8. Can Pain Be Avoided? Is There An Easier Way?

    The reality is that transformation is like an intensive physical therapy. Growing a new body is physical and we will have to endure transformational pain, the same as someone does when they have to rehabilitate a broken leg. It is a metamorphosis, a slow long growing in the existing body, thus it is physical and does not happen magically in an instant. The kundalini transformation causes various types of pain. We are naturally pain avoidant and the reason we do not change is that we avoid the experience of pain. Now we see the problem of being caught between a rock and a hard place. To go further in this transformation it is IMPERATIVE that we learn how to allow the transmutation of energy.

    We Need To Learn How To Transmute Pain

    Transformational pain is perceived as painful when we resist the healing process. For more information about transformational pain, see Chapter 4.When we relax and have a quiet mind, we do not experience healing as painful. In the center, it is neither pleasant nor unpleasant, it merely is. While transformation of the personality can be painful, it does not have to be EXPERIENCED that way. When we are in the center, we can observe the healing but we do not feel pain because we are no longer identified with our form. This center state is ideal to promote healing. After we have experienced that transformational pain does not have to be experienced as painful, then we are secure in the state of quiet mind. While there watching what is going on, we understand that we are eternal and will never lose ourselves. We see that life is transformation and we know that allowing ourselves to change increases our prospect of survival, then we allow changes to happen to us whenever needed.

    Pain Is Always Felt Past Tense

    Being in a living body, tissues are always transforming according to the 'vibration of energy' represented by the body. When we learn a new thing, this changes our vibration and later our body will change to reflect that. Pain is real and we feel it often. What we can control is our identification with 'what is past'. This depends on where we set our focus. If we are in the observation state, then energy is flowing through our body and there is no resistance to change. We watch the vibration and see what is occurring. We notice pain like it is a memory. If we are in pure observer state, we are as one with the locus of transformation of the tissue changing shape. We are watching the energy moving back and forth, we feel a sensation like a vibration, but it is neither pleasant nor unpleasant. When we declare it to be painful, we have identified with the body (past reaction) and are no longer watching. We pulled out of that state and now we experience pain. The longer we stay in the state of feeling pain, the harder it will be to distance from that sensation and go back to simple observation again.

    Pain felt from transformational energies is mostly due to mental or emotional resistance to what we would prefer versus accepting what is. When our mind is quiet, we are as one with our higher-self. That is the point where life unfolds, that is where the growing energy is, and where we let energy pass through us. We are then in control of not being resistant but not in control of the physical change itself.

    Resistance To Change Is What Is Causing Pain

    The experience of pain is mostly caused from resistance to change, and when we let go of identification with the past reaction, pain is not experienced. Some people die easy and go out softly; others resist it fighting to the end. Some cancer patients are so happy even they are dying; others fight and experience extreme pain. The more we resist change, the more pain we experience. We resist change by identifying with past forms. We resist change by ‘being as the personality’. When we identify with past non-existent forms, (they are memories) then we are in the state of resistance, we are using our mind and not letting go.

    I hope it is clear it is not about controlling the pain; rather it is more about controlling our attitude. Pain can be a signal we are resisting and can remind us to stop the thinking and return to our center. When we do that successfully, we will have the experience of healing and feeling pleasure versus pain, in whatever transformation we are facing. Pain can come and go, depending on our identification and focus on what is changing. Prolonged pain is a sign of prolonged resistance to change.

    Transformational pain as a symptom coming from an effective healing will change nature being slightly different after three days. We see signs of healing even though it seems to be going slowly. There might be pain each day as larger areas of tissues in a body heal, but it is not the same from day-to-day, slight differences can be detected. This then can be a positive confirmation we are successful at not identifying and learning to let go.

    Learn To Transform Pain

    Learning not to react to the sensation of transformational pain helps us to grow, because when we can do it successfully we are not identifying with the personality. Pain is a big motivator for us to surrender control, because the sensation can build when we do not. When we do let go, the pain goes away and we feel bliss. That is beautiful!

    Part of kundalini transformation is learning to quiet the mind and relax the body and be in center, no matter what is occurring, even if it feels painful. Pain increases as the vibration and transformation accelerates. This is all good, because through the sensation of transformational pain we will learn to transform and drop our resistance to change and to let the energy flow through and heal us. By learning it, we become more skilled at dropping all attachment to our old self and grow stronger. The more we do this, the more we heal and the less pain and tension we will experience.

    All physical pain is real. As a practical advice, whenever we feel a strong pain we can try to feel the pain and use the pain to DISIDENTIFY. Instead of dreading pain, we see it is teaching us to quiet the mind and be in the center as our higher-self. We only have to feel it, we do not label it or judge it or deny it or want it to be anything other that what it is. If we can do this successfully, healing will happen exactly as it needs to and we will not experience pain. As we practice like this, we notice healing and changes are occurring, which then is the feedback we are getting good at quieting the mind. The side affects of bliss, contentedness, healing, reduced pain, expansion of light, increased self-confidence and insight, gives us motivation to continue to seek our center. Soon we enjoy being quiet more than being mentally active.

    Warning: If pain is not going away in the meditative state, is extreme, and is persisting whatever you do, then another action is quickly needed! It is then possible the pain is not of the transitory kind, and pain sensors will continue to fire, as a warning to do something because your survival may be jeopardized. You should deal with pain like this immediately! This may be as simple as changing the position of your body if you were in a session or you might need an immediate trip to the hospital. I am reminded of the sweat lodge incident a few years ago, where three people died. For sure, they went beyond extreme pain to attain a higher state and the result was a tragedy. Do not be extreme with matters like this. To repeat: If the pain is not resolving, a different action needs to be taken as soon as possible!

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