What Is Full-Blown Kundalini Transformation?

    The full-blown kundalini transformation happens when the self-realization level or vibration level is high enough to activate latent growing instructions in the DNA. It typically happens after the third awakening that releases the emotional energy layer of the personality that surrounds the core of the self. After releasing this layer, the personality does not activate strongly, which further conserves energy and the meditative state deepens. When we have crystal clarity between quiet mind and non-quiet mind states, our ability to sustain quiet mind increases and meditation goes deep. Triggering the full-blown kundalini transformation is near when it is easy to sustain forty-five minutes of quiet mind each time we meditate. These long periods of sustained quiet mind, profoundly change the brain and increase our vibration. This event is part of human evolution and is triggered by our growing consciousness.

    Full-blown kundalini transformation starts with connections between energy circuits all over the body in a cascade of reactions and energy rushes in the spine. Nervous system reorganization follows that lasts about a week. This is characterized by sections of the body going numb with stinging prickles in the skin for several hours. After each section completes, the body part expands in size. This starts at the feet and slowly moves up to include each area of the lower body. The brain is rewiring also, but numbness is not felt in the skull. The reaction is continuous and while the nervous system is reorganizing, it is difficult to perform normally.

    What differs compared with prior awakening events is the reactions are stronger and continuous day and night, for the entire interval. When the brain reorganizes, it causes confusion and is like being in a strange dream that lasts a long time. It is hard to do anything else, so we succumb. We are in ‘good hands’, as the higher-self has taken over and is orchestrating the changes. It is common to receive insights and instructions from the higher-self that will help with the transformation going forward. It is wise to take notes so we can remember the information.

    Full-blown kundalini transformation will not trigger until we can sustain the quiet mind state and our vibration is high enough to activate the DNA. Premature full-blown kundalini transformation makes no evolutionary sense, as we could never handle it. The higher-self would never start a process that would threaten our survival.

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