body. This was intense, but bearable. I suspect I will have to open all the joints down that side but I am not sure. I am happy there is a finally a change!

    From 10 to 11:45 pm, I did a surrender session. At 11:15 pm, the energy reversed with the root chakra activating and heat rising with some twists of the body. Then there was a holding pattern and chest expansion started which I still find difficult. I do not have fear of losing myself anymore. I can go for a few breaths with sustained quiet mind, and then repeat it for some time. I do not know if this is enough.

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