10. How Long Does The Kundalini Transformation Take?

    At the time of writing this book, I do not know this answer. I have asked it of many people and have not heard anything that makes sense yet. My current theory is it can finish in as little as seven years. I do not think it can finish faster than that. I do know the more you work with it the faster it goes and vice-a-versa. Therefore, it depends much on us. Several people have reported their kundalini transformation is still going on twenty-five years after initially awakening. I do not like this answer much.

    11. How Can I Regulate The Kundalini Symptoms?

    The higher our energetic vibration is, the stronger the kundalini reaction and symptoms will be. Conversely, the lower our energetic vibration is, the weaker the kundalini reaction will be. If we are working with transformation, our energetic vibration gets higher each day and overtime the reactions get stronger, but as we get stronger it is much easier to control the reaction. As we progress to transform our personality, we get stronger and can better handle strong reactions.

    Thinking back over all the years I have been in this transformation, I do not recall a moment where I could not control a reaction while in public. The main thing I would experience was increased muscular tension in a certain body part and had the desire to release the tension by stretching, but I could have relaxed instead. Muscular tension tends to resolve eventually, but it takes much longer this way and can be uncomfortable. I feel it can be comforting to know we are always in control of the transformation. The stronger kundalini reactions mainly happen when we are sleeping at night or in the quiet mind state where we decide to let go of body control and allow the healing reaction. Stopping a reaction is as simple as making the quiet mind state go away by activating our mind-voice and deciding not to allow transformation.

    The more meditative sessions and healing techniques we incorporate into our daily routine, the higher our energetic vibration will raise. The higher our energetic vibration rises, the stronger and more intense are the healing reactions. Each mini-healing raises our energetic vibration over time, so with each session we start stronger than the previous. These reactions happen predominately in our sessions. Eventually the deeper issues heal, such as opening tight bones or releasing old stored emotional energy. After these harder things heal, we have much more energy in reserve, we get stronger and eventually it is like coasting for the remainder of the transformation.

    To raise energy, do things such as meditate, stretch and exercise, eat whole grain and uncooked foods, eat little or no meat, give energy healing to yourself, get a massage, dance, draw, write, take walks in nature, do a fast or body cleanse, and don’t do addictive substances such as sugar, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or drugs. Any change in habit by adding in a new health routine compared with what we did before, will raise our energetic vibration. If we want to lower our energy, then do the opposite recommended to raise our energy.

    However, I do not recommend establishing any habit that will keep our energy low on a daily basis. I state it this way so we understand the principle operating here, and leave it up to each of us to find the correct balance that works in our life. If we feel a strong reaction, then we can lay off the meditation for a day or two, eat some heavy food difficult to digest, such as meat, or do not exercise. If we decide to use these measures, we should use them sparingly and be careful that we do not get addicted to the bad habit of keeping our energy at a low vibration level. It can be difficult to start if we let our energy get too low, and can be a strong setback to further progress. If we decide to use drugs, we can get addicted to them believing it is helping us to feel normal and later it can be difficult to get out of this dependency. I do not recommend using any addictive substances or mind-altering substances, as this keeps us far from higher-self.

    I think the best middle-of-the-road thing to do is at least one meditation session per day, so our awareness level and healing continues to progress. How many minutes we meditate each day is a way to regulate the effect. I think it is much better to put up with some reaction, versus having none and risking going backward, or gain density and stay at low vibration and low awareness level. The lower we keep our vibration, the lower the reaction, the lower our awareness and the longer the transformation will take.

    It depends on how much time we want to devote to this, and what other things we have to do in our life. I encourage experimentation with various routines, to find the right pace of increasing vibration that keeps us moving forward, but does not cause too much reaction. For my journey, I decided to work with it full-time, as I had the cash and a private retreat space. I did twelve hours each day for many years and thus experienced strong reactions, because I was in high vibration and high meditative state most of the day. At the time of writing this book, I do a meditative freestyle and Reiki acupressure session each day. This keeps my transformation going, but it is much slower than I would like it to be. Having to go back to work was a necessity and I had to find a new balance.

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