Tension Release From Shoulder

    It was curious after all this work on the joints, that I still had the same problems in my body, albeit everything was better. Many times, I thought I had fixed them, yet later I worked on them again. Therefore, I did not want to do the shoulder but it was a new position. I had never tried standing with my arms forward leaning on the ladder to support me. Okay. I started with it and saw how much tension was coiled in the shoulder joint. I stood there about three hours with energy coursing through the shoulder and releasing tons of tension energy. When I got to the end of that large release, it was a relief I cannot tell you. However, quickly I saw this was not the end. I was then led on a long stretching path through my body. I stretched down the back, to the spine, to the hip, back up, to the shoulder for a few more releases, up to my jaws, down my neck, back to the shoulder, then to my spine, up and down the spine, across the back, back to shoulder and ending at the C7 vertebrae.

    As I went down through these coiling stretches, I felt strong pain mostly under the right scapulae bone and energy that released from the shoulder was amazing! I was amazed at how much there was. It felt like an endless release of energy from the joint, like a river of water flowing out and returning to the root chakra. As tension energy released, I felt searing hot pain and pleasure simultaneously. I felt I had found the root of my problem and endured to the end wanting all this pain to be released.

    When that was done, I did a freestyle session and it was unbelievable how many pops and cracks happened in the body. The pops and cracks did not seem to release tension energy. The stretching passes through the body are repeating. I kept moving my right hip joint to a new position with intense pain, but it keeps going back to the old position. It is the same with my jaw joints, with the gallbladder and the knotted shoulder. With the gallbladder meridian running through the shoulder then it would always plug again. This explains for me my recurring sinus and ear problems for years.

    I think it is important to keep going with this healing until all the pain is released and everything is healed. I am guessing there are many layers of healing to go through before you can release all the energy of this cord. The big muscle knots are still there around the shoulders, on the back and along the sides of C7. When I put my finger on the sore area near them, they dissolve. I feel the meridians opening when I do this. I am wondering how to release this cord. Perhaps the root of the cord of personality is a childhood injury or trauma. What is clear is that this cord of personality is what keeps me identified with my material aspect of self. The energy in the body cannot rise through C7 to heal and open this area. Many people have crunchy sounds and cracks when they move the C7 joint. I see this joint as the gateway to the head and the link to the lower body.

    After energy work on the spine, it felt like my neck was freely rotating in a physical full circle! People tell you not to bend your head backward in exercise, maybe because of the C7 limitation. I feel this part is not finished. I have spent many hours trying to surrender and it does NO good. I have to let go of identifying with the pain. I did a quick stretch and my upper body feels free! The shoulders rotate. It looks like the right hip still needs some work. Manana, I am tired.

    Tension Releasing From Joints

    January 27: Vortex Rises Into Head

    It is 4 am, and I cannot sleep. I am skyrocketing because the energy is moving so fast. One-half billion more neuron connections are forming. My face is tingling and my ear opened. I feel getting through C7 was significant. There is a vortex in my neck going up into my head. I feel when it reaches the brain I will be whole and will have no need for this mental surrender crap. You surrender enough by going through the pain. Your reward equals more energy. In short, when you let go of pain it transmutes to energy. You free the block. The personality exists as energy held in a fixed form in the body. When you find it and let go of the pain then you are free.

    I slept well feeling refreshed after a few hours. My body is still in a growing phase with the energy massage feeling, which I think is neuron growth. The body feels great; it is difficult to describe how good it is to have a relaxed posture.

    I just did one and a half hours of stretches that went for miles all over the body. Tension energy is pouring from joints and muscle knots. My energy is getting strong. I feel springy in my body. I want to stretch out the rest to be free of this pain. Later the work got difficult and there was stretching work in the jaw joints and going down to open the hip. Still, I am happy to feel my body this way; it is SO ALIVE and flexible. In the last stretch, my neck circled around five times and I could hear small cracks in my spine.

    At 2 pm, I did a freestyle session and it feels great with no pain. I can move in two or three directions at once so it goes fast. There is a tight vein or muscle down the inside back of my legs. I just moved freestyle for another twenty minutes. Wow, it was intense and fast! There is much pain in the right hip. The joints that released all that tension now rotate energetically.

    At 3 pm, I was so tired that I went to lie down and immediately I fell asleep. I woke with another vortex rush in the head and my body position was like a mummy with ankles crossed and arms folded across my chest. Then I felt energy sweeping down my body and next it felt like it was rebuilding the bones in my feet and ankles. It was so painful, I wanted it to finish and rise. I tried to move and I was numb and felt I was stuck there. Then I was thinking a sustained surrender for full metamorphosis might be next. The feeling of being a larva in a cocoon was strong. Then, I said, Okay, but not now. I shook it off and arose.

    At 8 pm, I did an enema and more stretching, many more miles of tension released from hip, back, shoulder and jaws. My intestines are still sluggish, so I am going to do a fast on liquids until this clears up. At 10 pm, I was stretching and doing more cleansing; my intestines are blocked and need to be cleared.

    Insight about caricature of personality: I asked a friend to show me how another person reacts when angry. My friend has an uncanny ability to mimic people. She closed her eyes, then her body formed into the exact picture of this person with their right arm raised and finger pointing and their elbow turned in with their back arched. In this demonstration, I saw clearly the physical pain profile of the cord of the personality. Then I asked my friend to show her posture and she gave me another exact cord of personality profile. All our life we habitually express our defensive postures in our face and body, and over time it accumulates tension along that posture line from contraction of the muscle groups used. From the body shape of the ‘anger posture’, you can find the beginning and end of the energetic cord of the personality. The cord of personality appears to follow the defensive body posture and always goes in a line through the main joints connected directly to the central nervous system, which has a special link at the C7 vertebrae. If a person were enlightened there would be no cord of personality, all energy would be balanced all over the body. I predict the majority of held tension energy exists on the side of the body the person uses most, re left or right-handed and that that side will tend to get more injuries because it is less resilient.

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