Chapter 10: Tension Release From Joints, C7 Opens

    Organ Cleanses

    January 25: Coming Out Of Retreat, Fasting & Organ Cleanse

    I was nearly dead. I ended my retreat and exited my room. When I got outside, I realized how sick I was. My left kidney hurt. I felt as if I had to vomit for two days. The last two days I had nothing to eat or drink save a few drops of milk. I had the vomit sensation and I could not eat today. My large intestine was full of hard round balls of matter, which I could palpate from the outside. (I had not had a bowel movement in about nine days; I was not paying attention at all to things like that.) It was like a row going down the entire intestinal tract! Earlier, the toes on my left feet were numb and some on my right. I thought it was because it was cold outside but after my walk, the numbness was still there. Once I had a fire in my room then I activated my body by pressing acupoints. My body was shutting down and my energy was so low. I decided I needed to continue fasting until all these toxins were out of my body.

    The acupressure quickly rose my energy, my feet warmed and I did an enema and moved some hard balls. In the middle of this, my body activated strongly and my body expelled more enema material spontaneously. This alone was a meditation. After this, I stood and allowed the forces in my body to take over. There was a long session of learning how to move with the new capacities of the changed nervous system

    Sitting, I watched the path of energy movement inside working through the digestive system. First peristaltic waves were happening in the large intestines, and then energy moved from here into my gallbladder, next energy moved to liver and went up body and came across the shoulder and went down the esophagus and into the stomach. From here, it traveled over to small intestine where it worked all over it. Then energy would go to large intestine and continue moving in this big loop. Later energy pounded hard on the gallbladder and liver and I felt gases forming in the small intestine. Then I started passing gas and belched. I feel like vomiting. I still have the balls in my intestine.

    In the evening I did several sessions where there was long hours of work on C7, I could distance myself from pain and time passed quickly. Much neuron growth happens around the joint. I was tired from sitting and soon after I lied down, there was a sudden buildup of force on the joint, and I heard a SNAP in C7. After it snapped energy rushed into my head, soon came back down, and started working on spine again. After the work in the spine finished, the inner sound was like a storm with strong winds. Then it felt like billions of neurons were making connections in my body in a patterned sequence. I watched the energy coursing around in my body for about an hour. It felt like my entire body was coming alive with a warm and tingly feeling. I fell asleep getting the best energy massage I have ever had.

    C7 Opens, Billions Of Neural Connections, Spine Helix Forms

    January 26: Tornado Vortex

    vortexAt 1:30 am, I suddenly awakened and a few seconds later, I felt a whoosh! Internally I could detect an energy vortex rising into my head and it closed with a loud sucking sound of wind. Then I felt strong work occurring in the intestinal area and kidney. The energy feels different, like it is not limited to the paths of the energy meridians anymore. It is like waves of energy prickles moving up and down and massaging my body. It feels very good.

    I think I was very sick a few days ago. I remember I was feeling my heart jump and it felt like it had stopped. This happened about every thirty minutes yesterday. (Later, I experienced more episodes of the heart stopping and jumping, and think it is a symptom of healing, it was not an indication I was sick. In this phase, all the organs are being healed.) My kidney still hurts and energy is working on that area. Everything in my body is cleansed with these waves of energy. It makes me feel sleepy.

    Around 6 am, I woke and energy is still working, the kidney pain is gone. Energy is working in the intestines. My stomach feels fine, the small intestine has shrunk and I am not so bloated. Since the cleaning started on the intestines, I have been belching strongly. I think this is due to the gallbladder working and gases moving out of my intestinal tract.

    spinespine2The energy waves in my body start to spiral. As I view it from the inside, it is counterclockwise. They are waves that come from two angles; it is like a double helix creating a crisscross spiral on the spine (see figures). This spiral pattern differs from what has happened before; it makes connections in the body in many directions. Before there were energy circuits connecting the vertebrae in the spine to other joints, such as C7 to shoulders, etc. These connections seem to give the capability for each vertebra to move spontaneously. The neck and tailbone can energetically rotate creating an energy vortex that goes up and down the spine. Before this, energy went up in a singular line on either side of the spine. One line went up and one down.

    I feel sleepy, and then notice the energy moves to my head, the internal music stops and all is quiet. I hear outside sounds with amplified hearing, as if roosters are all over the valley. As the skull work begins, there is an acceleration of tingling in other body parts. There was work for hours on C7, inside brain, and making energy circuits from spine to body. During this time, I worked to quiet my mind. I did not have much pain, mostly I am tired. Around noon, this process finished and I felt I was supposed to surrender somehow. I tried various things but nothing worked, I need a break.

    From 6 pm to 1:30 am, there was a long healing session along the cord of personality. I started with a freestyle session because my intestines were still blocked. I had one bowel movement but felt it was not enough so I did an enema. Then I saw how plugged the gallbladder meridian still was. I did another enema and much material came out. As the gallbladder meridian opened then my energy rose strong. I did another long freestyle session after this. Then I was tired and when I arose, I grabbed the ladder to bend over and stretch my shoulders without thinking about it. Then I realized I had never done the shoulders and knew they held much tension.

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