12. What Are The Abilities Of The New Light Body?

    Many people are spiritually awakened and seem happy with their limited abilities. They still need to do daily meditation to stay alert and continually monitor their tendency to revert to reacting as the personality. Many people are keenly alert only a small part of the day, and to do that takes effort. Some people cannot be aware at all, and unfortunately believe they can do it. Do not get me wrong, it takes many hours of meditation to get any result, and to become enlightened it has to be done. What I am saying here is do not be happy with a mediocre result, there is much more possible.

    It is obvious that the transformation is reorganizing my brain and nervous system, with what seems an infinite number of new nervous system branches all over the body. My body and mind are gradually filling with light, and everything in my body is connected to each part in a fast and new way. At the time of writing this book, I have not completed this transformation, so can only guess about the final abilities. I have many benefits now and presume others are possible given my understanding of this transformation. The strangest thing is there is no perceptible change in my outward physical appearance, despite the thousands of hours energy has worked in my body and mind. I believe the physical change and full abilities will manifest when all energy is recovered from the personality. When more people complete the kundalini transformation, the benefits will be more widely known.

    I think some benefits for human beings are feasible today and some will not manifest for hundreds of years. It seems logical that if I have healed myself of personality, then I should never need to sleep. I feel sleep is necessary in our evolution, to give our higher-self access to heal us before we can do it on our own. Because healing is always going on once kundalini is awakened, it seems logical we should never have disease or grow old. It seems the structure of personality and the mind-voice will persist until the brain is rewired. I guess one structure will be replaced by the new one in the blink of an eye. I think when the last energy has been recovered from the personality; all that energy will form as a strong vortex and will go up the spine with orgasm and then complete the final changes to the brain. I have heard that is like the tree of life expanding in the brain. That vortex will be like death when the soul leaves the body, but this time because there is orgasm it will produce a new life. After that, the new body with the new features will grow and the physical outward changes and new abilities will become obvious. I presume.

    Benefits I Am Experiencing

    Frequent momentary occurrences of heightened hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch
    Healing of congenital defect and all adhesions in all bony structures
    Increasing flexibility and elasticity in the body
    Rarely get sick
    Keen insight and intuition
    Happiness and sense of joy, rarely down and not for long
    Increase in extrasensory abilities, such as distance healing and insight
    Increased compassion and love for others
    Easy to control the mind-chatter
    No longer walking in circles in life
    Learning how to create my vision in the world
    High energy levels all days

    Theoretical Benefits

    Not needing to sleep
    Total disappearance of mind-voice
    Spontaneous reactions and adaptation to events
    Thinking capacity beyond any IQ level recorded in normal human
    New organization of brain and body into one mind and body
    Ability to transmute toxic substances
    Extraordinary sensory abilities
    Super efficient digestion, perfect metabolism without toxic buildup
    Ability to adapt body to hot and cold, not needing heat nor cooling systems
    Ability to regenerate any damaged body part, including growing new teeth.
    Ability to self-heal and maintain proper equilibrium and homeostasis in body
    Ability to communicate telepathically with others of same ability
    Not needing to be reborn on Earth, moving on to another life form
    Not aging, keeping a youthful appearance
    Free from misery and suffering
    Elastic, adaptable, strong, flexible and agile body, alive and energetic
    Compassion for all life forms and loss of fear
    Full restoration of sexual reproduction ability

    Maybe none of these benefits manifests. At the end of the transformation, we simply physically die and exit to another dimension.

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