2. Is There Some Exercise I Can Do To Activate Kundalini?

    I am asked this question often. I guess the increased interest is partially due to the growing force that is urging people to awaken and is partially due to spiritual people wanting to gain the trendy attribute of being ‘kundalini awakened’.

    Our kundalini can always be activated. Activated means, we raise our vibration higher than our current vibration level. Vibration increases when we quiet our mind. In the interval where we experience quiet mind, the brain reorganizes and changes us and our vibration increases. Every second we succeed in quieting the mind counts; change happens in that space spontaneously without us doing anything. The change lessens the influence of our personality, and increases the influence of our higher-self, by a little bit. The next time we meditate, our vibration is a little higher. When our vibration reaches certain levels, it will trigger release of larger amounts of held energy, which result in major awakening events. Each time we meditate, our free kundalini increases. With spiritual awakening, we cannot skip steps, because it is partially a biological process. I feel the best approach to activate kundalini is to establish a consistent and daily meditation routine.

    There are various meditation techniques to help quiet the mind. We should try various ones until we find one that works for us. However, do not go into the game of learning many techniques and being the master at none. Try one technique for three months, and if it is not working then try another. We can use more than one technique per day, but keep it consistent. It takes consistent practice and time to get good at meditation. With meditation, because we start out heavily identified with our thinking, we can easily get lost in a thinking loop or technique and not be getting a result. Therefore, it is good to have our meditation checked by someone who is more advanced, so we can be sure our meditation is getting a result.

    3. Can Kundalini Awakening Trigger Prematurely?

    Kundalini is always working and shaktipat, an energy healing or something else can trigger an awakening event, which increases our energetic vibration through the principle of entrainment. When our vibration increases above normal, our mind suddenly goes quiet and in that space of time energy releases from our personality. When energy releases it produces healing reactions as kundalini symptoms. The awakening event we experience depends on our self-realization level. The awakening events are usually minor, but on rare occasions can be major.

    Steps cannot be skipped in spiritual awakening, it is a biological process and steps are completed in sequence, in reverse order of building the personality. If we are starting self-realization work, we will experience a beginning awakening. If our self-realization level is high, due to transforming much of our personality, then full-blown kundalini awakening can trigger. Much energy is needed to trigger the full-blown kundalini transformation. It cannot trigger until we are ready for it and strong enough to do it. Whatever awakening result we get is what we were ready to face, because the truth is WE are healing ourselves. Our higher-self would never prematurely trigger a force that we are not strong enough to handle, as our well-being is the most important.

    A single energy healing rarely raises our energy to the level needed to trigger any major awakening event. This has several reasons. The main reason is we are still holding energy in form as our personality. Energy held as personality is like a large shield of protection, which does not allow our vibration to rise very high. The second reason is an awakening event is only triggered when our vibration level reaches a particular threshold, which happens rarely in our life. People concerned with this question, are likely still closely identified with their personality, as fear of awakening kundalini comes from the personality, not from the higher-self. The higher-self is fearless.

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