Loud Neck Cracks & Release At C7

    February 4

    Much tension was released from the neck and I am sleeping much lately. While I slept, it seemed my body was repaired. I started using Reiki and the coil ring again. These tools helped me to clear two meridians, the small intestine meridian across the shoulder and the gallbladder in the shoulder section. Using Reiki on these seemed to boost the capability to move energy through the neck. Last night I had the idea to apply Reiki to acupoints near my ears on small intestine meridian, by cheek and ears. This worked well to move energy in reverse through C7 downward to loosen my shoulder.

    After this, I could stretch my neck turning into my shoulder and up to free the tension on both sides of C7. I had passed through work in C7 in front and back and did not realize the sides were left. After this, the shoulder released through the neck. Then the C7 vertebra cracked with a loud noise. There was no pain, only a huge relief. After this the neck near the base of the skull felt free, then stretches were easy with loud crunching and popping noises in upper spine with much tension releasing. At the end, the neck felt free. After this, the stretch went down the spine and cleared things down the middle of the back. Exhausted after this, I slept long.

    Pressure Both Sides Of Neck, Stretches & Sudden Collapse

    February 5: 21st Day Of Fasting, Difficult Work

    Lately, there have been unbelievable stretches through the back, shoulders, hips, legs and arms. Each time after the stretch, I sit on the floor with legs to front and lean forward relaxed. In this position, energy moves down the spine, as if it is working in reverse bringing energy down from skull into the pelvic bowl. At a certain point I automatically sit upright, all sense of tension disappears, and it feels as if I am gently floating as energy moves up for the next round. I went through many repetitions of stretches before I understood how to complete the process. I was usually so tired after a session that I often skipped this other step. One stretch forward and one stretch sitting upright.

    When I arose at 6 am, I did a standing stretch where work happened in spine down through the hips and lower back. It was difficult, but once done then my hips started rotating energetically and I felt energy flooding into my body. I went back to bed from 10 am to 2 pm.

    I have been doing chores. The growing phase continues strong. I am hot. Energy works in spine behind neck and moves up into skull. I will see what I can do to assist this, but still am tired. Perhaps I am tired because this is difficult physical work and because this is the twenty-first day of fasting for me. I have eaten only two days in all this time. I think I weigh around a hundred pounds, which is light for me. The pain seems mostly behind me so that feels good, but I am left wondering what is next. My mind seems quieter. I will check if the personality is still there. (Hahaha. )

    At 6 pm, I did a three-hour session in the dome, lying on my stomach with intense pain until it dissolved. I am shaking and tired. I still feel much pain. I want to cry. From 6:30 to 7:30 pm, I did another stretch, with concentrated work in the hips. I cried much from the pain.

    After this, I went to bed because there was a reaction of a gentle neck stretch and I needed to go backward. It resulted in one hour of sitting upright with intense pressure on both sides of my neck with my head and spine stretched to the limit. I was holding that awkward position until the tension gave. Then my spine and neck collapsed with much force and it went as low as possible on both sides. This was all painful. Then I was back to sitting in upright spine position for more stretches. Finally, I lay down and I did not want to move and had strong pain in the neck. Soon after, the energetic vibration patterns started in the body with neuron growth all over, and I fell asleep.

    February 6 To February 7: Repeated Passes Stretch Joints

    A new day dawns, its 12:30 am and energetic work is still occurring in my shoulders and skull. At first, I could not rise because I was frozen from numbness. I feel sad and am tired of this. I need to participate in the work around here tomorrow and the transformation is not finished. I have no clear idea what will come next and that bothers me. There is much stretching and healing work seemingly to get these knots out, yet I still have all the same problems. It looks like all this work is focused on building a new spine. Perhaps I will unfold when that is complete. The ear seems clear on the right and the gallbladder and liver meridians remain opens. I hope I finish with all this cleansing soon.

    At 3:30 a.m., it seems a bone correcting stage. Energy work started at toes with pain in big toe and moved up to pelvis with pain in hips, back of hips and sacrum. I wonder if it is easier to take this sitting and if it is still effective to do in this position. Lying is difficult to do now.

    From 8 am to 4:30 pm: In the morning I did a freestyle session, I was moving easily until the work was in my hips and lower body, then I lost it. I sat discouraged and decided: “NO! I’m angry about this hip and I will do it as best as I can!” Therefore, I did, I think I got through it okay. Later in the day, I did a standing session in an unbelievable posture. I went out of body and surrendered, as there was much pain. I was determined to surrender and I think I did well. Afterward a big force rose and I cried to feel it, but still this was not the end as stretching continued. I feel I surrendered, yet the personality is still here. Much work was done in the skull and something was starting in the legs when I stopped. I did sessions continuously the entire time.

    Its 6:30 pm and it has been another exhausting day, stretching through hip joints, lower back and on up to C7 and neck. I cried much this morning; it seems impossible to get through the hips and shoulders. It is all twisted together somehow through the lower back and upper neck. I presume each time I am stronger and there will be less to do. I feel desperate. Surrender, yes, I do it for hours on end in these endless stretches pushing against my neck, hips, back, etc. I do not want any more!

    At 11pm, I felt higher-self take over or I allowed it about two hours. Then I was lying on the floor with my hip against the ground and tension was pouring out of my body, but I only felt pleasure as energy released. I laid there for an hour, then arose and went to bed.

    February 7: I Quit

    I slept through until 8 am, with much healing occurring in my body during the night. I remembered the insight that ‘I don’t need to do anything’. This makes all this ‘work’ I have been doing seem as if I have been in a big head-trip. So then, I sat and surrendered and I thought I did well for two hours until I found myself in the head between the knees position in the chair. This hurts much in the hips and legs. I stopped after thirty minutes, as I could not bear more pain. It has been twenty-three days and I quit and will not do more sessions. I will go outside tomorrow and live normal and forget this. That is how I feel now, that none of this is real. The forest is real, my dog is real, and the outside work is real. I want the normal world. If something happens tonight, okay, but I am not staying in isolation in this room anymore. I am at the end of my rope and do not see that I can do more. I feel the energy strong inside me, but it is like in the background and my head sits in another world distant from it. Tonight I will try to allow this energy to be; otherwise, my practice is to surrender.

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