The Reason For Kundalini Transformation

    Kundalini transformation is about reorganizing the brain and nervous system into a body of light. The structure of personality is removed in favor of a new structure. I think I am experiencing increased vibration in the body, due to an expanding and improved nervous system. I think the split-brain body and mind that uses self-reflection to process data is changing to a body and mind with a single brain that does not need the self-reflection apparatus. It is a strange thought to understand the human brain in its current organization is primitive. Still, the old organization is beautiful, because the self-reflection apparatus allows us to recognize the higher-self that is behind the body and mind.

    As my body transforms, new circuits are made in the nervous system each day and is like a fractal expanding infinitely into finer branches. It is like a maze of nervous system paths expanding in billions of directions. When the outer layer of my skin changes, I feel numbness, tingling, itches and insect crawling sensations. When deeper layers of fascia change, I feel body elongations and the body feels elastic. When the organs change they cleanse, when the heart changes it jumps and when the brain changes I have an altered state of consciousness and hear tones and see flashing lights. When an energy circuit is strengthened or created along a main nerve pathway, all kinds of nerve symptoms are felt. As kundalini transformation continued, my senses became more acute and my intuitive ability rose. I often received images in my 3rd eye, heard messages, had visions and vivid dreams. This information helped guide me in the transformation.

    Rebuilding The Spine And Elasticizing The Body

    As I see it, the structure of personality, reflected as the two-brained programmed mind in the body blocks energy flow all over. The cord of personality is similar to a huge amount of energy, contained in a program that is fixed and nonflexible. The cord of personality reflects our programmed use of energy as a whole, and the body itself becomes nonflexible and fixed from using that program. I think much of the energy contained in the cord of personality is held in place due to the skeletal alignment, which formed during our growing into adulthood. Bone is the deepest and densest tissue and holds the most energetic vibration in the body. The skeletal alignment reflects our animated use of our body due to identification with our personality. Unbalanced cranial, sacral and spinal alignments are common; no person has perfect skeletal alignment.

    To release energy that is locked in joints, spine and between sutures, the area must be stretched open. When stretched, the neuromuscular junctions are enhanced and nervous energy can more easily flow between the brain and bodies muscles. Stretching of muscles is the way the body does work. In kundalini transformation, stretching has the purpose to release energy held by skeletal alignment. Certain joints, vertebrae, skull sutures and sacrum sutures can be difficult to open. As I understand kundalini transformation, all bones and tissues will be stretched open, because all the energy of the personality must be recovered.

    When kundalini transformation starts, these blocked areas slowly open and energy releases from them. The released energy is used to reorganize the brain and remove the program that created that energy block. Energy blocks in the body held from skeletal alignment, are released with spontaneous stretches. Kriyas gradually get stronger to move bones more firmly positioned. As transformation continues, the spine is rebuilding and loosening from the body. The body feels increasingly elastic, due to the enhanced nervous system.

    Becoming Sovereign In The Transformation

    Kundalini transformation has taught me how to be independent from authorities as I learned to trust in my higher-self. I think this was a necessary step, to learn to take the reins in my hands. I am learning how to be a creator, by recreating myself. I am guided by my higher-self to learn these things.

    The main work I had to do with the kundalini transformation was learning how to surrender to the strong kundalini forces working in my body, on command. I found the more I surrendered the faster the transformation went and my vibration and intuition would rise exponentially. I was never given more than I could handle. My progress toward the light body was directly proportional to how much I surrendered. I let go of body control, because I trusted my higher-self took over when I did that.

    I feel everyone must take this journey alone because only we can release the energy we are holding in tension as the structure of personality. However, we are not alone, only the personality feels alone. When we surrender, higher-self takes over and knows exactly what to do. Our higher-self is intimately connected with universal consciousness, so the wisdom of the universe is at our disposal. No matter where we are in our spiritual journey, the most important thing we can do is surrender and trust we are guided. We can trust that exactly what we need to grow will be given to us and we only need to respond to what is in front of our face. It is like this, that everything in life unfolds.

    Main Patterns Of Kundalini Transformation

    It is beyond the scope of this book to detail all the stages of the kundalini transformation. It is also beyond my ability to describe, because I have not finished the transformation. In this section, I describe some obvious patterns.

    Body Activation Pattern

    When the full-blown kundalini transformation triggers, new nervous connections are made connecting all main parts of the body together. This happens in a pattern, which I call the body activation pattern, and repeats throughout the entire transformation. The left leg activates first, then the left hip and then the left shoulder. After this, the right leg activates, the right hip activates and then the hips activate together and generate rotational energy in the pelvic bowl. This rotation activates the front of the spine, and then energy is sent up the front of the body to activate the right shoulder. Then energy traverses across the torso from left to right side repeatedly and creates a rotational energy in the shoulder girdle. After this, the arms activate. As the shoulder girdle rotation builds, it generates a rotational in the torso. This energy then goes down the front of the spine to the pelvic bowl.

    After this, rotational energy in the pelvic bowl forms a large vortex, often with sexual sensations and then the tailbone will activate, which is the root of the spine. When the accumulated energy goes down to tip of spine, the tailbone activates and curls toward the perineum. In the early stages of kundalini transformation, this is felt as tingling in the genitals or as a fluttering sensation by the tailbone. As the transformation progresses, curling of the tailbone is physically felt, which I call a ‘tailbone tuck’. Simultaneous spontaneous orgasms are common when the tailbone curls.

    With or without orgasm, after the tailbone activates, energy goes up the back of the spine to the skull and activates the right side of the skull and then the left side. Last, energy in the two sides of the skull combines into an energy vortex strong enough to change the brain. After energy finishes working in the brain, energy goes back down the spine in a vortex shape. This energy sent down the spine is that which will change the nervous system and body according to brain reorganization. As this energy descends, it first works in the spine on both sides of the body. Next, you feel energy branching out to various places in the body from the spine, with the sensation the energy is making changes to the body as it moves around. I call this descent of energy ‘freefall’, and the changes made to the body as the ‘growing phase’. I call this phase freefall, because it is relaxing and pleasurable and there is no tension in the muscles. You sink into it. In a little while, changes made from neuron growth, will result in higher vibration and more energy to clear the next block, and energy charges will again build in the muscle fibers causing tension. Enjoy the freefall while you can.

    This pattern repeats for the entire kundalini transformation. The time between complete passes gets progressively shorter over time. Before spiritual awakening, it can take years. At onset of kundalini awakening, it can take three weeks or more to complete one cycle. Towards the later stages, it is nearly continuous and cycles in less than a minute. When the transformation is complete, there are no more passes. As new nervous system connections are made, there is more energy to change the body each time. The body vibration increases with each pass, due to the central nervous system changes, but the physical appearance does not change markedly. The chapter and section headers of the journal depict the various stages that repeat as the body changes.

    Expanding Nervous System Changes, Vibrations And Tones

    The vibration and inner sound changes over time. At first, you will feel vibration localized in certain body parts and hear a low tone. As the transformation continues, body parts connect with new energy circuits and later with energy vortices, which are felt when they form. An energy circuit or vortex forms due to a main change occurring in the spine, and tones are heard and strong rushes of energy of various forms are felt. When energy vortices form, the vibration encompasses much of the body, and it will shake even while resting. As the body vibration increases, the inner sound becomes melodic. Even later, vibration and the growing reaction are felt continuously all over the body. Over time, the constant background tone becomes finer and higher-pitched, showing energy is still working in the mind at increasing rate of speed. New energy circuits sporadically produce a high-pitched clear tone, similar to a clarinet. After a year or two, the vibration that rocked the body settles, but is still felt continuously, it is finer. Later the vortex patterns will establish in larger areas of the body, such as left body and right body and work together in a marching pattern, and later will merge as one larger vortex. Still there is more. It is like the light in your body is infinitely expanding as a fractal pattern. As you move closer to the completion point, you no longer feel meridians, chakras, marching patterns or strong swirling energy patterns in the body and the constant background tone grows faint. Nevertheless, you can still feel it and hear it. At the end, I believe you will no longer feel the vibration nor hear any tone. Seeing this progression tells me vibrations and tones are signs of the transformation working and when finished, everything will be calm and super quiet, yet very alive, blissful and wonderful!

    Kundalini & Stretching Pattern

    The muscles are the main 'work horse' of kundalini transformation, because they can respond to nervous system stimuli, exert force and move you. In kundalini transformation a vibration is constantly felt, which changes character over time. I think the vibration is due to the changes made to the nervous system, and this change occurs at the neuromuscular junction between muscle and nerve cells. For more on neuromuscular junctions, see the metamorphosis chapter. The first vibrations in the body occur at a fine level, in smaller part of the muscle fibers. As changes to the central nervous system continue, larger portions of muscles in the body are affected, and vibration continuously increases. With active kundalini transformation, the body vibration can be verified and measured by an EMG (electromyography), which is a machine that can test the electric activity of muscles.

    Eventually larger muscles are changed enough, where spontaneous movements (kriyas) become frequent when in the surrendered state. Kriyas have the purpose to open larger areas of the skeletal frame and tissues, to release stored energy from the personality. Kundalini transformation is all about recovering the energy that supported the structure of personality and using that energy to build the new body. No pocket of energy that represents personality in the body will be left untouched.

    Muscles stretch by vibrating at a micro level or on a larger scale with kriyas, and held energy releases from them and returns to the central nervous system in the spine. The body parts relevant for this cycle of change are stretched and release energy, in the body activation pattern explained prior. After energy moves to the spine, it collects in the pelvic bowl. When the cycle completes, energy in the pelvic bowl forms a vortex and goes to the brain for reprogramming, as discussed in detail above. After the nervous system changes are made in the body, tension will build in the muscles preparing for another cycle to remove more energy blocks and convert the energy to a new body. This pattern continues until the reorganization of mind and body are complete.

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