9. How Can I Work With Kundalini Transformation?

    There is no mind-directed technique helpful for kundalini transformation, but there are ways you can practice. Animating your personality uses all your energy, so encouraging transformation is practicing with various techniques to learn how to divert energy from doing that and allowing your energetic vibration to get stronger. The more you practice the better you get at it and your rising vibration, growth and insight will be evidence to you that you are doing the right things.

    Quicken Touch

    This is my Reiki acupressure technique that was partly inspired from visions during the hardest part of the onset of the kundalini transformation. I experimented with the basic principles in the first year and came up with this method. I feel this technique is very effective to raise energetic vibration and help move out energy blocks. I still use it today. Full details on how to do it are on my website: Quicken Touch.

    Let Go Of Body Control

    Stand in a relaxed way and start the simple meditation of feeling the energy movements in your body. As kundalini transformation progresses, spontaneous body movements become stronger. Allow your body to fold and move according to the energetic charges building, but do not decide to move in any way. Keep checking that you are not preventing energy from working in any area of the body, noticed by painful sensations or resistant thoughts. When you notice this, try to relax the area and thinking and allow energy to enter it and practice ‘melting’. Keep practicing letting go of body control and trusting higher-self will move you safely without you having to do it. This is useful in later stages, to start clearing out larger blockages owing to skeletal misalignments. It is like using your body as a lever to open joints and bones to release stagnant energy. This ability grows stronger as you progress, and you will eventually know how to do it. Full detail of the ‘Moving as Awareness’ Meditation tool is on my website.

    Learn To Meditate

    There are different meditation techniques to help quiet the mind. You should try various ones until you find one that works for you. However, do not go into the game of learning many and being the master at none. Try one technique for three months, and if it is not working for you then try another. You can use more than one technique per day, but keep it consistent. It takes consistent practice and time to get good at meditation. Because you start out in meditation heavily identified with your thinking, you can get lost in a thinking loop or technique and not be getting a result. Therefore, it is good to have your meditation checked by someone who is more advanced, so you can be sure your meditation is effective. I have directions for a simple breath meditation on my website.

    Learn To Relax Areas In Body With Strong Muscle Tension

    Rather than resist strong muscle tension, merely become the observer of this feeling and more energy will flow through, open and change the area. When you feel strong muscle tension, it can be a sign your mind is active and you are resisting the transformation energy. I have full directions for a body relaxation tool on my website.

    Accept This Is A Long Process And Don’t Do Too Much

    In the beginning when I felt a strong reaction, I felt I had to stay still until the energy work finished, often sitting for many hours on end with the hope to finish. Long sessions are not necessary and know the energy continues to work and will pick up where you left off next time. One hour to one hour and a half is the most effective session and taking breaks between. On average, it takes forty-five minutes for the body to activate all energy centers. The strongest healing happens around the forty-five minute mark.

    Trust Your Breathing Will Happen Spontaneously

    The breathing sometimes goes into apnea (no breath) for very short intervals, while energy is changing critical areas in the body, such as in lungs, trachea, heart or brain. Know that this is natural, and try to relax with this strange sensation and trust you will be okay. The longer you resist this feeling, the longer it will take to change these areas.

    Easy Meditative Focal Points To Encourage Transformation

    No matter what technique you use if any, it is helpful if you try to keep your focus on a vibration felt in the body, such as in the root chakra, lower abdomen, bottoms of feet, or in your legs. Only feel it, do not try to make it be in any way by visualizing it somehow differently. Another simple technique is to use your inner vision, to look at the area where your 3rd eye is during the session. It is common to see various colors and points of light, as energy works in the mind and is an easy focal point. When focused strongly and intently there you are getting strong visuals, and know energy is working in the mind, super effective! I find it effective to listen to the inner sound and simultaneously look with my inner sight. Techniques such as this can help you stay meditative and the kundalini transformation will be more effective.

    Experiment And Be Open To Hear Intuitive Messages

    If you need something special to help you along, trust that if you ask for help you will receive an answer from your higher-self or others. Be open to receive such messages, try various techniques, and experiment until you find a routine effective for you and fits into your life in the least obtrusive way.

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