Chapter 7: Common Questions About Kundalini

    1. Is This Kundalini Awakening?

    Increasing numbers of people are experiencing kundalini awakening symptoms, as humanity evolves. Kundalini awakening symptoms are produced all along our awakening journey. In early awakening, the symptoms are sporadic or last a few weeks and fade. As we progress in our self-realization, the kundalini symptoms become stronger, more closely spaced together and last longer. Three times, there are major awakening events with a huge release of energy and a barrage of symptoms. After the third event, full-blown kundalini transformation is underway and the symptoms are continuous and do not fade.

    Most kundalini symptoms are common healing reactions. There is no difference between human metamorphosis and healing; they are the same. When we compare our symptoms to the list of kundalini symptoms, it is easy to infer we are experiencing kundalini awakening when we are not. The cause of the symptoms may be due to a neurological or medical problem. These issues are still a healing process, but they happen before spiritual awakening. Kundalini awakening is more likely if you have been working spiritually by doing meditation, praying, energy healing, yoga or Tai chi regularly. Kundalini awakening is a growing process, where many symptoms are experienced in a short time and the symptoms do not stay the same for more than a few days. If your symptoms have remained unchanged for a long period, it is not likely to be kundalini awakening. With kundalini awakening, the mind is reorganizing, so there are frequent altered states of consciousness and symptoms of the nervous system changing. You should feel like you are awakening, and should be receiving insights about your true nature and things you never knew before.

    To know our stage of spiritual awakening is difficult because of the root problem of identifying with our personality. When identified with our personality, we seek information and confirmation for how we believe ourselves to be. If we value the attribute of being spiritually awakened, then we want to prove that is true. In our current evolution path, kundalini awakening is the current trend, and people want confirmation they are like that. When we receive information of this nature, we interpret it the way we want to see it, to give ourselves this confirmation.

    Many spiritually awakened people are still trapped by the personality games, which is the hardest to overcome. When we think we are awakened, self-questioning stops as well spiritual growth. To continue to grow, we need to answer the questions, “Am I fooling myself?” and “Am I awake?” Reading the chapter on the four stages of human metamorphosis and my testimonial, can help determine your step. What is more important than knowing which step we are on, is to accept where we are now and to do daily meditation, then we will continue to grow. I feel my testimonial shows we are not enlightened until the physical step has completed. If we have not done this step, we have more to do. That is simple.

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