6. Do I Need Help With Full-Blown Kundalini Transformation?

    In the early part after full-blown kundalini transformation is triggered, the mind is reorganizing and is not reliable, so having an assistant or helper can be a wise choice. In the first few weeks we can ignore doing things we should do like eating, drinking, exercising, bathing and eliminating. An assistant can prepare broth or drinks for us, give a massage, and encourage us to take fresh air, exercise and bathe, wash our clothes, and take over our chores, to check in on us each day or ask if we need anything. It is likely we will not be hungry and will choose to fast during this period. It is a period of profound organ cleansing and because many changes to the nervous system are occurring, eating can make us feel nauseous. I think it is wise to ask for help from a trusted friend when this event triggers for the first few weeks, as they can see more clearly than we can. After the initial stage, our higher-self is stronger and guides us. Of course, seek out others who have been through the transformation and ask for advice. Other than that, we do not need much help, as we are prepared and ready for this.

    7. Is Kundalini Transformation Easy Or Difficult?

    I think it is fair to say that everyone will find kundalini transformation challenging. It takes a long time and is similar to an intensive physical therapy. It challenges us on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Another reality is because of its physical nature, it cannot happen without a clear decision and active engagement and participation. It does not happen by wishing it to happen. To rehabilitate or to rebuild the body into a new shape, it takes many hours in the gym with focus on the task. Along the way, emotions release, concepts drop and our belief system goes through a housecleaning.

    Some people will find kundalini transformation easier and more difficult for several reasons. First, it depends on where the person is in the kundalini awakening. It is easier at the beginning, harder in the middle, and easier at the end. It also depends on the person’s true ability to surrender control of mind and body to higher-self. The more fully a person can surrender, the stronger the transformation forces. People that are fearful of transformation and of pain, will not be able to surrender fully and can report ‘how easy it is’. This is undoubtedly true, but it may possibly mean they have not let go deeply yet. Presuming the full-blown kundalini transformation is underway, the following applies. Difficulty is directly proportional to the number of injuries in body, congenital defects, current health and agility, emotional traumas and beliefs and concepts we need to heal and unload. The more baggage we need to unload and the more physical problems we need to heal, the harder it will be. If we have much to clean up, we should not take it personal and feel like a victim! This is ourselves after all, all that we own is part of our past, it is who we are and what we valued and did not value.

    In my case, I have a congenital deformity that affects all joints on the right side of the body, as well in the neck, skull and spine. This is similar to cranial facial microsomia, where one side of the skull is smaller than the other side. Because it is an old injury from before or around birth, then the part where the sutures open was difficult. I had extreme pain many times and became skilled at going through it. The stronger I got, the easier it was. If we do not have such tight joints, adhesions or physical defects, then this part can be much easier for us. On the other hand, I did not have much emotional trauma, beliefs, and concepts to unload, because I had been working on healing these issues for many years before the onset of this event. Another person may find this part more challenging. In any case, we can know and trust the challenge we receive will be designed for us, and we will grow strong by facing it and going through it.

    Kundalini transformation is about releasing energy from our personality and using that energy to create the new body. Our personality is an accumulation of pockets of energy all over our body and mind. To reach enlightenment all energy stored in the personality must be released and transformed.

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